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How about this trail for hike at sunset?🌅 Picturesque SoCal !!!!!! #sunset #hiketrail #sunsethike #pictoresque #socal #instamood

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tatyanology. The Notre Dame cathedral, one of the most recognizable symbols of Pari

The Notre Dame cathedral, one of the most recognizable symbols of Paris, caught fire Monday evening 900 years of history!!!!! So sad .... the greatest historical monuments will soon disappear from the face of Earth 😢😟 P.S. des mémoires inoubliables sous le ciel de Paris !! My husband and I had our 1st date in Paris 🗼 #notredame #notredamedeparis #memories #instatarvel #instamoment

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tatyanology. Such a good seasonal \"hubby\" 🐦👍🥰
Tri-colored herons 
#birds #animal

Such a good seasonal "hubby" 🐦👍🥰 Tri-colored herons #birds #animalplanet #cute #notegalaxy #herons #instamood #instatarvel #instamoment

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tatyanology. Hello! 👋😊 #sayhello 
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tatyanology. Galápagos tortoise 🐢

These guys are the largest living species of to

Galápagos tortoise 🐢 These guys are the largest living species of tortoise . Nowadays giant tortoises exist only on two remoted from each other archipelagos : Galápagos islands( 1000 away from mainland Ecuador)and Aldabra ( in the Indian ocean ,around 600-700km away from Tanzania. Слоновая ( галапагосская сухопутная черепаха) Как у львенка в мультике:" Прокати меня большоооооооое черепаха!"😊🐢 #gianttortoise #animalplanet #galapagostortoise #instatarvel

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tatyanology. Hell,Yes!🤣🤣I've always wanted to be able to do side and even full  l

Hell,Yes!🤣🤣I've always wanted to be able to do side and even full leg split when I reach Golden age 👍👊 Finally,OMG gives down to Earth test's result 🤪 #fillingsilly #fillingsilly😝 #whenim70 #wheniturn70

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tatyanology. Eatable Louis 😋👌
Healthy ( vegan,sugar/dairy free )mini-cake 
Love e

Eatable Louis 😋👌 Healthy ( vegan,sugar/dairy free )mini-cake Love experimenting while creating or vice versa 👍🤗 Съедобные ПП-шный Луи 😁 #healthydesserts #vegandesserts #mypassion

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tatyanology. В общем, Масленица завершилась удачно!👍👌 The last day of Maslenitsa-

В общем, Масленица завершилась удачно!👍👌 The last day of Maslenitsa-a traditional Slavic festival, takes place during the last week before the start of the Orthodox Lent season and marks the end of winter.  Maslenitsa is also known as "Butter week " (“maslo” is the Russian word for "butter") and "Pancake Week" (their round shape symbolizes the sun).Butter week marks the end of winter .  Lots and lots of pancakes are eaten during this week! P.s. the pink pancakes contain dragon fruit powder ,yummy and colorful 💖 #масленица2019

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My contribution to International Women's Day !🌹🌹🌹 Leopard-one of the most powerful and beautiful and graceful creature I ever encountered! Cheers,ladies !!🥂 #happyinternationalwomensday #internationalwomensday #wildlife #graceful #gracefulcreature #leopard #southafrica

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That case when you dont need a fancy camera to tell the story My favorite from the trip ! #sunsetcolors #phonephotos #notegalaxy #photoshoot📷 #phoneshot #tellingthestory #instacaption #instamoment

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Whooper swans return to Lake Kussharo from Siberia ( Russia) every winter. The surface of the lake freezes in the winter, but geothermal springs along its sandy beach prevent any ice from forming. They spend the whole winter there enjoy the water and it is very entertaining to watch them doing it 😊 #lakekussharo #russianswans #phonephotos #notegalaxy #meinjapan

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tatyanology. Nihonzaru-Japanese macaques🐵 ,but in the whole world they are known a

Nihonzaru-Japanese macaques🐵 ,but in the whole world they are known as "snow monkey ". They get their name "snow monkey "as they live in the areas where the snow covers the ground for few months a year a d no other non-human primate is more northern-living ,nor lives in a colder climate. These monkeys live in female ( matrilineal) groups for life ,males move out before their are sexually mature . So,basically ,males' job is to impregnate females and then move on with their life ,no strings attouched - easy lifestyle 😜 #snowmonkey #japan #nihonzarus

