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petra_merges. Rainbow-Yoga unterstützt Dich dabei, Dir regelmäßig Pausen zu schaffen

Rainbow-Yoga unterstützt Dich dabei, Dir regelmäßig Pausen zu schaffen, auf Deinen eigenen Rhythmus und Deine Intuition zu achten und dabei festzustellen, dass es völlig okay ist so zu sein, wie Du bist!!! 😍🥰 Jeder von uns ist anders, wir alle haben verschiedene Aufgaben und deshalb sind auch unsere Körper und unsere Bedürfnisse vollkommen verschieden!!! Es gibt nie und wird auch nie ein 08/15-Programm geben, das für alle und jeden gleich gut ist (auch wenn einem das heutzutage ziemlich oft eingeredet wird)... Und genau deshalb arbeite ich in meinem Yogastudio so individuell wie nur irgendwie möglich. 💖🙏 🕉️ www.Rainbow-Yoga.de www.Coaching-Wittlich.de #yogacoachingwittlich

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You are here, alive and awake and for whatever reasons you have fought your battles, it's time to start focusing on what strengths pulled you up when the entire world had knocked you down. That's where the virtue in self grows. . Nikki Rowe . . Welcome to my bedroom 😊. That should said enough about feeling free. Sharing that small intimate space with you is such a big thing for me. And to be honest I enjoyed a lot while stretching this morning. I believe my hubby enjoyed even more 😉😉... Also inspired by @cat_ois_yoga 💙 @fake_taitai This polka dots bedsheet is for you 💝 . . Have you ever looked at your stuff and thought... who can I make happy with this? Well, we did! 7 of us got together and decided to introduce a different kind of challenge! It’s the #Wegiftyouchallenge starting on July 22-28. For 7 days, we will provide 7 different feelings that you can express in any way you like! Some may DANCE or SING or DRAW or of course do YOGA! Instead of Sponsors, the winners will be sent a gift directly from a host! We want to share with you! Sharing comes in many different forms and we are excited to share this experience with you! Generous Hosts: @jogaatje @nubytoyoga @stephanie_melton_yoga @queenmamayoga @want2doyoga @yogatobekidding_ @yogintje Daily Themes: Day 1: Free (please include your location in your caption) ✅ Day 2: Strong Day 3: Relaxed Day 4: Courageous Day 5: Adventurous Day 6: Happy Day 7: Silly The rules to play: 1. Repost this flyer so we know you are playing and tag some friends to join in too! 2. Tag and follow all the hosts! 3. Use the hashtag #wegiftyouchallenge and participate daily by posting your photo or video for the daily theme. 4. Be sure your profile is public so we can see you 5. HAVE FUN! . . . #yogini #yoginilife #morningyoga #freespirit #asanas #yoga #yogaforlife #igyogachallenge #practiceyoga #stretch #fitgirl #yogaforall #yogamotivation #yogisofinstagram #yogaflow #instagood #yogastrong #morningflow #yogaover40 #yogapractice #yogaworld #yogamakesmehappy #yogaposes #practiceyoga #yogatherapy #myyogalife #yogabody #instamood #yogainpjs #yogachallenge 💙💙💙 @silver.mantra 😘😘😘

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halanne.yoga. Yogaterapia Hormonal o que é isso?
É uma técnica direcionada para ques

Yogaterapia Hormonal o que é isso? É uma técnica direcionada para questões ligadas a baixa hormonal ou desequilíbrio hormonal, afeta diretamente o hormônio estrogênio, que é liberado lá nos ovários e é responsável por uma série de processos importantes na nossa vida, geralmente percebemos sua existência qdo ele resolve não dar as caras. Um corpo sem estrogênio é um corpo sem libido, sem ânimo, sem desejos, e pode se transformar em terreno fértil para questões que tiram nossa saúde e bem estar como: síndrome dos ovários policísticos, falta de libido, ciclos irregulares, tpm, exaqueca, menopausa com sintomas negativos, insônia, dificuldade em engravidar e muitas outras questões. (Cada questão precisa ser avaliada profundamente, estou dando uma pincelada aqui). Para que os ovários estejam funcionando lindamente bem e produzindo estrogênio é preciso que outras glândulas tb estejam trabalhando, temos então uma relação direta com as glândulas tireóide e hipófise (esta técnica também atende pessoas com desequilíbrio na tireóide). A YTH é uma série bem energética e dá tipo um choque de ânimo nas glândulas para que elas retornem suas atividades, através de posturas, respirações e visualização de energia. Nas fotos seguintes tem as indicações... Mas isso cura? Essa técnica é uma forma natural de aliviar os sintomas, e te coloca em um espaço seguro e acolhedor para que você consiga pesquisar o porquê está passando por esta questão, a cura é interna! Mas dá pra viver sem sintomas sim! #yoga #astrologia #yogaterapia #yogaterapiahormonal #yogatherapy #astroyoga #hormonios #menopausa #tpm #enxaqueca #libido #hipotireoidismo #fogachos #menopausaprecoce #tratamentoholistico

