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Want a chance to be featured on our Insta? Tag @wholesumkitchen in your favorite WholeSum foodie pics! ✨

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wholesumkitchen. Happy St. Paddy’s to all our lovely followers! ☘️ We feel the luckiest

Happy St. Paddy’s to all our lovely followers! ☘️ We feel the luckiest to have this happy wholesum community to promote health & wellness with ✨ celebrate safely today!

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Instagram went down & so did our motivation to go outside 😲 maybe these salads will be motivation for you to face the elements & come eat in with us ✨

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Sunday scaries WHO? 👀 No such thing when you start your day with some all-natural liquid energy ✨ which flavor would you pick?!

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Sunshine in a cup & the perfect satisfaction for any sweet tooth! 😋 (and did we say good for you?) What do you put in your smoothies??

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So fresh & so clean 😎🤙 just like all our new-and-improved salads on our menu! Getting lots of color & nutrients into every meal is a surefire way to combat the inevitable winter blues ❄️

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Today is the day!! Come into our cafe & from 2-6 and 20% of ALL SALES will fundraise towards the Burroughs Community School PTA! Make a difference in your community, one smoothie bowl at a time 🧡

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Can’t handle the CUTENESS! ✨ Bring in your little ones & you’ll make us the happiest cafe in Minnesota 🥰

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Did you check out our story?? We are SO excited to be fundraising with our neighbors at Burroughs Community School right here in WSK! This Friday, 2-6pm, 20% of ALL sales go to the school’s PTA!

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Cozy up with one of our warming Whole Sum specialty drinks on your lunch break today! We have a hot cup waiting for you ☕️☀️

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Feeling full with this glorious & hearty bowl with enough healthy fats to energize you well into the weekend! Only at Whole Sum Kitchen 🌞

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Another cold but successful week in the books!! Looking for something fun to do this weekend? How about paying a visit to our friends at @f45_training_minneapolis ? They’ll keep you toasty with some insanely fun workouts.. & oh yeah, we deliver lunch straight to the studio 😛 Give them a follow for more updates!

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Feelin’ funky fresh after this citrus avocado salad 🍋 🍊 . . What’s in it?? A balanced combo of mixed greens, seasonal citrus, avocado, feta, watermelon radish, toasted almonds, and chia seeds. Oh, and a zesty ginger vinaigrette. *mwah*👌 . . . . . #wholesumkitchen #foodpic #instafood #treatyoself #minneapolisfoodie #plantbased #startyourdayright #takeouttuesday #ubereats #grubhub #bitesquad

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Ya know, Valentine’s Day isn’t THAT far away... real question now is, what could be more romantic than the gift of food?! 🧐 we can’t think of anything!! . . Treat someone special with these cute Whole Sum gift cards!! The perfect addition to any V-day celebration ❤️ . . . . . #wholesumkitchen #foodpic #instafood #treatyoself #minneapolisfoodie #plantbased #startyourdayright #takeouttuesday #ubereats #grubhub #bitesquad

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Here comes the sun!! 🌞 Above-freezing temps has us feeling like a bunch of happy hippies... seems appropriate to dive into our new ✨Happy Hippy ✨grain bowl! Fill up with carrots, seasoned sweet potatoes, pickled beets, roasted broccoli, hemp seeds, pickled mushrooms, and scallions! Your favorite grain base included, of course 🍽 . . . . . #wholesumkitchen #foodpic #instafood #treatyoself #minneapolisfoodie #plantbased #startyourdayright #takeouttuesday #ubereats #grubhub #bitesquad

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So uh, it’s REAL cold. We’re closing up shop for the day, (at 10:30am) but we look forward to seeing your lovely faces tomorrow! In the meantime...stay warm & safe today 🥶 ❄️ . . . #wholesumkitchen #foodpic #instafood #treatyoself #minneapolisfoodie #plantbased #startyourdayright #takeouttuesday #ubereats #grubhub #bitesquad

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Greens really do come true 🥗The salads you know and love are fabulously upgraded with new flavors, new ingredients, and lots of color! Which one are you diving into this week? 🍽 . . . . #wholesumkitchen #foodpic #instafood #treatyoself #minneapolisfoodie #plantbased #startyourdayright #takeouttuesday #ubereats #grubhub #bitesquad.

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wholesumkitchen. #repost Did you check our story with @f45_training_minneapolis earlier

#repost Did you check our story with @f45_training_minneapolis earlier? Let us explain. . . . We are SO EXCITED to be partnering with our fabulous fitness friends at F45! So this means your favorite fitness, food, & fun ALL at one location! ✨ . . How it works? Simply place an order before class, crush your workout, & by the time you’re done, your Whole Sum delivery will be waiting for you in the studio! 👏👏 [Order link in bio] . . . #wholesumkitchen #foodpic #instafood #treatyoself #minneapolisfoodie #plantbased #startyourdayright #takeouttuesday #ubereats #grubhub #bitesquad

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