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yam.yoga. Listening to Mother Nature🌲

Listening to Mother Nature🌲

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Serenity at its best 🍃🏔

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Just a second after the butterfly flew off my finger 🦋

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Tour du Mont Blanc - first day 🙌🏼 17 km, 13 kilos on our back, 29,000 “steps”, 174 flights climbed . Super challenging but totally worth it💚 . . . . . . #fitnessmotivation

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The vibration of being who you are And doing what you love is magnetic. You will align everything you need In your life with that energy. -Maryam Hasnaa . . . . . #dancer

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Your wings already exist, All you have to do is fly.🦅

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Be like the moon and accept yourself no matter what phase you’re in 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔

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Only got 10 min to spare ? No problem this Sequence will take you 5!🤚🏽 Morning , evening or afternoon , on your mat or Evan on your bad. Give yourself the gift of movement .🎁 1. Hands over head stretch, open chest. To round back. X3 2. Twist- hand to opposite knee. (Both sides) 3. Cat & cow. 3 rounds 4. Spinal twist ( both side) 5. Pigeon pose - 30 seconds at least (each side) feel free to take any variations. 6. Double pigeon- 30 seconds. Shins parallel on top of each other. Top leg foot placed on the bottom leg knee. 7. Hug knees to chest. 8. On the back pigeon. 30 sec each side. . . . . . #yogatutorials

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Between heaven and earth ☁️🧗🏽‍♀️ בֵּין שָּׁמַיִם וַאָרֶץ

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Letting go or holding on, What do you think is harder? • The truth is life is about the balance between letting go and holding on. 〰️⚖️ But no doubt letting go is incredibly difficult. No matter if we cling to worries about the future, or if we keep replaying the mistakes of the past again and again in our mind—it can be quite painful when you have difficulties to move on. The desperate attempt to hold on to the things that were familiar to us limits our capability to experience happiness and joy in the present moment. Life is all about continuous change. The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Take that big leap forward without hesitation. Simply forge toward the future. . . . . #pigeonpose

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#TBT The desert has it holiness of silence. Which gives you the opportunity to find your own 🐪🌙🙏🏼

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Shabbat shalom ♥️

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I don’t enjoy life, life enjoys me 🥂

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We are learning to fly 🌅🧡 letting go of anything that doesn’t serve us any more, letting go of everything thats dragging us down. Old patterns, Our ego, fears, insecurities, The constant chase... threw the work of the mind, body and soul we are learning to fly. Reaching our full potential 🙏🏼. Come fly with us! 🦅 Sunday- 18.30 sunset flow Monday- 19.30 kundalini Tuesday- 8.30 Wednesday - 20.00 power vinyasa Thursday- 8.30 kundalini Friday- 9.00 @yam.yoga . . . . . #sunset

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My camouflage dress turned out as a big success 👌🏽🕵🏻‍♂️

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Golden team 🌅💛 my #bestfriends

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Dancing with your shadow. Your patterns, fears, insecurities, and weaknesses ... One can only come to peace when fully accepting it shadow. And then, when he does there’s a magical dance of empowerment, self love and understanding. Your shine will only appear when you’ll accept the darkness within you. . . . . . #shadow

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