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*Sutra neti* In sutra neti, a length of wet cotton string is carefully and gently inserted through the nose and into the mouth. The end is then pulled out of the mouth and while holding both ends at once the string is alternately pulled in and out of the nose and sinuses. It is used to clear the nose and also to remove nasal polyps. Benefits of sutra neti • Relief from muscular tension in the face • calms and soothes brain • alleviates anxiety anger and depression • stimulation of nerve endings in nose improves sense of smell and general health • induction of sense of harmony and balance in mind and body through balancing both nostrils and brain hemispheres It is important to listen to the body and not force more than what comes naturally. Precautions: not to be performed in case of chronic nose bleeding or nasal ulcers polyps. #yogi #yogaeverywhere #shatkarma #kriyayoga #sutra #sutraneti #hathyoga #loveyourself #yoga #yogagram #yogateacher #yogaknowledge #yogamotivation #yogapose #yogachallenge #yogapants #yogafun #yogasana #yogavibes #yogini #yogaforeveryone #yogalife #yogajourney #yogapractice #yogaoffthemat #yogaplace #fitnessfolks #fitnessmodel #like4like #follow

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leenadc. I always get asked in my classes what is The difference between Hatha

I always get asked in my classes what is The difference between Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga? Here you #yoga #yogalove #hathayoga #vinyasaflow #movementiamedicine #yogaposes #yogaknowledge

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thesnugonthefarm. This weeks pose of the week is, Savasana

The pose that’s known as “th

This weeks pose of the week is, Savasana The pose that’s known as “the one we all really come for!” We can sometimes start class in this pose but we always finish in it...a chance for the body to fully release into the earth and allow the nervous system to drop. A lot of people are fearful of or embarrassed when they fall asleep...DONT BE...this is your time to rest, to let the practice do its work. Savasana could be seen as one of or the most important posture of the practice as it’s the space and time where everything settles. The energy lines that have been opened release and relax, the mind can still and the body can rest. There are many ways to lay in Savasana, and it’s important you get yourself comfortable, if you have a tight back a bolster under the knees (picture 2) can help relieve pressure and soften the lower spine. If you want to settle into your root chakra a bit more souls of the feet together and knees dropped open (blocks or cushions can be placed under the knees)(picture 3). A bolster under the spine length ways can be a deep heart opener and is a great way to start the class if you’re feeling tight or restricted in your chest as it opens the lungs to help the deeper fuller breath (picture 3). A heavy blanket over your body or legs can be a way of calming the nervous system and helping you settle, it behaves like a baby swaddle and takes the body back to its womb like state, if you struggle with keeping the eyes relaxed and closed pop an eye pillow on as this will relax the face muscles and all the tiny muscles in the eyes (great for those who stare at computers all day or do a lot of driving) If laying on your back is just plain uncomfortable you can lay on your side, with your knee bent up like in the recovery position, this knee can rest on a bolster, and this is great if you are pregnant or have hip problems. Ultimately there are many ways we can “lay” and allow our body to rest, make sure you find “your” way that feels good for you. And don’t be afraid to ask, or play around with the different props available. @equine.alchemy . . . Pictures taken by @seh__photography

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Are there certain areas in your life where you could be more moderate? It could be food, work, TV, yoga, training, and so on. Choose one at a time and begin to moderate its use. . . . . . #Moderation #Brahmacharya #YyogaPower #YogaKnowledge #YogaChoices #PositiveTendenciesYogaPractice #YogaEnergy #YogaLife #Yoga #GroupTraining #Dance #BoutiquesToDo #Markham 👌🏼👌🏼🙌🏼

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You can only achieve your dream if you believe in yourself. I have spent many years going to different yoga trainings to become a yoga teacher. Yoga is my passion to live by and to share💜 But the past 10 weeks I decided to pull all my education together to be a better version of myself and a teacher. Thank you @bekkablue for guiding me through the 200 hr ytt Such a fun journey . I can say my yoga family grew💜🥰 so much love and compassion from everyone who completed this journey with me! 💜Namaste #yoga #yogateacher #yogaknowledge #attitudeofgratitude #yogajourney #bepresent #believeinyourself #goals #dreams #openyourheart

