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💚its been a busy old week and the weekend is in full swing. • 😊We honestly love every minute of our time in the shop, especially during the busy periods. • 💪Feedback like this is exactly why we love it so much. Someone taking the time to pay us a compliment is so special. • 👌we can put this in the WIN drawer. • What’s your favourite local business? Why don’t you tag them below to let them know you like what they do ———————————————————> #customerfeedback #weloveourcustomers #customerreviews #customerservicewin #localshop #shoplocal #shopnotts #nottinghamshopping #shopindependent #smallbusinesslove #independentbusiness #shopsmall #nottsindependents #businessmum #bossmum #shopowner #plasticfreeshop #localbeershop #ruddingtonshop #shopnottingham #familybusinesses #ruddington #ruddingtonvillage #thebottletopnotts #nottinghamshire #craftbeershop #bottleshops #ukcraftbeer #craftbeercommunity #zerowasteuk

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thebottletopnotts. @youthstrike4climate @xrebellionuk 
Says it all...

@youthstrike4climate @xrebellionuk Says it all...

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☀️ Well what a lovely morning.👌 • Perfect follow from yesterday. Thanks so much for all our wonderful comments and for joining us for day one of OKTOBERFEST 😊 • ☀️the sun is back, the Shop is getting spruced up again, beer on chill and BBQ prep has started. • 👀 we will see more of you lovely lot for round 2. • Shop open at 9am- taps open 12-11pm —————————————-> #craftbeernottingham #craftbeeruk #craftbeer #craftbeeruk #craftbeerdrinkers #craftbeerdrinker #craftbeernotcrap #craftbeernotcrapbeer #craftbeerlife #craftbeerblog #craftbeerblogger #cheers #drinkcraft #onlydrinkcraft #brew #ilovebeer #craftbrewery #craftbeerculture #craftbeeraddict #craftbeerrevolution #craftbeerdrinker #ruddington #westbridgford #keyworth #beeston #thebottletopnotts #oktoberfest🍻 #oktoberfest2019 #drinklocalcraftbeer #germanbeers #germanbeerfest

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🍺 INSIDE THIS BOX 📦 There are 6 mystery beers.... worth £30 • THEY COULD BE YOURS FREE!!!!! • 🤳 all you need to do is take a selfie of you enjoying our OKTOBERFEST weekend with the hashtag #thebottletopnotts • 💚Our favourite selfie wins the box - winner chosen 8th October 9pm ———————————————————-> Open to UK accounts, must be 18 years or older. Closes October 8th 7pm. Not endorsed by Instagram.

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🤪Who’s has been paying attention to our stories today? • 🍺We have been getting ready for OKTOBERFEST and are pleased to say it’s only 1 more sleep! • 👌Open as usually from 9am but our taps will be open at 12pm for the start of Thirsty Thursday stein style. • 🍺What will you be drinking?

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🍏Today had been mostly about working on some flat lay graphics for a new project we have coming up. - 😊so much is happening at HQ and it’s so exciting. Can’t wait to share it all with you. - Special thanks to @estellekeeberofficial for helping us with our photo skills. - 💚what would you like to see form us in the future?

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🍺OKTOBERFEST IS COMING - 💤 just 3 more sleeps until it’s Steins all round! - 👌who will be joining us?

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💚Our little bottler toper officially has her uniform, you will find her mostly re arranging the stock, greeting customers and organising the stock room. - 😂She is still “in training” so bare with us if service is a little slower than usual. She will have her trained fully trained in around 10-15+years time. No time at all - ⚠️Please let us know about your service below-this will help us during her training period 👇

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🎄❕UH OH HO HO ❕🎄 • I know it’s like swearing at this time but we have to get prepared for these things!!!! • Let us know what you would like to see in the shop for Christmas?!

