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🌺Dropping into Retreat🌺 I’m officially off on retreat with my teacher #PaulMullerOrtega. It’s so important to make space in your life for retreat. Really once a year for full benefit. I’ll be deep in my meditation practice, and unable to personally post for the next couple weeks. That said! I’ve connected with my dear friend and marketing manager @daniellebeutell (@soulpwrco) to continue offering practices and resources for you until I return home at the end of the month. I would love to invite you to activate your own daily practice (meditate with me from afar!) I have a free mini meditation challenge in my FB group “The Shakti Sisterhood.” It’s 11-Days of teachings and and practices to support householder women in awakening and evolving even with the business of life. Join the group today (link in profile) and follow along for the next 11 days with your own daily meditation practice. Dani will be there each day to check in, answer questions, and practice with you! (Link in profile to join the group) Much Love, Jeanie 🌺

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yoginijeanie. ❤️Maty❤️ Although I didn’t know her personally, I always heard a lot a

❤️Maty❤️ Although I didn’t know her personally, I always heard a lot about her and Chuck from my root teacher, Richard Freeman. Maty was an original—one of the first American women to bring the Ashtanga and then Iyengar traditions to the States. I loved her natural and authentic presence in the yoga world. Nothing fluffy or glamorous; so real down to earth. I so value this true voice. Her untimely death reminds me of the preciousness of life, to harness ourselves to love, to light no matter what we are experiencing as far as contraction. We die we are gone all too fast. What kind of legacy will we leave? Your death, Maty, is a celebration of your authentic nature and we are all feeling the impact of your honest work on this planet! Om shanti shanti shanti peace peace perfect peace. 🌺 #matyezraty

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Tonight! What does it mean to awaken the

—AWAKENING THE GLOBAL HEART— Tonight! What does it mean to awaken the Global Heart within your human heart? As yogis, we must recognize that for true yoga to occur we need to keep everyone in our hearts. No one is cast out. No one is forgotten. It’s a Universal Acceptance and Love for all Beings. This may sound like a big feat, but it’s actually the most natural and human thing for us to feel. We are connected to everyone—to every heart. But how? How in a time where there are more people than ever in the world, we are busier and more distracted than ever, and the news headlines are understandably hard to keep up with? This is what I’m discussing tonight on my live show SHAKTI TALK in our free Facebook Group, The Shakti Sisterhood. Come listen in and ask me questions in real time! I go live at 6pm MST. (Link to the group in profile!) With Love, Jeanie 🌺

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🏔TELLURIDE!🏔 These mountains and the incredible yogis gathering here have me smiling from the inside out 💗 Every year I feel so blessed to teach among a community of such passionate and skilled teachers. Today I taught my “Rocky Mountain High” back bends class which is always a favorite. There’s something for every yogi here! I am feeling inspired to teach on the Collective Heart during my time here. To truly practice yoga we must draw all beings into our hearts and dedicate our lives to the benefit of all. Yoga is about devotedly loving and serving All through the One that is you in this body and lifetime ❤️ Gathering together with such open hearted, compassionate people reminds us this is possible beyond the festival ground. So excited to continue teaching this weekend. Join me for my Women’s Temple tomorrow! Love to you all from @tellurideyogafestival! ❤️🙏🏻✨

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Summer play at sunset!

