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yogafeature. #SuperSoldier pose from another perspective 🙃 by @micoldelloro 😍
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yogafeature. The largest misconception we hear is that you need to have a certain b

The largest misconception we hear is that you need to have a certain body to do yoga. This could not be futher from the truth like our models show us 🙏🏻❤️ Make sure you share this with someone to inspire them and save it so you can try it out! Today @yogafeature is with @journey2antoinette 🤗 ・・・ I meant to post this video as well 🤦🏾‍♀️. This is my own variation of a flow. I always try to start with Sun Sals and then go from there when I practice. Another thing I try to do is find different ways to transition to and from some of the harder poses and that’s how we got this little gem here 😁. Also random, but I’m going kind of “fast” because I was trying to see if I could flow through it with little to no additional pauses. . . #yoga #yogalover #plussizeyoga #plussizefit #yogaeverydamnday #blackgirlyoga #igyoga #yogamom #yogaposes #igyogacommunity #madaboutyoga #iloveyoga #curvyyogis #curvygirlyoga #biggirlyoga #practicepracticepractice #namaste #yogisofinstagram #melaninandyoga #bodypositive #everybodycanyoga #balance #pose #blackgirlasana #yogaflow #plussize #fatyoga #yogatutorial #beginneryoga

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yogafeature. Today's @yogafeature by @theyoganinja

Today's @yogafeature by @theyoganinja _____________________________________________ R I S E A B O V E Happy 🍑 day 😘 @eijiphoto _____________________________________________ Follow @yogafeature 🙏

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yogafeature. Want to be flexible but you don't think it's possible? See how @bendya

Want to be flexible but you don't think it's possible? See how @bendyanya has progressed throughout the years. The top photo was in 2012 after 6 months of progress. Yes, I did say the above photo was a progress photo. This pose didn't feel like a stretch at all! My back was frozen straight and I had no strength in my arms. I remember this was painfully and restricting feeling. The second photo was about a year of training with a few different coaches a few times a week! I gained a lot of basic knowledge here and was finally able to achieve cheststands without anyone forcing me into it. But I was 100% unable to breath in it. The third photo was after 3 years. The 3rd year I was primarily self training an occasionally would take a class, workshop or private from NEW coaches. I started gaining more strength, but still felt restricted in my upper and mid back. The 4th & 5th photos are after training with my current coach for 2 years at the rate of 3-5 days a week (5 years of training overall). My neck and lumber gained a lot of flexion and I was able to get into poses faster, breath and hold longer. The last is a photo from 7 years of training. The last 1-2 years I have been primarily self training because teaching schedule has been making it very difficult to make time to see my coach. These days I mostly focus on maintaining the flexibility I have gained and strengthening the control of my poses, transitions and tricks. That bring said (regardless if you are hyperaware and disciplined or not) a coach will always help you get somewhere faster as they can help pull and push you when you really need it. My coach has had a huge emotional impact on my training. She gave me so much confidence when I had none. And that confidence really helped me push myself to where I am today. Thank you @otgowaller, without your support I wouldn't be where I am today. I miss you and think of you every time I train 💜 #yogaprogress

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yogafeature. Today on @yogafeature is incredible @bendyanya 😍♥️ Training flexibili

Today on @yogafeature is incredible @bendyanya 😍♥️ Training flexibility skills is like learning math. You are only as well-versed in a subject as much you repeat it. The more you practice, the more you will understand and adjust the numbers and degrees to obtain the final answer. The more complex the problem, the more adjustments you need to learn, understand and apply. Rethink your position. Rethink your training. Train smarter. Train stronger. 🙏 #yogavids #yogachallege #selftaughtyoga #yogameme #yogacouple #yogaasia #yogabook #asanasyoga #yogafundamentals #yogainpiration #yogaateverysize #yogamanchester #kinoyoga #yogawarrior #yogabeach #yogaquotes #yogainspo #madaboutyoga #yogafriends #yogamotivation #yogaquotes

