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#ysyd @yogaandchaigirl have us this dope little arm balance type thing and lemme tell you, I being slippery and sweaty + having applied lotion earlier is not the time to attempt it. But I kinda sorta made it happen. . How’s your Sunday looking friends? Are you getting shit done today or kind of screwing off? I haven’t decided yet 🤔

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yoginiinheels. #efficient 10x speed
I liked the way @joshkrameryoga added in dynamic

#efficient 10x speed I liked the way @joshkrameryoga added in dynamic movement to this @alomoves flow. Outside workout done for #75hard, day 11

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Sure your likes and engagement might be down but did you see that the amazon rainforest, (not where you order literally everything from) the vital source of life for our planet (again not the online marketplace that is also the vital source of life) is burning at a rate of 80% faster than the average rate of forest fires in that region? I just found out about it last night. . “Brazil’s space research centre Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), recorded 72,843 fires in the Amazon this year alone, marking an 83 percent surge compared to the same period in 2018. The INPE said satellite images revealed 9,507 new forest fires have burned in the country since Thursday. Most of the recent flames were located in the Amazon basin, which is home to the world’s largest tropical forest seen as vital to countering global warming.” - Daily Express . Another source stated that fires are often set intentionally to create land for cattle farming. . Anyway, hope the flesh in this photo caught your attention to be more aware of what’s happening in the world. I know I need to do a better job of not doing what it appears I’m doing in this picture (burying my head in the sand) . 📸: @prime24photography . #wokewednesday #staywoke #amazonrainforest #rainforest #globalwarming and #legwarmers #energyflowswhereattentiongoes #forwardfold #humpdaypumpday #facedown #bottomsup

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#focusandletgo final day Pose: Yogis choice . I wonder if I’ll ever get a flipped grip in this pose 🤔 Or if I should just let it go 🤷🏼‍♀️ . 📸: @prime24photography . Challenge Hosts: @sdharamr @thegivingmom @milena.moon @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Challenge Sponsors: @alo.moves @aloyoga

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#focusandletgo day 9 Pose: Dancers Pose . To let go means to disqualify yourself from being responsible for the outcome. I’m curious when you read that if you take it as negative or positive. . For some I’m sure it could read as not being responsible so you can’t be blamed. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I let go of it so it’s not my fault. . For others it may be read as I’ve done everything I can and it’s up to ______ (universe, god, karma, fill in whatever energy you want.) . Either way we are releasing the blame/credit when we get the result, or lack of result. . I’m still digesting how I feel about it. And I’m sure every scenario is unique as to when the right time, if ever, is to let go. . Challenge Hosts: @sdharamr @thegivingmom @milena.moon @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Challenge Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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#focusandletgo day 7 Pose: #virabhadrasana3 | #warrior3 . Have you ever done your warrior three against a wall? Driving through both heels, engaging the hips, the core... I highly recommend keeping this little drill in your back pocket for those winter days and nights when you are freezing because it will best you up quite quickly. 🔥 . Challenge Host: @sdharamr @milena.moon @thegivingmom @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Challenge Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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Better late than never #focusandletgo day 6 Pose: #urdvhadhanurasana | #upwardfacingbow Doing this pose tonight felt extremely foreign in my body. I could barely hold it long enough for the camera to click. I laid on the floor afterward just marinating in the sensations that remained. I watched as the thoughts rolled through my mind like credits at the end of a film. The story I was creating about my strength, flexibility, endurance... I quickly caught myself. A conversation from today replayed: Michael was telling me about a book I need to read, in this book the author reminds the reader that when we notice our thoughts getting away from us, just change them (I think I’m paraphrasing correctly) it’s something we know, but it’s also something that doesn’t hurt to be reminded about. I switched the words to encouragement, “Jenna, you put in so much work today, do you remember the number of people that came into your space and left feeling better? Remember the girl who was new to yoga that thanked you for making her feel comfortable in your class? Remember the handful of other students you had whom you’ve never met? (I did have an exceptional amount of new bodies throughout the day). Remember the look of joy, peace and bliss on each of their faces as they thanked you. You gave so much today, and every day, go easy on yourself” Some days it’s easier than others to switch the dialogue, we’re all just doing our best. 💜 Challenge Hosts: @sdharamr @thegivingmom @milena.moon @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Challenge Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves Hair: @modernmusesalonaz #mmagirlsaz #modernmusesalonaz