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🌺 How often do you deny yourself peace? How often have all the other 10,000 things that (seemingly) have to get done come first? It’s so easy in the moment to just move on the the next item on the to-do list and not even stop to consider what’s the exchange you’re accepting when you take it on. It’s funny, because in the busy life of a householder, somehow even yoga becomes a to-do. Ever find yourself rushing to the studio, throwing your mat in the car and sneaking in under the wire? We’ve allowed this to become normal! We’ve let ourselves believe that our practice is something that happens if we can get to everything else. And I understand, if anyone understands it’s me. But the problem here is that when we put our peace and our practice on the back burner… all the benefit that the path of yoga could have on making your day-to-day flow… can’t happen. There comes a point when you become tired of trying the same thing over and over and expecting a new result. An inner whisper that says “I know there’s more than this.” There is, dear ones, there is. When you reach that breaking point, your practice becomes non-optional. You deeply trust and believe that making time to meditate or flow on your mat is worth everything you put on pause to get there. You can change your life. You can decide that today’s the day when waking up is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone you love. I know this can feel hard. I want to support you. It’s what I fiercely know I’m here for. If you’re ready to take that next step forward, please consider attending my Radiant Bliss Body retreat in Crestone next month. Free from all the distractions of daily life, you will get to know what peace feels like—what the truest you FEELS like. This is a solid foundation you can build your practice on for the next year. I share these teachings and create these spaces out of deep commitment for my students—but you have to step in. You have to say yes. I have a handful of spaces left for this retreat and would love to share this blissful experience with you. Daily deepening practice for new meditators and seasoned practitioners alike. Message me and I’ll send you all the info. 🌺

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🌺 IN THE FLOW & ON THE ROAD 🌺 Me lately? It’s been a whole lot of juggling. Between teaching, travel, mom-duty, college tours, accounting, studio management, and my personal practice—there is a LOT to stay on top of this Summer. Who else feels this pressure? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Tonight I’m sharing the tools I’ve learned to balance life as a householder on the spiritual path. It’s an undertaking but it can be done. 🔥 Join me TONIGHT at 6pm MST for a LIVE CALL teaching about the no-struggle juggle—exclusively in my Shakti Sisterhood group! Join for free @ the link in my profile. If you can’t make tonight, it will be recorded! See you soon! 🌺 Jeanie

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Celebrating Emma and her classmates this weekend! 19 years total of Waldorf education comes to an end. (Whew! ) She’s off to Montana State in the Fall for Equine Science and Environmental Studies. Super proud of you Emma! So much gratitude to SMWS faculty and families for it truly takes a village to raise a child. This community did just that. Emma’s graduation marks a new chapter in my life—empty nester 😮🐥 Any other mamas out there who have gone through this? What did it feel like for you? Much Love, Jeanie 🌺

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🌺Summer Schedule🌺 Boulder community! With my daughter’s upcoming graduation (still can’t believe!) I'm facing the urge for more travel and flexibility in my schedule. In this Light, this summer I will be teaching when I'm in town only. The lovely Alison Litchfield will teach every Tuesday in June. I will teach Friday June 14th 9am, Sacred Flow Sunday June 23 9:30 AM; and Tuesday June 25; and will be teaching early July as well. I will teach Sundays once a month starting in July and August and Sept and October due to travel. I hope to resume more of a schedule when I return from India. I also hope to offer more in depth classes and Women's Temple classes too! I’ve added a new Google Calendar to my website (link in profile) to help you keep track of these changes. It’s a full and exciting summer! I truly hope to see you at Telluride and my Crestone Retreat this July—please reach out with any Qs! Much Love, Jeanie 🌺

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yoginijeanie. Friendship for a lifetime.  Ali girl and baby Alex !

Friendship for a lifetime. Ali girl and baby Alex !

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yoginijeanie. 🌺 Sisters! I am over the moon about all the incredible women, near an

🌺 Sisters! I am over the moon about all the incredible women, near and far, who have shown up to join me online for my new weekly Shakti Talks. 🌺 My new online group “The Shakti Sisterhood” is a gathering where we can come to share and immerse in the ancient stories and philosophy of yoga that supports daily life. 🌺 Each Tuesday evening at 6PM MST, I will be hosting a live show to offer a teaching and converse with you about your challenges on the path to awakening, to enlivening your life's path, and I will be offering suggestions on how to commit to daily practices that can shift negative patterns. 🌺 Here you will meet new friends as well as delight in those you may know and connect and converse about yoga, life as a householder, and how to hold the sacred in the everyday ordinary moments of life. This is what the ancient yoginis understood that we have forgotten in our modern day lives. You have the opportunity to claim your sacred life and make a difference in your family, community, and to the Earth itself. 🌺 If you haven’t yet The Shakti Sisterhood Facebook Group—I invite you to come on and take my free mini-course “The Awakening Shakti Challenge” or watch last week’s Shakti Talk video. 🌺 I so adore holding space for you in these settings so you can release the accumulated stress, fatigue and any negativity that creeps into daily life. Please join us and connect next Tuesday at 6pm MST! 🌺 JOIN AT LINK IN PROFILE 🌺 Jeanie

