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hannahtaha. With every new season comes growth, transformation and new beginnings.

With every new season comes growth, transformation and new beginnings. I’m slowly starting to fall in love with autumn and this year it’s brought a whole bunch of new hobbies for me! The cold makes me want to never leave the house so I’ve been cooking a looot lately. 😅 experimenting with so many different foods and falling in love with the process all over again. I love how simple things are able spark so much creativity. See you next Tuesday @theyogasanctuary.bcn 👋🏼 Also @aloyoga released their new collection today, check it out! 🥰🥰 #yoga

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Connection. Anyone who knows me know I am a physical person. Touch is a big way for me to show affection, comfort, love or any emotion really. When I’m upset a simple hand on my arm will make me feel so much calmer and a hug is the best gift I can receive. It’s why long distance relationships are a struggle for me, and often why I can be sweet talked into doing anything by someone massaging my shoulders or playing with my hair 🤣. Before I found yoga and Acro-Yoga I always felt too cuddly , or felt the need to step away from my need for closeness with people. So many people I knew were unconditioned to touch of any form and found it weird even if a hand was placed on their shoulder, or you brushed them by accident walking past. Simply being around people used to physical connection - whether it’s just within movement, professional adjustments in class or training together - meant that I was suddenly able to embrace a part of myself which I had felt was strange. A need to be comfortable in the presence of physical connection with others. Now, this is not about sex, sexual touch or anything with unsavoury motives. I truly believe it’s because of people who have taken advantage of physical contact that such high boundaries are held around this topic. A hug can be pure, and simply be a hug. Holding someone’s hand can be simply done to comfort. As humans we are naturally conditioned to touch as one of our senses, and from a baby it’s one of the most powerful senses we have. It’s even been said that physical contact, touch or hugs can cause the production of oxytocin in your body, lowering stress levels and calming you. I’m not saying go around and hug or touch everyone without asking - consent obviously needs to be present with both parties for this! But have you ever asked why you avoid giving someone a hug goodbye? Is it because you don’t want to or it’s “just not what you do”? So I for one will not be saying hi to any hugs anytime soon. Especially when Mara @maracimatoribus asks me to give her a hug upside down 😂 How do you feel about the sense touch? Tell me below and tag your favourite person to hug! 🤗 🤗 #yoga #yogaeveryday

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thewildfeminine. ✨✨✨

✨✨✨ . @moon.well

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Sai riconoscere i tuoi campanelli d’allarme?👉🏼 . “Non sono stressata, va tutto bene!”, “sono solo un po’ stanca”, “oggi mi sono svegliata un po’ così, dev’essere la pioggia!” Poi ti trovi a passare il weekend a pensare senza volerlo al lavoro, a sognare cose di lavoro, a sentirti in colpa perché non fai abbastanza per te stessa e tutto il resto.. . L’anno scorso, senza che io me ne accorgessi, mi è venuta pure una gastrite 🙈 ma avevo appena cambiato lavoro e so che può capitare.. ma ora non ho più scuse! . Sono in un periodo di riflessioni, lamentele e cambio idea ogni giorno.. fatico ad essere costante negli allenamenti e nei miei programmi personali.. questo significa che ho bisogno di stimoli, perché gli stimoli mi portano a staccare, e quando stacco scarico tutto, e va tutto molto meglio dentro e fuori dal lavoro! 🤗 È un circolo vizioso, ma bisogna capire quando e come uscirne! . Per questo motivo oggi mi sono riscritta nella palestra sotto casa, ho ricominciato ad allenarmi con la mia compagna di sudate @laura__morenob e mi sono divertita un casino! 😍 Non me ne frega niente di fare programmi e inseguire obiettivi impossibili, voglio solo uscire sudata, felice e con una carica incredibile come è successo oggi! E vi assicuro che così le giornate si allungano tantissimo!💪🏼 . E come sempre ad accompagnarmi il mio fedele alleato @foodspring_it ❤️ Dopo gli allenamenti più intensi (come quello di oggi) adoro bere le whey al caffè 😊 Vi ricordo il mio codice sconto: ClaudiaFSG Buona serata a tutti! ❤️ . . . #adv #foodspring #foodspringfamily #claudia4yoga #yoga #yogi #yogapose #yogateacher #yogalover #functionaltraining #postworkout #fitfam #vinyasa #flexibility #praticayoga #yogadinamico #yogagirl #motivazione #mindfulness #yogaitalia #yogamilano #yogaeverydamday #balance #equilibrio #happiness #practicehappiness #stretching

