hippie_heathen. EPIC ADVENTURES + EGO:
Thing is, I could’ve complained about how my

EPIC ADVENTURES + EGO: . Thing is, I could’ve complained about how my toes were uneven, and how this shot didn’t capture my feet touching my head, and blah blah blah... . Ok honestly, for like 30 secs I DID start to think these thoughts. Lol! BUT very quickly I acknowledged that my EGO decided to join the party... It tried to remind me of all the ways this(I) could have been “better”... 😒. I said to my ego: “PAUSEEEE! 🤚🏾No ma’am.” *ego quieted back down.* . Acknowledgement + Redirection. . Upon a second, more mindful look at this shot, it reminded me: . ▫️ that I’m literally at the top of a mountain, attempting this insane pose that I’d NEVER tried before, and I thought...”Well how more badass would you like to be Tie?” Lol! . ▫️of the most incredible time I had with @koyawebb. We ended up changing our flights to stay an extra day in Palm Springs to hangout; while AT the airport talking our heads off, missed our connecting flight back to Atlanta, so we laughed, ate, and talked some more. Lol! . With the same identical birthdays, we realized very quickly that we’re basically the same person. 😂 Strong-willed (also reads stubborn), ambitious, intelligent, loyal (sometimes to a fault), a lover with a HUGE heart, but equally a warrior who takes no shit 🦁🔥♥️. . Alladat to say....I’m grateful for the pauses that bring me back to peace, the beautiful reflections of myself I see in others, the courage-filled adventures, but MOSTLY for my ability to CHOOSE to see these things... that’s the real work. That’s the real beauty. . 📸: @spencerbentley_creates

yogavika. Es ist soweit 🤗😍✨
In Zusammenarbeit mit YogaKioo starten wir im Früh

Es ist soweit 🤗😍✨ In Zusammenarbeit mit YogaKioo starten wir im Frühling 2019 die Internationale 280 Stunden Hatha Yoga Lehrerausbildung welches aus 3 Modulen besteht. Diese Ausbildung bietet weitaus mehr als die vom internationalen Standart gebotenen. Im 1. Modul tauchen wir ein in die wundervolle Welt der Yoga Methode und lernen die geheimen Bedeutungen des 8 gliedrigen Pfades von Patanjali. Ziel des 1. Moduls ist es unsere Gedanken von Täuschungen zu isolieren und an das Wahre zu richten. „Was ist das Wahre? Was ist das Vergängliche?“ Genau um dies zu Unterscheiden werden wir unseren Geist und Körper trainieren. Den 1. Modul können alle besuchen, die diese tiefgründige Lehre erfahren und ihre Yogapraxis auf einen höheren Level bringen möchten... ... weitere Infos in den Kommentaren ➡️Startdatum folgt in kürze 😉 . 💫Wearing my favourite ,Sunrise hour’ yoga clothes by @itsmanji . . . #yoga #yogi #yogagirl #yogalove #yogalehrerausbildung #yogapractice #practicedaily #yogateacher #teachertraining #ashtanga #yogalife #selfpractice #yogalehrer #yogamünchen #yogamunich #loveyourself #münchen #yogajournalgermany #hathayoga #yogasutras #hatha #raja #selfpractice #journey #journeytomyself #iamthechange #queenofmylife #yogakioo #yogavika


