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Saw the new @lionking movie thanks to the #stylekingdom collective @bloomingdales. Just as good as the original! Still not as african as idve liked, but we’ll take the soundtrack 🤪

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He always finds his throne - @tiyenaeemahcort #blackexcellencebrunch

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Design New Orleans

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When you Rich, u can wear slippers to a panel and nobody can say Jack. #essencegbef #essencefestival2019

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Someone stole my shoes from my checked luggage, so I gave dem my @yilifootwear slippers. Update: I got home and realized I just forgot to pack them into my luggage. Sorry Delta.

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2/100 of this @tribesbynobs Tunic. I don’t care if it’s 100F, I’m wearing it all summa. 📸: @thecatchmeifyoucan #neworleans #essencefestival2019 #studiobe

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Owwww King don Come!! Finally!! The long weekend just got longer! @kingofboysmovie is coming to @amazonprimevideo. Who’s coming to my outdoor watch party? #kob

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As a young boy watching music videos and TRL on MTV, I dreamt of being in Times Square. Now I have a corner office overlooking the entire square and I’m wondering who I offended to end up here. The moral of the story - don’t get dreams from MTV or TV really. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to finally see the man who sold me this dream in the first place - @rsvpmase #essencefestival **Edited (since u people don’t have sense): “corner office” was a figure of speech. Lol! It’s just by the window.

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thedanjuma. Hello Summer. Nice of u to join us.

Hello Summer. Nice of u to join us.

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@projecttsehigh - The Band

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Los Angeles, CA | June 2018: the Cavs who had just swept the Raptors, got swept themselves. It was the weekend of the NBA awards where Dwayne Casey - who was just fired by Masai Ujiri, was about to receive the coach of the year award for leading the Raptors to the best record in the eastern conference and second best in the NBA that season. The GM of the Philadelphia Sixers - Bryan Colangelo who was his predecessor and mentor had also been caught talking shit about him using a fake twitter account. Me, Masai, Ivan and Mikael met up for drinks. While we rarely talk basketball, it was difficult to avoid all the elephants in the room. We asked what everyone was thinking - what happened? And what’s next? He said the team was great but was unable to make critical ingame adjustments when they got down. He said not to worry tho, things will be fixed. I asked if he was gonna hire a big name head coach. I had a few suggestions 😊. He said nah! Not making any noise. You’ll see when we announce in a few weeks. How about the team? Well we have to make some big decisions. Cryptic AF! I remember having a conversation with a friend and Lakers fan a few weeks later and he said I don’t see them winning the east. Cuz Boston and Philadelphia are stepping up. I told him, just watch. Ofcourse I had no idea what the hell I was talking about. Fast forward a few months later, I see a coach Nick Nurse - first time head coach in the NBA. Trades their best player Demar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard. It was so interesting to see the bold move trading his best player and yet pragmatic move promoting an assistant coach. I can sit here and tell you I knew they would win, but the truth is I didn’t. But I had no doubt he knew what he was doing. After seeing them destroy LeBron and the Lakers at home without Kawhi and beating Golden State at home and away, I knew they could go all the way. And they did! In most other cities when they win, they celebrate the players and maybe the coach. But in Toronto yesterday, they celebrated the President too. Our President! Congratulations mutumina! @govkaduna abeg organize parade. The Larry O’Brien trophy is coming home! 📽: @ramatu_ujiri

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Marrakech revisited

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thedanjuma. Barka da juma’a

Barka da juma’a

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New Years Day Dhow Sailing Regatta, Lamu - Kenya #fbf #tembeakenya #lamu

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thedanjuma. Chop, clean mouth

Chop, clean mouth

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On a Ruiz diet 🥊

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Zawa Millinery

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Last call to join the @raptors Bandwagoners Association. #wethenorth

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