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✨SHINE YOUR LIGHT✨ Grateful as ever today that I can call my passion for spiritually my JOB! When you have the time to show up in your truth for the world, real magic happens. @halllieparker and i are so excited to be filming today & finishing up our #reiki1 online course! 💚🍃 You are, and always have been Universal Light Energy, now learn how to use it to heal yourself & others!🙏 Coming soon! . 📸: @ashleyleephotos 🦋💖 #spiritualentrepreneur #reikihealing #reikicertification #onlinereiki #energyhealing

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🍃🌜HEART CHAKRA LOVE 💚✨ Your multidimensional chakra, your ability to love & be loved. Your heart dictates many things in life, and not just because of who or what you love. Your ability to love and accept yourself as you are is a direct reflection outward, and shows itself in every person you meet & every relationship you have. . I #thrifted this adorable wooden heart shelf (I have one left in stock!) and instantly knew I needed to make a heart chakra meditation altar with it. In my last video on my channel, I talked about everything I included, and how you can use this every day to work on loving YOURSELF, so you can see more love in the world around you. If you haven’t seen it, link in my bio! 🌻 . I’m not the most confident person, but I work hard at loving myself. I noticed that as soon as my mindset changes and I fall into insecure & judgmental thoughts about myself, everything around me changes too. I become jealous and over analytical within relationships. I stop doing things that bring me joy and sit around in bed. It’s so important to catch yourself right at the beginning of these toxic patterns, and return to a place of gratitude and love. You were born YOU for a reason. Love the hell out of you, you are just an extension of the divine itself. ✨ . . #heartchakra #heartchakrahealing #rosequartz #plantlove #witchesofinstagram #selflove

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I woke up like this 💁🏽‍♀️ Well, not exactly lol but I definitely woke up feeling like magic this morning ✨ Getting back into your creative flow is the most refreshing thing ever! I’ve been on fire with motivation & inspiration, itching to create something new and spectacular. I’m so grateful to have the time freedom to fully immerse myself in my creative endeavors🙏 if you had all of the free time in the world, what would YOU create?🔮🌈 . Smoke bomb magic captured by the oh so talented @ashleyleephotos 🦋📸

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✨The wound is where the LIGHT enters to you ✨ The #asteroid Chiron is in Aries, about to meet the sun. 🌞 In #astrology, Chiron represents traumas & wounds in life that we don’t have control over. #Chiron reminds us that we don’t have to be labeled by our trauma, and can heal that pain by taking back your strength. #Aries ♈️ energy allows us to seek new ways of healing. . #Healing has been very prevalent in my life lately. I’m seeing how the loss of my childhood dog a few months ago still trickles into my life at different times. I cry, I get angry, I question everything.. but healing has no timeline. Healing is a cyclical journey of highs and lows, but coming to the conclusion that accepting her loss will create space for more love to enter is what keeps me going. . This picture is from a healing bath #meditation video on my #youtube channel. You can click the link in my bio to watch the #crystalbath #magic if you need some healing inspiration. 🙏 . Love & light to you all. 🔮🌈🕉🌜

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Silks over the Sea✨🌊🌺 Would you Silk over the ocean? 😱 Just posted a super fun silks video on my #YouTube channel! Click the link in my bio to watch the full video 🦋 . I love silking in my @wolventhreads 💗 Use code “LUNATRIBE” for $ off🌈 . Filmed by my bae @halllieparker 🙏🌞

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Life has thrown its curveballs at us, but as always, we just shake ourselves off and keep kicking ass ✌🏽Stay true to yourself & never give up on your dreams. It’s okay for your dreams and goals to change along the way, that shows your growth! . So grateful to have the best partner in crime @halllieparker as we venture out, and set even bigger, more magical goals. Love you chica! 🔮🌸🦋💖🌻 . . #lifestyle #spiritualentrepreneur #miami🌴

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It’s the weekendd😍💖🙏🦋 I just posted a vlog from last weekend with @halllieparker & @maikadelic and I’m obsessed, not gonna lie 💁🏽‍♀️✨ We did a Photoshoot in our @wolventhreads & got some goodies at the @sarasotafarmersmarket 🍃🥥 Click the link in my bio to watch! 💖 What are you plans for the weekend? 👇🏽🌙🌸

