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After filming the third video dressed this much, I felt like I was running out of ideas. I think I can’t create a lot using my hands only (as the main grip). Do you guys have any ideas of the tricks you can do in longer clothes? ☺️ #poledanceinclothes Music: @mattybraps & @chanelloran - Run This Town (cover)

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Another #poledanceinclothes video ☺️ I realized it IS possible to do some more impressive tricks, like this one where you only need your feet for the grip! Guys, let’s make this a thing - go try and create a little piece of something on the pole while wearing longer clothes (it’s really challenging!) and tag me in your attempts so I can see them🙌🏼🤘🏼. #poledanceinclothes Music: @nipplepeopleofficial - Sutra

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🆘CHANDELIER PROBLEMS AGAIN ❌ Okay... so @instagram made me go out of my comfort zone. I’m being shadow banned for posting videos in shorts and a sports bra, so I need to dance in ‘proper’ clothes. That’s a challenge, since I’m not able to climb a pole without my skin for the grip. But I guess I’ll try to explore different options until they decide that a little bit of women’s skin won’t hurt anybody. Hope you like this kind of grounded pole dance! #poledanceinclothes . Music: @pedrocapo & @farrukoofficial - Calma

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Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence & face your future without fear! Photo by: @nikolajanusic

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That’s not the normal way to check your emails? Really? 📸: @nikolajanusic

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Casual morning stretches. 😁 Photo by: @nikolajanusic ☺️

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When you really feel the song you’re dancing to ❤️ yes, another song in Slovene, because I love and support Slovenian artists who decide to sing in our language even though only 2.5 million people understand it. Once again I was impressed by @gajaprestor ‘s song 💛 . . Music: @gajaprestor - Najino Nebo

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@avrillavigne used to be my favourite singer when I was little. Who remembers this song?? It’s still one of my favourites, brings up so many childhood memories☺️ Music: @avrillavigne - Nobody’s Fool

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Making sure I still got my ironX on spinning pole 💪🏼 I have no idea what was happening with the light today, it just wouldn’t stay the same through the whole video😠 . . Music: @nelly - Dilemma ft. @kellyrowland

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Just another spinny combo 😊 Music: @lewiscapaldi - Hold Me While You Wait

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Okay how cool is @angele_vl ? Please, if you haven’t yet, go listen to this song and also watch the video with english lyrics! Love the message, the concept, everything! I will put a link on a swipe in my insta story so go go go watch it 😍👌🏼 . . It’s also a perfect message to all the people thinking pole dancers wear provocative clothing and should be banned from instagram 🖕🏽 what’s your problem?? . . Music: @angele_vl - Balance Ton Quoi

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tjasaskubic_poledance. Always a pleasure listening to this song and now I took a chance to da

Always a pleasure listening to this song and now I took a chance to dance to it as well. Every time I dance to a certain song, it comes even closer to my heart and this one was no exception. Great job @zalagasper 👌🏼💛 To those who don’t know - this was the song that represented Slovenia at Eurovision. It’s called “Sebi” (meaning: to myself) by @zalagasper ☺️ . . #dance #dancer #eurovision #slovenia #sebi #zalagasper #fit #choreography

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