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yogafeature. Today on @yogafeature get stronger using a wall with @deandreyoga 🔥

Today on @yogafeature get stronger using a wall with @deandreyoga 🔥 . I know this is not so much for beginners but this is a really fun way to get stronger and I love showing fun ways to get strong bahaha. Choose any or all and make a little workout out of it. What post would you guys like to see next ;) Save for later use! . #yoga #yogastrong #yogateacher #yogafeature #yogaeverydamnday

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yogafeature. Today on @yogafeature take time to make your soul happy with @micoldel

Today on @yogafeature take time to make your soul happy with @micoldelloro❣️☺ To me it means ➡️ lots of cuddles with Luca (my wonderful hubby) and Aegon (our furry babe 🐶), hiking ⛰ and of course a little stretch in between 🙃. . Swipe to the left for the behind the scenes 🎥 of this picture. . (The carpet you see on this picture is not a yoga mat, I fell in love the second I saw it on @ferrantishop profile 😍 ). . . #sundayfunday☀️ #sundaymood #goodvibesonly #yogagirls #yogavideo #yogapose #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #yogini #yogaposes #yogaforall #yogastretch #yogamat #yogadaily #yogafun #yogalooksgood #yogafeature

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yogafeature. Baby yoga on @yogafeature 😍 Little Lola on her way to become a yogi l

Baby yoga on @yogafeature 😍 Little Lola on her way to become a yogi like her mom @yogoskenz ♥️ . To go along with my last post... I 💯% believe that all my yoga with Lola in the womb translated into her DNA because she. is. my. YOGI BABY!!! 😍🙌🏽🙋🏽‍♀️ 🧘🏽‍♀️👧🏼 👏🏽 🕉 . . 🙋🏽‍♀️ Don’t you think so?!? 🙆🏽‍♀️ Imprinted is the word! The yoga totally imprinted! 🤓🙌🏽

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yogafeature. Today on @yogafeature HOW TO SCORPION POSE with @janiceliou 🤗🔥 This

Today on @yogafeature HOW TO SCORPION POSE with @janiceliou 🤗🔥 This is an advanced pose! Test out your forearm wheel to see if you’re ready for this pose (from forearm wheel walk your hands towards your feet, walk feet up wall or onto blocks and breathe - if this is not comfortable, work on this posture before moving deeper) . PRE-REQ: Forearmwheel WARM-UP: Cobra, extended puppy, anjaneyasana . PART I: START here - Start in a wheel pose and then walk down to forearms (as close as possible to your feet) - Walk your feet up onto blocks (or chair against a wall) - Practice lifting your head! Don’t let your head drop. - Eyes should be looking at the blocks (practice lifting your eyes towards your feet) .
PART II: FEET TO HEAD - Wiggle your forearms forward (as close as you can to the blocks) - Walk feet up blocks - Look up and take feet to head (one at a time) - When you feel more comfortable take both feet to head - keep gaze up . PART III: KICK UP - Find 3 legged dolphin pose - Kick your feet up to the wall - Same steps as before - Flexibility practice: Walk your feet up the wall and practice straightening legs without dropping your head (the higher you walk your legs up, the easier) . Take your time learning and don’t forget to breathe! It’s not so much about the aesthetics or final pose even, just aim to feel something new - that aha moment and all will come! . 🎶 tunes provided by @stanleysounds (search Behnu on Spotify)

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yogafeature. Today marks 4 months since my acl surgery 🙄 @yogafeature with @nathal

Today marks 4 months since my acl surgery 🙄 @yogafeature with @nathalieflows 🙏 I can’t praise God more for how I’ve recovered. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else in the world. It showed me that no matter what your circumstances are you always have to keep moving forward, even if you can’t walk, then you crawl, and you keep moving. Always. This was taken a week post operation.

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yogafeature. Today on @yogafeature showing her amazing progress is @heydenayman 🤗�
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