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The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary (📸 by @sunnytyro)

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Sunday Casual 😎

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Life is a lot like jazz... it’s best when you improvise 🎷 | Get a 20% discount on my sunglasses from @christophercloos with the code “classjournal”. My model is Paloma Espresso 😎 (ad) (📸 by @chris.mlr)

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Slowly the weather is getting warmer here in Zurich and I’m switching to my summer wardrobe. ☀️ A crucial component of every summer outfit is the right pair of loafers. My suede loafers, handmade by @lottusse1877 on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain 🇪🇸, just match perfectly with any summer outfit! It takes a trained artisan around three days and over 120 steps to craft a pair, something you truly feel the first time you slip in. (ad) (📸 by @chris.mlr)

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During my weekly schedule I barely find time to read. Even more important are the little gaps where I find time to sit back and learn more about topics I’m passionate about. Can you guess who the book I’m reading is about? (📸 by @chris.mlr)

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Back to Zürich 🇨🇭✈️ Moscow it’s been a blast! I’ll be back very soon! Check out my story for some impressions from my trip to Russia 🇷🇺

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Your future needs you. Your past doesn’t. (📸 by @chris.mlr)

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Monday’s are made for winners! Have a great start into the week, Victor ✌🏻(📸 by @chris.mlr)

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Looking back at this picture, shot exactly two weeks ago at home in Hamburg sailing on lake Alster with my dad. Time flies when you’re busy working but it’s these little moments that make all the difference! ⛵️ Have a great Sunday everyone and stay classy, Victor ✌🏻

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It doesn’t take much to put together a classy outfit: sometimes a white shirt, navy pants and a pair of shades are already enough! Stay classy and have a great weekend, Victor ✌🏻 (📸 by @timvonm)

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Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend Q&A already? Stay classy, Victor ✌🏻 (📸 by @timvonm)

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Starting the suede jacket season! I spent a great day yesterday shooting with @timvonm, founder of @limerius, a real expert in the field of menfashion. Stay classy, Victor ✌🏻(📸 by @timvonm)

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