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taylluna. Home sweet home 💖🔮✨
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m diving into som

Home sweet home 💖🔮✨ In case you haven’t noticed, I’m diving into some new things on this page and I hope you’re enjoying it! Ive never really shared about my love for thrifting & interior decorating on here, so here’s the start! I just posted a video on my YouTube channel decorating my living room with this adorable wicker rattan style table I just thrifted!🧚‍♀️💗I also thrifted the gorgeous Buddha lamp on the table, that has to be one of my all time favorite finds!🙏🕉 Do you like thrifting? What have been some of your favorite finds?👇🏽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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F O R G I V E N E S S 🦋 Yesterday I pulled the master Jesus card, which I have never pulled before. I’ve not openly discussed my struggle with religion, but while struggling with my mental health in high school, I felt very angry with my religion and began searching for answers elsewhere. I since have found a sense of my belief, but I’ve always felt like I left the situation - and my relationship with the Jesus archetype - on a bad note. This card reads: you are on the path of light, love and forgiveness. Father healing is possible at this time. ✨ This was such a loud message to me saying it’s okay to forgive and move on from old mindsets you don’t resonate with anymore. I’m no longer angry, I am healed and ready to work with his energy in a whole new way. 🙏🌸🍃🌙 . Thank you to @santinocarlesimo1 for helping me understand and walking this journey with me. . #oraclecards #forgiveness #spiritualawareness 🧚‍♀️

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🕉 ~ Ōm 🕉 My connection to every soul & to the divine is so sacred. I am so grateful🙏 . Also, I would happily drop $160 on this gorgeous ass piece of magic ✨🔮😂 . Farmers market hangs with @maikadelic & @halllieparker 🍃🦋🌈💫

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taylluna. ✨ Pravīrasya Hrdayam ✨
Heart of a warrior, heart of a goddess. 💖 #yog

✨ Pravīrasya Hrdayam ✨ Heart of a warrior, heart of a goddess. 💖 #yoga communicates the purest love for others, and for yourself. Thankful for goddesses @halllieparker & @maikadelic I love creating with you🙏🔮🦋 . Goddess squad rocking @wolventhreads made from recycled water bottles ♻️ Use code “LUNATRIBE” for $ off🌙 #makesustainabilitysexy 🌸🌈

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There’s something so special & magical about providing a healing, loving, supportive space for others. Life is hard, but when you can assure someone that you see their truth, their strengths, their higher self, true magic happens, true healing happens. It allows people to feel comfortable opening up, and being vulnerable with faith that light will be let in to the darkest places; letting go of pain & fear to make room for even the biggest dreams. . Thank your @santinocarlesimo1 for opening up to me & #reiki #healing. Your #energy is incredible and I love you!!💗🙏 . I recorded our #reikisession & will be sharing on my #YouTube channel soon! If you’re interested in a local or distant healing session with me, message me!☺️✨🦋🌻

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TUNE BACK IN 💫 It’s been weeks since I’ve touched my silks or a yoga mat. My tarot cards have stayed face down, and “coincidentally”, I’ve never felt more distant from my true self. 🤷🏽‍♀️ sometimes you need to lose yourself, fall out of good habits and back into old ones to remind yourself how far you’ve truly come. It’s not relapsing, it’s spirit giving you the opportunity to see why you’ve worked so hard so you can return back. This journey isn’t always rainbows, unicorns & magic. It’s a cycle that will keep you balanced if you just trust in the process. And boy, do I trust it. 🙏 Missing my fav photographer @ashleyleephotos 📷💖

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Friends are really just angels who have been sent down to love and protect you. 👼💖 Crazy to think you’ve been in my life for over 10 YEARS! You’ve held my hand through the darkest times of my life, and have celebrated the highest points with me too. Your overwhelming love & support has shaped me into who I am today, and I am beyond excited to pick up right where we left off over a year ago. You are my freakin rock, my other half. I love you to the moon & back! Time to party & drink too much wine on the beach 🌊🌞🏝🥂💖

