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Чаще улыбайтесь новому дню, и не забудьте сказать своим близким: "Люблю..." 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 #photograhu #instadays #likers #like4like #folowing #мудрыеслова #лето #russia #лето2019 #nice #goodday

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Una vez más despidiéndome de este lugar. El lugar q siempre encuentro la excusa perfecta para volver. Hasta pronto 🌴 🌴 🌴 Ph: @elagudeforonda

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Дай пять, если поставил лайк😄🦶🏽

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If you saw my IG story yesterday then you know I spotted a rainbow out my window 🌈 This is one of the shots I got when I ran and got my camera. It’s not the best BUT I have to say that after seeing that rainbow I had the best day! My gym time was awesome, I booked a few really exciting photography gigs, booked a vacation, and a few other awesome things ☺️ Could it have been the luck of the rainbow?? I don’t know, but maybe. So here’s to hoping this rainbow brings you some luck today 🌈🍀 ============================== ‼️NEW UPDATED WEBSITE ‼️ www.JenniferKaye.Photography ============================== 📷 Shot Info: 🎞 •Camera: @canonusa 7D Mark II •Lens: @canonusa Macro Lens EF 100mm •Shutter: 1/640 sec •Aperture: f/3.5 •ISO: 100 •Edit: Lightroom ============================== #natgeo100contest #natgeotravel #natgeoinspires #findyourpark #luckoftheirish #usinterior #visitvirginia #loveva #virginialife #tysonscorner #virginiaisforlovers #washmagphoto #exploredc #stayandwander #national_park_photography #idhikethat #themountainsarecalling #mountainculture #outdoortones #earthoutdoors #nationalparklife #wildernessnation #liveadventurously #sunriseoftheday #adventurelife #sunrise_and_sunsets #mycanonstory #lifeofadventures #mountainstones #rainbow

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sidnevaumbra. Может кто-то подумал, что у меня закончились картинки с морем, телами

Может кто-то подумал, что у меня закончились картинки с морем, телами и старыми домиками, а их стало ещё больше!) В какой-то момент мой расслабленный мозг перестал работать на соцсети))) А на картинке несебрская церковь святой Софии (начало 6 века!) в закатном солнышке, почти пустая) Ну просто невозможно было не нарисовать ее целиком! #sidnevaumbra #drawingeveryday #скетч #рисую #sketch #illustration #instasketch #everydaydrawing #art #topcreator #illustrationartists #одинденьсхудожником #artist #набросок #sketchaday2019 #artcorp152 #покажисвоюработу #иллюстрация #sketch #art_gimnastika2018 #drawingeveryday #timetoart #artdiscover #sketchbook #art_we_inspire #illustration_daily #graphic #рисую365днейвгоду #иллюстрация #inspiration #illustration_best #russia

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Swipe right...I love the second pic because his expression is so wry and forlorn at the same time as if to ask: is the palm oil worth it humans? 😿😿 I journeyed to Borneo recently and stayed in a house boat inside Tanjung Puting National Park to see these beautiful Orangutans. Mornings were spent walking through the forest with my guide, craning our necks up trying to spot these guys, while evenings were spent riverside in the house boat top deck which also served as my “bed” - the sounds of the wildlife my only company as I fell asleep. During my time here I learnt firsthand how much deforestation is affecting these animals AND the surrounding communities who depend on the forest for their livelihood. Palm oil companies are setting up shop without consultation or approval, making it very difficult for the local people to fight back. I even spotted a palm oil company right across from the forest! It was a grim reminder that Central Kalimantan has one of the fastest rates of oil palm expansion in Indonesia. Many of the species that live here are at the brink of extinction. The clock is ticking for everyone depending on the forests. As we leave April and Earth month behind, this is a reminder that every day must be #earthday. We have to substitute harmful products and it has to begin with us. You and me. **Edited with Adobe Lightroom

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Что посмотреть в Лас-Вегас, бесплатно🎡 ⠀ Сохраняйте в заметки, чтоб не потерять!) ⠀ Где/Location- Что/Description - Когда/Time. ⠀ 1. Hotel Bellagio - Water show “Fountains of Bellagio” ⛲️ - 3pm - 8pm каждые 30 минут, с 8pm - 12am каждые 15 минут. ⠀ 2. Hotel Bellagio - Botanical Conservatory - Открыта 24 часа. ⠀ 3. Circus Circus hotel 🎪 - Live circus act - 11.30am - 10.30pm каждый час. ⠀ 4. Caesars Forum Shop - Atlantis show & Aquarium - 11am - 11pm каждый час. ⠀ 5. Flamingo hotel - Wildlife Habitat - 8am - 8pm (кормление пеликанов с 8.30am-2.30pm) ⠀ 6. Fremont street experience - Viva Vision Lights & Sound show - 8pm - 1am каждый час. ⠀ 7. M&M’s World hotel - 3D movie “I lost MY M” - 10.20am - 6pm каждые 20 минут. ⠀ 8. Mirage hotel - The Volcano 🌋- 8pm-10pm каждый час. ⠀ 9. Mirage hotel - Salt water aquarium- открыт 24 часа. ⠀ 10. Planet Hollywood hotel- Miracle Mile Fountain water show- 12pm - 11pm каждый час. ⠀ 11. Planet Hollywood hotel- Miracle Mile Rainstorm & Water feature - 10am - 11pm каждый час, пт.сб.вс: каждые полчаса. ⠀ 12. Hurrah’s Carnaval Court - Live music & Fair bartenders - 11am - 3am ежедневно/непрерывно. ⠀ 13. Sam’s Town - “Mystic Falls Sunset” stampede show - 2pm - 10pm каждые 2 часа. ⠀ За два раза мы были суммарно неделю в Лас-Вегасе, но посмотрели всего только 20% от списка😁 Мероприятий хватит ещё на несколько поездок) С детьми можно хоть куда и даже в Вегас! Но в следующий раз хочу вдвоём с мужем, там столько взрослых мероприятий. ⠀ Начинаем планировать следующий отпуск😊 Кто с нами?))

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Moscow was amazing! I've been traveling alone for years and it's the first time I felt so good. Everything was wonderful, be it the city, the people, the meetings I could do with people, and especially one, opened my vision of life a little bit more. I met some people in my life but she, she will have marked me by her kindness and her open-minded. I hope to meet again people like that. I have a different vision of this country and the people here. I will come back to Moscow. No matter what direction you take, there will always be someone in the street who will look at you with a smile. People live their lives and we feel a soothing atmosphere throughout the city. Even walking through the crowd I never felt stressed. It's a strange feeling compared to home. The people are of a rare kindness, the city is superb. There is always something to see. For once, I feel that I'm really going to have trouble starting from here. I have only good memories, all this will miss me tremendously. Besides, it is the proof that this trip marked me, I never write something under my travel photos. I just wanted to write these lines so that people come to discover this beautiful thing that is Moscow by their own eyes. I will remember this trip all my life. 🇷🇺 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #moscow #russia #москва #москвасити #россия #outdoorliving #outdoorlover #igersbelgium #thisisbelgium #folkscenery #landscapelove #landscapeshoot #landscapephotomag #landscapephoto #landscapelovers #eclectic_shotz #outdooradventures #thisbelgium #landscapephotography #belgium #belgium_nation #IG_belgium #folkgreen #rsa_outdoors #igvision #fujifilmME #fujiflm #repostmyfujifilm

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“Solo eres libre cuando entiendes que no perteneces a un lugar, perteneces a todos y a mismo tiempo a ninguno. El precio es alto, pero la recompensa es magnífica.” ✨ - Maya Angelou #atoelperrodeagua

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