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↠ 𝕁’𝕒𝕚 𝕕𝕖𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕖́ 𝕒̀ 𝕝𝕒 𝕝𝕦𝕟𝕖 ↞ Ce soir je regarde le ciel, une nuit de pleine lune. Peut-être est-ce l’obscurité ou peut-être que des milliers d’étoiles scintillent. Je lève la tête et je vois au loin cette lune. Tête en l’air, je continue de marcher vers ma voiture. Sur le chemin, je me demande naïvement pourquoi aujourd’hui les larmes me montent si facilement aux yeux. Je me sens à vif, sensible, émotive. En démarrant ma voiture, je redescends sur terre et je commence à faire le lien avec ce cycle lunaire. J’ai conscience que la lune a un très fort pouvoir sur notre énergie, sur nos émotions. Elle est reliée à l’océan de nos émotions. La pleine lune a tendance à nous faire ressentir des montagnes russes émotionnelles. Personnellement c’est souvent ce que je ressens à cette période. La Lune représente depuis la nuit des temps le féminin, l’énergie Yin et la créativité profonde. La nouvelle lune marque une occasion de se retourner pour voir le chemin parcouru, pour remercier et pour identifier ce qui peut être laissé derrière soi. Elle donne aussi l’opportunité de pardonner pour avancer plus léger. Alors ce soir, j’ai laissé couler cette larme sur ma joue, libérer mes émotions pour me sentir plus légère. Cela peut paraître banal, mais pas pour moi. Que la pleine lune m’accompagne alors dans cet instant où je reconnais mes fragilités et où je choisis consciencieusement de m’en libérer ☾ 📸 @oliquil #namaste #yogateacher #yoga #yogi #pleinelune #moon #fullmoon #lune #yogavinyasa #montpellier #lifeismovement #slowmotion #humilité #takecare #yogamontpellier #taketimeforyou #presentmoment #yogalife #freespirit #etatdesprit #loveyourself #positive #mudras #mandala #yogaphotography #goodvibes #yogainspiration #yogastudio #mood

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lavieemarie. Zuhause angekommen 🍀
Mit meinen Gedanken aber ganz ehrlich gesagt, no

Zuhause angekommen 🍀 Mit meinen Gedanken aber ganz ehrlich gesagt, noch so unendlich weit weg. Wie könnte ich auch nicht, es war einfach zu schön ♥️ #naturephotography #yoga

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I believe that true beauty is born in our aspirations and our actions. In the kindness we offer to others. In our gestures and the purity of our soul. Beauty is shared through a sincere smile. Through honesty. Trough vulnerability. It is about putting away our masks, and putting on our soul. Everything and everyone has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. I think that beauty should not be culturally relevant. On the contrary, it should be universal. With love Roxy Tag someone you want to remind their true beauty ♥️ Wearing @bewildher . 📸 by @tomsunderwaterphotography . yogisofinstagram #yogaaddict #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogaeverywhere #yogaoutdoors #yoga #yogagirl #yogafam #yogini #yogilove #yogalove #yoginilove #yogaforthesoul #soulyoga #yogamind #yogi #swissyogi #yoganature #yogaoutside #natureyoga #yogaoutfit #positivevibes #love #yogagirls #yogis #postivethoughts #positivethinking #loveyourself #yogamodel

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Чем отличается Air Yoga от Air Stretching?🧐⠀ ⠀ В первую очередь, эти два направления различаются по своему ритму. Если ты любишь динамику и тебе комфортно всегда находится в движении, Air Stretching будет отличным вариантом для тебя!⠀ ⠀ Air Yoga более статичная☝🏻Это направление для тех, кто наслаждается моментом, выдерживая асану🧘🏻‍♀️⠀ ⠀ А что выбираешь ты? Air Stretching или Air Yoga? Посмотрим, кого больше😇

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¡Participa ahora! 💥 Gana un bolso Flow-Bag de @Bohopoh hecho de lona eco que te servirá para llevar tu esterilla de Yoga con estilo! Bases para participar en el sorteo: 1. Sigue mi cuenta @claudiariaas y la cuenta @bohopoh. 2. Like en la publicación. 3. Comenta etiquetando 2 amig@s para que puedan participar. Puedes participar las veces que quieras. El sorteo finalizará el 27 de noviembre. ¡Mucha suerte! 😊🙏🏾

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krazyrachael. Got damn she’s badd af 😍😘🤞🏽 go follow my @mjcurve model sis @carol

Got damn she’s badd af 😍😘🤞🏽 go follow my @mjcurve model sis @carolinecakes_ 💘💘💘

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