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🌺 Shakti Sisters! 🌺 Have you ever felt the pull of the Mother Land? Have you sensed in your bones that setting foot on the Earth of India would be a tipping point on your spiritual path? I have felt the personal transformation every time I pilgrimage to this holy place, and it brings me great joy to share it with the women ready to take this step. ✨ That’s why we started leading the Shakti Temple Tours. Guided Women’s Journeys through some of the most sacred places in India. This Fall we are incredibly fortunate that we will be there during Navaratri—one of the biggest, and longest festivals that's celebrated throughout India! ✨ This festival, which has been observed for centuries, honors the Devi, (Great Goddess, Divine Mother, Luminous Shakti). Shakti takes many forms and each day the festival focuses on one of her qualities. According to legends, the occasion marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon king Mahishasura, the victory of good over evil. ✨ In addition to our time traveling, visiting temples and taking in the crowded streets, holy ceremonies, vibrant colors, flavorful food, and unique gifts of this magnificent country, we will also spend time exploring the goddess myths and how they are relevant to us in our lives. Using meditation, chanting, yoga and powerful women’s practices, we will tap into the magic of India to awaken and embody the Shakti within us. ✨ If you know you’re meant to be there—now is the time to enroll. Our Early Bird pricing ends TOMORROW. ✨ Join me and @deviyogaforwomen September 28—October 12, 2019 ✨ Please DM me for enrollment or more information. ✨ 🌺 Jeanie

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🌺 I started this Mother’s Day in yoga ceremony with some of the most beautiful, loving women (many mamas!) that I know. Through our Sacred Flow, we honored our human mother lineage, but also the Universal Mother. The Divine Ma. She is the deepest source-place we carry within ourselves. She lives through each of us. The power of this path is learning how to connect our hearts with the heart of the Great Mother. Today, through mantra, we dove deep into the ananda-maya—our bliss body—to bathe in the abundance nurturing beauty of Mother Energy. In yoga we call this the “Prana Shakti”the living life force in the beat of your heart, the flow of you breath, the blink of your eyes; that very essence that underlies everything that rocks you! When we fill up on this Universal Source of Love and Support, we are then supported in sharing our true gifts and capacities with the world. Feeling deeply blessed for all the woman in my community, for the goddesses and their ever-present blessings, and for those in my own family lineage. My mother, children—my cup overflows. Blessed Mother’s Day, dear ones. 🌺 Jeanie

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yoginijeanie. 🌺I’m committed to stepping up because, now more than ever, women on t

🌺I’m committed to stepping up because, now more than ever, women on the path need support. We need the kind of support that only sisterhood can provide. We need the reflection of one another to remind us of our divinity AND our humanity, because as women of the world (let’s be honest) we have a lot on our plates. It is not easy to juggle it all, but it’s important. Because when that spiritual longing finds you, it never leaves. You know you’re here to wake up and make a difference in the world and it starts with you and your daily life. 🌺 I deeply and personally understand the unique challenge of being a householder and a yogi. I know what it feels like—longing to feel whole and connected, but also needing pick up the kids, run to the bank, finish work, and try to find space to meditate. It’s taken decades of practice, and I’m still learning, but I’ve made it work and I feel great purpose in now supporting other women in doing the same. 🌺 So I’m showing up. I’ve created a space for us to BE together and find encouragement and support as we navigate the blessings and challenges of integrating our spiritual path into our material lives. This is the work of my brand new Facebook group THE SHAKTI SISTERHOOD. 🌺 THE SHAKTI SISTERHOOD is a space for householder women on the path to connect, learn, and awaken together. Every week I will be offering free live video calls with subjects that only another Shakti Sister could understand! Here, I’ll share meditation instruction, lifestyle tips, mantra and mudras practices, mythology lessons and more. 🌺 Starting this Tuesday (May 14th) we’re kicking off with an 11:11 Awaking Shakti Challenge! Join me live at 6pm MST every day for 11 minutes of guided practice to set an intention for the new spring season and connect with a community of women around the world who are learning and growing just like you. 🌺 Please reach out with any questions, and be sure to join us in the group (link in profile) Tuesday evening to participate in the 11:11 Challenge LIVE! 🌺Jeanie

