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👋Question👋 Do you appreciate our stories with jokes and GIFs (such as today’s story post)? Or should we stop joke around and strictly focus on inspirational and motivational yoga content?🙃 Your feedback is highly appreciated!🙏 - @shylasvsyoga wearing Vayumudra latte yoga set. #vayumudratribe

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Find balance in your life with yoga! On and off the mat...⚖️ - @yes.i.yoga wearing Vayumudra Pastel Lilac yoga leggings. - #vayumudratribe

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30 awesome seconds of Monday yoga motivation presented to you by @aylineriten 🔥👏😊 - Have a wonderful new week everyone!! #vayumudratribe

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vayumudra. Which asana symbolizes Sunday for you? You can only name one 🙃 We thi

Which asana symbolizes Sunday for you? You can only name one 🙃 We think Child’s Pose! - @wabisabimat wearing Vayumudra Parchment leggings and Latte yoga bra. - #vayumudratribe

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Every yoga class is different. Not only because of the different types of yoga, but because the audience (students) changes! Making last minute tweaks to a class and give individual hands on adjustments based on the different needs are essential to become a great and popular yoga teacher...Imagine teaching a group of bankers for the first time and starting off in a Chin stand like this 😂🙃 - @sarasana_yoga wearing Vayumudra Pastel Pink yoga set. - #vayumudratribe

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At this very moment you might not be able to throw on your yoga clothing and run down to the beach for some yoga 😅...But you are on Instagram to get inspired or entertained (our story, check it out!🙃), we therefore encourage you to stop for a second and leave your phone for 2 minutes. Stretch and enjoy a few rounds of deep breathing. Namaste 🙏 - @fau.yoga wearing Vayumudra Blue Ashes yoga set - #vayumudratribe enjoy your weekend!!✨ - Captured by @romain_aere 📸

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vayumudra. We are on a mission to motivate and empower yogis to take their yoga p

We are on a mission to motivate and empower yogis to take their yoga practice to new dimensions. Comfort and fit are key in any of our apparel so yogis can focus on doing the poses instead of futzing with the outfit! Thanks to each one of you for being a part of our global yoga community helping us create inspirational, fun and educational yoga content together with comfortable yoga apparel! #vayumudratribe 🙏💛 What kind of yoga content do you want to see more of from us!?⬇️

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There is a solution to midweek stress...what’s the answer!?✨ - @estelle.kolakowski finding stillness🌕Wearing Vayumudra Olive green yoga set.

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It’s been a year of endless yoga inspiration from the #vayumudratribe 🔥 We’ve also made many new amazing yogi connections which we are so excited to continue to grow and follow for years to come! Thank you all for creating this awesome global yoga community together with us!🙏😊 - @clacuru wearing Vayumudra apparel when practicing on a rooftop somewhere on the island of Sicily 🇮🇹

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Tonight, do yourself a favor and roll out your mat and enjoy 15-30 minutes of yoga...yes you can make time for it!😊💯 - @theyoginist sharing some yoga motivation 🔥 - Wearing Vayumudra Terracotta leggings. - #vayumudratribe #yoga

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Decision has been made🥁Marsala is coming back for SS20! Thank you all for the amazing feedback!! Your inputs means the world to us! And please never hesitate to reach out to us by DM if you have other future thoughts or ideas!😊 #vayumudratribe - @flow_flourish_yoga wearing Marsala leggings and Gray yoga tank.

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vayumudra. Will you make time for yoga today!?👏
#vayumudratribe #weekend #yoga

Will you make time for yoga today!?👏 - #vayumudratribe #weekend #yoga

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Question: should we get Marsala back in stock or another red color tone?🤔Any feedback is much appreciated!🙏 - This photo of @aylineriten is from last year, and probably our absolute favorite from 2018!!🍂😊 - #vayumudratribe #yoga

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✨So much good!✨ - Yes, so much good comes from social media. One of them is the yoga community we have created together 😊🙏 Thanks to each one of you for motivating, inspiring, spreading kindness and creating friendships with each other! #vayumudratribe

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Next time you attend a yoga class, then take the opportunity to connect with other yogis before or after class! In almost all yoga classes there is this overall feeling of oneness and collaborative energy. Take advantage of it and make a new friend✨😊 - @theyoginist wearing Vayumudra Parchment yoga bra. - #vayumudratribe #yoga - If you ever visit Paris, then we highly recommend to attend one of @theyoginist classes 👌

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Up-dog🐕 or Cobra🐍...what do you prefer? - @ania.venanzio wearing Vayumudra Asphalt yoga set...(coming soon🤗). - #vayumudratribe #bhujangasana #yoga

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Physical strength and flexibility is far from what yoga is all about! However once you work your way into more challenging poses and see improvements you will build confidence and feel stronger on the inside!😊💯 - @femkeaaldering wearing Vayumudra Terracotta yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #yogi #yoga #journey

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It’s Sunday and yogis do what they want!✨✨✨ - Practicing yoga today!?😊👏 - @nathalieelisabeth wearing Vayumudra Chocolate Brown yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #sunday #yoga

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