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Iced lattes . Shaken, not stirred. @ @thecitadelmia

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Another quiche fresh out of the oven. We’re open until 7pm.

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Cherry-Walnut scones, quiches and more will be waiting for you Sunday morning. Join us!

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Gigantic rice krispy Square or 25# of delicious macadamia nuts? Nuts of course! Only real ingredients go into our almond-macadamia milk. Made fresh daily. #wholesome #natural #drinkgoodcoffee

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Lemon Blueberry Teacakes baked fresh in-house by Zinnia. She keeps everything delicious. #team #freshbaked

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Sunday. SEVEN AM Coffee | Nine AM Bagels @elbagel #damnfinebagels

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Matcha Mojito. Available at both Vice City locations. #nonalcoholic

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We make good coffee, and do a bunch of other stuff to keep things running smoothly. Accepting applications for all locations. Weekend availability required. Apply online. .............................. (link in bio) workpop.com/careers/vicecitybean

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Luis Reinoso is our featured single origin coffee at The Citadel location. It’s tasting stellar on Chemex.

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Sundried tomato & roasted red pepper quiche today at the Citadel coffee bar.

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Nitro tea is back at our Citadel coffee bar location. We are currently featuring Sunrise Quimen from @sipjojo

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We will be closing the main shop tomorrow at 4p, the Citadel location is closed on Mondays. . Normal operating hours on Tuesday. Thanks and enjoy your Memorial Day.

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Both on espresso this week. Enjoy.

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Hey now! Bagel Sunday countdown begins. Grab your bestie and join us tomorrow. Doors 7am, @elbagel wagon 9am. Beep beep!

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Easy like Sunday morning. Join us tomorrow for the one, the only, @elbagel Bagel love machine parked curbside at 9am. 📷 @paleta305

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No boundaries here. Sofia & Rachel have our grinder running perfect. #womentech #coffeetech #fixit @mahlkonigusa #EK43

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