Oturarak poz verme calışmaları.. 🧘🏼‍♀️

yogafeature. Today's @yogafeature by @yogoskenz
From Saturday. After running 6

Today's @yogafeature by @yogoskenz ———— From Saturday. After running 6m in the mountains in 90°F sun, showering with the cold hose, air drying in the heat while doing yoga in the shade to @trevorhallmusic new album. . . Little did I know jack was behind me picking his nose 😂🙈🤣 . . I was just happy because I did this press 3x in a row and nailed it each time, and since then I’ve played more with it and it seems that we’re finally starting to become friends. 🙌🏽 I’ve found I do it better after a hard leg work out, like when my hips and quads and legs are real warm. . . For me, doing this press is a dream come true. I remember thinking that THIS was THEEE ultimate press. Like if I could do this, i made it 😂 But there’s always more to learn. Like a seated pike press. 😳 or lolasana. Or lotus - that ones still SO hard for me. But for now, I’ll just become real friendly with this one. 🤗🙌🏽 . . It’s good to dream about things. Want things. Then work for it. Then get there. But you have to start somewhere, you know? || Yogoskenz.com || @thefityogitrainer || . . My outfit is @aloyoga 💫I forgot how much I, 1. Love this color. 2. Love matching. 3. Love this tank top style (cover tank). I need another one.... 🤔 . . . . . . #thefityogitrainer #momlife #yogapractice #yogaflow #strong #fit #fitfam #yoga #yogalife #yogalove #yogi #yogamom #handstand #goodvibes #summer #fitness #fitspo #fitmom #fitspiration #transformationtuesday ———— Follow @yogafeature 🙏 .

yoga.addictgirl. I'm the one who have injured once 😭 I'm strengthening my forearms and

I'm the one who have injured once 😭 I'm strengthening my forearms and back muscle 💪🏻😢 - Teacher: @aurorabowkett ・・・ BAD WRISTS?! USE YOUR FOREARMS! . . I always hear yogis saying how their wrists hurt, how they’ve injured themselves or maybe a flow is just very “wrist heavy” and it’s left their wrists feeling sore. But they never know what they can do as - yes - a lot of our postures or transitions require our hands and wrists. My advice? Use your forearms! . Yes - this may sound simple but it’s often something people don’t think to do. Ive seen pupils power through sun salutations and flows with injured wrists, not once thinking to use the other non injured part of their arms - before my cue. Unfortunately this could lead to some nasty repercussions as our wrists - being the delicate joints that they are - don’t like to be bashed about and once badly injured you could be looking at months of recovery or even years. . . So next time you feel your wrist start to say STOP, have a listen and lower down on your forearms - I promise you can do a lot more down there then you think! . . working on your forearms can actually make you open and strengthen more in your shoulders so even if your wrists are in full health try adding this into your practice for a little variation ☺️ and shoulder 🔥! 👏💪🏼


Do the scary thing first, then get scared later. 🔥💪🏼🎩🧡🚨‼️🚧 Shorts by @mybubblebum Thigh high socks by @sockdreams Photo by @dtufino_photo


Kitchen flow inspired by @jessicaolie - since I’m feeling super extra in her new sweatshirt 💕

lifeyogamel. LAST CHANCE to grab your discounted ticket for a Summer Retreat!! A ma

LAST CHANCE to grab your discounted ticket for a Summer Retreat!! A massive $100 off your ticket if you’re booked up by midnight tonight! Think...no cooking, thinking or planning required! 🥦🥦🥦 Link in bio to make your deposit!! . . . . #yoga #yogaretreat #bawleypoint #southcoastnsw #retreat #rest #relaxation #yogalove 🥙 @lovelifeandglutenfree 🏠 @bawleybushretreat


All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. -T.E. Lawrence. —. This quote has motivated me during long sleepless nights. For me, moving in the direction of my dreams has never been easy.....but becoming fun. I’m so thankful for everything. Even my past............................. #lovelife #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitlife #fitspiration #health #yogaeverydamnday #healthylife #healthylifestyle #namaste #gains #yogalove #fitnessmotivation #yogalife #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #inversion #handstand #yogainspiration #igyoga #yogapractice #balance #fitnessjourney #quotes


I loved the stability of this one. Not as scary as previous. Easier to explore the lift and lengthen without the fear / panic factor 🙏🏻🙏🏻 . What I didn’t love so much was the first camera angle. My phone, shoved in my shoe, stuck on a log 🙄🤣Can you relate?! . Day 2️⃣0️⃣ of #KapotasanaRules with @cyogalife ➡️ #ViparitaDandasana variant . #yoga #yogi #yogini #igyoga #yogalove #yogapractice #poseoftheday #asana #yogagirl #yogamotivation #flexibility #yogapose #yogagoals #keeppracticing #yogachallenge #yogaphoto #iloveyoga #myyogalife #bendyyoga


