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Just slept for 14 hours straight to fully recover from the party weekend. I guess I’m just not the person who can go on without sleeping anymore 😅

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I went to the seaside for the weekend, but didn’t forget to practice my handstand ☺️ What did you do over the weekend?❤️

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Second combo from @cjpoledance ‘s workshop as promised😊 speeded up a little to avoid annoying insta music policy 😬 Music: @beyonce - Halo

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Finally had a chance the other day to try #pdsaturn that I’ve been seeing all over instagram lately. Combo inspired by @manca_poledance ❤️ Music: @postmalone - Better Now

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Revisiting this cool combo we did at @cjpoledance ’s workshop. Many more cool transitions from this workshop are about to come!☺️ Music: @ina_shai & @ortoxmusic - Feel The Love

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This one was probably the trickiest one to get into 😬 Watch my stories to see some BTS 😁

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Medusa 🐙. Can you tell who is who?

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I had a blast training with @manca_poledance ❤️ can’t wait to share all the awesome shapes we created on Friday ☺️ stay tuned!!

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Simple flow on spinning pole. I couldn’t do much in a dress, but I’ll try some new more advanced tricks and combos in the following days. Also, I have some pretty awesome pics to share from our photoshooting with @manca_poledance so stay tuned😁 . . Music: @xambassadors - Unsteady

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Do you like standing splits? ☺️. . . Music: @kodaline - Follow Your Fire

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I’m back on the pole!!😁 and I’m trying to combine all of your wishes together, so I revisited an old combo of mine and added #pdcradle at the end, so it’s both - on static pole and appropriate for beginners / intermediate level ☺️ . . Music: @jackgarratt - Worry

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She was never quite ready. But she was brave. And the universe listens to brave.

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