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yoginijeanie. 🌺Women all over the globe are waking up to the potency of the gifts i

🌺Women all over the globe are waking up to the potency of the gifts inside of them. And yet, we still face contractions, intensity, grief, pain and inhibiting ideas about who we are. Practice and community support are so important to supporting our inner shift for outer success. So in this light, tonight I'm launching my Shakti Sisterhood online community group to support Women in awakening to their full potential in life—to making the sacred a part of each and every day. It's utterly important we heal within to access our potential and become all we wish for and are meant for in this life. Please join me tonight for a live call introduction, and every Tuesday at 6pm MST. Click on the link in my profile and join our Shakti Tribe, and stop by at 6pm MST for my first welcome call! XO Jeanie

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Hello, dear ones! ❤️ I’m back from my retreat in Sayulita, MX and getting settled back into daily life. I feel renewed in a way that only retreat can do. I can’t overemphasize the power of taking retreat. Dropped into the container of that devoted space and time, your practices up-level. After experiencing what comes through on retreat, you never return to where you previously lived. There’s a threshold that is crossed. On retreat, you are supported in entering the Sattvic state. “Sattva” is a deep, parasympathetic state of peace. In the state your nervous system disarms, you heal, and your creative self soars. Entering silence and putting down our devices and thinking-brain is a part of activating this state of being, and it’s something we hardly ever give ourselves the opportunity to feel. If you know that pursuing a spiritual life is part of your reason for being–retreat is ESSENTIAL. I can’t say it enough. I have another (more local) opportunity for retreat this Summer at the gorgeous sanctuary, Crestone Mountain Zen Center. We’ll be taking a long weekend to really deepen our asana and meditation practices, and I’ll be sharing teachings from the incredibly sacred text—the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. I’ve just extended my Early-Bird pricing for $100 off tuition—DM me for more information or to enroll. 🌺 Jeanie

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The great Goddess, Mother Earth, is alive and beautiful today in Sayulita. What a blessing to be surrounded by her shri so fully for Earth Day, in the company of equally beautiful people. My Haramara retreat is unfolding, but I had to stop for a moment of gratitude for Mother Earth. This is our practice too. 🌎🌴 How are you spending Earth Day today?

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Truly an honor to host visionary artist and teacher @ekabhumi_ellik as he brings his powerful workshop "The Art of Devotion" to Boulder! ❤️ Why would we study altar-building? In Ekabhumi's words: "Altars are a powerful tools for re-aligning your awareness and enlivening your subtle senses. Whether you are trying to focus on a specific goal, cultivate a virtue, invoke a deity, or protect your home, altars for the foundation for most ritual traditions around the world. They are often gorgeous works of art in and of themselves, and usually feature traditional works of sacred art in the form of statues and ritual instruments. Please join me for series of events celebrating, making, and learning about the sacred art of making and maintaining a home altar. This is a “hands-on” intensive with all the supplies and materials included. You will leave with the basic skills for a simple practice of invoking a divinity, while expanding your awareness of altar creation, deities, sacred art and ceremony appreciation." Join for a FREE lecture Friday May 10th, followed by a 2-day workshop for creating your own traditional yogic altars on May 11th and 12th. Please message me for full event details! 🌺

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