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Look at the positive side 😉Depression is horrible, harmful, and hard, no doubt. Yet, it enables you to look into the depths of your soul, think about yourself, and realize the things that are pushing you forward or pulling you back. ... .... .... .... .... #yoga #yogafun #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogateachers #motivations #innerpower #igyogacommunity #swissyoga #yogasuisse #genevayoga #healthlifestyle #positivevibes #positivethinking #mentalhealthawareness #yogatherapy #nutritioncoach #lifestylecoach #makethechange #wellnesscoach #breathwork #corporatewellness #corporateyoga #coachingonline #coachinglife #strongmindstrongbody #igyoga #trainyourmind #trainyourbody #travelista ...

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yogalooksgood. @yogawithjib 🙏 What does a yoga teacher do on her day off? Practicing

@yogawithjib 🙏 What does a yoga teacher do on her day off? Practicing yoga 😂 . Follow @yogalooksgood for more 💛

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yogalooksgood. @theremoteyogi 🙏 Bendy yoga flow: increase flexibility in your spine!

@theremoteyogi 🙏 Bendy yoga flow: increase flexibility in your spine! . Follow @yogalooksgood for more 💛

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I see

‼️DIFFICULTY WITH TWISTS? TRY THESE T-SPINE MOBILITY DRILLS‼️ . I see it all the time in class. People trying to compensate with their hips and low back to increase rotation.❌ . Here’s the problem...the THORACIC SPINE is where we should be getting the most movement. ✅ . And instead of improving the rotation here...we end up just moving in the path of least resistance through the hips and low back. ‼️ . So in order to isolate the T-SPINE...we need to essentially “lock out” the hips/back first by placing them into FULL flexion (aka child’s pose). 👍🏼 . Then once we re-train the movement here we can re-integrate rotation from a tabletop position...moving into full thread the needle. 🦋 . Try it out and tag a friend to join you! 👫 . VIDEO BREAKDOWN 🎥 ❌ Hip & Low Back Compensation 1️⃣ Childs Pose Rotation 2️⃣ Tabletop Hand to Ear Rotation 3️⃣ Hand to Ear + Thread the Needle . #thebalancedpt #medflowyoga #ptmeetsyoga #thoracicmobility #yogaanatomy #yogatutorials #yogateachertraining #ytt200 #ytt .......................................................................... Join me in Costa Rica for YTT🇨🇷 1️⃣ Level 1: Foundations (Mar 23-30 / May 11-18 / July 27-Aug 3) 2️⃣ Level 2: Teaching Methods (May 18-Jun 1 / Aug 3-17) **Want to deepen your practice? Level 1 is for you. Ready to teach? Take Level 1 + 2 to complete the FULL 200hr 🧘🏼‍♀️🔥 ***Early Bird Registration applies to first 8 spots! Sign up today!!👊🏼

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Imagination is everything. It is the preveiw of life's coming attractions. ~Albert Einstein Wearing: @vayumudra

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✨ Full Blood Moon Eclipse .. What a week! I spend half the week riding the emotional rollercoaster of this full moon/eclipse energy + the other half inverting New Moon + Full Moon Rituals 🤦🏼‍♀️ On the up side, I had a surge of women rising up to hold space for me + I reveled in my community. Every single customer this week made an impact on me. I’m still astounded when I think about all the connections from these days past. .. Tonight is a night for release. To dig deep + identify what isn’t working so we can politely ask it to get out. What is no longer serving you? What emotions or situations have come up since the start of this new year that have you reeling? The answer to what to release lies somewhere in the upheaval we’re experiencing. .. For me, I need to stop MacGyvering myself out of every unwanted feeling that comes up. My constant need to feel comfortable + safe with my emotions is causing anxiety through the roof. A state I can’t bear to live in any longer. Not only is it rocking my boat but I can see it bleeding over to my children + husband. Yuck times infinity. .. My emotional discomfort, these undesired feelings that arise, don’t mean I am insufficient. Leaning in, really leaning into the mucky feelings that manifest most often times in a physical way, are screaming to be free. Just as I am as a human. So let’s see what happens when we loosen the straps + allow ourselves to just observe + allow for awhile. Who’s with me? .. Thank you @theyogaofdesire, @acenteredself and @maggiegentry_ for showing up this week 💕 .. The shop will be closed on Wednesday so I can be with my little one during his very minor out-patient procedure that is still gut wrenching to think about. It’s seriously so small ya’ll, but his sensitive soul needs his family that day. Honestly, my sensitive soul needs to be there for my sanity as well. Keep your eyes peeled for an online sale Wednesday to make up for our physical shop being closed. Happy Full Moon 🌕 .. Photo Credit @ritualsaustin