This week we are focusing on standing poses 🙏🏻 Thursday’s beginners course with Sam also commences this week 🙆🏻‍♀️ ••• ➡️ Thursday Beginner’s: 5.30-6.30 pm, starts 25th October 2018 with Sam (special price available through our Yoga for Teens Course) ••• Monday timetable: - Level 1: 9.30 - 10.45am (Jo) - Level 1: 6.00 - 7.10pm (Stephanie) - Levels 2: 7.15 - 8.40pm (Stephanie) ••• For more info see link in bio. #hillsyogaschool

namastekyrie. “If we're destroying our trees and destroying our environment and hurt

“If we're destroying our trees and destroying our environment and hurting animals and hurting one another and all that stuff, there's got to be a very powerful energy to fight that. I think we need more love in the world. We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” ~ @EllenDeGeneres ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I feel like ☝️ she summed it up best...something I love about myself is how much I love LOVE...I try to sprinkle that sh💩t EVERYWHERE💕 I’m not perfect but i really do my best to live the most compassionate life I can, for the humans🧘🏼‍♀️, the animals🦄, and our planet 🌎 🌍 🌏 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Day 1 of #neverALOnewestand ✨ 📸: @briankoehn ・・・ ⠀ ✨CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT✨ ⠀ Bullying is never okay. October is National Bullying Prevention month, and we want to stand as a yoga community AGAINST bullying and FOR kindness. ⠀ Join us for 10 days of standing poses October 20-30th as we take a stand against bullying. ⠀ ✨How to play: Follow all hosts and sponsors. Use the #neverALOnewestand Repost this flyer and tag some friends to join. Post a picture each day with our pose; all props and modifications welcome! For Days 1-5 tell us something you love about yourself. For Days 6-10 tell us something you love about someone else. Set your profile to public so we can see. ⠀ ✨Hosts: @bentley.likethecar @freckled_yogi @gentlesoulyogi @kelleyapril @warriorfromwithin @skclay86 ⠀ ✨Generous Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves ⠀ ✨Pose Lineup: 1. Goddess 2. Warrior 2 3. Tree 4. Wide-legged forward fold 5. Triangle 6. Dancer 7. Super soldier 8. Extended Side Angle 9. Warrior 3 10. Half Moon or Sugar Cane

mymint_tk. เสริมสร้างพลังด้วนบวกทั้งความคิดและเยียวยาร่างกาย #ฉันรักตัวเอง #lovem

เสริมสร้างพลังด้วนบวกทั้งความคิดและเยียวยาร่างกาย #ฉันรักตัวเอง #lovemylife #เราจะสุขภาพดีไปด้วยกัน #yoga #yogalove


Getting somewhere is not the same thing as fully arriving... After we got here yesterday, I felt like I was sleep walking the rest of the day. I was in the twilight zone. Not fully arrived yet. Only after a good night’s sleep, and a meditation practice this morning I feel fully present. I love to use the analogy of an airplane: there is a difference between the landing (the approach), the touchdown, and the arrival at the gate. I’m sure the spa day we’ve planned for today will make me feel like a hundred bucks, before work starts on Wednesday! • • #lifeofayogateacher #travellife #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #mindfulness #meditation #present #neverstopexploring #gypsysoul #yinyogateachertraining #yogalove #travel #thailand

clarityandharmony. \"Intentions have the power to remodel the brain\" - our #guruManoj @kai

"Intentions have the power to remodel the brain" - our #guruManoj @kaimal.manoj reminded us yesterday as we delved into #brainanatomy yesterday at #ManasaYoga #sundaymusings ❤ All the more reason for us to set and be guided by skillful intentions daily ❤ Being adorned with intentions helps me with my intentions #practice to ground periodically #atha and to wish all well #ahimsa #love4all ❤ Exclusive made-to-order handcrafted Intention Adornments on our website ClarityAndHarmony.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - #intentionadornments #silverandleather #bracelet #loveandlight #clarity #luckyyogi #yogaeveryday #yogalife #wearyourintentions #clarityandharmony #yogalove #lovelife #jewelry #handcrafted #madewithlove #wholesomelife #intentioninspired #inspiredliving #piecesoflove #lifeofayogi #wisdomwords #powerofwords