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Can Yoga Can Actually Make You Longer As Well As Leaner? While getting into cobra pose a few times a week can’t literally lengthen your body, it can (along with the rest of your sequence) help you form better postural habits, cheating your way to extra inches. “Regular practice strengthens the lower back, which will probably change how you stand,” That’s because stronger back muscles (along with stronger abs) make you less prone to slouching. “There’s also the fact yoga teaches you to have a greater awareness of your body, so you know how far you can take each pose,” “Several poses require you to extend your spine beforehand and as regular practice gets you used to that feeling, it spills over into everyday life as a good habit.” #yogatherapy #yogajourney #health&wellness #yogamd #yogidoctor #doctor'sorder #prescribedbydoctors Yoga Angeles with Teacher Minghua & yogidoctorrowiemd Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 AM Saturday 8 AM 2nd Floor Padiz Bldng., (infront of Super 8) Mac Arthur Hiway, Sto. Domingo, Angel @ MDS Jiu Jitsu Angeles

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pineapplegirls.team. The @pineappleclothing_com girls' collection is made to make your fash

The @pineappleclothing_com girls' collection is made to make your fashionista happy 😊 Check it out to find the outfit that will give her that showstopper look 💚💖

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Il mandala che ha chiuso il nostro ritiro ha rappresentato la realizzazione di ogni nostro personale obiettivo,senza giudizio o competizione,con gioia e condivisione sincera! Se qualcuno anni fa mi avesse detto che ne avrei fatto parte l’avrei sperato,ma non creduto,meno che mai avrei pensato di poter guidare qualcuno in tutto ciò. Ora ringrazio e lascio andare,chiudo con un gran sorriso interiore il mio “(mandala)-ritiro”! - - ph. @umberto.bertocci - #yoga #wellness #healthyliving #yogaarezzo #instayoga #igersarezzo #arezzo #holistic #bewater #yogatherapy #namaste #yogalife #prana #beyoga #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaitalia #yogaeverywhere #yogachallenge #yogini #mandala #yogateacher #meditazione #meditation #myyogalife #flowers #mandalaflowers #yogaretreat2019

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Our postures become an embodiment of an exquisite balance between holding on and letting go, action and non-action, ambition and restraint. What is required to achieve that balance to humility, a commitment to the truth. Monday offerings 9:15 Vinyasa w/Amy Noon Barre w/me 4:30 StrengthYoga (no wts) w/me 6pm Yoga & Nidra w/Jacque

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It's very hard to get to a place where God Himself will tell you that He will not let you die, because He wants you to live. It is not a place I deserved. It was a place I fell to. I didn't fly. I am not great. I am fallen. I am weak. I am nothing. But what I did have was faith. And that faith taught me, grew me and became me. I am alive with deadly cancer untreated because He wants to demonstrate His Truth to the world through my own worthless ego. Miracles are all around us - you just have to believe. In this world, who would believe. My book will explain the full journey soon...but for now I tell those who have time, have faith. He is real. He is there... FULL Video is in the bio ⬆️ #cancer #worldcancerday #cancers #cancerfighter #cancerwarrior #cancersurvivor #cancerfight #cancerawareness #cancerprevention #cancerous #cancerresearch #standuptocancer #cancerawarenessmonth #cancertreatment #cancerwinner #yogaandcancer #mindpower #mindovermatter #faithingod #godschild #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogatherapy #yogaforhealth #yogajournal #neilkpatel #neilpatel #chikri #chikriyoga

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Open your heart. . . To the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. Everything has something to teach us. Open your heart to the lesson. . . One of my favorite meditations (I am grossly simplifying here) is the one where you visualize someone you love, and say thank you. Then you visualize someone you barely know (someone you pass on the street or at work), and say thank you. Then, you visualize someone who causes your heart to hurt, and you say thank you. It’s powerful stuff. . . Sometimes that small perspective shift is enough to turn the thing that stresses you out daily into just another thing. . . Try it: look at something that riles you up as a lesson. What can you learn today? 👇👇. . . 📷: bestie @blondezilla2000 🙏💖

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yogadaily_101. 💞
{[{ B R E A T H }]}
• self love Monday .