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aleksandra_yoga. Drink Water, Eat healthy, Do Yoga, Move your body. Read books. Express

Drink Water, Eat healthy, Do Yoga, Move your body. Read books. Express yourself. Smile& Keep moving forward. U deserve, happiness, love& growth! 🧘🏾‍♂️🧡💪🧡🧘🏾‍♂️ ___________________________ Thank U @panosgeorgiou 📸 @adidas

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Good morning! "You have the answer, just get quiet enough to hear it" - Pat Obuchowski 📸 by @sinnegram + Finishing up the wellness day Kerala vlog @grandhyattkochi. It will be up on my YouTube channel this evening. The biggest lesson I learned during my 2015 yoga teacher training in Kochi is that when you have a problem, the answer will usually come by letting go and relaxing. NOT by mulling over it and stressing out. + It takes a lot from me to distance myself from a problem. To park it and focus my attention on calming down. But whenever I do, the answers come naturally and with joy. + Take care of your mental and physical health by taking a break my friends. It truly is the easiest way to get inspired. You'll also find solutions you otherwise may not have come up with.🙏🏻

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_krisyoga. Day 24 #30dayyogajourney Extended Hand-to-big-toe Pose .
One side is

Day 24 #30dayyogajourney Extended Hand-to-big-toe Pose . . One side is usually easily than the other side. We tend to work more often or hold longer with the easier side but indeed we shall spend more time on the difficult side. Agree? 🤓 . 做式子的時候經常會發現一邊身體比另一一邊做得輕鬆,我們會傾向多做空易那邊 (尤其是老師示範時),但其實我們更應多花時間鍛練較弱那方。你覺得呢?💡 . . . Wardrobe: bottom - LITA Asian Fit Earthy Pants from @gaiaholisticliving _ Sponsors and hosts @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial @liforme @Ohmmeapparel @yogagivesback _ . . . . . **************** North Point. @gaiaholisticliving Jan 21, 28, Feb 11, 18, 25 (Mon) 2005-2105 Aerial Yoga. 2110-2210 Stretch & Relaxation. . Tsim Sha Tsui. @fabyogahk . Jan 19, 26 (Sat) 10-11 Aerial Yoga 11-12 Hatha Yoga ******** . #yogi #hkyoga #yogini #fitfam #hkiger #hkig #yogagirl #yogagram #hkyogini #igyoga #fitness #workout #yoga #wellness #運動女孩 #Namaste #健康 #ヨガ #瑜伽 #瑜伽導師 #yogalife #香港瑜伽 #運動 #instayoga #yogainspiration #instayogafam #aerialyoga #空中瑜伽 #yogatherapy

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ashleyb.white. Call me crazy, but do your research on sage before you call me crazy!!

Call me crazy, but do your research on sage before you call me crazy!!!!! 🧘🏽‍♀️😜 #peaceloveandpositivity #sage #yogatherapy

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shineyogaforkids. Spontaneous partner poses in our day! 💗🌟🕉
#kidsyoga #dreamjob #calm

Spontaneous partner poses in our day! 💗🌟🕉 #kidsyoga #dreamjob #calmkids #yogatherapy #creativetherapy #shinebright #mindfulschools

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zenifer_yoga. \"She was never quite ready. But she was brave. And the universe listen

"She was never quite ready. But she was brave. And the universe listens to brave." ~ Rebecca Ray . . . Being somewhere nice realizes how much I really want decent photography equipment

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mcgrover_. Body image.

It's been engrained in my head for probably 20 years.  I

Body image. It's been engrained in my head for probably 20 years. I don't know the exact moment or thing that happened, but I can remember suddenly noticing other girls' bodies. Her thighs are smaller than mine. My shoulders are bigger than hers. And from then on it was like a record that was stuck on repeat. For 20 years my life has been controlled by food and exercise. Food restrictions, food binges, crash diets...you name it. I hate how I've spent those years fixating on my outside appearance... but it's gotten me to where I am now. I am the same strong woman on the right. I have the same broad shoulders. My hips are exactly the same on the left...fashion just helps to suck things in. Today I did yoga because my body needed it...not because I felt like I needed to burn more calories. I'm having a piece of leftover wedding cake later because it's freaking amazing...and it's nourishing my body and soul in more ways than an apple would. Some Wednesday stream of consciousness from the soul. . . . #BodyLove #BodyImage #YogaTherapy #YogaPants #BodyPositive #LoveYourself #EatingDisorder #IntuitiveEating

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yogadenjax. Are you stressed out, and finding it hard to relax?

