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Tjaša Skubic tjasaskubic_poledance tjasaskubic_poledance Posts

#pdchopstick & #pdjade combo with @tamaraskakic ♥️ Music: @elliegoulding - Love Me Like You Do

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Appreciation post. On Monday I met a beautiful soul that you can see in the video - @tamaraskakic ♥️ I am beyond happy and honored that you texted me, told me that you’re in Ljubljana and fortunatelly I was free that day and we had an amazing pole time together. Not only you showed me many new entries to some tricks, but you gave me very useful advices on teching and you made me fall in love with pole community all over again. So thank you, I had a wonderful time & I can’t wait to visit Belgrade and train with you again! 🥰 Music: @maroon5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. @xtina

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The best for the last - the most emotional piece from my ‘burlesque trilogy’ 🤗 Music: @xtina - Bound To You

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Oh yes, another one from my burlesque trilogy - this time on spinning pole☺️ && I chose to dance in leggings in all three videos on purpose - to make my combos more grounded and beginner-friendly ☺️ If you guys try it, send me your video in my DM or tag me in your posts so I can see it ♥️ Music: @xtina - Show Me How You Burlesque

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Yesterday I watched Burlesque probably for the 15th time already and I think I’ll never get enough of it. I mean, how amazing are all the dancing parts? I can’t 😍 Who’s with me? && Of course I got inspired to dance to some songs from the movie. 2 more videos coming 😁 . . Music: @xtina - Express

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It is funny how we outgrow what we once thought we couldn’t live without. And then we fall in love with with what we didn’t even know we wanted. Life keeps leading us on journeys we would never go on if it were up to us. So don’t be afraid. Have faith, find your lessons and enjoy your life.♥️ . . 📷: @maticklansek

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Life is short. Focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t. 📷: @maticklansek

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tjasaskubic_poledance. Yet another beautiful location from my summer photoshoot with @matickl

Yet another beautiful location from my summer photoshoot with @maticklansek ☺️ How many of you have been to Slovenia already?☺️

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This song tho 😍 Oh and I really like that straddle drop that I’ve actually tried for the first time when filming this video. I think it goes so well with the whole combo ☺️ have you guys tried it already? . . Music: @fkatwigs - Cellophane ♥️

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Exploring. . . Music: Fkj & Masego - Tadow

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I’m always so inspired while watching @sammypicone ‘s videos and I really wanted to learn some of her flows. But no metter how hard I tried, it never looked similar, so I decided to just explore the floorwork and all the grounded movement by myself and I kind of liked that. I’ll definitely work harder on my freestyle to make it look more smooth, but I’m already satisfied with stepping out of my comfort zone 😊 #selfdiscovery #movement Music: @injuryreserve - ttktv

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This song made me feel some type of way 🤟🏼 🎵: @officialrezz - Lost

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