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#focusandletgo day 5 Pose: Wide Legged Forward Fold . What I’m currently feeling needs to be let go of is my hindsight on a few things. . I’m spending so much of my energy in the past and it’s disturbing my peace big time. If I’d known then what I know now. If only I’d planned for this or anticipated that. If I was smarter about this or more vocal about that. It sucks to know there’s not a damn thing you can do to change the past when it would be vital for your journey if you could. The inspirational messages will tell you to focus on now and how your actions can shape your future so you set yourself up to not have those same regrets. What I want to say to that is dude, I get it. But when your past choices have inevitable outcomes you just want to say f*ck off to the positive messages. You know, when you just want to be mad. When you want to hold grudges. When you want to scream and throw things. When you don’t want one more person to send you love and light and you just want someone to yell with you. Someone to hulk out with you. 🤬 ... asking for a friend. . Seriously tho y’all thank you for putting up with my emotional chaos and thank you to every single one of you reaching out with your own personal stories of struggles. I know that my shares are doing what they are supposed to. 🖤 . Challenge Hosts: @sdharamr @milena.moon @thegivingmom @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels . Challenge Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves 📸: @prime24photography

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#focusandletgo day 4 Pose: Crescent Lunge | Anjaneyasana . Hosts: @sdharamr @milena.moon @thegivingmom @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Sponsors: @alo.moves @aloyoga 📸: @_emjayyogini_

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#focusandletgo day 3 Pose: Camel | Ustrasana . Letting go isn’t always so easy and the phrase is thrown around so much in yoga. But my goodness isn’t that the last thing you want to hear and sometimes the worst advice you could hear. Like yes, Susan, I suppose I will just “let it go” I’ll just let go of the pain and everything that’s caused it. Or. Perhaps, we don’t let go, not right away. Not until we’ve learned, we’ve become stronger and we’ve developed the tools to help us with our foundation next time a hard time hits us. Maybe it’s not time to let go for you. Or maybe it is. That’s something that only you (and maybe your therapist) can conclude. My therapist told me to sit in my pain and grief for as long as I need. I thought I was through it and I even pat myself on the back for healing so quickly. Haha. Such a fool. 😔 . #doingthework #hardaf You can still join us 🖤 . Hosts: @sdharamr @thegivingmom @milena.moon @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves 📸: @prime24photography

