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Happy Friday friends! Today I woke up very early and went for a photoshoot with my favorite photographer and friend in Valencia @danijelkostadi and we took some great photos in my neighborhood. As I didnt have much time to practice and warm up in the morning I used the walls of the #artsandscience complex to stretch, warm up and get ready for all the amazing photos we took. Stretching the quads while doing splits works like a miracle on my hamstrings and hip openings and thanks to IG I learned this pose variation actually exists🤩 Day 3 #AloAboutTheWall Day 1 - Fold❤️ Day 2 - Core✨ Day 3 - Quads🌸 Day 4 - Backbend Day 5 - Shoulders Day 6 - Inversion Day 7 - Split Day 8 - Twist Day 9 - Warrior Day 10 - Restorative ⠀ ⠀ 🧘‍♀️Hosts: @amy.yogini @eileendelatorre @geeoice_yoga @northernstar_yoga @stelasulzdorf @yogawesermarsch ⠀ 🙏Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves #legstretch #splits #balancepose #yogavalencia #valenciaenamora #valenciabonita

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I haven’t done much Yoga with the Wall these past months and this challenge was the perfect inspiration to incorporate the Wall again into my yoga/exercise routine. Catching up with day 1 and 2 of #AloAboutTheWall with some Forward fold Wall modifications and super strong core asana inspired drills. Thanks @geeoice_yoga for the drills inspo that burned my core at the end of the video 🤗😬❤️ Leggings @riogym_activewear Mat @phantaiyoga Day 1 - Fold❤️ Day 2 - Core✨ Day 3 - Quads Day 4 - Backbend Day 5 - Shoulders Day 6 - Inversion Day 7 - Split Day 8 - Twist Day 9 - Warrior Day 10 - Restorative ⠀ ⠀ 🧘‍♀️Hosts: @amy.yogini @eileendelatorre @geeoice_yoga @northernstar_yoga @stelasulzdorf @yogawesermarsch ⠀ 🙏Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves #aloyogachallenge #aloyoga #beagoddess #forwardfold #abasanas #yogavalencia #wallyoga #temyogalove

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✨Grow trough the what you go through🌱 These past weeks I have been silent to myself and my practice. I was postponing the acceptance of my wrist injury for a month until it got so painful that I was waking up from pain in the middle of the night from a wrong movement during sleep. Even though luckily the injury is nothing serious my body was saying something- I was burned out, from my practice, classes, my non stop buzzing around, Instagram and life in general. It kinda overlapped with my profile being “censored/shadowbanned” and my photos not showing to the people that dont follow me, so I decided to back off. I stopped posting, practicing Ashtanga/or any asana and I even removed the app from my screen 📲 (now is hidden in a folder with all the notification settings turned off😅). I continued with my morning routine of journaling, meditation, long afternoons on the beach, writing, planning yoga classes that at the moment I wont teach/or practice, having occasional glass of 🍷/🍺 , eating 🍕 and🍦 but in the same time balancing with intermittent fasting, completely plant based days and lots of water. Turned out my injury was the best thing that could have happen to me this summer so I can look to myself and grow through what I was going to. 🌱Wearing this super soft organic cotton bra+undies from @organicbasics with who I am so happy to collaborate because they are sustainable textile company, being open about their impact on the environment, choosing the fabrics based on the environmental footprint meaning working with only natural, renewable, biodegradable and low impact textiles. In some of my next posts I will write about how they protect their workers in terms of human rights which is a practice rarely seen in the textile industry (🤔think about what you wear because it might been made with tears). If you want to change your underwear for good quality, sustainable and durable products this brand is definitely your option, especially all the organic cotton collection 😍 If you decide to treat yourself and show love to our momma earth 🌍 you can use my code TEMYOB and get 10% off your order 🌸😘 Photo 📷by the best @danijelkostadi

