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umbersaiyan. I know it doesn’t look like it lol, but sunset walks with my love are

I know it doesn’t look like it lol, but sunset walks with my love are my absolute favourite. Happy Earth Day beautiful people ♥️

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umbersaiyan. when your crush walks by and your friend tells you to act natural

when your crush walks by and your friend tells you to act natural

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umbersaiyan. Anyone else feel like they’ve been in a rut lately? This semester was

Anyone else feel like they’ve been in a rut lately? This semester was much tougher than last semester for me, in every way. I’m happy to say I’m finally feeling like myself again. Here are 6 things I’ve learned this winter to get you out of that hole: ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ 1) Get moving. Endorphins aren't flowing when you’re sitting in your class or your work desk all day. Lifting weights is important but moderate to high doses of cardiovascular activity are necessary for that natural dopamine high ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ 2) Recognize that humans are social creatures. It can take a toll on you if you’re not talking to many people for weeks on end. If you’re always putting friendships on a back burner, it can actually hinder your goals. Work towards your future but also nurture your friendships the way you would a romantic relationship. Friends are important ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ 3) Take a moment every single evening to reflect on your day and the things you appreciated. Something that made you happy and allowed you to temporarily forget about stresses. It can be as small as when you were sitting down to eat your favourite breakfast, or letting go and dancing in your car on your drive home ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣4) Join a club/sport/team. I recently joined the badminton club at macewan as well as a volleyball team and it was the best decision. Working with others towards a common goal is a good way to feel united & purposeful. As well as being an awesome opportunity to meet friends ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ 5) Volunteer. Many people work to perfect only their own lives yet still feel unhappy. True inner happiness comes from positively impacting others. Our purpose is to help one another. Check out a local seniors home or homeless shelter and see what you can provide. This is another opportunity to meet like minded people who care about others ⁣⁣⁣⁣ 6) Analyze your work habits. Do you rise or crumble with pressure? Do you work better with a packed or relaxed schedule? I personally work well with a hectic schedule. With limited time, I complete tasks quicker and with a relaxed schedule, I tend to procrastinate and feel lazier. Make sure your schedule reflects your work disposition ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Hope these tips helped 💜 Happy Thursday everyone!

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It’s always so hard to keep a straight face during these videos 😂 Doing it the wrong way feels so unnatural and actually hurts a lot. Try to remember these tips for each!⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣ It isn’t necessary to switch to single arm curls, however, working out muscles individually will always help with imbalances. Always start with the weaker arm, and match those reps with the stronger arm. I find single arm curls help with my shoulder not rotating forward. ⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣ Swinging is a big no no! Don’t cheat during your reps or you won’t be contracting the muscles you want to be, and you’ll also be increasing your risk of injury. ⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣ This one is pretty self explanatory. Don’t drop your elbows, instead keep them at a 90 degree angle. ⁣ ⁣ 4️⃣ I know correct form usually makes people look like a robot, but that’s how you properly isolate the muscle you’re trying to work! Staying still and not swinging also brings your core into play as you have to remain balanced. Keep your spine neutral and maintain good posture instead of looking down and curving your spine. ⁣ ⁣ 5️⃣ I’m on the short side and my arms tend to hit the top of the bench when I sit on it. My trick is to use a firm medicine ball to sit on in order to be able to fully extend my arms behind me. Midget life. ⁣ 6️⃣ When doing anything overhead, remember to stack your joints. Stack wrists over elbows and keep them in line. ⁣ ⁣ Hope this gave you an idea of what your lifts should look like! Leave a comment below if you like these do’s and don’t videos 🙏🏽

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umbersaiyan. Bye winter! We won’t miss you 👋🏽 Probably miss wearing this coat tho

Bye winter! We won’t miss you 👋🏽 Probably miss wearing this coat tho

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umbersaiyan. I used to have classes with a girl who believed feminism and women’s d

I used to have classes with a girl who believed feminism and women’s day aren’t necessary. She said she's equal to her male counterparts and always has been. This post is dedicated to women like her. If even one person learns something from this post, I'll be happy :) Here's to educating folks. . First of all, the reason you are allowed to have the opinion of feminism not being necessary... is because of feminism. Women were arrested, beaten, and gassed, for you to have a voice. For you to vote. For you to work. For your equal education. You did nothing to earn those rights. You unknowingly reap the benefits of the strong women who fought misogyny and the patriarchy for you. Still, you sit on your pedestal, wrapped up in your delusion of equality. So I'll break it down for you. . I'm sorry, but you are not equal. Even if you feel like you are. You still don't have full rights over your body. Men are still debating over your uterus. Over your choices. You still have to carry mace when walking alone at night. You still have to prove to the court why you were drunk on the night you were sexually assaulted. Your rapist can still walk free without any jail time. You still make less than a man for doing the same work. You still have to fight to breastfeed your child in public. You still have to prove to other women it's your right to do so. . You are still objectified. You are still cat called and sexualized. You are still seen as a hole to be dominated in the bedroom. Your pleasure during sex is still seen as not a priority and as not necessary. Engaging in oral sex with a man is still used as a synonym for degradation and disrespect. You are still judged on your outfit instead of what's in your mind. You still can't reach the same levels in sports that men do. You are still consistently threatened with murder and rape online when you play video games. You are still more likely to experience physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner in your lifetime. Your body hair is still seen as disgusting. You are still automatically assumed to be the one to stay at home and take care of the children you made with another human. . (continued)