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🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ 11am Sunday yoga flow this morning at the loft. Well done to those to did spin, did a tough boxfit with @palmert , and then this session after ⚡💆‍♀️❇🧘‍♀️

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wildyogatribe. Day 40: The Body Parts in Sanskrit ⭐️ For the full video head on over

Day 40: The Body Parts in Sanskrit ⭐️ For the full video head on over to YouTube or FB!! Shoutout to @pratap.rawat for being such an incredible teacher!

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“To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” – Lao Tzu @melissasmithwilkinson is in the building uploading knowledge for downloading. #restorativeyoga

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Day 39: Sanskrit Tips

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#weightedblanket + #savasana #savasanaismyfavorite #śavāsana quiets the #koshas so we also invited the #ajnachakra to #relax with a #sandbag from @yogamartmarj the #cooling and #healing that takes hold in #restorativeyoga is the reason I #namaste #privateyoga #yogaprivate #privateyogaclass if you’ve never worked one on one with your #favoriteyogateacher it is worth the investment. Working solo means it’s all about YOU! I gift at least one #complimentary private class to the regular #yogastudent to make the #groupyoga more individually relevant. You give me 45 minutes alone and I can cue you better in a class of 30 strangers you get extra love! I call you out in plain sight using our secret code. For example, if your dog is named Tango, bend your right knee as we discussed in your private session. This is me selfishly making my job easier ‘cause I know your body better and me selflessly downloading #yogaknowledge into your body the way you download and apps into your phone. Only this #yoga is a brain body rewire & not an annoying technology mishmash! Just here to #makelifebetter for you so you can #savetheworld because I cannot do it alone #namaste

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leelayogagame. 4th step  of @leelayogagame is “Greed”. Because of the sense of separa

4th step of @leelayogagame is “Greed”. Because of the sense of separation that arises in each born being, the player begins to strive for satisfaction. To perform some function in this world, the player must first ensure the satisfaction of his physical needs. To participate in the #leelayogagame , he must eat, have a place to rest, clothes. Material survival is the main concern of the player at the level of the first chakra. When a player mixes his feelings of dissatisfaction and the need for material survival, greed appears. Even after receiving everything necessary for life, he still feels emptiness. Greed comes from uncertainty, and uncertainty comes from the wrong identification of one’s self. If a player does not believe in God, he does not believe in providence. A cage of #greed is the tail of a serpent of #jelousy . Greed makes the player short-sighted. He does not understand that greed is ultimately meaningless. Sooner or later, all material goods remain beyond the threshold: either when we renounce them at will, or when death comes. However, greed may be a virtue in the path of #spiritualgrowth if one becomes greedy for #spiritualexperience, #knowledge and love. . ‼️ Order 🛍 your master piece Leela board game of self knowledge in our Etsy shop! @leelayogagame 🛳 Free 🌎 shipping‼️ . .

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wildyogatribe. Day 38: Is it important to know yoga pose names in Sanskrit?

Day 38: Is it important to know yoga pose names in Sanskrit?

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Soooo excited for this next project!🌈 Make sure to be on the look out for the early bird special from either myself or Bodylift Fitness 😁 WE ARE DOING A WEEKEND CHAKRA SERIES . #yoga #yogachakra #dickinsonnd #yogi #yogaposes #yogaforall #yogaforlife #yoginspiration #yogisofinstagram #yogagirl #yogagram #yogasana #yogapractice #chakras #chakrashealing #chakraseries #namaste #yogaknowledge #seeyouthere

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Gomukhasana! This posture benefits the joints, especially in sedentary persons who risk stiffening of leg joints. It decontracts the knees, ankles, hips and shoulders. The pulling action of hands also expands the chest cavity. Relax competely after this posture. Very good posture for urinary disorders or genetals related problems . . . . #gomukhasana #instayoga #yogasanabenefits #igyoga #igyogacommunity #yoga-health #igyogafamily #yogaforhealth #yogasana #yogawellness #yogaknowledge #yogalifestyle #yogavibes #yogaoutdoor #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere