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These weeks I have been very careful while practicing backbends mostly because my back warm up always includes Sun Salutations 😬and they are not in my practice now. All this makes the whole practice way more difficult because I have to carefully warm up with long holds and deep breaths. I love Bow pose and even more the full version which brings in me all the emotions and gives me an energized after feeling as if I had 2 ☕️ coffees😅🙈 Have an awesome weekend friends!❤️ 🌸🌱The comfiest bra and breathable leggings by @organicbasics If you want to get yours use my code TEMYOB to get 10% off🌱🌸 ☘️ ⁣ Music by @chandlersinging . ⁣🧘‍♀️Hosts. @andreamegale.yoga . @esteryoga . @yogawithmonika . @shiziks . . . 🎁Sponsors. ⁣@onzie . @gravolite. @lilaintheskyjewelry . @mymalanecklace . . ⁣. 🙏⁣Pose line up :⁣ . ⁣Day 1. Breathe in Hanumanasana⁣❤️ . Day 2. Breathe in Parivrtta Trikonasana⁣💐 . Day 3. Breathe in Paschimottanasana⁣❤️ . Day 4. Breathe in Navasana⁣❤️ . Day 5. Breathe in Dhanurasana⁣❤️ . Day 6. Breathe in Sirsasana ⁣. .

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temyoga. Today is Full moon✨
This morning before I did my gentle Yin practice (

Today is Full moon✨ This morning before I did my gentle Yin practice (check my stories) which I usually do on Moon/Rest days, I did this short core flow to move energy through my body and energize after 11hr of sleep. (It’s bank holiday here in Spain 😉) Music by Kimberly Townsend . ⁣🧘‍♀️Hosts. @andreamegale.yoga . @esteryoga . @yogawithmonika . @shiziks . . . 🎁Sponsors. ⁣@onzie . @gravolite. @lilaintheskyjewelry . @mymalanecklace . . ⁣. 🙏⁣Pose line up :⁣ . ⁣Day 1. Breathe in Hanumanasana⁣❤️ . Day 2. Breathe in Parivrtta Trikonasana⁣💐 . Day 3. Breathe in Paschimottanasana⁣❤️ . Day 4. Breathe in Navasana⁣❤️ . Day 5. Breathe in Dhanurasana⁣ . Day 6. Breathe in Sirsasana ⁣. .

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Trying to flow without bearing weight on one hand is one of the hardest things I’ve done in my yoga practice so far😬 I love flowing through poses, intuitively sequencing what feels good but how do you do it without the holy Vinyasa of Chaturanga>UpDog>DownDog??? 🤔🙈😅 It is very hard and looks less “creative” or “moving” but it is how my practice looks like these days and its my reality. My attention is not into what I can not do but accepting with a gratefulness the possibility of having the privilege to practice yoga daily, no matter how that looks and focusing on how it feels🌸🧘‍♀️ Day 2 of # HolyYogaDays ☘️ ⁣Wearing @oceansapart.de . ⁣🧘‍♀️Hosts. @andreamegale.yoga . @esteryoga . @yogawithmonika . @shiziks . . . 🎁Sponsors. ⁣@onzie . @gravolite. @lilaintheskyjewelry . @mymalanecklace . . ⁣. 🙏⁣Pose line up :⁣ . ⁣Day 1. Breathe in Hanumanasana⁣❤️ . Day 2. Breathe in Parivrtta Trikonasana⁣💐 . Day 3. Breathe in Paschimottanasana⁣ . Day 4. Breathe in Navasana⁣ . Day 5. Breathe in Dhanurasana⁣ . Day 6. Breathe in Sirsasana ⁣. .

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I decided to join this challenge #HolyYogaDays because is hosted by some of my favorite yogis and thanks to this little app they’ve become my friends. 😍👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ These days this is what my practice looks like. Long holds and deep breaths, finding comfort where I feel anxious and every day extending my practice for a breath longer. Since my wrist is not healed yet and I get these bursts of painful days😔 I stopped practicing all the poses that include brining weight on my hand/wrist (like Chaturanga/Updog/Down dog...). I continue with my Ashtanga practice which is way shorter when you take out all the Jump backs/through😅🙊but I am determined to heal the wrist and rest/ice is my doctor’s recommendation🤷‍♀️🤗 For day 1 we have Hanumanasana and this is my “wrist free” Splits flow that these days feels like everything 😍 #temyogalove Wearing @vayumudra Mat @mysugarmat Song by @chandlersinging ⁣. ⁣ . ⁣🧘‍♀️Hosts. @andreamegale.yoga . @esteryoga . @yogawithmonika . @shiziks . . . 🎁Sponsors. ⁣@onzie . @gravolite. @lilaintheskyjewelry . @mymalanecklace . . ⁣. 🙏⁣Pose line up :⁣ . ⁣Day 1. Breathe in Hanumanasana⁣❤️ . Day 2. Breathe in Parivrtta Trikonasana⁣ . Day 3. Breathe in Paschimottanasana⁣ . Day 4. Breathe in Navasana⁣ . Day 5. Breathe in Dhanurasana⁣ . Day 6. Breathe in Sirsasana ⁣. .