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L O V E 💗 YOU! Loving yourself is more than just liking the way you look. It’s fighting for the love you know you deserve. It’s having those uncomfortable conversations, honoring your truth & showing up for YOU. . As Valentine’s Day creeps up on us, remember that all the love you need is already within you, just tap into it. And when that doesn’t feel like enough, remember that I love & support you endlessly. 🙏💗

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M A G I C ✨ surrounds you 🌙 This month we are diving into lots of crystal education on our YouTube channel, and it’s been a blast so far! ☺️I feel so honored to hold a space for spiritual growth & education for anyone and everyone. We’ve talked about the science behind crystal healing, my top 10 crystals for beginners & talked all about how amethyst heals us 🔮 • I’ve been making crystal videos for years, and recently I had someone reach out and tell me that my videos inspired them to start their own CRYSTAL SHOP! WHAT?! That’s amazing 😭✨💖 Thank you, @unicorn.crystals for these beautiful gifts & for keeping the love & light going by sharing crystal magic with the world. 🙏 • Make sure to join us on YouTube for all the crystal goddess! Link in my bio 🦋💘

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The ocean is my safe place, but the earth is where I’m at home. There’s something about walking barefoot on the earth and reconnecting to such a cleansing energy source. It makes me feel so protected and free. . Today, two oracle cards FLEW out. Power, and dance. I had to whip out my #dancerpose 💞 I love this pose because it forces you to ground and connect, and balance as well. It takes so much focus and strength, yet looks effortless and free. My word for 2019 was “grace”, so focus goddess, call in your strength and do it all with grace & intention. . . #OracleGoddessesUnite . ✨Enchanting Hosts✨ @gypsyrain7 @bendingearthgirl @bestowing.harmony @peaceloveyogamama @sunshinelunar @taylluna @mermaidsdoyoga . 💫Mystical Sponsors💫 @mama__fox @bestowing.harmony @gypsy.woman.collective @mermaidsdoyoga @mothersunandthecaptain @purehimalayanshilajit @witchiloveyourhair . . 🌟

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taylluna. Goddess, what are you holding onto that’s too heavy? Let go of what’s

Goddess, what are you holding onto that’s too heavy? Let go of what’s crumbling, allow the cracks to beam in light. When things don’t go right, it’s a message from above, angles redirecting you down the path to achieve all of your goals and dreams. Stand in your strength. . Today I pulled the crumbling, what are you clinging onto? I instantly thought of #goddesspose because guess what beautiful? Everything happens FOR you not TO you. Embrace the sticky, crumbly transformation with faith in your even bigger and better future. 🙏💖 . ✨🔮✨ Join us from January 25-31 on a seven day journey through the magical world of Tarot and Oracle cards, where dreams are realized, hidden truths are discovered, and wisdom is unearthed. Each goddess will unveil a card and her yoga pose interpretation daily. You are invited to draw your own card and portray a pose. Don’t have your own deck? Please use the chosen card as a guide for your own pose interpretation. ✨🔮✨ . #OracleGoddessesUnite . . ✨Enchanting Hosts✨ @gypsyrain7 @bendingearthgirl @bestowing.harmony @peaceloveyogamama @sunshinelunar @taylluna @mermaidsdoyoga . 💫Mystical Sponsors💫 @mama__fox @bestowing.harmony @gypsy.woman.collective @mermaidsdoyoga @mothersunandthecaptain @purehimalayanshilajit @witchiloveyourhair . . 🌟 To play along, please do the following 🌙 Repost a challenge flyer and invite some free spirited friends 🌙 Follow all hosts and sponsors 🌙 Set your profile to public so we can all delight in your bewitching interpretations 🌙 Participate in the challenge daily using the challenge tag #OracleGoddessesUnite 🌙 Send your fellow goddesses love and light . . ✨✨ We do hope you’ll join us! Sending each one of you love, light, and happiness ✨✨ . . Gorgeous goddess posters created by the talented @gypsy.woman.collective 💫✨

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