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🔮 How will our future look like? Visit @myclimate_awesomefuture to learn more about an awesome future: myclimate.org stands for effective climate protection both in Switzerland and globally 👍🏻🇨🇭🌍 @myclimate_awesomefuture . . Effective climate protection is a pleasure, too, when moving around on a sunday afternoon in Zürich⛴🚃 🚲🛴🚶🏼‍♀️🎠 with no cars. 📱@quintner #statement #ourhome #myclimate #awesomefuture #visitswitzerland #🌍 #ad

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You’re always looking for the very best viewpoints? 🤩Next time you visit Mount Rigi go to Rigi-Chänzeli for the best view of Lake Lucerne and Pilatus in the backgroond. Just like @charlotterupf. 👉🏻bio link right now for more Rigi views on our map 🇨🇭😉 ・ #rigi #lakelucerne #luzern #lozärn ;) #mountpilatus #switzerland #hiking #lake #summerinthealps #cloudsaboveandbelow #weggis #beautiful #destinations #beautifuldestinations #schweiz #visitswitzerland

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Have you already been on Mt Pilatus🏔? Klimsenkapelle not far from the Pilatus summit captured by @philipp_pley#klimsenkapelle #visitpilatus #visitswitzerland

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Some places don’t change much over time. This is Quinten, at lake Walensee not far from Zürich, on Postcards from 1956 (2x), 1940 and 1904. By @quintner. How did your village change over time? . #visitquinten #visitswitzerland #timeless_postcard

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*** Event of the day🇨🇭 *** Alpabzug in Lauterbrunnen this morning. 📽 #doyoufollow @swissmountainview 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #alpabzug #visitswitzerland #eventoftheday . Follow #visitswitzerland_cowparade for more cows 🇨🇭🐮💚🏔👋🏻😊

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Who wouldn’t want to hike above the Grindelwald glacier gorge ⛰ ⛰ just like @nathaliesarah_ #midweekmotivation ・ Visit Switzerland photo hack No 13: Do you want your photography to get observed? Tag your very best Swiss photos #visitswitzerland or tag the photo @visitswitzerland or @visitswitzerland.club (and a few other pages but maybe less than 20) for a nice chance of your photos getting observed in the beautiful @visitswitzerland photo-tag tab. Check out @nathaliesarah_ how to do this 😉 . #visitswitzerland

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Death of a glacier 😔 1. September 2019, documented by @mofitrando 2. August 2016 @borisbaldinger 3. October 2014 @gergina The #Pizol glacier at #Wildsee 2844 metres above sea level is gone forever. Still a beautiful destination - so what?! some of you might ask? Climate change is a fact. It happens not only in Iceland: in 80 years 80% of the Swiss glaciers will be gone. Only the largest glaciers might make it into the next century in Switzerland. But climate change is a global phenomenon, it affects us all: isn’t there lots of more evidence that things are happening elsewhere? Share your opinions and like the best comments below. @gletscher_initiative @myclimate_awesomefuture @energie_schweiz @gretathunberg @unfccc #unfccc #gretathunberg #climatechange #ourhome #glacier #visitswitzerland_glaciers Join a Pizol glacier #pizolgletscher ceremony if you can: meet there on Wednesday 22 September at 1 pm (not 10:30am) at the remainders of the glacier at Wildsee, Pizol (this ceremony has been planned by @lexli_degia and other locals since May) Post by me @quintner

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🏰 Been at Château Chillon, the most famous Swiss castle? And you want to see more castles in Switzerland? 👉🏻 Click the bio link for their exact locations on Google Maps 🗺 . Another 📸 stunner by @andreah1306 👏🏻 . #visitswitzerland

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You’re longing for the sea and for infinite views but you happen to be in Switzerland? Then, for example, visit Neuchâtel🇨🇭: 1. Pavillion seen by @andreah1306 2. Jetty @itsanoemithing 3. Pier @itsanoemithing 4. Notre Dame Cédric Aeby/@instaneuch #visitswitzerland

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visitswitzerland. Anyone who recognises this famous place? Like the best comments below�

Anyone who recognises this famous place? Like the best comments below👇🏻, and thanks @chillipictures for the nice new perspective 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😀 #visitswitzerland #authentic #likethebestcomments

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Preferences, anyone? Different ways to explore Ponte dei Salti, the famous bridge in Lavertezzo, Valle Verzasca, Ticino. 1. In the water @martin.strmiska 2. On the water @nadircaribb 3. Above the water @chrisburkard #visitswitzerland

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Far away from mass tourism: Enjoy the view of Oberaar Glacier and Grimsel pass. By @kevs.art👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ・ #visitswitzerland #grimselpass

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