During our Mind B

Are you stressed out, and finding it hard to relax? During our Mind Body classes, slowing down, breathing deeply and opening your body is the main focus! Physical, mental and emotional relaxation is waiting for you. . . . #yogatribe #yogatherapy #yogavibes #yogaliving #yogagoals #yogafam #yogabody #YogaDen #Jacksonville #FlemingIsland #Southside #Avondale #SanPablo #ShoppesOfBayard #Florida #FL #jax #relax #stressrelief #Mindbody #relaxation

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josephlauricellayoga. You don't always need an hour long yoga class to have a yoga practice.

You don't always need an hour long yoga class to have a yoga practice. A simple 5-10 minute daily practice will plug you into source. Don't think about yoga as stretching or fitness, that's a byproduct. Breathe in as you open the front of the body, pause, breathe out as you engage the belly rounding forward, pause, begin again. The breath leads the way, the body follows. No fuss, no forcing, feel good, feel more! #yogatherapy #yogabreathing #yogapractice #heartofyoga #breathingpractice

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spiral_yoga. Setting an intention to do something doesn't necessarily make it easy

Setting an intention to do something doesn't necessarily make it easy and feeling as though I needed a direction has helped me to feel more focused. I wondered what it is I would post on social media in respect of spiral yoga and my journey but knew it had to feel authentic and genuine to me. The 'journey' we take in our yoga practice is so important to me and so I felt perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning of the journey I have taken so far and explain what yoga is for me: Yoga is the second most vital action that has enabled me to feel a profound sense of connection to myself. It is second to art as I discovered it later in life but, like art, It has allowed me to feel that I can inhabit my own body. It has helped me to build a greater awareness of myself and find strength in who I am. I have been able to regulate my emotions more readily and clam the feelings of chaos that existed for me both internally and externally. . . . . #yogaformentalhealth #yogaforwellness #yogaforconnection #yogaforhealth #yogaforlife #yogaformind #yogaformindandbody #yogaformindbodysoul #yogablessings #salisburyyoga #yogasalisbury #salisbury #yogalife #yogahealing #yogajourney #yogatherapy

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YOGA WORKSHOP FOR EATING DISORDER RECOVERY THIS SATURDAY in NYC! 💫 . Recovering from an eating disorder is a fierce task that requires an incredible amount of grit and resolve. Between attending appointments while keeping up with school, work, and family obligations as well as the sheer energy it takes to follow through on self-care, recovery can feel like an uphill battle, an exhausting fight. Can you relate? 💫 . Creating pockets of peace amid the daily efforts of recovery is essential to replenish your energy and bring calm to your mind. Just as important is learning how to transform “fight” energy” into a more peaceful mindset as you navigate the challenges of recovery. 💫 . In yoga, the archetype of the peaceful warrior is one who relies on virtues like presence, clarity, and resilience to confront life’s twists and turns. The peaceful warrior builds her arsenal of strength, courage, and bravery to overcome fear and attend to the challenges of recovery. 💫 . In this yoga workshop, you will learn simple, peaceful yoga practices that restore your energy, build inner strength, calm anxiety, and connect you with your body in compassionate ways. If you are ready to feel more peaceful in your mind, body, and recovery, this yoga workshop is for you. 💫 .  This 2-hour workshop includes a vibrant mix of discussion, reflection, and yoga practices on the theme of becoming a peaceful warrior in eating disorder recovery. No yoga experience is needed and supports of those attending are welcome. 💫 . A few spots are left, and I would love for you to be there! To learn more and register https://bit.ly/2zzrJQP or direct message me. 💫 🙏 #yogaforeatingdisorders #yoga4eatingdisorders #yogaforeatingdisorderrecovery #yoga4eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery #BEDRecovery #ednosrecovery #recoveryispossible #EDrecovery #eatingdisorders #recovery #yoga #yogatherapy #yogapractice #bodymindfulyoga #yogaworkshop #yogatraining #NYC #nycyoga #yoganyc #mentalhealth

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linayoga.therapie.monde. Les postures où les pieds touchent, \"donnent un coup\" à la tête symbol

