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My favourite 38 seconds of the day. ☺️ First part of the combo inspired by @angelina.polerina ☺️ Music: @britneyspears - Everytime

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I really like this variation of #pdzombie and I think it has potential for creating many more different shapes from it. Have you tried this version before?🤗 Music: @itsbennyblanco & @iamhalsey & @thegr8khalid - Eastside (cover by @heybenschuller & @baileyjehlmusic )

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Last spin before a weekend filled with sunshine, friends and good food at the seaside ☺️ What kind of weekend getaways do you like the most? For me, no getaway is complete without a delicious meal 🍣🍝 Music: @wherearetheavocados - Six Feet Under

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Finally getting more comfortable in my #needlescale ☺️ been waiting for this to happen for waaay too long. But I’m glad that the pain is slowly going away. P.S. I swear it felt like my leg was straight already haha 😅 Music: @wherearetheavocados - When the party’s over

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Stretching is easier if you’re listening to your favourite slovenian band 🤗 Music: @siddhartaofficial - B Mashina

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Handstand conditioning 💪🏼 playing with different shapes while following @tanja321 ‘s handstand programme. Check out her page for the best handstand tips! You’re welcome 😋 Music: @arianagrande - 7 rings

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Don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, you can’t go wrong 🤗

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After a long week I’m finally back home in my warm and cosy bed 😊 I’ve been skiing all week and today I passed my physical exam which I’m really happy about - because I’ve been snowboarding for the past 11 years and was really scared about how it would all turn out. Now I’ll be back into handstand and flexibility training soon ☺️

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Yet another twisted handspring shape 🤗

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Slow motion experiments ☺️

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Yeah pole dancing is hard, but have you tried coming up with different captions everyday? 😬

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Long time no #pdinvertedeagle 😌 glad to have it back 😊 Music: @seeking.nature - Lazarus Go check out her work 🥰

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