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👌Lets just take a moment to appreciate this picture! - 🍺We always say it but our customers are the best- a kind and talented bunch. - 💚We love seeing customer photos and this is exactly why......because they are freaking AWESOME - 💫Thank you @the_crafty_fox84 for the best picture - ✨if you have a photos share it and tag us so we can add it to our collection

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😱🍺omg....here’s a sneak peak at what’s going to launched very soon!

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😴What a long day! - We are just sitting down from a hectic day, but when you can just appreciate these products here it’s not so bad. - Plant based body scrub- perfect for tough skin areas, naturally ant bacterial and absolutely compostable. - Some pretty neon steel straws, perfect replacement for plastic straws - Zero waste is beautiful isn’t it?!

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📔 Get this date in your diary! - 🍺 it’s open house time again-every season we will be opening our doors for you to join us for a drink or two. - 👌19th-21st September the Bottle Top will be hosting Oktoberfest. With traditional Oktoberfest beers available on tap in a stein - 💫For more details join our event - link in the bio

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🍅 Spent this morning picking tomatoes from the local allotments for the shop. - 👌Smell Devine, taste Devine and pretty much DEVINE 👌 - What’s your fave tomato recipe?

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🌱Today’s Sustainable September post is inspired by conversations I have had recently and the kindness of friends. • 🤯A lot of the time in the shop I get people coming in to chat about various environmental related issues, sometimes it’s just general chit chat and more often than not it’s about their frustration and how being environmentally friendly is a complicated journey. • 😱many of us make swaps in our lifestyle only to find out they are no better. My advice is don’t stress. • 👌as with everything in life, it’s a journey and it’s a process. We can’t learn to walk with out first falling and most of the time it’s not your fault because your being mislead by big companies and corporations. Our mistakes are really opportunities to learn how not to do something. • 💪Im pledging to myself to keep on educating. Myself first and foremost but others too, where I can. Today my beautiful colleagues gifted me some awesome books which no doubt will tell me lots I didn’t already know. • 🌲 keep a growth mindset and make progress, that’s the best thing we can do. It’s ok to be imperfect, in fact it’s pretty normal.

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💚What a day... our first fruit and veg stall at the @ruddingtonvillagemarket was pretty freaking EPIC - ✨thank you so much to every single person that paid us a visit, Anthony and Papa Bottle Top we’re kept busy throughout. - 👌We do however have to brag about how lovely our customers are. From those who pop in for a chat, return books you have borrowed all the way to the very kind gentleman who gifted Anthony a steak from the local butcher. We are truly humbled by all your kindness. - ✨thank you for being awesome and see you next month! - (Photo credit to the Ruddington Village market)

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🛍 today you will find us with our fruit and veg stall @ruddingtonvillagemarket so we thought we ought to tell you why we think it’s great to shop at your local market... - 💰 when you shop at the big name supermarket the producers of the product receive a very small percentage of the profit- shopping at the market means the producer gets 100% of the profit. - 💵 Research shows that local markets stimulate commerce for the local businesses in that area too. - 🚗 produce is local, fresh and usually has less road miles and that means more environmentally friendly - 👫 it’s a social event too- local markets bring the community together and often while your out buying your market loaf of bread you bump into friends you haven’t seen for a while, bringing back the sense of community. - 💫 local markets bring the producer to you so it’s a great opportunity to influence the products they produce- do you want gluten free options- tell the maker- you can’t do that in the co-op!

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😂He is not a fan of pictures... but hey ho... had to shout about this little beauty. • As you know we try our best to limit our impact on the planet and hope we encourage others to do so. • Sometimes that’s hard to balance with our other loves in life and we certainly advocate that sustainability shouldn’t be stressful. • 😊you can imagine how SUPER EXCITED we were to find @bluestonebrewingco the first brewery visitor centre to be awarded the Green Key status for their environmental practices. • 🍺 the brewery uses everything they can including feeding their cattle the left over hops, they use solar panels and their own water system. • This bedrock blonde is pretty tasty too so next time you are up Pembrokeshire pay them a visit- in the meantime remind Anthony of this picture and ask him what he thought next time you are in the shop!

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