Les postures où les pieds touchent, "donnent un coup" à la tête symbolisent le fait de faire taire le mental... Ceci libère ainsi du passé, du futur, des désirs, de l'impatience... En créant un arc à la grâce de notre corps, nous renforçons, nous assouplissons notre colonne vertébrale. Nous formons un cercle signifiant le cycle de la vie, nous rappelant que nous sommes éternels et que dans cet espace, nous avons le choix de le remplir infiniment de tout ce que nous aimons. Nous imitons aussi le chaton qui, avec son souple tronc, se laisse porter en toute sérénité dans la gueule de sa maman ! Oui ! Nous faisons pareillement avec la Perfection. Nous nous laissons entraîner par le courant de l'Amour et nous redécouvrons les enfants caressés, bénis que nous sommes du généreux Ciel bienveillant ♥️💎♥️ Nous continuons à planer de notre réalité fruitée #bethelove

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yoga.savage. I've been slowing it down in my classes lately focusing more within th

I've been slowing it down in my classes lately focusing more within the moments we create from pose to pose with our breath, rather than what we are working towards. The journey is far greater than the destination. Join me at 6:30 tomorrow morning at @oasisyogadenver and let's focus on the moments we create with our breath. Find stillness and solace with me. We'll start slow with restorative postures, move into our vinyasa practice and finish with a guided meditation. Let's create moments together and enjoy them because those moments will never be the same. 🙏 * * * #yogasavage #yoga #findstillness #findbalance #yogajourney #yogaaddict #yogatherapy #yogatribe #restorativeyoga #vinyasapractice #meditationpractice #denveryoga #coloradoyoga #yogastudent #yogateacher #yoga4all #inwardjourney #pranayama #liveinyourmoment #bepresent

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YOGA & EATING DISORDER TRAINING THIS SATURDAY in NYC! A few spots are left! 💫 . If you are a yoga teacher and/or mental health professional who has completed at least a 200-hour yoga teacher training and wish to increase your awareness of how yoga supports eating disorder recovery, I invite you to join me and @yogishrink for a 3-hour training that combines a vibrant mix of discussion, reflection, and simple yoga practices that you can immediately apply in your life and work. 💫 . To learn more and register, go tohttps://bit.ly/2Ei9Bi7 or dircet message me. 💫 🙏 #yogaforeatingdisorders #yoga4eatingdisorders #yogaforeatingdisorderrecovery #yoga4eatingdisorderrecovery #EDrecovery #recovery #bodymindfulyoga #yogatherapy #yogapractice #yogaworkshop #eatingdisorders #eatingdisorderrecovery #nyc #nycyoga #yoga #yoganyc

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3yogaokinawa. 24Jan2019 ☞ #お知らせ 

24Jan2019 ☞ #お知らせ #おはようございます . 2月もSpecialなクーポンあります♡ お楽しみに⸝⸝⸝⸝◟̆◞̆♡ . . 引き続き1月は☟ . ▶Plus+ONE 1 Coupon◀ をご利用いただけます . 今年こそは新しい事を始めたい! 体のメンテナンスやメンタルケアをしたい! ストレスに負けない自分を目指したい! 私だって癒されたい! など…事訳色々あれどスンナリ行動に移せない(ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ³ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥) そんな時、一人では進めなくてもきっと誰かと一緒なら出来るかも(o^^o) . このCouponは、あなたにとっての『プラス+1』になる方と共に是非ご利用ください♡ . 氣になった方は是非!詳細をご確認の上、直接DMにてお問い合わせくださいませ◡̈⋆ . ▶Plus+ONE 1 Coupon◀ +ご利用期間 2019年1月3日〜31日 +ご利用時間 60分 (事前カウンセリングが別途10分程あります) +料金 お2人様で4000縁 (通常ドロップイン料金お一人様3000縁のところ、期間中のみプラス1000縁でお2人様ご利用可能) +ご利用対象 カップルやご夫婦、親子にお友達、同僚など…お2人様ならご利用可能 +ご予約時間、場所 お問い合わせの際にお伝え致します . . . . #3yogaokinawa #yogatherapy #information #yoga #comingsoon #febrary #january #2019 #1 #2 #instagram #insta #okinawa #japan #makeyousmile #イベント #ヨガ #スペシャル #クーポン #2月 #1月 #お問い合わせ #ご予約 #インスタ #インスタグラム #沖縄 #おきなわ. . ࿐ Yoga Therapy 3yoga ࿐ ✑ 3threeyoga@gmail.com ✑ お問い合わせはDMからも承っております

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yotherarise. What is Yoga Therapy? It's a holistic process used by mental health th