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umbersaiyan. Your 20’s are for stepping into your power, not staying comfortable.

Your 20’s are for stepping into your power, not staying comfortable.

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Grief is a funny thing. You think you’ve got it handled. You think you’ve moved past it. But then you find yourself doing something in your daily routine and you’re suddenly thrust into a wave of emotion. Jon’s father passed away recently. A heart attack in his sleep. He’s doing as alright as you can be after a death in the family. He says he’s okay. But sometimes I’ll hear him sniffling when he’s cooking. Sometimes he’ll wear his dad’s favourite cologne. Sometimes he asks if we can go throw around the first football his dad bought him. What’s important is to let yourself feel during those times. I used to push feelings away in any situation, put a cap on it, and not talk about it. I felt like talking about it was too much, and emotion made me uncomfortable. It took me a couple of years to realize how unhealthy and counterproductive that was. Dealing with grief looks different to each person, but I do know that shoving feelings aside never goes well. All I can say is that the waves of grief will eventually come further apart. You never know what’s going to trigger them, a song, a picture, the smell of a cup of coffee, it can be just about anything. But you’ll find that you come through them easier each time. Maybe it’ll take weeks, months, or years, but in between those waves, there is life. And all the beautiful aspects of it. . Sending love and light to any of my followers that have ever experienced loss. I love you all. ♥️

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umbersaiyan. Is jealously healthy? What about envy?

Envy is defined as the desire

Is jealously healthy? What about envy? Envy is defined as the desire to have a quality, possession, or attribute that someone else has. I believe this emotion of envy can be either healthy, or unhealthy. . Unhealthy envy, more so known as jealousy, is an altogether negative, regressive state of mind. The unhealthy thought says “I want what you have, and until I have it, you shouldn’t have it either.” The emphasis is on keeping the other person back. Jealousy masks internal feelings that are rooted in feelings of possessiveness & insecurity. What is at the heart of jealousy isn't the threat itself, but a feeling of inadequacy that we have within us. It leads us to want to put that person down, belittle their accomplishments, or gossip about them. . On the other hand, healthy envy enables you to become aware of what you want. It provokes aspirations, motivation and goal setting. When we are healthily envious, we tend to feel joy for the other person's good fortune. We admire them and look up to them. This can lead us to seek out the desires or possessions for ourselves and acquire them in a rational, healthy way. . Jealousy has often been described as something we don't have much control over, but I disagree with that. We have control over the direction that we steer our thoughts. We live in a world of compare & contrast and always have, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Get real with yourself. Think of 3 people you feel envious of. Now, what qualities do they have that you're envious of? A successful business? That's your desire to take action and reach your own goals. A fit body? That's your desire to focus on your health. A vast knowledge about many subjects? That's your desire to read up on and research your passions. Channel those deep insecurities into being a better person, and commit to following what they're telling you. Get excited instead of irritated, because it means you’re figuring out what you actually want. . Hope you all have an amazing day! Be kind to one another. ♥️

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umbersaiyan. Interracial relationships are dope because you put them onto things li

Interracial relationships are dope because you put them onto things like how to dance and season their food and they put you onto things like kombucha and showing up on time.

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umbersaiyan. o hi

o hi

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umbersaiyan. Feelin good and stronggg since I’ve upped my calories! Here's an equip