Created and don't g

💞 ❤️. . {[{ B R E A T H }]} • self love Monday . Created and don't get forget follow : 💝 @stella_crippa 🌺Thank you very much ! 😘 💞💖💕 #yogatravel #myyogapractice #yogadaily #yoga4growth #yogaathome #yogatribe #beginneryoga #yogawear #yogamen #yogalover #yogaoutside #yogaeveryblessedday #yogachallenge #yogatherapy #yogabody #yogawheel #yogamom #yogavideo

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Various types of tubing can be used in creative ways to enhance your core exercises. When we say “core” think the muscles surrounding the spine (front, back, sides), shoulder blades, hips, diaphragm and your pelvic floor! . In this deadbug variation, Nick is pressing his wrists out against the circular mini band to enhance his core activation. With his legs up above his hips he is ensuring to maintain a gentle activation of his lower core while simultaneously pressing out against the tubing. Once his core contraction is established and he is able to comfortably breathe, then he starts lowering his heels down to the mat until fatigue. . You can make this exercise easier by marching the feet allowing them to rest while alternating sides. Or you can make it harder lowering straight legs rather than bent. . Give this exercise a try and let us know how it goes 💪🏻 🙌🏻!

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Offering Classes- Tuesday 5 PM Hot Barre Thursday 515 PM Hot Vinyasa & 615 PM Hot Barre Saturday 915 AM Hot Barre @powerhousegymsouthhackensack

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premyoga_asan. 크리스탈 싱잉볼이 들어왔어요🌟
소리의 진동을 이용하여 몸과 마음을 이완하고 치유하는 것을 이야기 합니다.
클래식 음악

크리스탈 싱잉볼이 들어왔어요🌟 ⠀ 소리의 진동을 이용하여 몸과 마음을 이완하고 치유하는 것을 이야기 합니다. ⠀ 클래식 음악이나 잔잔한 명상음악을 들을 때 편안해지는 현상이 있듯이 ⠀ 자연스럽고 고른 진동의 소리를 통해 원래의 편안한 몸과 마음의 상태로 돌아가는 치유과정을 이야기합니다. ⠀ 소리가 너무 아름다운 크리스탈 싱잉볼😊 앞으로 수업시간 안에서 종종 함께할 예정입니다🌿 . . . . . . #하타요가# #soundtherapy

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mediyogainternational. We wish you a great MediYoga summer. 
Mediyoga.com #mediyoga #mediyoga

We wish you a great MediYoga summer. Mediyoga.com #mediyoga #mediyogainternational #yogaasmedicine #yogatherapy

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carmensyoga. 200Hour Yoga Teacher Training is booooooked! I’m so excited for this n

200Hour Yoga Teacher Training is booooooked! I’m so excited for this next chapter of my life, I feel like I’m so ready for it. Yoga is a part of me, wherever I go I yoga, my kids yoga, it’s within me and become a massive part of my life. Since I came on this journey I’ve never looked back and it’s only the beginning. I couldn’t imagine doing any other job apart from something I love and am passionate about. If I can share knowledge and help people along their journeys it would be a dream come true for me .. 💖🙏🏼

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The most perfect classics on our girl, @samantha_percival. Sammi has tried so many types of lashes and I think I finally nailed it this time... Starting from the 2nd third of the eye and gradually increasing the length of the lash, they looked elegant and natural 👌🏽

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kamaliniyoga. The name Surya Namaskar is from the Sanskrit सूर्य Sūrya, \"Sun\" and नम

The name Surya Namaskar is from the Sanskrit सूर्य Sūrya, "Sun" and नमस्कार Namaskār, "Greeting" or "Salute". The name identifies the sun as the soul and source of all life. . #yoga #yogastudio #studioyoga #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogalife #yogaretreat #body #mind #breath #yogaeveryday #yogaposes #yogadaily #yogateacher #yogajourney #yogalover #yogafitness #yogafit #yogatherapy #yogalove #instayoga #yogaeverywhere #yogapractice #yogi #asana #yogini #yogapose #workshop #namaste #kamaliniyoga

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realyogaru. Из книги ЙИК:
«Весть о том, что тело смертно, застает нас в раннем дет