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Hey friends, I am back!!!😻 As some of you know, I decided to stop posting because my profile IS SHADOWBANNED, meaning all of you who follow me can see my content, but I am undiscoverable and my posts will NOT SHOW to the people that don’t follow me. I’ve read so many blogs, watched Youtube videos, talked with other people that are facing this same issue with their IG accounts and seems like there is no solution. 😕 We are trapped in the hands of an algorithm system that no one knows how it functions or why it favors some profiles and banns others. 🧐 My goal of being here on this app is simple- connection with people, getting inspiration, learning new things and share my journey with Ashtanga, the ups and downs of committing to a constant practice and my life as a yoga teacher. I am not here with a purpose of gaining followers, likes or views (happy for the new IG trials testing the “no likes” future of the app👏🏻 ). I don’t compare my “followers growth” with other accounts but I do ask myself the question “Why some profiles get shadowbanned and stop growing and who decides that?”🤔 I create content and have an open profile as a tool that allows me to share my journey with likeminded people and get mutual inspiration... and it hurts me knowing that my content can’t reach anyone, no matter new or existing followers because 💁‍♀️the algorithm... and it hurts me even more that probably I, as well am not seeing other great profiles that are shadowbanned and burried somewhere down on the margines of the app😔 Many of my friends messaged me saying I should continue posting no matter what and I am back only because of them! I am proud and happy for all the friendships I’ve made through this little app and I will keep posting only because of them and the future ones that may cross life with me thanks to this app🌷🌸💐 As of from now, if you want to see my post, check my profile once in a while because for sure I wont show on your Home/Explore😉 Luv ya and thanks for all the support 😘 #temyogalove

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The New Moon energy totally knocked me down. Last night I slept for 11h and believe me, I could have continue sleeping through the whole day🙈 As the New moon phase is the most feminine time of the month is perfect to tune into the mysterious and magical feminine side that we all have, listen to our intuition, connect with the heart and find stillness honoring the deepest and quietest parts of ourselves. The New Moon cycle offers us a new start. Planting the seeds for future endeavors, realign with our purpose and set powerful intentions for the upcoming period. One of my favorite New Moon affirmations that I always keep in my thoughts is: “I see my goals clearly and I feel joy as if they are already manifested”. ✨ #yogavalencia #yogaspain #yogaespaña

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Wrapping up my awesome summer weekend with this feeling of gratefulness to life and all the opportunities that unfold to me with every new morning. Yesterday I visited very beautiful Cala near Alicante, had the most amazing swim in the clear blue water, moving through all the different shades of blue, snorkeling and enjoying life to the fullest. Had few cheeky Gin & Tonics 🍹🙊😍walked barefoot around the cliffs that surrounded the beach and took few photos on the sunset. Thanks @lizathornberrys for all your patience and photography skills😘🙏 Now I am chilling on the sofa with a slice of pizza 🍕 👀 about to start watching Chernobyl and finish my weekend recharged for the busy week ahead. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! ✨ #yogaespaña #yogaspain #yogavalencia #ashtangavalencia #wheelpose #wheelposevariation #yogafeature #urdhvadhanurasana

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I love my silent Saturday mornings. The smell of the coffee and cinnamon around the house, the morning sun entering through the curtains, the silence giving me time to reflect on the week, journaling or sometimes just writing down the first things that come to my mind... these short introspective moments always bring me to the same conclusion and a great reminder that- A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. I don’t need extraordinary moments to find happiness. Its not the happiness that brings gratitude, but the attention in what’s in front of me and being grateful for what I have. Happy weekend friends!✨ #yogawithtemy Photo by @jacivibes_photo #yogaespaña #yogaspain #yogavalencia #gratefullness #ashtangavalencia #happinessquotes

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Usually when I work after an hour I give myself 5 min recharge break to open social media, browse through unrelated things and just let my mind wander off. Today I ran into these these 3 simple rules about life which really resonated with me. 1. If you do not go after you want, you’ll never have it 2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no 3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place Such a great little reminder right? 🥰 #temyogalove #yogavalencia #ashtangavalencia #yogaspain #yogaespaña #splitsprogress Photo by: @jacivibes_photo

