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umbersaiyan. Feelin good and stronggg since I’ve upped my calories 🤗 Here's an equ

Feelin good and stronggg since I’ve upped my calories 🤗 Here's an equipment based core workout. Body weight exercises are great, I just personally see my strength increase by a lot when I overload my core using weights! I definitely don’t do core often enough so I love getting requests that force me to do the things I hate. Needless to say, I couldn’t even sneeze the next day 🙃 1️⃣Standing Rope Crunch – Start with these to fire up your entire core. Bend forward at the waist using only your abdominals and go as far as you can based on your flexibility. 3 sets of 15 reps. 2️⃣Kneeling Cable Crunch – These don’t require the same balance as standing, so you can add much more weight. Make sure you round your back at the bottom and contract your abdominals as hard as you can. 3 sets of 20 reps. 3️⃣Hanging Leg Raises supersetted with Captains Chair Raises – Go to failure for hanging rasies and immediately go to captains chair raises (For the first exercise, if you’re a beginner and only feel this in your hip flexors, stop and do chair raises instead). For chair raises don’t allow your legs to straighten out. Go about 80% down and maintain slow control. Go until failure for both. 2 sets. 4️⃣Laying Leg Raises with straight bar (I just made that up because I have no idea what they’re called) – For laying leg raises its easy to use mostly your lower abdominals. The bar allows your entire core to come into play. To make these even more challenging, lift your upper body off the ground when the bar meets your knees. *Keep your lower back touching the ground the entire time. 3 sets of 12. 5️⃣Smith Machine Crunch – These. Are. Deathly. I always put a plate on my toes to keep me planted. Load whatever weight is difficult enough for you on each side and explode up with each rep. 3 sets of 10. 6️⃣Oblique Twists – At this point I just wanted to die. These are much harder than they look. Using some sort of light equipment to stack on each side ensures that you’re not cheating or going too quickly during each twist. These are great at the end when you want to effectively burn out. Stack each side twice. Make sure you bookmark and save for later! 💞

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umbersaiyan. It's a beautiful day to go outside...and remind myself why I stay insi

It's a beautiful day to go outside...and remind myself why I stay inside all week 🙃 Friday feels

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umbersaiyan. starting to dig this short hair 💇🏽

starting to dig this short hair 💇🏽

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umbersaiyan. Suffering from mental health issues is one thing. Suffering from menta

Suffering from mental health issues is one thing. Suffering from mental health issues as a result of university is another. The pressure to get a degree seems more crucial than ever. But no one talks about the toll it takes on your life. No one talks about the sleepless nights, the intense anxiety before, during & after an exam because your godamn future depends on those arbitrary numbers, the amount of professors that fuck up your grade or teach with biases, the little to zero social life, the annoyance from people in your life who aren’t in school & don’t get why you’re never free, the impossible feeling of trying to stay on top of diet & fitness, the exhausted brain from memorizing content from 5 courses and 3 labs, all while most of us balance 1-2 jobs during school just so we can afford basic living expenses. Where is this taking me? What is the point? Is it worth it if I’m struggling or suffering this much? What happens if I drop out? These are questions I ask myself every week. I am proud of the friends I know who have taken a semester off, or even a year off, & prioritized their well being. Given that by 25 years of age, 75% of lifetime mental illnesses have their onset, we have to prepare for & prevent suicide and substance-related deaths among students. Evidence suggests we have greater levels of stress and psychopathology than any time in the country's history. . Listen. Education is important. I get that. But YOU are more important. Your health is more important. If you feel like it is just too much, reach out to someone. Take a break. You are not even close to a failure for doing so. On a systematic level, we have to examine the educational and health systems on our campuses and in our communities & ask: are they helpful or harmful to mental health, and how resilient and flexible are they to the needs of youth? University is not just about developing minds. It is about opening ourselves to each other, and opening our minds so that we can find relief and solutions to the challenges of the world we share. So please, put yourself first. I am proud of you no matter what. #BellLetsTalk

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umbersaiyan. cozy


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umbersaiyan. someone farted and I lost it

someone farted and I lost it

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umbersaiyan. As a kid, I was possibly one of THE shyest, most awkward kids ever. I

As a kid, I was possibly one of THE shyest, most awkward kids ever. I would hang out with my older sister's friends (my mom forced her to take me) and I'd sit there silently the entire time, with no opinions on what was going on. Even if someone were to ask me what I was thinking it was never anything deep or interesting. I was extremely socially awkward, and completely ignorant of how the world functioned. I simply didn't know enough, nor did I care. I was a kid, I lived in my own bubble. . . So you can imagine the excitement that came with growing up and forming my own opinions. My beliefs and values started to have research behind them, and being able to properly articulate myself came soon after. The reason I'm telling you this background is to let you know that I WAS the passive, quiet girl. I was always the one that wanted to be liked instead of the one that sparked change. But without a doubt, figuring out what you believe in is one of the best parts of becoming an adult. As children, we look to teachers and parents as the people that know it all. The people that have it figured out and have logical reasons behind their actions. As we grow up we realize, they're actually quite clueless. Almost everyone follows the "norm" without questioning it, and says "that's just the way it is" as a way to justify problems in the world. . . We are soon going to be the new parents of this generation, and some of us are already. So I urge you to question things. Wonder why things are the way they are. Be curious. Encourage your kids to be curious. Especially young girls and women. Women are taught to sit down, shut up, to be as small as we can, to be "ladylike". Men are taught to problem solve and be aggressive. Fuck that. When something doesn't sit right with you, when you see something that impacts you deeply, research it. Delve into it. I cannot stress this enough: form your opinions. Personal trainers look to help others exercise their bodies. Activists look to help others exercise their minds. What are you going to help others do?