Из книги ЙИК: «Весть о том, что тело смертно, застает нас в раннем детстве, и всю последующую жизнь мы никак не можем смириться с этой очевидной истиной. Повзрослев, мы обнаруживаем, что у нас есть сердце, печень, суставы, почки, что все это может биться, гнуться, ломаться и всячески портиться. Мы начинаем вслушиваться в глубины своего тела, более далекого, чем космос. Мы не знаем точно, как там с духом, но тело дано нам только один раз. Иногда кажется, что вот когда-то наступит раннее утро, мы выбежим на поляну, вымоемся по пояс ледяной водой, и начнем новую жизнь. Нет, ничего этого не происходит. Мы тянемся к различным стимуляторам, заменителям, возбудителям, угнетателям, и наше тело в ужасе пытается компенсировать эту дрянь, избавиться от нее. В конце концов, оно начинает протестовать, но мы даже не в состоянии понять эти истошные крики, снова заглушая их химикатами, варварской едой, бездеятельностью, бесконечным валянием и лежанием. Мы начинаем бояться своего тела, ожидая от него одних лишь неприятностей. Это глубокое непонимание, возникшее в результате спешки, лености, легкомыслия, мы начинаем называть старением. Сначала в шутку, напрашиваясь на комплименты. Потом уже без всяких шуток, с тревогой. Поэтому только в зрелости человек начинает понимать, что одна из самых светлых радостей жизни – радость владения своим телом» (Ю. Визбор, сочинения, т 2) В возрасте от тридцати пяти до сорока двух лет репродуктивная функция начинает угасать и человек, как представитель вида, теряет свою ценность для природы. Если вовремя не найти общий язык с телом, оно превращается в камеру пыток. Возможность качественного консенсуса с ним предоставляет классическая йога" Подробнее о занятиях классической йоги: http://www.realyoga.ru/class

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marcolagas. Pijn in je schouders? 😔 Pijn in je rug? 😩Zit je lichaam vast?🥴 Heb

Pijn in je schouders? 😔 Pijn in je rug? 😩Zit je lichaam vast?🥴 Heb je stress? 😳Kom gratis een yoga proefles volgen 😊Op maandag- of dinsdagavond in de studio Zoetermeer De Leyens. #Yoga #yogatherapy #yoga4grwth #yogagratis #yogagevorderde #yogaplekjes #rust #meditatie #onthaasten #ontstressen #stressvrij #yogavrienden #yogalovers #adem #stilte #health #wellness #zen #mindfulness #awareness #companssion #yogateacher #vinyasa #yinyoga #yangyoga #rugklachten #nekklachten #Stress #vastzitten #schouderpijn

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YOU are the creator of YOUR world, YOUR reality. Be mindful of what thoughts you allow yourself to think. Be *intentional* of your thoughts and think the thoughts that are best for you. Think the thoughts that will benefit you Did you know if you relive or even just *imagine* yourself going through a bad experience/situation/event in your mind, your brain experiences the thoughts and emotions as if it were truly happening? It’s mind blowing af but yes, your brain does NOT actually know the difference between what’s real in the external world and what you imagine in your mind (More on this soon 😉). And if you allow your brain to revisit these thoughts over and over again, day after day, what do you think will become of you and your reality? My negative thought patterns in the past was the true cause of a lot of bad things I experienced in my (later part of) life. If you knew me back then, you might be saying, “What are you talking about? You were one of the most positive people I knew.” . Although, that might have also been true, being “positive” doesn’t necessarily mean you believe good things for yourself. There were many times I would prepare myself for the worst that can happen based off past trauma, etc; Anticipating it, KNOWING it was going to happen (or happen again), not realizing I was actually sending these thoughts out as signals into the universe, attracting bad things to me - Ultimately, *I* was making bad things happen to myself This is literally how I turned my life around. I recognized this and made a conscious decision to change my thoughts, and ultimately, change my life. It was a long process and no, it was NOT easy. If you’re struggling in any aspect of your life right now, I hope this enlightens you in any way possible 💕✨ . . Follow @vixtoriavee for more life coaching content 💪🏼✨ . . . #yoga4growth #growthmindset #personalgrowthjourney #personaldevelopement #mindsetforgreatness #victoriousvixens #yogaanywhere #yogatherapy #yogabeginner #yogajournal #malibubeach #elmatador #changeyourthoughts #changeyourmind #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife #changeyourmindset #namasteॐ #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #abrahamhicks #drjoedispenza

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