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Monday morning commute... ❤️ #yogistyle #concretejungle Back in school, & when I worked in corporate, I would sometimes get the Monday morning blues. Have you ever felt like everything requires a little extra effort as soon as the weekend is over? #yourenotalone Here are a few ways to help brighten up your (Mon)day: 🔹 Wake up 10 minutes earlier so that your morning is a little less rushed & a little more relaxed. This helps to set the tone for the rest of your day. 🔹 Don’t skip breakfast. 🥣 Start your day with something nutritious. 🔹 Treat yourself to a little something special (anything from extra whip cream in your drink, to those earrings you’ve been eyeing.) 🔹 Make plans to meet a friend. 🔹 Break your day up with some fresh air (even if it’s just a short stroll around the block.) 🔹 Do something nice for someone else (maybe even a stranger), & ask them to pay it forward. There’s no better feeling than knowing you set the wheels in motion for numerous acts of kindness. ❤️ - Tell me below, what are some of your favorite ways to brighten up your day? - pc: @johnfcooperphotography

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👑 Labradorite Mala & matching Grey Agate Earrings! Both of these have just been added to the shop! . I've always thought that this mala looked 👑 Royal because of the purple & gold in it, as well as the subtle flash that Labradorite inherently has 👑 It has Labradorite with some accents of quartz, citrine, & Swarovski. Each bead is nestled between two handmade knots giving the necklace strength but also nice flexibility when worn . The matching earrings have a matte grey agate & grey Swarovski crystals on copper wire. Each piece is hand wrapped, as well as lightly filed & hammered when needed for added strength . Check them out in the shop by clicking the link in my page's bio! . Also be sure to check out my post from yesterday - I'm participating in a giveaway with several other shops & you have the chance to win up to $300 worth of handmade prizes! . . . . #twinsandtaurus #thtcollective #handmadejewelry #artisanjewelry #jewelrycollection #gemstonenecklace #gemstoneearrings #crystaljewelry #crystalnecklace #austinmaker #atxstyle #bohostyle #shopsmallbusiness #shopsmall #etsyjewelry #myetsyfind #handknotted #handmademala #malanecklace #tasselnecklace #crystalhealing #yogistyle #conciousculture #livewithintention #intentionalliving #madewithlove #gemstones #labradorite #wirewrapped

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mysugarmat. Merry Christmas sugar babes!🎅🏼🎄🎁XOXO💕💕💕

Merry Christmas sugar babes!🎅🏼🎄🎁XOXO💕💕💕

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mysugarmat. TGIF🎉 #prettyyogamats #prettyalwaysincluded
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mysugarmat. To be as agile as a crane #beginnersmat #newcollection

To be as agile as a crane #beginnersmat #newcollection

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After these 12 days of different poses for a challenge I was today inspired by my friend Anna @annathereselandin to share some flow. She asked me whether I do ”regular” yoga, or mostly do these semi-crazy acrobatic stuff. And that made me think that it was a while ago since I posted a flow video, even though I actually do flow almost every day. I mean, the reason I want to be able to do those funny transitions (apart from them being fun 😄) is because I want to add them into my flows. And today I had such an amazing practice where I felt light and playful and a lot of transitions just worked fluidly. Yoga when it feels the best. And I also played good music during my entire practice and let myself have a long nice savanna afterwards. I hope you practice was just as uplifting ❤️

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carolineanneyoga. Taking a break #yogistyle 😴😄
Pose inspired by @ania_75
Wearing @

Taking a break #yogistyle 😴😄 . Pose inspired by @ania_75 . Wearing @liquidoactive’s Peaceful Paisley set ⚛️ PS: remember to use code CAROLINELIQUIDO to save 15% 😘 . #liquidolovers #iwearliquido #omstarsbyliquido . 💚 💜 💚 💜 💚 💜 💚 💜 💚 💜 💚 💜 💚

