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When people talk about #dharma, it’s almost always in the context of searching for some BIG mission they are supposed to pursue, some BIG reason that justifies their existence. I think that’s a misunderstanding that often results in suffering and confusion about one’s true purpose. I believe the meaning of dharma is much more immediate, simple and practical. It’s a perpetually changing answer to a question that goes something like this... WHAT IS MY PERSONAL ROLE IN THE EVOLUTION OF ALL THINGS IN THIS VERY MOMENT? In other words, it’s the degree to which we are consciously aware of our intentions and actions in each moment that determines whether we’re serving the evolutionary need of the moment supported by Nature’s intelligence, or aimlessly drifting down the river of confusion and binding action. H. lens @petersedlacik shorts @aloyoga

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Boredom is simply a lack of attention. Being present = never losing an opportunity of seeing ecstatic beauty in the detail of life. H. . lens @petersedlacik drifting on a cloud in @aloyoga

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The fear of falling is really the fear of flying!🤔

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💝 #happyvalentinesday Hey lovers, what are your plans today? Here is what we’re doing... N-O-T-H-I-N-G The best day ever!🤭 #gettingold lens @petersedlacik

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yogabeyond. My new class Let It All Go just release on @alo.moves (link in bio). T

My new class Let It All Go just release on @alo.moves (link in bio). This sweaty flow shakes off the debris to get you bright and shiny!😉 The theme is actually inspired by our dear friend @michaelfranti with these lyrics from his song Let it go. Check it out on Spotify, oldie but a goodie... “Don't let nobody tell you that you shouldn't be just who you are. Don't let 'em tell you 'bout your make up and your blue jeans and your style of car. And listen to me my friend, when I say you're always in my heart. And though the days are dark sometimes, you'll always be my shining star. Let your heart just go!” . Link: alomov.es/let-it-go-flow

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Do you ever wonder about #thelasttime ? In every day, we constantly encounter people, places and events that we will never experience again. It seems obvious but most of the time we don’t think about it, we don’t even realise it. Just consider all the amazing people you have met in your life - childhood friends, teachers, colleagues, past lovers and even best of friends - whom you haven’t seen for years and will probably never see again. As a parent, do you ever think about the last time you will pick up your little angel, tuck her into bed or read her a story? As a lover, when will it be the last embrace, the final “I love you?” These moments would become so much more precious if you knew it was for the last time. My grand-père would always tell us to never go to bed angry because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Knowing that there will be a last time for everything has the potential to change each seemingly ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience. Often times we’re mindlessly just trying to get to the end of activities, but the truth is everything we do, every interaction, every breath, represents a finite opportunity to savor each moment as if it were the last. C. #dontmissabeat #livelife #breathehappiness . lens @petersedlacik gear @aloyoga

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WHO WINS? 👉🏼swipe A) Pink B) Blue C) Both D) Neither . With so much talk in the media about all kinds of gender inequality, this is our take on it. In other words, can we just get on with the business of co-creation and agree to support, respect and uphold each other to the best of our ability? #strongertogether . lens @petersedlacik gear @aloyoga

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Time for some radical honesty about long term relationships. What are they built on? How do they survive? What makes them last? Is it deep love? Hard work? Trust? Communication? Honesty? Compromise? Shit loads of acceptance? Probably all of the above and much more. The madness starts the moment you meet and hold each other’s hand. And once the honeymoon is over, you gotta pull the sleeves up, strap yourself in, and work through the paradox that goes something like this... I love you. I hate you. I adore you. Fuck you. I’d die for you. I don’t like you. You’re wonderful. You’re stupid. You’re the best. You’re the worst. Thank you for listening. You never listen. I couldn’t live without you. Leave me alone... blah blah blah... we must have said it all in the last 11 years, but as long as we keep stoking the fire, the flame can never go out. H. #lovewins . lens @petersedlacik

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It’s been so nice (and very much needed) to have this precious time back home in Sydney to play, practice and plan for our upcoming trainings. We believe that attending an immersive yoga teacher training is one of the best ways to gain knowledge about deep meaning, one’s purpose, and the necessary practical tools for transformation - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It has been an honour and also a great responsibility to serve as teachers for those who are consciously choosing to step into the fire of personal transformation with us. Whether you’re a student seeking more practical knowledge, or an established teacher ready to take the next step, we have a bunch of trainings coming up for you this year: • 100 HR AVTT June 1-13 • 300HR YTT July 5-31 with @bryceyogaschool • 300HR YTT (Modular) Aug 2-13 with @bryceyogaschool • 200 HR YTT Sep 2-26 Visit our website yogabeyond.com for details. lens @petersedlacik

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Flamingo in the new flamingo pink from @aloyoga... because it had to be done!😆 . lens @petersedlacik

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yogabeyond. #Synergy goes live today! It’s our first time co-teaching a class on @

#Synergy goes live today! It’s our first time co-teaching a class on @alo.moves (link in bio). It’s been such a gift to share the yoga stage together for the last 7 years and grow through all the ups and downs of it all. The way we show up for our students and for each other in classes mirrors the way we show up in our day to day life. Sharing authentically and never taking ourselves too seriously is our recipe. Get ready to go upside down in this well-rounded practice. You’re bound to strengthen your body with core drills, active yoga postures, and balance poses to help prepare you to move into handstands. Learn the art of partner spotting. Whether you practice this class with a friend or fly solo, it’s all about having fun on the mat! http://alomov.es/synergy

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What is #love? How do you define it? What does #iloveyou really mean? Is it about finding enough unity points in one another? Is it about a fine level of intuitive feeling that extends beyond time and space? Is “true” love meant to last forever? Is love governed by the laws of change and relativity? We have a pretty simple and pragmatic approach to the lofty and often mystical notion of romantic love.. #ilikeyouprettygoodletsseehowitgoes lens @petersedlacik gear @aloyoga

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