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#ad 🌸 How many hours do you sleep every night? I’ve learned that I need 8 hours of sleep to be my best self. So I try to prioritize my sleep over almost everything else. Two products I’ve been loving to help me get #MyBestZzzs are: 1️⃣ @ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s Beauty Sleep Gummies White Strawberry Rose 🍓 which contain Melatonin, Ginger & Grapeseed Extract 🤗 2️⃣ ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s Melatonin Liquid. It’s non-habit forming and free of lactose, alcohol, artificial flavors and corn syrup 😝 Sleep is a beautiful thing and these @zzzquil products that I got from @walmart help me fall asleep naturally 😴 Sleep better= Feel better 💤 #Beautysleep #goodnight *Disclosure: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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yoga_ky. Giveaway!! I teamed up with @eatdrinkvegan to give away a pair of tick

Giveaway!! I teamed up with @eatdrinkvegan to give away a pair of tickets to the event this Saturday! 🍦🍭🍪🍩 Unlimited pours of Beer+Kombucha+Wine, curated restaurants, & a CBD village. 😍 📍Pasadena, CA 📆June 22nd To enter to win: 1️⃣ Follow @eatdrinkvegan and @yoga_ky 2️⃣ Tag a friend below that you would bring! #yoga #icecream #vegan #giveaway

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No matter what you do, someone won’t be pleased. Someone will think your choices are wrong. And someone will tell you what should do instead. No matter which path you take, someone will seem to be doing better. Someone will have more than you. And someone else’s life may look more impressive on paper. If you’re being true to yourself, none of that will matter because you’ll have something more satisfying than approval and the illusion of “success”: a life that feels right for you, based on your own wants, needs, values, and priorities. ✌🏼 Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #yoga #mexico #travel #doyou

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Yoga time with @nilla_kat. 🤗 She literally loves when I practice yoga. 🧘‍♀️ I’ve been teaching her how to sit and lay down and I think she’s finally got it! 😻😻 She’s the sweetest kitty ever. She even sits on my barstool by the front door waiting for me to get home every single time. 😭😍 Outfit @aloyoga 🌻🌻🌻 #aloyoga #yoga #kitten #yogaflow 🎶 @kevinparismusic

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Who’s going to @eatdrinkvegan this weekend?! I’ve been counting down the days! 🍦🍭🍪🍩 Unlimited pours of Beer+Kombucha+Wine, curated restaurants, & a CBD village. 😍 📍Pasadena, CA 📆June 22nd #throwback #eatdrinkfestival #yoga

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yoga_ky. 🌴🍉🧜‍♀️


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Life is too short to waste time waiting for other people’s approval on how you live it. ✌🏼 Outfit @aloyoga 🌸 #aloyoga #yoga #yogaflow #yogavideo 🎶 @chandlersinging

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Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she became a butterfly. 🦋🦋🦋 Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #handstand

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In our lives, change is unavoidable, loss is unavoidable. In the adaptability and ease with which we experience change lies our happiness and freedom. 🤗 Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #yoga #backbend #mexico

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Whatever you’re feeling, be good to yourself. If you feel lost, be patient with yourself while you find your way. If you feel scared, be gentle with yourself while you find the strength to face your fear. If you feel hurt, be kind to yourself while you grieve and slowly heal. You can’t bully yourself into clarity, courage, or peace, and you can’t rush self-discovery or transformation. Some things simply take time, so take the pressure off and give yourself space to grow.🌻🌻🌻 Day 12: scorpion forearm stand for #LoveIsTheAnswerChallenge 🌺 Hosts: @yoga_ky @alexzandrapeters @aleksic_twins @gabriella.dondero @aria.official @rebekahletch List of sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves LoveIsTheAnswer mantra album @aria.official 💖 Outfit @aloyoga #yoga #yogachallenge

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What is your spirit animal? Comment with emojis. 🐬🐳🧜‍♀️ This is my go to back warm up! Feels extra good in the mornings. ☀️ Day 11: King cobra pose for #LoveIsTheAnswerChallenge 🌺 Hosts: @yoga_ky @alexzandrapeters @aleksic_twins @gabriella.dondero @aria.official @rebekahletch List of sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves LoveIsTheAnswer mantra album by our amazing host @aria.official 💖 . Have fun and do what is comfortable in YOUR practice. 🤗 . POSES: 1. Camel 2. Malasana 3. Dancer 4. Baby Grasshopper 5. King or Mermaid Pigeon 6. Funky Compass 7. Tiger 8. Crane 9. Half Bow 10. Hanumanasana/ Split 11. King Cobra 12. Scorpion Forearmstand 🌸🌸🌸🌸 Outfit @aloyoga #yoga #yogachallenge #aloyoga 🎵 @chandlersinging

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My dad taught me how to swim before I could crawl. The water has always been a huge part of our lives. So for Father’s Day I’m getting him the @Nautica blue cologne because the brand has all the ocean vibes 🌊 I also love the fresh scent! The notes of jasmine and pineapple are my favorite. 🍍 Enjoy a $5 offer from Nautica at Walgreens this Father’s Day by texting “NAUTICA” to 79495! #DadsLoveNautica #HappyFathersDay #ocean #ad

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