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#tbt to my partners @ferniejag @thelougaz explaining how the market is changing. We always strive to be proactive when it comes to our clients.

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When @mlb legend Raul Ibanez comes to the @jaginsurance office and immediately recognizes the culture. We are different because we are DIFFERENT.

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Account Managers and Assistant Account Managers, we see you looking, and the good news is... the feeling is mutual. see you in the DM's. #hiring #insurance #business #florida #trust #teamplayer #employment #jobs

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It doesn’t mean you are bad, but in no way should that be a valued selling point. #smokeandmirrors #insurance #realestate #multifamilyrealestate #business #comeatmebro

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thejagjourney. The media team caught me on a rant.  In the service business, bigger i

The media team caught me on a rant. In the service business, bigger is rarely better. Corporate or Boutique is a decision we make on a daily basis with the restaurants we eat at and the stores we buy from. The larger insurance agencies have been buying up all the mid size competitors and have left many middle market consumers with very few choices. We are very happy to be in this “us vs them” environment. Funny how you never hear people say “I wish I was with a bigger cable company”. Rant over #insurance #business #rant #realestate

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Look who popped in the office today, all the way from Nashville.....Ben Inman from @inmanequities. Always good to catch up with out of state clients and friends. Follow Ben if you want to see how hard work and grit can change your life. #insurance #realestate #business #multifamily #multifamilyrealestate

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thejagjourney. Today marks the release of episode 16 of The Transition Podcast with m

Today marks the release of episode 16 of The Transition Podcast with my friend @tompita183 . So happy I was able to facilitate this episode so that Tom could share his story of resilience. Very proud of him and @ferniejag for continuing to tell human stories on his podcast.

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A little #tbt to my visit to KW Management. Umbrella coverage is an absolute must, so why shouldn’t property managers maximize that coverage? #thursdaythoughts

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#fbf to @insuranceguyspodcast sending us a suspicious package. What was it? Watch and find out!

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A little #tbt to our trip to NYC. I had a few thoughts about a few things....

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Agents like @agentluna are the type we want to take along on the JAG journey. He has the traits that represent what our agency is about. #wednesdaywisdom

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There has been a shift in our market, but that doesn’t mean your rates will skyrocket. @ferniejag and @thelougaz explain how the shift is happening. #tuesdaythoughts

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Today’s #motivationmonday post is a shout out to @gaz_agent who was just on @ferniejag Transition podcast. His hustle an determination is an example of the type of producer we look for.

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When I get asked the hard hitting questions....

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@ferniejag articulates what we as owners believe. The rising tide lifts all ships. We want our employees to grow alongside us. #thursdaythoughts

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Cheers to the day I got a property owner to understand you CAN NOT underinsure the building !!!!

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