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yogabeyond. CAPTION THIS!? 🤷🏼‍♂️ @sofiephoenix

CAPTION THIS!? 🤷🏼‍♂️ @sofiephoenix

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yogabeyond. You betcha! “If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right”, is our life

You betcha! “If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right”, is our life motto for everything we do including teacher trainings. During trainings we spend many hours not just practicing yoga, but also sitting down in lectures and there is nothing better for a late afternoon wake up than a good ole booty shake up! How freakin’ awesome are these yogis??? #300YTT #Thailand

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yogabeyond. We got tons of DMs asking for handstand spotting tips after our recent

We got tons of DMs asking for handstand spotting tips after our recent post about the art of partner spotting. Ask and you shall receive! Here are a few tips we just shared in the morning practice at our 300hr teacher training. Thank you @diceyoga for being my guinea pig. Check out our ig stories for daily insight into this month long immersive experience. When spotting and cueing inversions, we use 4 key steps/cues to find alignment, stability and balance with ease: 1) PRESS Vertical bone alignment - bones stacked into straight line means the least amount of effort. 2) SQUEEZE Unification of muscles - muscular contraction unifies the body around stacked bone structures. 3) GAZE Seeing is believing - having a gaze point to focus on supports balance and stability. 4) BREATHE Breath equals presence - conscious breath is essential to finding balance with ease. Both decked out in @aloyoga🤙🏼

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yogabeyond. We’re back in beautiful Koh Samui leading our annual 300HR yoga teache

We’re back in beautiful Koh Samui leading our annual 300HR yoga teacher training with Bri & Dice @bryceyogaschool. As teachers, guiding students through a month long journey of transformation is one of the greatest privileges. Holding space for other teachers to share their biggest challenges, deepest fears and wildest dreams is at the core of why we do what we do. This year we’re blessed with another stellar group of teachers from all around the world. They’re all here to learn, grow and look at what holds them back from embodying the best versions of themselves which of course goes far beyond the asanas. Tune into a snippet from this morning’s practice where we share one of our favourite tools to stoke the inner fire through Breath of Joy and of course dancing! Working up a good sweat with a big smile is one of the best ways to burn away the things that are festering in our mind, body and heart. So if you’re up for it, blast your favorite tunes and get moving! wearing @aloyoga

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yogabeyond. Swipe👈🏼 for a sprinkle of magic💫
Maty adored @sofiephoenix so it se

Swipe👈🏼 for a sprinkle of magic💫 Maty adored @sofiephoenix so it seems only fitting to follow our last post with this bundle of cuteness. What a precious encounter. Sofie had never met this sweet lady, she just heard her playing the piano and decided to run over. Thank you beautiful stranger for guiding these curious little fingers. Baby Phoenix got music skills, right?! Didn’t get that from her parents that’s for sure!😆 Should we get her a piano or drum?

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yogabeyond. It is with a very heavy heart to receive the sudden news that one of o

It is with a very heavy heart to receive the sudden news that one of our teachers, mentors and dear friends has left us. Maty Ezraty was one of the most vibrant and inspiring human beings, a true teacher’s teacher dedicated to a life of service. A pioneer of the modern yoga movement, who laid down the foundations and carved out a path for so many of us to follow. Dear Maty, we bow to you with deep reverence and gratitude for the impact you have had on our life journey and the journeys of countless others. Death is never easy to embrace, so today we’re choosing to celebrate your legacy instead of mourning and sadness. L’chaim. We promise to continue watering the seeds you have so patiently planted and keep spreading the message of yoga to all who are ready to hear. May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be free. 🙏🏼 We’ll miss those piercing blue eyes, Jewish jokes and mama bear cuddles... until we meet again. Om shanti shanti shanti 🕉 #matyezraty

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yogabeyond. #PreggoUpdate 🤰🏽#17weeks
As a yoga teacher I feel so blessed to guid