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Since I started posting more of my artwork on instagram, my following has dropped pretty rapidly. Awwww! I guess that’s natural because many people follow me for my travel photos and vegan recipes. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is staying with me! Being a ‘real’ artist is something I have been longing for my whole life and it took a lot of soul searching to finally decide to make this leap and let go of the Jungle Shakti ‘brand’. So I’m grateful to you - and to everyone who is supporting me on my creative journey. And finally, I think it’s important to mention that travel and food blogging, for so many of us, doesn’t actually pay the bills. I have struggled financially with Jungle Shakti for years - working in jobs I didn’t enjoy in the background whilst juggling photoshoots, buying food styling props, and dealing with demanding ‘sponsors’ and never really had much time to enjoy my travels - or my food before it goes cold!! I was just worrying about getting the next shot, finding a new outfit, or posting the next recipe... and for what? A free night’s stay or a jar of vegan yoghurt? Hmmm... I was losing so much money and time, and was left feeling depleted and uninspired. So please remember that bloggers need to eat! 😝And that all the time we take to create content for our readers to enjoy is a one-way street. Anyway, thanks for sticking around and listening to my story! xx

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werkshop. 🔴 UPDATE!! 🔴 CONGRATS to @virtualbondgirl for winning the @werkshop

🔴 UPDATE!! 🔴 CONGRATS to @virtualbondgirl for winning the @werkshop webshop giftcard! please email JJ @ customercare@werkshop.com to claim your prize 🤗 and ALSO! THANKS to everyone who played along ..... and guess what?! the leggings are NOW AVAILABLE!! YAYAYAYY!! 🤗🙃🌹😘😘😘😘 . sneaky SNEAKY time! 😮🌹😍 ahh! i am SO STOKED to present to you, my instaposse, my NEWEST collection!! Droppin’ on the webshop THIS MONDIZZLE, December 17th! . ⬅️swipe➡️ to see both colours! 🤗 . and pssst, all USA orders placed by the 18th will *totally* be delivered in time for christmas 🤗🎄🙃 so they’re releasin’ *just* in the nik-of-time, YAY! . but now back to these ROSES!! ahhhhh 😭 this collection features Full Length Roses on the Calf (or) Capri Roses on the Hip … either option is avail in Black Ombré or Mauve 💛 i legit can’t pick a favorite … so how about you tell me yours?! . comment below with your FAVORITE for your chance to WIN a @werkshop webshop giftcard!! 😱🤑😱 . all you have to do is ➡️ . 1️⃣ Tell me which of the 4 new prints is your FAV 2️⃣ Tag a friend and ask them which is their fav ... . I’ll pick a winner at random on Sunday so you can totally use your giftcard to score your favorite of the four 😉 . but, for real tho, whatt’aya think?! I wanted to create something beautiful, versatile and timeless … like, the Full Length version, for example, with the roses on the calf … it can be SOOOO easily dressed up/down! If you rock ‘em with boots, (and hide the roses) they could totally be your new favorite solid/essential … or embrace the roses and pair them with a romantic top. the possibilities are endless 😍🌹😍 . hope ya’ll have a GREAT night!! tonight is our @werkshop family holiday dinner … maybe i’ll share some of the shenanigans on the instastory 😅😝 ciaooo for meow! xoxoo Tina Z aka @chriztinamarie 😘 #teamWERKSHOP 📷 credit: ME! YAY! 🤙🏼 featuring my hOMgirl @tayinla 🤗 . #yogastyle #yogistyle #MadeinLA

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looxayoga. ‘Yoga is yoga’ challenge aims to connect all of you dedicated to the v

‘Yoga is yoga’ challenge aims to connect all of you dedicated to the various yoga styles and introduce you to the correlations of asanas from other styles. We want to joyfully celebrate our differences and similarities as well as have fun along the way and finally give some gorgeous prizes as a thank you for joining us on this creative exploration deep down at the heart of things where #yogaisyoga – simple, clean and infinite. We’ll go on for one week (28.01. - 03.02.) with changing the theme of the day. Day 1: hips Day 2: core Day 3: twist Day 4: heart Day 5: balance Day 6: forward bend Day 7: restorative The winners will be chosen for each prize separately, the prizes are: 1 Ashtanga yoga workbook – primary series from @looxayoga 1 Ashtanga yoga workbook – intermediate series from @looxayoga 1 Yin yoga workbook – from @looxayoga 1 Vinyasa yoga workbook – from @looxayoga 1 ticket for Berlin yoga conference from @berlinyogaconference 1 yoga leggings from @reebokcroatia HOW TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE: It’s as simple as 1,2,3! 1.  Follow all hosts and sponsors 2.  Post an asana from your yoga style that would correlate well with the theme of the day + tag all hosts and sponsors and include the tag #yogaisyoga 3.  Repost the original post (and please make sure your profile is public for the duration of the challenge so we can see your beautiful asana choices) and tag some yogi friends to join us *** P.s. No.4 is a must – Enjoy the process! <3 HOSTS: @andrijaboss @barbimedulinka @ivanacrncic @tinapaleka @zyc SPONSORS: @looxayoga @berlinyogaconference @reebokcroatia We’re honored to have you play with us! <3 <3 <3 #yogachallenge #yogachallengeworld #looxa #BerlinYogaCONF19 #fitnesschallenge #reebok #bemorehuman #getactive #yogaposes #instayoga #yogaeveryday #style #asana #yogisofig #yogistyle #inspiredyogis #yogaeverydamnday #igyogachallenge #igfitness #yogainspiration #yogabody #strong #fitness #fit #sports #yogastyle