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temyoga. My weekend has been like a mini holiday in the city. Beach days, salty

My weekend has been like a mini holiday in the city. Beach days, salty hair, lots of jumping on 🌊 in the ocean🙃, shaky sandy yoga, sunset picnics, beer 🍻 meditation moments🧘‍♀️ bringing sand in my bed, Netflix, lots of rest and 12h of sleep🥰 Absolutely recharged for the week ahead (and the heat wave that we are expecting 🤪🤦‍♀️). #temyogalove Music by: @kinagrannis

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🥳🤩WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT 🥳🤩 #SummerHippiesLove . Congrats fab hippies!!! . @lindalindamanyogini 👉 wins @perffstudio . @yoga_in_the_sunshine 👉 wins @zenstonescom . @mama.staye 👉 wins @phantaiyoga . @my_yoga_spirit 👉 wins @vibratehigherofficial . Hosts @andreamegale.yoga @esteryoga @temyoga

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“Perhaps this is what this season is all about: trusting in the unknowns, finding gold in the little things, trading fear of what’s uncertain for freedom to thrive within it” ~ @morganharpernichols Little bit of B A L A N C E play on my mat today. I am resting my wrist and skipping Ashtanga every other day so it gives me more time to explore all the free flow my body needs. Checking my balance on the mat serves me as an example where I stand in right now. How I balance all the “moments” life brings, what can I learn from them, what to take and what to let go. #temyogalove Mat: @ohmat Music by: @kinagrannis #yogavalencia #yogaespaña #splitsprogress #ashtangavalencia #balanceforbetter

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~Full moon~ Tonight is a full moon and partial Lunar eclipse. These are times for retrospection, letting go of everything that doesn’t serve us and planting seeds for what is yet to come. ✨Favorite Full moon Invocations: I RELEASE all obstacles to m path I RELEASE limiting beliefs I RELEASE fears and doubts I RELEASE attachment to outcome I RELEASE all that which is not longer in alignment with my highest self for the greater good. Find your sacred spot tonight, close your eyes for a few moments and repeat your invocations. Set yourself free. #yogavalencia For everyone that asked me about this beautiful mat, it is from @mysugarmat If you want to get yours use my code “sugartemjana” and get 10% off your order. Photo by @danijelkostadi

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“She loved the sea. She liked the sharp salty smell of the air, and the vastness of the horizontes bounded only by a vault of azure sky above. It made her feel small, but free as well.” ~ George R. R. Martin The sea always amazed me, attracted me, made me feel like home... maybe it was because I am from a country without sea or maybe it’s just my spirit that needs the infinite horizontes and the loud sound of the waves. I never imagined I will settle by the sea but I always daydreamed for the idea... wish + high vibrational body frequencies = manifestation right?😉 Never stop dreaming!✨ #temyogalove P.S. check my stories for the reality behind the video😅🙈🌊 Music by @chandlersinging

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~Utplutih~ Coming to the end of the series with this strong arm balance that will bring the last drops of sweat 💦 , challenge your focus and breath. Traditionally is held for 10 long and steady breaths and requires proper Bandha activation that will allow you to lift up and enjoy those 10 breaths. My tip for beginners that feel like their legs will never lift up is to activate the Bandhas and push the floor away (as if you are in the pose even though not moving off the floor). Being there creates muscle memory and gives the body strength that one day when you least expect you will effortlessly lift up. Have a great Sunday❤️ Last of #AshtangaClosingAsanas. 🧘‍♀️ Hosts . @andreamegale.yoga . @popsterivy . @ritaayoga . @temyoga . . 📿 Sponsors . @bonvirage . @liforme . @bewater.water . @malasbymichelle . @moonrock_co . . ✨ Line up . Day 1: Salamba Sarvangasana .✔️ Day 2: Halasana or Karna Pidasana / or both .✔️ Day 3: Urdhva Padmasana or Pindasana / or both .✔️ Day 4: Matsyasana or Uttana Padasana / or both .✔️ Day 5: Sirsasana or Urdhva Dandasana (Pike) / or both .✔️ Day 6: Yoga Mudra or Baddha Padmasana / or both .✔️ Day 7: Padmasana / Utplutih ( Tolasana) / or both .✔️

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