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🍴🥧 -> @littlepiecompany

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“I’ve watched these two fine young men grow up behind the counter of our corner deli here, over the past 22 years on W. 49th Street. Their family run the delis on three of our block’s four corners. Fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Yemeni American families run hundreds of these ‘bodegas’ in New York. Corner delis are the beating heart that sustain daily life on every block in the City. These two are branching out to open their own deli this year. They’re among the smartest, friendliest, hardest working, honest young, dedicated family men I know. They are, if it is possible, even bigger Green Bay Packer fans than I am. They’re as American as apple pie... as American as you, or I.” - @tomfervoy

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Summer Fun 2018 📷 @sammie_babie

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#NYBABY video by Hell’s Kitchens own @marloncraft link in bio

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📷 by @xlucycohenx

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The 🚂 will be missed! 💭 #TBT

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Goodnight to a weekend full of ☀️

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Esca’s fountain (with some fresh Herbs growing around it) in the outdoor dining area. 🍽⛲️

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#WeAreHellsKitchen 👹

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Photo by @wearitoutnyc 🎨 #WeAreHellsKitchen

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Taken by @dgz720 #WeAreHellsKitchen

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