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Never transitioning from Child's pose will surely not improve your asana practice. In order to progress we constantly need to challenge ourselves and push further! However are restorative poses as Child’s pose essential for everyone’s yoga to recharge and reset. Really understanding this “basic” concept will not only take your yoga practice to new dimensions but also change your life! - @asanas_with_ania wearing Vayumudra Olive Green yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #yoga #motivation #life #mindset

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FRINALLY!!🤗 Who’s attending a yoga class or two this weekend?👏 - @aerial.janine wearing Vayumudra Chocolate Brown yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #weekend #yoga #class

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By chanting it we are symbolically and physically tuning into that sound and acknowledging our connection to all other living beings, nature and the Universe itself....what word are we describing? - @yogabynita wearing Vayumudra Parchment yoga set. - Photo by @marcusphotogt 📸 - #vayumudratribe #yoga #question

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Can we all agree that this is a handstand!?😄👏 - @clairehuang_yoga wearing Vayumudra Pastel Pink yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #yogi #handstand #yoga

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There is no end game in yoga, it's a constant work in progress! You can always take a pose further and make it more challenging. That's why we all refer yoga to as "practice"!😊💯 - @yogabynita wearing Vayumudra Parchment yoga set. - Captured by @marcusphotogt 📸 - #vayumudratribe #yoga #practice

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The best time for new beginnings is now! Let this very energizing photo of @femkeaaldering be the spark to a new beginning in life! Take the leap you’ve been considering, whatever that might be!😊💯 - Captured by @dtufino_photo 📸 - #vayumudratribe #yoga #new #week #motivation

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It’s “yoga time”! Roll out your mat, recharge and reset for a new week!💯 - @highonyoga bringing some yoga motivation for you all! - #vayumudratribe #yoga #motivation #new #week #energy

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Weekend activity...strolling around the city of New York taking awesome photos for the Gram 😁👌 - Did you do something similar or did you maybe actually practice yoga?🙃 - @femkeaaldering wearing Vayumudra Terracotta yoga set🧡 - Captured by the talented photographer @dtufino_photo 📸 - #vayumudratribe #yogi #weekend #fun #yoga

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Yogis wear Merlot and drink Kombucha on weekends! Agree?🙃 - @livinleggings and @blessedyoga creating amazing shapes and enjoying the late-summer weather in London 🌞 - #vayumudratribe #yogis #friends #yoga

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This is not yoga...just a very creative and amazing asana by @yorulmazesra 👏😊 - Happy weekend everyone! Hopefully will you make time for some yoga🙏 - #vayumudratribe #yogi #downdog

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vayumudra. Yoga is relatable across all cultures, languages and countries! Thank

Yoga is relatable across all cultures, languages and countries! Thank you all for being a part of the #vayumudratribe 🙏 A global yoga community spreading the benefits and awareness of yoga together!🌎 - @zgung wearing Vayumudra Chocolate Brown leggings and Merlot yoga bra. - #yoga #global #yogi #community

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@aylineriten a Vayumudra Ambassador🔥 - The Vayumudra Ambassador Program is designed to build, support and grow a global yoga community of inspirational and everyday yogis who use their passion for yoga to elevate their own communities. Our main objective with this program is to help increase the awareness and benefits of yoga around the world, which is why we would like to hear from any yogi, regardless of location or skill level. - @aylineriten is hosting a six day yoga retreat in Bali next year. Send her a DM to learn more!!🤗 - #vayumudratribe #yoga #community

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Those arms are made by Chaturangas!!💯💪 - @ania.venanzio wearing Vayumudra yoga apparel. - #vayumudratribe #yoga #strength #yogi

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If you’re at home and just scrolling through IG out of boredom, then it’s time to roll out your mat right now!💯 - @mikaila_nyc wearing Vayumudra Pastel Pink Yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #yoga #motivation

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3500+ asana variations in and still creating new amazing shapes!! @kimterpstra_yoga is such a great source of inspiration if you are looking to try a new asana or variation💯 - Also, have you never tried meditation before? Then view our story for explanation..😂 - @kimterpstra_yoga wearing Vayumudra Terracotta yoga set. - #vayumudratribe #yoga #asana #meditation #inspiration

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Are you on TikTok? Yes/no? Let us know in the comments or send us a DM, and we will connect with you!😊 - @ania.venanzio wearing Vayumudra yoga apparel. - #vayumudratribe #tiktok #yoga #community

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Thank you all for creating such amazing and supportive yoga community together with us! #vayumudratribe 🙏 Wishing each one of you a wonderful weekend!✨ - @claireyogaparis enjoying some “urban yoga” and wearing Vayumudra Black Yoga set🖤 - #yoga #paris

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Practicing yoga every day is possible and encouraged. But always remember to listen to the cues that your body gives you. Some days your body will be open to pushing itself and other days you may want to take it easier. Practice the asana and variations that feels best! Namaste🙏 - @mihimah_ wearing Vayumudra Latte yoga set☕️ - #vayumudratribe #yoga #everyday

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