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#focusandletgo day 2 Pose: Forward Fold (seated) It might be hard for some of you to believe, at least it was hard for me to believe, that this was my “deepest” forward fold at the time I took this picture. If this isn’t representation of “issues in your tissues” I dont know what is. I took a handful of deep breaths and what I discovered was that I had to let go of my ego. That this is perfect. That getting into a deeper forward fold won’t change my life. It won’t make the hard things easier or the blissful things last longer. That there’s so much to learn in the not being able to do something, that there is so much strength building in the uncomfortable moments that you work through. That when situations aren’t ideal, is when the chatter in the mind really needs to be given awareness. Who are you when you realize you aren’t where you thought you should be? Can you sink into patience, compassion and love? For yourself. For others. #tiredmondaymusings #aremywordsmakingsense Hosts: @sdharamr @thegivingmom @milena.moon @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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#FocusAndLetGo Day 1 Pose: Warrior 1 | Virabhadrasana 1 . This challenge has come at such a great time for me. If you’ve been paying attention to my content these last few months you know I’ve been going through some heavy and deep stuff. And although I’m open to an extent I haven’t shared any details, which has been a conscious choice and in spite of that I’ve received so much support through my challenges. I’m in a phase right now where I’m feeling a little more light than darkness and I’m able to see more positive than negative. I’m able to get back to the things that bring me joy and my motivation is returning. I’m brainstorming and planning and seeing possibilities for the future. Feeling oddly creative and inspired. It just goes to show that nothing is permanent, that as much as those dark times feel impossible to pull out of, with the right tools, support and awareness I’ve been to get a glimpse of better times ahead. My training this week was the icing on the cake teaching me skills and techniques to help myself and others through the practice of yoga and other mindfulness tools that could potentially make those symptoms and feelings feel manageable and survivable. . More shares to come this week. I hope you’re joining us. 🥰 . Hosts: @sdharamr @thegivingmom @milena.moon @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels . Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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“Hatred is prevalent on this earth because it requires no real effort, unlike the investment it takes to genuinely understand a person.” -Richelle E. Goodrich . We are all so “busy” and in such a rush that it just becomes easier and more convenient to pass judgement on the things and people we don’t understand. . My advice, make the investment and open yourself up to an entire new world. A world where people are beautiful in their uniqueness and powerful in their creativity. . Stop writing off the things you don’t understand. . Read more books . Talk to more strangers . Try new restaurants . Make more eye contact . Connect to the creatures we share this earth with. 🌎🌍🌏 . And don’t wear pants if you don’t want to 😉 📸: @prime24photography Location: @thegrayatelier

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yoginiinheels. #FocusAndLetGo
August 10-19th 
So many times we spend our days dwellin

#FocusAndLetGo August 10-19th So many times we spend our days dwelling on the things that are bothering us rather than the things that are going well in our lives. These negative thoughts get locked up within our bodies and we start to feel the end results as physical pain. Lets work together to ground ourselves in the wonderful things we are surrounded by, surrender to the fact that the best is actually taking place, and open our hearts to the love that we can feel inside and all around us! Join us for these 10 days of warrior variations, heart openers, and surrendering folds were together we can move and create beautiful experience on and off our mats and IG! 8-10 Warrior one 8-11 Seated forward fold 8-12 Camel pose 8-13 Crescent lunge 8-14 Wide legged fold 8-15 Wheel pose 8-16 Warrior three 8-17 Revolving forward fold 8-18 dancer pose 8-19 yogis choice Hosts: @sdharamr @thegivingmom @milena.moon @twistedgalpal @yoginiinheels Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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Last night I text a friend saying I was sad and needed a friend. No questions asked he held space for me. I’ve come to the decision that when I need someone, I tell them and the right friends will be there for you, no questions asked. During our talk he said he missed me. My reply was, “If I’m being honest, I miss myself.” And I hadn’t realized how true that was until I said it. 🖤 Forever returning to myself. What can I do today to be ok? It doesn’t have to be a big shift or a big move, I don’t have to have it all figured out, I just have to get through the next step. The next breath. The next moment. Who’s else is just trying to make it to the next breath? We’ve got this, you aren’t alone. 📸: @prime24photography . . . #blackandwhitephotography #introspection #seeking #justbreathe #itsokaynottobeokay #photography #powerfulpeople #takemybreathaway #svadhyaya #notyogadontcare #butitisyoga

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I couldn’t decide straight leg or bent or what angle I wanted, so you get to see them all 😂 Another dope #yogiseeyogido from the #ysydcrew . Honestly it felt fantastic too 🤙🏼

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I couldnt help but add this cheesy royalty free music to the amazing videography @mellie.yoga did, so be sure to have the volume ON. ⠀ ⠀ I asked Mel to get some close up shots of the clothing I’m wearing because I’m digging the brand and I wanted to share it with you. It’s @acta.wear and I’m pretty impressed with it. I’m loving the seamless style of legging and the powder blue is definitely out of my norm but I’m about it 🙌🏼. ⠀ Since I’m so happy with it I wanted to share with you a discount code in case you want to check it out. If you use “yoginiinheels” at check out you’ll save 15% and a baby unicorn will be born 🦄 (maybe 🤞🏼) ok maybe not BUT you can choose a charity that a portion of your $ will go to when you add your item to the cart and THAT is badass. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀((You know not to use the quotes and codes are case sensitive right?!)) ⠀ ⠀ Ok, as you were: watch all the slides and then hit up that special someone in your life and tell them how you feel, you know this music puts you in the mood to do so. 😏 ⠀ #workoutroutine #chestworkout #legday #bisandtris #gluteworkouts #fitnessmotivation #fitnessfreaks #leggingsarepants #activewearforwomen #swolemates #actawear #weightroom #yogiswholift #womenwholift #womenwhotrain