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On Tuesday, we #zen. How are you getting through your week back from a long weekend? - #uniqueleggings #styled #ootd #yogawear #zen #yogi #yogistyle

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🕉 #repost ♻️ Beautiful FL Yōgi 📸 @jerianflows Check out her page ↖️ #yogacOMmUNITYfl 🌴 #floridayoga

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c i t r i n e when we believe we can, we do. when we think outside the box, we create what wasn’t there before. we have the power to manifest, it lives within, and the time is now to remember how to say yes to the life we deserve. shop citrine and expand your capacity moment by moment. step into the flow of abundance! ˣ ˣ #shopsankalpa #citrine #dreambig #abundance

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Magic fills the air as the sea breeze blows through trees 🌲✨ . . . Check out our website for class schedules and offers. Namaste 🙏🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mossylotus #coosbay #northbend #northbendoregon #coosbayoregon #yogalove #yogastudios #yogayogayoga #happyyoga #zen #zenlife #miracleshappen #beautifulmagic #yogalife #yogastudiosofinstagram #oregoncoastyoga #oregoncoast #yogistyle #yogisoul #beautiful_world

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Simple stacking bracelets now available in the Etsy shop! 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 Free domestic shipping on all orders. . . . .

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mysugarmat. Starting your day on our Pink lavender from the “Crane Collection” 😌#

Starting your day on our Pink lavender from the “Crane Collection” #prettyyogamats #prettyalwaysincluded

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bohembi. Çevre dostu-vegan her mata uyumlu özel tasarım🍀

Çevre dostu-vegan her mata uyumlu özel tasarım🍀

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bohembi. Özenli ambalaj🍀

Özenli ambalaj🍀

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bohembi. Sertifikalı,su geçirmez. %100 akçaağaç halkalar🍀

Sertifikalı,su geçirmez. %100 akçaağaç halkalar🍀

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A 15 anos atrás costumava vir para esse lugar e para Manguinhos em Búzios para treinar sozinho o que tinha aprendido em algumas aulas com amigos professores de kite. Era bastante trabalhoso e desgastante. Muita gente falou para eu desistir, mas fui perseverante. De lá pra cá, muita coisa mudou, novos equipamentos e técnicas de ensino. Comecei com kites 2 linhas e kites “C”, hoje temos bowl, deltas, drifters e etc. Hoje temos novas técnicas de ensino, as quais aprendi para ensinar outras pessoas essa arte prazeroza que é velejar de kitesurf! Muito mais segurança em equipamentos e técnicas de ensino! Incrível como a vida lhe reserva surpreendentes caminhos! Tudo vai conspirando em favor para que tudo dê certo! Por isso, “aceito, entrego, confio e agradeço”, trabalhando duro para essas conquistas! Harih Om! #vinyasa #ashtanga #hathayoga #acroyoga #partneryoga #yoga #yogi #yogafun #carioca #paixão #equilibrio #errejota #kite #surf #wind #fly #budismo #gopro #classy #yinyangvinyasa #uppercompleta #yogaflow #yogifolife #yogistyle #classicobeachclub

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juraspfit. Day 3 of #YogisInnerGoddess opening heart to those who need support. �

