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Be sure to check out Murphy Brown on CBS tomorrow night at 9:30 EST #actor #murphybrown #cbs

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Happy Anniversary to my best friend @kendallgrace__ It’s been the greatest 3 years of my life to have you by my side. Thanks for brightening every day, you’ve made waking up my favorite activity. I’m so lucky to have someone pushing me every moment to do what we love. My (soon to be) roommate, my scene partner, my best friend, my love, I love you to the moon and back. Let’s travel to every corner of the world and climb every Mayan temple together!

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Campari at the @capehousenyc 🌝

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zachstorey. Happiest happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite humans in the uni

Happiest happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite humans in the universe and my far better half. I know you’re worried about 23, because all the songs about it suck and the glitz and glam of the 20s starts to wear. But I can’t imagine any year being all that bad with you by my side. Thanks for continuing to push me and grow with me. You lead by example and I’m the most fortunate guy to have you in my life. If it wasn’t for this godforsaken industry we are passing through, I’d be right there with you having a blast with the two birthday ladies and co. But unfortunately, for now, no such luck. I’ll celebrate from the city and be sure to enjoy a drink on your behalf. Give the family extra love. Can’t wait to party with you this week. My beautiful, smart, kind, talented, 23 year-old old lady, the sky is the limit and the world is your oyster. I know amazing things are still to come. Can’t wait to see what 23 and beyond holds for you. I love you with all my soul 😘❤️ Oh, and I had to repost a Curaçao picture because I think it was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time 😝 Now before I make anyone too nauseous, have an amazing night and the best birthday lovey 🎁 🎂 @kendallgrace__

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Been waiting for this day since 3rd grade and it didn’t disappoint. So happy the Titans came through. @kendallgrace__ was the best company as always #titanup #codeblue #titans

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Happy Anniversary and happy (early) graduation to @kendallgrace__ So lucky to be with my best friend and can't wait to see what this next, post-grad chapter holds for you. You're goin to kill it! Looking forward to your big day tomorrow, I love you #twoyears #graduatingactor

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Hi you @kendallgrace__

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One of the best food experiences of my life. #Relae #Copenhagen #theworlds50best

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Save the humans #johnlennonwall #Prague

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Wishing you the very best of travels. I am so excited for you and all the adventures that lie ahead. Now go scoop some gelato, drink great wine, and discover new worlds. Not goodbye, but see you soon. My very best friend, I love you. 🇮🇹 #italy #studyabroad

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Headin' down the border road...

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Amos Lee killed it. Couldn't have asked for better company @kendalllgrace

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zachstorey. A year ago today, after about 2.5 months of asking you to be my girlfr

A year ago today, after about 2.5 months of asking you to be my girlfriend, I finally said "Alright, I'm tired of asking so if you want to be my girlfriend you're going to have to ask me." Luckily later that day you came around 😉 Happy one year anniversary my love, I am so so so lucky to have someone as smart, caring, independent, and beautiful as you. I love you ❤️ @kendalllgrace

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Who would've thought our parents could out-party us in Vegas? Had the best time celebrating Kendall's 21st in Sin City, now take us back already! 🎰🎉

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Not only did she surprise me with a Miami trip, she took me to THE BAZAAR! I cannot say thank you enough, you are one of the most compassionate individuals I've ever met. I love you so much 😘

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The Nana, the Momma, and the Blister - Christmas Morning Merry Christmas to all!

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It's not every day I get to see a Titans game! Thanks for the best Christmas present I could've asked for, you were the best company to distract me from the loss @kendallgrace__ ❤️❤️ #titanup #codeblue #mariota

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Missing my family extra this thanksgiving but I'm so thankful to share it with this one. Home is never too far when you're with the people you love 😘 Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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