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Is #forearmfriday still a thing us #igyogis are doing? ⠀ This week had me all over the place emotionally. I’m honestly surprised that I was able to maintain any level of human functioning. ⠀ If you could hear the conversations I’ve had with myself you’d either be very inspired or very scared. 😂 The words “Jenna, get the f*ck up” have been on repeat. I don’t know where the strength came from most days to show up, but it’s surprised the hell out of me at every turn. ⠀ Because of my depression I’ve been avoiding posting, I don’t want this page to turn into one big sob fest or pity party. But the truth is, those of you that follow me, and I mean really follow me, that interact, that take the time to build a connection, you’re here for the raw and authentic approach that I have. I’ve always, since day one, shared my journey in its truth. I don’t pretend to have my life together, I don’t pretend that my life is as perfectly curated as my pictures. I try my best to represent myself authentically. So I know, deep down, I have to keep showing up. ⠀ It’s the posts like this that get the most conversations rolling. Sure I throw in an ad or collab every once in a while (a girls gotta make some cheddar to survive) but you know why I’m here. 💛 I’m here because this world is a big scary place that demands us to keep showing up, to keep growing and to prove to ourselves just how strong we are. And I never want you to feel like you’re in it on your own. 👫👭 ⠀ Thanks for capturing this @prime24photography 🙏🏼 ⠀ Wearing all @aloyoga Location: @thegrayatelier

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#yogiseeyogido It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done this twisty headstand variation. Thanks for the inspo ladies 😘

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What’s funny to me is the way in which men think they have a say in what a woman does with her body. And not like haha funny, more like I want to rip my hair out and feed it to them funny. Growing up in a very religious home and community I was shamed for wearing tank tops and shorts or “short” skirts. When attending church I had to wear a dress or skirt (pants were massively frowned upon for women) and cover my chest and shoulders. As a young girl I was taught to cover up because boys (and grown men) cannot control their sexual urges. ⠀ I can’t help but wonder if there is at all a place in this universe where behind those doors in the church men all gather and are taught ways in which their temptations can be met with resistance and control. Where men are taught that the slightest urge for sex doesn’t mean that they actually have to f*ck something. I want to imagine that men are taught to control themselves on some level. That a man can see an image such as this one even and realize that I am not “asking for it” that I don’t want you sliding into my DMs and that I definitely don’t want to receive a picture of your dick. ⠀ I have hope that men, are taught better and that women shouldn’t have to worry about what we are wearing (or not wearing) and wether or not it will cause harassment, at best. ⠀ Listen to this: I (like many other women) dress for myself. This picture, taken on a day where I was fighting the urge to runaway, where I was breaking down in tears all day, where I was beating myself up because I dont see my worth, shattered because I’m not confident about what I’m bringing to the table in my relationships, this picture, on this day showed me that I am strong. That I can rise above whatever is thrown at me. ⠀ This is for me.⠀ This is for the women, the girls, heck even the boys, that are struggling to get out of bed and move today: know this, you are stronger than you will ever know. You offer to this world something unique that only you can bring. Take one step at a time. And if it seems like too much work to put on your pants, then don’t 😉 ⠀ 📸: @prime24photography Location: @thegrayatelier Hair: @modernmusesalonaz Leg Warmers: @aloyoga ⠀ ⠀

