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Welcome to the most dangerous airport in the world. Here is our ride!🥶🤞🏼 Ever wondered what running off a cliff feels like? Check out our ig stories... this could be it... see you on the other side! #ommanipadmehum . Lukla airport 2,845m/9,334ft Runway length 527m/1,729ft

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#reunited 👨‍👩‍👧🏔

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See ya later Everest!🤙🏼 We did it again... limits broken, hearts wide open, minds expanded, the path is clear. Looking forward to our next pilgrimage to the roof of the world in May 2019. If you’re dreaming of joining us, visit our website for info on how to apply yogabeyond.com🏔 #beyondbasecamp #ebc #nepal

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We made #EverestBaseCamp What a journey! It wasn’t without its challenges, but that’s all part of the adventure. It’s my second time here after seven years and the feeling is just as overwhelming as I remembered it. Having guided a stellar group of truth seekers on their journey of Self-discovery to meet the Mother Goddess of the world makes it so much more special this time around. Well done everybody, proud of every single one of you! And yes, I am playing air guitar at 5,380m/17,650ft!😉 Thank you #Chomolungma for receiving us so sweetly and giving us your blessings.🙏🏼H. . If you’re interested in joining our next trip to #EBC in May 2019, check out our website for details yogabeyond.com

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yogabeyond. Ever wondered what this mudra represents? I dedicated a whole class to

Ever wondered what this mudra represents? I dedicated a whole class to Jnana mudra in my new series on @alo.moves (link in bio). Most meditators are familiar with this mudra, but only a few understand its meaning and function. Jnana mudra is the mudra of knowledge/wisdom. The name comes from the Sanskrit jnana meaning "knowledge" and mudra meaning "gesture.” Created by placing the tips of the thumb and the index together to form a circle with the palms usually facing up in seated meditation. The thumb represents universal consciousness (Brahman), while the index finger represents individual consciousness (Atman). Those two coming together express the unity (yoga) of our universal and individual Self resulting in the transcendence (going beyond) of our thinking mind... not oneness but rather the unity of two. The other three fingers represent the three elements that give rise to manifest reality: middle finger (Brahma/creator), ring finger (Vishnu/maintenance operator) and pinkie (Shiva/destruction operator). This mudra stimulates an opening effect, allowing for a process of receiving from the divine source of Nature’s intelligence. I like to bring this mudra not only into meditation, but also into movement based asana practice as a point of focus on balance and harmony. In this mirrored expression you see in the pic, we intend to bring equanimity to both inner and outer realms of our being. Give it a try next time you practice👌🏼 H.

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Midday med at 17,000 feet surrounded by 6 of the 8 highest mountains in the world. 🏔 Feeling the majestic beauty of Mother Nature pulsate right through me. Magic lives here. H. #highlymeditated #ommanipadmehum #beyondbasecamp . If you’re interested in joining our next trip to #EBC in May 2019, check out our website for details yogabeyond.com

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yogabeyond. I’m super excited about the release of my 6 class series RENEW on @alo

I’m super excited about the release of my 6 class series RENEW on @alo.moves! It’s inspired by my home practice and revolves around visualization, asana practice, pranayama and meditation. I also touch on mudras, drishti and explore the relationship between the inner vs outer landscape of our mind and body. Check out alomov.es/renew👆🏼and lemme know your thoughts...🙏🏼H.

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Love this tribe!💙 Trekking up to #EverestBaseCamp with the most stellar group of truth seekers and finally got some decent wifi, so tune into our ig stories for updates from the Himalayas!😉🤙🏼H. #beyondbasecamp . Hima = snow Laya = home/abode . Applications are open for our next trip to #EBC in May 2019. Check out our website for details yogabeyond.com

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yogabeyond. EXCITING NEWS! 🎬🤸🏻‍♂️
Honza’s new plan called RENEW has launched on

EXCITING NEWS! 🎬🤸🏻‍♂️ Honza’s new plan called RENEW has launched on @alo.moves! Follow the link in ig bio alomov.es/renew 👈🏼 Sorry about the radio silence over the last few days. We’ve been out of internet reach as we trek up to EBC in Nepal. . About the plan: Energize your yoga practice with Renew, a dynamic series designed to stoke your inner fire. Each 45-minute class will light up your body to build power, flexibility, and inner connection. This six-class series follows an arc that begins with grounding movements, ignites through a vigorous flow, then softens into a restorative practice. Get ready to transform your body and mind as you dive into the practice of visualization, building balance and strength through the art of letting go.

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We’re super proud of our baby sherpa for making it all the way to Namche Bazaar for the second time this year. It wasn’t without its challenges but we made it! @SofiePhoenix standing at 3,550m/11,650ft pointing at Mt Everest🏔 Here is where she will stay with mama for one week, whilst the rest of the expedition lead by dada continues to #EverestBaseCamp 5,380m/17,600ft

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Annnnd then this happened! To top it all off, hubby surprised me with a traditional Sherpa wedding ceremony to renew our vows with our team of 15 adventurers as wedding guests. We all walked into a a local monastery to meditate and next thing I know, I’m being dressed in a traditional wedding garment, receiving blessings from a Buddhist monk. We exchanged very special wedding bands with the Tibetan mantra Om Mani Padme Hum engraved on them, and looking into each other’s eyes, we proclaimed our vows: “I still like you pretty good, let’s see how it goes.” And just like that, we got married once again... this time at an altitude of 12,000 feet in the land of Sherpas on another continent, with the blessing of Chomolungma, The Mother Goddess of The World aka Mt. Everest. One of the most magical and surreal days of my life! Thank you Honza🙏🏼💛 my love, my life, my heart, my soul.

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It’s my b’day and I can’t imagine doing anything more epic than teaching a yoga class at 12,000 feet after a big day of hiking up the Himalayas! Yep, we’re back in Nepal, heading up to #EverstBaseCamp, this time with a stellar crew of likeminded seekers on a meditation adventure retreat of a lifetime. The main intention I’m calling in this year is a deep down excitation about renewal.. myself, my relationships, my goals and my attitude towards achieving them. The greatest gifts I received on my birthday? Chocolate, beautiful Tibetan jewelry from hubby and a 12 hour trek stretching over 21km/13mi through windy passages, steep inclines and crazy suspension bridges. All the while, carrying lil’ miss @sofiephoenix on my back. Also, had a super scrumptious birthday banana, carrot, chocolate cake at the end of this mega day - thank you broda @sagesinge 🙏🏽 Feeling incredibly strong, blessed and empowered as I take my next revolution around the sun!☄🤟🏽C.

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