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Happy easter everyone! 🐰 Hope you can also squeeze a quick workout between eating all the yummy food ☺️ Music: @jbalvin - Safari ft. @pharrell @bia Sky

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Flippy 🤸🏽‍♂️

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A little something I created today instead of studying 😇 Music: @tsew_tk - Quand on danse (go check out his music!☺️)

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The last one (and also the scariest one) from our double pole session last week with @crnipole ☺️ P.S. I know my pose doesn’t seem like much, but handstand butterfly is really really scary if you’re doing it on someone else’s elbows!! 😳

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It was quite challenging to get into this pose with @crnipole 😬 I’ll share how we got into it on my stories, so check them out if you wanna see some of our failed attempts😁

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Fun times with @crnipole 😁

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Washing machine series 3 / 3 🙌🏼 Captured by @nikolajanusic

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This might be my very first non-sporty photo on my page. Would you guys like to see more photos of this kind from now on, or should I just stick with what I feel comfortable with? . . 📸: @nikolajanusic

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tjasaskubic_poledance. It might take years but the best thing about patience is, you always g

It might take years but the best thing about patience is, you always get what you need. You always get what you ask for and in the end, you always get what you deserve. Photo by: @nikolajanusic

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A simple spinning combo (also appropriate for beginners). 🤗 again with my happy / crazy / freaky dance moves at the end 😅 . . Music: @iambeckyg & @nattinatasha - Sin Pijama

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The real part of my training that I don’t really share with you. No, I don’t get everything right on my first try. Nor do I look elegant everytime I finish the combo. Sometimes I struggle and feel bad about myself cause I’m not flexible or strong enough for some tricks. But the music helps. A lot. When you’re feeling grumpy, try to let it all out with a little freaky dancing - it’ll help, I promise ☺️ . . Music: @bizzey - Traag ft. Jozo & Kraantje Pappie

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Combo inspired by one of the best pole inspos I found on insta - the one and only @vlada_polefitdubai 💖 . . Music: @selenagomez - Fetish ft. @laflare1017

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