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Act natural, everyone is watching . Even the ones you don’t think are paying attention, they are. . The ones you don’t know are there... they are the ones judging in silence, creating whatever reality they think you’re living. They are the ones terrified to be wrong about you. What if you aren’t as bad, slutty, selfish, spoiled, rude, heartless and careless as the picture they’ve painted of you. That’s when their reality crashes. When their ego takes a hit because they were wrong about you. So understand this, it’s not about being a certain way to be liked by others. It’s about living your truth. Listening to the quiet conversations in the heart. It’s about discovering what makes you come alive, what makes you feel at peace and owning the shit out of it. Because no matter how often you shift to please others, there will be plenty of people unwilling to meet you where you are . It’s easier to create a story about someone than it is to have a conversation and connect to their soul. Soul connecting is scary, being vulnerable is terrifying, but the the things worth having in life aren’t usually easy. . 📸: @prime24photography Location: @thegrayatelier . #nopantsanddeepthoughts #randomassyogapicsaturday #exceptthisisntayogapicture

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Yogi #flexfriday 💪🏼 Are you working out today? 🏋️‍♀️ Are you working in? 🧘‍♂️ Or is today a rest day? Or is every day a rest day? 😆 . 📸: @prime24photography . . #instafashion #legwarmers #tryingtomodel #amifamousyet #youknowimkiddingright #balance #yogaish #asana #mudra #bodysuit #muscles #doyouworkout #doyouevenlift #womenwholift #yogiswholift #doyoureadhashtags

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Stay on your toes, you never know what the universe has in store . . Photo: @prime24photography Hair: @modernmusesalonaz Outfit: @aloyoga Makeup: @cristinabrennan_ Location: @thegrayatelier

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yoginiinheels. I’m starving, tell me, what’s the yummiest thing in your fridge right

I’m starving, tell me, what’s the yummiest thing in your fridge right now 😋? . . . #alwayshungry #feedme #alsothirsty #notinthewayyouthink #yoginiinheels #fashionable #shortsandheels #legs #actnatural #summerfashion #igfash #igfashion #ootd #winecountry

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I’ve seen this particular quote reposted over and over again, “A flower does not compete with other flowers, it just blooms” or some bullshit like that 😂 My immediate response was that I dont think anyone has actually asked how the flower feels, and if you did, the flower certainly didn’t answer you. 🤭 My point is, you don’t know the flowers situation, you don’t know how hard it was for them to bloom. You don’t know their struggles. Just like you don’t know what’s going on with people you see in your life, especially online. Unless of course you ask, but even then, the person has to be willing to share the truth. So how about we either stop projecting onto flowers, (other people) and start working on our own shit. Or truly be there to help other flowers, and be vulnerable to help ourselves. 🌼🌷🌻🌸

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My favorite place to meditate is outdoors, my favorite technique is silent meditation; observing the breath and thoughts. I rarely use a mantra, but today one popped up immediately so I let it lead me. “I am free to choose” It seems kinda simple but for someone who is often finding that balance between making other people happy and being authentic and sincere in my wants and desires it seemed fitting. I listened to this podcast (again) @karaloewentheil (UnF*ckYourBrain) on people pleasing and she describes it as people deceiving. If we are doing things for others that we don’t want to do in order for them to “be happy” with us, we are telling them to like us for something and someone that we are not. Our authentic self isn’t the one they are interested in. When I heard that for the first time it stuck with me. I had a conversation with @szmitskis about it today and she had another take on it. I’d love to know your thoughts. 💜 Also, do you mediate? What techniques do you use? Also, also, are you watching those clouds?! 😍😍😍

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What day is today anyway? 🤪 . Anyone else feel like we’ve had like 3 Sunday’s in a row? How are you spending your Sunday? Couch Potato 🛋🥔 Handling Business 👩‍💻👨‍🔧 Or Playing Around? 🤹‍♂️🏊‍♀️💅🏼 . . . 📸: @prime24photography Location: @thegrayatelier . . #imgoingnanadventure #couchphoto #relax #longweekend #posing #vegout #sundayfunday