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On my Birthday 🎂( it was in Feb 25th ) we had an adventures Steller's sea eagles photo-shoot. 🦅📸 Stellers are larger than American bald eagles; they live in Russia ( Kamchatka)in summer time and come to Japan for winter. Steller's sea eagle is listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature 's Red List of endangered species. These birds are soooooo powerfully beautiful!!! It was not my first time seeing them ,but very 1st time trying to photograph them .There is always 1st time for everything!! So,I just started my ,let's say, "biological New Year" 🎉 and I'm more than excited to see what it has to offer to me 🤔🤗 I have so many ideas /projects co-existing in my head ,sometimes I think they cant even all fit inside my head/brain 🤣but at the same time, there are so many things to finish (oh,yes,I'm a big procrastinator!🙃),so many things to master and to improve, I just want that fire 🔥to keep burning!!✊👍 P.s. thanks to everyone who remembered and sent me bday wishes!❤

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7/11 store type breakfast: -hot canned coffee ☕ -not soft and not hard ( something in the middle) boiled eggs -could fit only one in my stomach 😤🥚🥚 - red caviar -gouda cheese 🧀 -rice flour buns - mandarins 🍞 We had to be at the harbor very early ,so the breakfast was preety much on the go,but I did manage to make it somewhat gourmet-ish 🤣by marrying red caviar and gouda cheese on my rice flour bun ,the" marriage" came out actually not bad 👌 #touristbreakfast #breakfast #breakfastonthego Завтрак туриста 😀 Когда надо быть не свет не заря в порту.( будем снова на Курилах 🤗) есть приходится на ходу, но и этот завтрак я превратила в гурманский 🤣,добавив красной икры ,твердого сыра ,получилось вполне вкусно даже .дальше следующий прием еды будет часов через 5-6 ,затягиваю пояс😤

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tatyanology. Minimalism 
Notsuke Peninsula 
#japan #winter #wildlife #phonephotogra

Minimalism Notsuke Peninsula #japan #winter #wildlife #phonephotography #samsungphotography

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For few days of our snow monkey part trip we've stayed in Shibu onsen village . Shibu onsen is a totally adorable old-fashioned hot spring village that has retained its traditional atmosphere. The village is located in a valley and 4 km away from Jigokudani snow monkey park . I was told by the owner of our ryokan( Japanese style inn) ,Yamada-san, that the Village had been founded in 1030 !! My eyes went really round when I heard him saying it 😱 Some of the ryokans ( Japanese style inns) on the very narrow streets (only one small size car can fit ,some streets you have to walk only in a single file and sideways only ) date back over 400 years ! Guests of the ryokan are encouraged ( i have done it so many times ,even my hubby could not resist it !😜 and honestly, I dont know what was more irresistible: me insisting too much or him wanting to experience that 🤣🤔) to take a stroll around village in the traditional onsen clothing called "yukata" ( long kinda, but not exactly ,as kimono) robes and geta sandals.One can hear "cluck -cluck" on the paved streets ,especially in PM time .Unlike my husband, I enjoyed walking in those wooden sandals 👡👍 There are 9 public bath houses in this village ; ladies and gentlemen are separated. The public baths are locked and only accessible to locals and ryokan guests, who are provided with a master key -very impressive size ,Master indeed 😊 It is believed that good fortune comes to those who do the entire bath house tour by visiting all nine. Well,unfortunately, our photography schedule is very tight to be able to do it ,maybe some other time .! Special cloths are sold for collecting stamps from each bath house and make nice souvenirs. #shibuonsen #shibuonsentown #japan #meinjapan #travel #instatarvel #ilovejapan

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2 worlds crossing : humans and animals 🐵🧒 Tourists come in waves to the park and it does get very crouded ,but we are lucky to have quite few windows of almost no tourists during the day as we come to the park by opening time and leave right before they close . #humansandanimals #snowmonkey #snowmonkeypark #animalplanet #phoneshot #phonephotos #phonephotography #samsungphotography

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At that moment monkey and I were just observing each other for quite few seconds that it was enough to pick up my phone and snap the shot 🐵📸 #snowmonkey #wildlife #phoneshot #phonephotos #notegalaxy #meinjapan

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