Feelin good and stronggg since I’ve upped my calories! Here's an equipment based core workout. Body weight exercises are great, I just personally see my strength increase by a lot when I overload my core using weights. I definitely don’t do core often enough so I love getting requests that force me to do the things I hate. Needless to say, I couldn’t even sneeze the next day 🙃 1️⃣Standing Rope Crunch – Start with these to fire up your entire core. Bend forward at the waist using only your abdominals and go as far as you can based on your flexibility. 3 sets of 15 reps. 2️⃣Kneeling Cable Crunch – These don’t require the same balance as standing, so you can add much more weight. Make sure you round your back at the bottom and contract your abdominals as hard as you can. 3 sets of 20 reps. 3️⃣Hanging Leg Raises supersetted with Captains Chair Raises – Go to failure for hanging rasies and immediately go to captains chair raises (For the first exercise, if you’re a beginner and only feel this in your hip flexors, stop and do chair raises instead). For chair raises don’t allow your legs to straighten out. Go about 80% down and maintain slow control. Go until failure for both. 2 sets. 4️⃣Laying Leg Raises with straight bar (I just made that up because I have no idea what they’re called) – For laying leg raises its easy to use mostly your lower abdominals. The bar allows your entire core to come into play. To make these even more challenging, lift your upper body off the ground when the bar meets your knees. **Keep your lower back touching the ground the entire time! 3 sets of 12. 5️⃣Smith Machine Crunch – These. Are. Deathly. I always put a plate on my toes to keep me planted. Load whatever weight is difficult enough for you on each side and explode up with each rep. 3 sets of 10. 6️⃣Oblique Twists – At this point I just wanted to die. These are much harder than they look. Using some sort of light equipment to stack on each side ensures that you’re not cheating or going too quickly during each twist. These are great at the end when you want to effectively burn out. Stack each side twice. Make sure you bookmark and save for later! 💞

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umbersaiyan. It's a beautiful day to go outside...and remind myself why I stay insi

It's a beautiful day to go outside...and remind myself why I stay inside all week 🙃 Friday feels

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umbersaiyan. starting to dig this short hair 💇🏽

starting to dig this short hair 💇🏽

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umbersaiyan. Suffering from mental health issues is one thing. Suffering from menta

Suffering from mental health issues is one thing. Suffering from mental health issues as a result of university is another. The pressure to get a degree seems more crucial than ever. But no one talks about the toll it takes on your life. No one talks about the sleepless nights, the intense anxiety before, during & after an exam because your godamn future depends on those arbitrary numbers, the amount of professors that fuck up your grade or teach with biases, the little to zero social life, the annoyance from people in your life who aren’t in school & don’t get why you’re never free, the impossible feeling of trying to stay on top of diet & fitness, the exhausted brain from memorizing content from 5 courses and 3 labs, all while most of us balance 1-2 jobs during school just so we can afford basic living expenses. Where is this taking me? What is the point? Is it worth it if I’m struggling or suffering this much? What happens if I drop out? These are questions I ask myself every week. I am proud of the friends I know who have taken a semester off, or even a year off, & prioritized their well being. Given that by 25 years of age, 75% of lifetime mental illnesses have their onset, we have to prepare for & prevent suicide and substance-related deaths among students. Evidence suggests we have greater levels of stress and psychopathology than any time in the country's history. . Listen. Education is important. I get that. But YOU are more important. Your health is more important. If you feel like it is just too much, reach out to someone. Take a break. You are not even close to a failure for doing so. On a systematic level, we have to examine the educational and health systems on our campuses and in our communities & ask: are they helpful or harmful to mental health, and how resilient and flexible are they to the needs of youth? University is not just about developing minds. It is about opening ourselves to each other, and opening our minds so that we can find relief and solutions to the challenges of the world we share. So please, put yourself first. I am proud of you no matter what. #BellLetsTalk

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umbersaiyan. cozy


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umbersaiyan. someone farted and I lost it

someone farted and I lost it

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umbersaiyan. As a kid, I was possibly one of THE shyest, most awkward kids ever. I

As a kid, I was possibly one of THE shyest, most awkward kids ever. I would hang out with my older sister's friends (my mom forced her to take me) and I'd sit there silently the entire time, with no opinions on what was going on. Even if someone were to ask me what I was thinking it was never anything deep or interesting. I was extremely socially awkward, and completely ignorant of how the world functioned. I simply didn't know enough, nor did I care. I was a kid, I lived in my own bubble. . . So you can imagine the excitement that came with growing up and forming my own opinions. My beliefs and values started to have research behind them, and being able to properly articulate myself came soon after. The reason I'm telling you this background is to let you know that I WAS the passive, quiet girl. I was always the one that wanted to be liked instead of the one that sparked change. But without a doubt, figuring out what you believe in is one of the best parts of becoming an adult. As children, we look to teachers and parents as the people that know it all. The people that have it figured out and have logical reasons behind their actions. As we grow up we realize, they're actually quite clueless. Almost everyone follows the "norm" without questioning it, and says "that's just the way it is" as a way to justify problems in the world. . . We are soon going to be the new parents of this generation, and some of us are already. So I urge you to question things. Wonder why things are the way they are. Be curious. Encourage your kids to be curious. Especially young girls and women. Women are taught to sit down, shut up, to be as small as we can, to be "ladylike". Men are taught to problem solve and be aggressive. Fuck that. When something doesn't sit right with you, when you see something that impacts you deeply, research it. Delve into it. I cannot stress this enough: form your opinions. Personal trainers look to help others exercise their bodies. Activists look to help others exercise their minds. What are you going to help others do?

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