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I keep wanting to jump in on #yogiseeyogido but life always gets in the way. Ok that’s not entirely true, I havent been up for taking pictures for like 4 months 😂 But I am trying to get back in the game because I miss all of you 😘 So here’s this funky #lizardpose with some seriously hot lower butt cheek cleavage 🤣 #jeanshortsarehonestlythemostuncomfortablethingontheplanet Here’s the #ysydcrew: @eileendelatorre @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @cece.carson @leighyogipilot @helen_garner_yoga @livinleggings @laraliam @susanbishopyoga @bethanysmithyoga @yogi.bree @yogaandchaigirl @yogamand @geeoice_yoga @bentley.likethecar @natashaswinter @seacoralyoga . #istodaysaturday #happyweekend #shapesandshit #yogashapes #balance #flexibility

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Sorry dad, Mom said it was okay . #firsttattoo #tinytattoo #inkedsociety #iloveyou #oliveyou #ripmom #noregerts

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I’m so excited to share this collection by @kiragraceyoga + @tiffanycruikshank with you. I met *The Kira* of Kira Grace years ago when she had just launched her business. She was one of the first yoga clothing lines I purchased regularly. Not only is their stuff incredible quality, Kira herself is a sweetheart. On top of that they are always making the most fashionable yoga wear that’s perfect for studio to street. This collection that was made with my teacher @tiffanycruikshank is stunning like all the others. Inspired by nature which I love because I’ve been obsessed with this olive color for months. What else is dope is all of Tiffany’s proceeds from this collection go to the @yoga_medicine_seva fund 🙌🏼👏🏼 Have I mentioned how much I love strong, empowering, goal driven women?... because I do! 💪🏼 Keep scrolling for an epic shot of the back of the top 😜

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What if, we stayed curious rather than judgmental?⠀ ⠀ What if every time we saw something that made us say “what the f*ck” we legitimately asked, “can you talk to me about how this came to be? I’d love to learn about something I’m naive to”⠀ ⠀ What if we actually cared and stayed for the answer when we asked someone how they are doing?⠀ ⠀ What if we actually showed interest in someone’s experiences rather than compared ours to theirs to see who is winning at life?⠀ ⠀ What if instead of searching for the right answers, we just experienced and enjoyed the moment that we’ve been given?⠀ ⠀ What if life really is as simple as doing the things that make your entire body smile? ⠀ What if I told you that everything is going to work out exactly how it’s supposed to?⠀ ⠀ What if there were no right or wrong choices, only that the universe has a master railway switch and will adjust your course accordingly? ⠀ ⠀ Would you still be afraid? Would you still live for someone else’s happiness? Would you still judge? Would you still compare? Or would you perhaps be more at peace? ⠀ Photo by the oh so talented @prime24photography ⠀ ⠀ #thingsimthinkingabout #activeliving #beatyesterday #findyourstrong #fitnesslifestyle #iwill #powerofshe #thesweatlife #gymmotivation #getfit #maketime #movementculture #training #personalgrowth #positiveaffirmations #selfgrowth #positivelifestyle #yogisofinstagram #beagoddess #blackandwhitephotography #womenwholift #yogiswholift

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Raise your hand if you need to work on yourself. I know, I know, @instagram is full of perfect moments, presumably perfect lives and presumably perfect relationships. But if you’ve been following me, since the very beginning, I’ve never been about that. Sure I like to put together pretty images and sometimes I take way too much time to get the perfect boomerang, but I’m always up for sharing the mess. If you read my captions you’ll see it. So let’s confess here, just a little 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ if you’re willing to do the work to be a better person. My recent goal: to get out of this place where I’m more comfortable when I’m down and feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been sitting in the “poor me” place for a hot minute and I’m ready to rise above it. If you’re willing, I’d love to hear what you’re working on. You can DM me if you are up for a conversation. 🗣 . Photo by: @prime24photography (You should schedule a shoot with him because he’s a cool dude, not a creep and his work stands out amongst others)

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