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Brunchin' at Edmonton's newest plant based restaurant, @copperbranch! Right on jasper ave, make sure you check them out 😍

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umbersaiyan. I wish there was a reason for my hand being THIS weirdly placed but I

I wish there was a reason for my hand being THIS weirdly placed but I can't explain why I do what I do during selfies

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umbersaiyan. one of the best parts about having an older sister is that you get an

one of the best parts about having an older sister is that you get an ENTIRE second wardrobe to choose from. one of the worst parts about having an older sister is that the only way you will get to them is by stealing the items and booking it out of her room as fast as humanely possible. love you best friend. ♥️

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Entering the new year with the greatest man I know. Here's to countless more days with you 🥂

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umbersaiyan. 3 exams down, 2 to go! And then I'm outtaaaaaa here ✈️

3 exams down, 2 to go! And then I'm outtaaaaaa here ✈️

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umbersaiyan. all the seats in the house were taken so I decided on the sink

all the seats in the house were taken so I decided on the sink

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I see these basic exercises done differently all the time. Remembering these small tips have helped me so much I'd thought I'd do a little tutorial. 1️⃣Lunges: Stop looking down! The spine needs to be set in a neutral position on lunges. Keep your head neutral and look forward in the direction you're going. Don't let your back knee slam down hard on the ground. If touching your knee helps you feel stable, you can let it gently touch the floor as long as you fully control the descent while maintaining proper form. Also, DO NOT LET YOUR FRONT KNEE CAVE IN. Similar to squats, keep your knee aligned with your ankle and push your knees outwards. Get rid of chunky shoes and do lunges either barefoot or in flat shoes. 2️⃣Leg Extension: Don't let the machine yank you up, and keep your extension slow with a pause at the top of the extension. Pull yourself into the seat as much as possible instead of just flinging the weight as hard as your can. This will properly activate your quads and make the exercise much more difficult, so go down in weight if you have to. 3️⃣Lying Hamstring Curl: Don't raise your hips off the bench when curling the weight. This is an isolation move, it's supposed to be hard. Push your pelvis forward into the bench and imagine that you've glued your hips to it throughout the set. It doesn't matter how unattractive your butt looks flexed. The amount of people I see trying to have a nice butt while doing these is ridiculous. I don't care if it looks good for your fitness Instagram, you're going to injure yourself! 4️⃣Leg Press: This one is personal preference. When I'm at the bottom, I feel a slight pressure on my lumbar spine. I like to sit up higher where my pelvis can remain more neutral, and this just feels much better for me. Since I'm doing very light weight, I have my arms up to show how high I am. In reality, with heavier weight, you're going to want to hook d-handles onto the machine's handles and pull down onto those for stability. . ➡️Disclaimer: I am not a registered trainer. These are simply tweaks that have helped me immensely. Please ask your physician and/or trainer before doing any of these exercises.

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umbersaiyan. Majorrr appreciation post. I've been dealing with some shitty feelings

Majorrr appreciation post. I've been dealing with some shitty feelings lately. On top of having the immense stress of university and midterms weighing me down, I've recently been dealing with a lot of harassment from men. For some reason it's all been in a short amount of time. At certain points, it becomes too much for me, and I lose track of my worth and my value as a human. Badly raised men drain me. Men that are sexual predators drain me. Men with uncontrollable frightening tempers drain me. Men that simply cannot view their female counterparts as humans instead of a hole for their dick drain me. Whether it's in a work environment, an educational environment, or a friendly environment, it seems anywhere I go I'm rudely awakened by sexism. I've had to really fear for my safety multiple times in the past two weeks and as much as I hate to say it, it finally ended up getting to me. I felt exhausted and overwhelmed. I know that so many women who have been harassed/stalked/verbally abused can relate to this and honestly, that unity is part of what keeps me going. But when I have bad days, these are the two people I owe everything to. I went to bed crying and feeling defeated, and woke up to a list titled "How We Can Help" on our kitchen table. Turns out, Jon and my sister spent the night on the phone figuring out all the ways they could help decrease the stress & pressure of school for me, as well as when I could fit self defence classes into my schedule. Just to get my mental health back on track. Just so I felt better equipped to deal with the shitty side of society. I started tearing up immediately seeing the list. You two teach me more about love and what a family is really about, than any book or movie ever could. I hope everyone has or finds a support system like this because the strength they instil in me is something else. Thank you my loves. For always being there when I need to be reminded of the reasons I love life and of the change I need to bring to society.

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umbersaiyan. I look forward to sweater weather all year #SundayStyle

I look forward to sweater weather all year #SundayStyle

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umbersaiyan. happy monday 🍂

happy monday 🍂

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anyone else getting sick of cardio and ready to bulk and eat everything in sight? #HibernationIsComing

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