hari__lang2. •
블랑이가 옆에 오면서 
그냥그냥 스트레칭😀😀😈
원래 입던옷같은 편하고 귀여운#레이나

• 블랑이가 옆에 오면서 그냥그냥 스트레칭😀😀😈 💚평온한오후 . 원래 입던옷같은 편하고 #레이나 #즐거운변화


Some days I hold my kids and my chest could burst from how much I love them. Thatcher is SO EXCITED for Halloween and his excitement makes all of the holidays new. Being a parent is exhausting and hard. It’s also so sweet. . . #InvertOrBend5 . . *️⃣Hosts: ⬇️ @__sil_06 ↩️ @kittyfhloe . . . *️⃣Sponsors: @vayumudra @szmalas @thesamadhiinitiative @yobaby_hk @narabellabrand . . . . *️⃣List of poses: Day 1: ⬇️Downdog ↩️Standing backbend Day 2: ⬇️Crow ↩️Bow Day 3: ⬇️Headstand ↩️Dancer Day 4: ⬇️Pincha ↩️Hero Day 5: ⬇️Handstand ↩️King pigeon Day 6: ⬇️Any funky inversion ↩️Cobra Day 7: ⬇️↩️Your choice . . . . . . #forearmfriday #forearmstand #inversionjunkie #scorpionpose #yogastrong #postpartumyoga #postpartumbody #sandiegoyoga #sandiego #yogi #yogagirl #yoga #yogajourney #yogalove #fitmom #yogamom #yogainspiration #yogaoutside #yogaart #yogachallenge #igyoga #practiceandalliscoming #asana #namaste #yogapose #practiceyoga #yogapractice #liquidoactive #iwearliquido


“Throughout high school, I worked out like crazy. I was always trying to seek approval based on how I looked. If I didn’t sweat one day, I felt like I failed because my looks meant everything to me. Modo taught me how to love myself from the inside––something I had never done before. My relationship with myself and with others started changing for the better and I started embracing whatever life would throw at me. After a few years of practicing, I took the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in LA to keep learning and growing. It was an incredible experience but it was also something that would someday literally save my life. On May 9, 2018, I was set on fire during a gas explosion when a friend tried to ignite a fire lantern. 35% of my body burned to a 3rd degree. When it happened, I ran frantically in panic. In a split second, my body had been engulfed in flames. As the fire started spreading up my arms to my head, I raised my arms to protect my face, took three slow breaths, and then held it until I heard the fire sizzle out. I kept telling myself to stay calm, to focus on my breathing and to trust the universe. I think my ability to keep calm amidst chaos saved me. I woke up a month later from my coma. The pain was torture. My 24 year old body, that I had worked so hard for was destroyed. I couldn’t look at myself without crying. I had to learn how to walk, eat and drink again. But I heard Ezmy’s voice from MYTT saying “just trust your journey.” So I chose patience. I chose to shift my perspective to appreciate what I do have instead of focusing on what I lost. The doctors said that yoga was the best thing I could have ever done. My skin and body was so loose and supple that it gave me another chance at life and made the physical and mental experience of healing so much easier. I was released 4 months before the doctors predicted! You never know what life is going to throw at you, but whatever it is, you can overcome it. I chose Modo then, and I’d choose it again––every. single. day. I’m so grateful to Modo for giving me the tools I need to survive in the world. Keep going!” —Hana (Ottawa, Canada) #ModoVoices


Aloha!☀ . ハワイサップヨガ協会のサップヨガティーチャーズトレーニングに参加されていた皆様の【プロフィール写真撮影】を担当させていただきました🌊🌴 . . 茅ヶ崎でご活躍のJUNさん。 @skyyogajun . 笑顔が印象的な可愛い先生です。 お近くの方は是非会いに行って下さい。 . . ――――――――――――――― . ヨガの撮影は、RYT200修了(ヨガインストラクター)のフォトグラファーMikiへお任せ下さい。 . ポーズ名がわかるので、コミュニケーションが取りやすい。完成形がわかるので、シャッターチャンスを逃さない。アジャストも可能。等のメリットあり。 . あなたを素敵にお撮り致します📷✨ . ――――――――――――――― . . . #ヨガ #ヨガインストラクター #サップヨガインストラクター #ハワイ #パークヨガ