Day 3 of #YogisInnerGoddess opening heart to those who need support. 💗 #camelpose . Hosts: @lezette.marie @em.luker @shayzeeyoga @featherfarrison @sarahtess_fit @estelleg92 . . Sponsors: @gocleveryoga @vayumudra @briutessentials @delavinadesigns . . Themes/Intentions and Poses: 1. Sensual/Radiant - Goddess/Skandasana (Side squat) 2. Present/Awareness - Frog/Puppy 3. Compassion/Soften - Camel/Tiger 4. Blissful/Grateful - Down Dog/Wild Thing 5. Empowered/Freedom - Warrior 3/Crescent 6. Aligned/Authentic - Dancer/Sugarcane or Half Moon 7. Creative/Confident - Yogi’s Choice . #yogaaddict #yogafitness #strongisthenewsexy #myyogalife #yogavibes #yogastrong #yogapractice #yogistyle #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #feeltheyogahigh #practiceandalliscoming #yogamakesmehappy #asana #getstrong #yogagirl #yogisofinstagram #instayoga #yogafit #inspiredyogis #giveaway #igyogachallenges #slovakia #slovakyoga #czechgirl #jogainspirace #joga

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Introvert confession......⠀ ⠀ 🙋🏻 Hi, my name is Tisa and my ideal evening is grabbing a @dominos thin crust pepperoni, jalapeno, and feta cheese pizza, a bottle (or two😉) of @californiarootswine, Cab is my fav, heading home and turning on the jazz station on @spotify and then moseying around the house doing a whole of something or a whole lot of nothing which probs includes binging on Grey's Anatomy (shush, I just got hooked).⠀ ⠀ Nights like this reset my soul allowing me to create my ass off.⠀ ⠀ To more nights like this....and getting through all of the million episodes of Grey's Anatomy.⠀ ⠀ Raise your hand if you're an introvert and can relate to any of the above awesomeness. 🙋🏻🙋🏽🙋🏿🙋🏼🙋🏾🙋⠀ How do you reset?⠀ ⠀ #introvertsrock #dominospizza #californiarootswine #greysanatomy

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speaking of sisterhood do you know how many female makers & designers we carry? . .....honestly i don’t even know the exact number 😬 but it’s AAAAAA LOT! including more than half a dozen incredibly talented local ladies 🙌🏼 here is a teensy taste of caroline’s latest delivery of dainty delights! . . DM for details, we ship nearly everywhere! . . photo: @hushofnight @myelementality

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tristantheyogi. It’s currently 4 degrees in Boston... but my ideas flow free when my s

It’s currently 4 degrees in Boston... but my ideas flow free when my shirt is off! 🙌🏻 Interested in learning more? Im talking about the deep wisdom of Yoga, particularly of the Yin tradition. As of right now I teach two Yin Yoga classes a week right in Central Square of Cambridge. DM me for details ❤️🙏🏼 • • • • • • • • #yinyoga #yin #yogisoul #yogistyle #growstrong #truthspeaker #mytruth #yogaoffthemat #yogisofig #practiceyogachangeyourworld #dailywisdom #growthanddevelopment #mindsetquotes #thinkbigger #spiritualquote #spiritualevolution #spiritualjourney #meditationpractice #raisingconsciousness #heartspace #heartcentered #createalifeyoulove #liveintentionally #ownyourlife

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werkshop. sneaky sneaky time? SNEAKY SNEAKY TIME!! 😮😍🤗 it is time for my seco

sneaky sneaky time? SNEAKY SNEAKY TIME!! 😮😍🤗 it is time for my second *official* sneak of my cupcake collab with @mieshatate 💪🏼 say helllooooooooo to my FAV: the purple frosting! 😋🥰🙃 . the 🧁✨Cupcake Collection✨🧁 is gonna drop on the SAME day as my new skin-tone sports bras! be sure to sign up for my newsletter for full deets 😎 peep werkshop.com to sign up! (link in bio) . thanks a MILLION and hope you had a GREAT day!! ciaooooo for meow, xoxooooo Tina Z aka @chriztinamarie 📷 credit: ME! YAY! 🤗🤙🏼 featuring: @georgia.bryan 💛 . . #yogistyle #frosting #sprinkles #sprinklescupcakes #cupcakelove #cupcaketime #ilovecupcakes #cakedecoration #gymlooks #cupcakelovers

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