#PreggoUpdate #17weeks As a yoga teacher I feel so blessed to guide students through their practice with a little bebé in my belly. As baby starts to wiggle inside, I intuitively feel responsible to convey messages that deeply resonate because I know that baby is listening too. There’s a deeper transference through touch when I place my hands on students in class, it all feels very sacred. It’s also really important to me to continue setting an example of what is possible as a mother and a yogi. You can be pregnant, have children, practice, travel, teach, share your passion and make a living doing it. It’s all possible! Leaning into the support of the global village makes all the difference. So, little peanut is now heavier than the placenta, not sure how heavy that actually is, but I’m certainly feeling a weight difference. At only 4 months this bambini is taking up more space than Sofie did so I have a feeling it could be a boy but just to be clear, we haven’t gone for the next ultrasound so we don’t know for sure! Our babe is now about the size of a juicy pomegranate. He/she can now sense more every day, light through the womb, touch and hearing are becoming more acute day by day. There’s a phrase known as the ‘quickening’ when you can begin to feel movement and it’s also at this stage that some traditions believe, consciousness enters the body which causes the being to become awake inside the womb. Welcome to planet Earth baby boo, I can feel you! wearing @aloyoga

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yogabeyond. 🤸🏻‍♂️WANT TO NAIL A HANDSTAND?
How? Why? The thought of inversions c

🤸🏻‍♂️WANT TO NAIL A HANDSTAND? How? Why? The thought of inversions can often trigger a fear response, and it’s not surprising that going upside down does not come naturally to most people. Purposely turning ourselves upside down is contrary to our human physical locomotion-nature, and yet there are countless benefits of being upside down and reversing the effect of gravity on our body. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the opportunity to literally gain a new perspective on life. Just as yoga gently encourages us to move away from any unconscious habitual patterns, the invitation to invert is another powerful way to shake things up. It’s common to see students practice solo for years and never improve. Without an understanding of your alignment through another pair of eyes, it is rather difficult to build solid foundations for higher level hand balancing. When working with a spotter, the potential for growth and success is exponential. Another human being standing by your side, observing your body in space, cueing you into correct alignment, offering safety and words of encouragement will teach you so much more than any wall ever will. We consider the art of spotting the most important key on the journey to unlocking the magical world of upside down. That is why we make inversion spotting techniques an integral part of all of our teacher trainings. Want to know more? Comment below or send us a DM!😉 H. lens: @wariananda gear: @aloyoga

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This little angel continues to light up our hearts, and lately she has started lighting up the hearts of older boys! Say what?!😱 Should we be worried? Nah, just enamored that our 2yo daughter is so smitten and curious #loveisintheair Swipe👈🏼 to see @sofiephoenix dancing her way towards her new friend, all confident at first and then super shy!🥰 Oh and keep swiping to see all kinds of fun shenanigans with @janetstoneyoga and magic carpet rides with @djdrez and the rest of the crew at @esalen! #lifeissupposedtobefun

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Swipe👈🏼 and sound on to see the whole thing in action including our happy dance! We used to do this all the time, who still remembers? #ybsandwichhalloffame 🏆Starting to feel like the ig grandma and grandpa acro couple over here!😆 Thank you mama @janetstoneyoga for playing and trusting us. @wariananda 📷 @larazilibowitz 🎥 @aloyoga 👖

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Our little guru, dispeller of darkness, the one who brings light into the world. All children do that, but this one comes in blasting like a supernova!🌟 Swipe left to see guruji @sofiephoenix bringing a flicker of light to everyone she meets, literally. 🥰 #stinkincute Music 🎶 @janetstoneyoga @djdrez @benny_holloway @sitadeviyogini @mr.claytoncampbell Lens 📷 @wariananda #esalenyogagathering

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Shout out to my giant brother from another mother @benny_holloway for braving out his very first acro flight! Swipe left to see what went down after we exchanged a hongi - traditional Māori greeting (btw neither of us are from NZ :) And BIG congrats on the release of his new album Journey Through Mind! If you’ve never heard Benny’s deeply moving mystical sound journeys, go check him out👆🏼music link on his ig. Any yoga teachers out there looking for a musical inspiration for your slow flow classes, yin, yoga nidra or just a little sound bath for shavasana, this album is a must. You can catch Benny & @larazilibowitz around the globe at one of their immersive workshops and retreats. Album link: https://holloway.bandcamp.com/ Photography by @wariananda

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