What is Yoga Therapy? It's a holistic process used by mental health therapists that uses both yogic and modern therapeutic approaches to deepen a client's self-awareness and presence. Want to know more? Check out our website for more info. 🙏 #yogatherapy #boiseyoga #mentalhealth #holistichealing

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Use the breath and postures to help and heal - #ashtanga #yogatherapy

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yogawithmarylin. Check out my adorable and crazy smart physical therapist being feature

Check out my adorable and crazy smart physical therapist being featured on the news! The yoga wall has definitely changed my life and has helped so many people I know heal their bodies. And Jenn is an amaaaazing PT and yoga teacher if you're in the market for one! Reposted from @embodyptyoga_sandiego #yogaeverydamnday #fallinlovewithtakingcareofyourself #yogawall #physicaltherapy #yogatherapy #sopunny #positivevibes

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al_stand_. Thoracic & Shoulder mobility

Thoracic & Shoulder mobility

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23/365 Thinking of Koh Phangan where I did a Vipassana last year. Just sitting, being still, meditating, emptying the mind. Within this stillness a lot of answers come up. Just be patient, accept and have no expectations. It doesn’t happen right away. And no day is like another. But a regular practice helps. Also this, is yoga 🙏🏻✨ . . . 🔹 #yogalife #yogalove #yogini #yogaliebe #yogamünchen #munichgirl #yogastudent #yogateacher #yogaeverydamnday #spiritjunkie #businessyoga #yogainspiration #yogapractice #dailyom #yogaphotography #yogagirl #yogafit #yogatherapy #yogaeverywhere #igyogacommunity #igersyoga #wildthingyoga #meditation #raiseyourvibration #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #spiritualawakening #gypsy #kohphangan #illusion #meditation

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journey_mypromil. PERBEDAAN KISTA & MIOM

Kista dan miom seringkali dianggap sama. Padah

PERBEDAAN KISTA & MIOM Kista dan miom seringkali dianggap sama. Padahal, dua tumor jinak yang bersarang diorgan reproduksi perempuan ini berbeda 180 derajat. Meski sama-sama menyerang organ reproduksi perempuan, namun kista dan miom memiliki perbedaan yang cukup signifikan. Memang banyak yang masih bingung membedakan kedua jenis penyakit yang tergolong dalam tumor jinak ini. Padahal, begitu banyak prinsip-prinsip yang berlainan, termasuk dari posisi, bentuk, hingga keluhan. Kista itu tumor yang berisi cairan. Ia memiliki beberapa jenis, misalnya kista endometriosis yang isinya cairan kecokelatan, kista dermoid yang terdiri dari jaringan-jaringan tubuh, ada juga kista simplex yang isinya hanya berupa cairan bening. Sementara miom adalah tumor jinak yang terdiri dari serabut-serabut otot polos myometrium . "Jadi ada pertumbuhan sel-sel otot di dalam rahim yang tidak normal. Ia berbentuk seperti kumparan, lama-lama berputar hingga menyerupai bola," tambahnya. Hal-hal yang juga menjadi pembeda penyakit kista dan miom. Pertama, terlihat dari lokasi gumpalan. Kista terletak di indung telur, bisa di bagian kiri, kanan, atau keduanya. Sedangkan miom itu posisinya di rahim. Ia ada di tengah alat kelamin perempuan atau istilah medisnya terletak di uterus. Ia bisa berada di permukaan rahim, di tengah rahim, atau di dalam rahim. Perbedaan kedua, dapat dilihat dari bentuk atau kandungan di dalamnya. Pada miom, terdapat serabut-serabut otot yang padat dan berbentuk bulat. Gumpalan menyerupai batu ini tidak memiliki pangkal atau inti, melainkan hanya serabut otot yang permukaannya dapat dikupas. Sementara kista, isinya sudah pasti cairan. "Makanya ketika operasi, dia bisa langsung diangkat tapi bisa juga disedot dulu cairannya baru sisanya diambil. Jadi, bentuknya selalu seperti itu. Tidak akan mungkin menjadi terbalik, misalnya kista tapi padat atau miom tapi cair. Lalu, hal ketiga yang membedakan dapat dilihat dari keluhan yang dirasaka perempuan. Kista dapat dideteksi dari rasa nyeri saat haid hari pertama atau kedua, serta adanya rasa nyeri saat berhubungan seksual. Bahkan pada beberapa kasus, kista juga menyebabkan rasa nyeri di luar siklus haid.

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