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षट्कर्म:-(अर्थात् 'छः कर्म') हठयोग में बतायी गयी छः क्रियाएँ हैं। षटकर्म द्वारा सम्पूर्ण शरीर की शुद्धि होती है एवं देह निरोग रहता है। षट्कर्म द्वारा शरीर मे त्रिदोष को संतुलित रखा जाता है। जो स्वस्थ शरीर के लिए आवश्यक है। ये षटकर्म निम्नलिखित हैं- नेति, धौति, नौलि, बस्ति, कपालभाति, त्राटक SHATKARMA :- purification of internal body. *Neti* is the one of the Shatkarmas, the six cleansing techniques in Hatha Yoga. they all serve to balance the doshas (body constitution), purify and strengthen the body in order to prepare it for the impacts of other Hatha Yoga techniques. *Jalneti* is a method where lukewarm salt water is used to cleanse the air passageways in the head. the salt dissolves the bacteria and balances the osmotic pressure in the bodily system. this is a very easy, cheap, quick and effective technique with no side effects whatsoever. it can cure headaches, mental stress, asthma, allergies, bronchitis and is especially beneficial those who live in places where the air is polluted. it can be done at anytime and as frequently as necessary. afterwards you feel very clear in your head, vision, concentration is improved and even the voice can be more resonant. Note:- Hold the jalneti pot down. #jalneti #shatkarma #kriya  #kriyayoga  #neti #netipot  #india #yogi #yogaeverywhere #water #salt #yoga #yogagram #yogateacher #yogaknowledge #yogachallenge #yogafun #yogasana #yogahigh #yogavibes #yogini #yogaforeveryone #yogalife #yogajourney #yogapractice #yogaoffthemat #stayfit #stayhealthy #like4like #follow

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ayogisyogamat. Yoga is like dancing, swirling on rhythm letting go of inhibitions.

Yoga is like dancing, swirling on rhythm letting go of inhibitions. It's the controlled stretching of body that is fun , that is celebratory and it is extra ordinary blend of various activities that make you happy and composed . . #yogahealth #yogaismagic #yogafun #yogafitness #yogaeverydamnday #yogic #yogamat #yogaposes #yogaknowledge #yogapants #yogainspiration #dailyinspiration #instagram #instahappy #instago #insta

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soulflowyoga_neuburgingolstadt. Hatha Yoga - was bedeutet das eigentlich? Aus dem Sanskrit übersetzt b

Hatha Yoga - was bedeutet das eigentlich? Aus dem Sanskrit übersetzt bedeutet es Hartnäckigkeit, Kraft, Anstrengung. #Hatha wird aber auch als der Ausgleich von #Sonne = Ha und #Mond = Tha interpretiert. Die Sonne steht dabei für das Männliche, aktive, kraftvolle, also für Yang, wie z.B. den #Sonnengruß. Der Mond steht für das Weibliche, passive, sanftere, auch die Meditation und Tiefenentspannung. Somit beinhaltet Hatha beides, aktive, anstrengendere und passive, entspannendere Parts. Während sich andere Yogastile eher auf eine Richtung spazialisieren ist der Hatha Yoga eine wunderbare ganzheitliche Yogapraxis. ☀️🌙 Grundlage ist die Hatha Yoga Pradipika. 💡📚 #yoga #hatha #hathayoga #sonne #sun #mond #moon #yin #yang #yinyang #yogaknowledge #yogaknowhow #yogaphilosophy

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ayogisyogamat. When do you hear more? 
In sound or in silence??
It's in the moments o

When do you hear more? In sound or in silence?? It's in the moments of silence after a rigorous practice of yoga, after you've worked your body and challenged your very limits when you sit down , Silence talks ... You hear nature, your hear your intellect making calls for you, you sense the ultimate power of Divine. . #yogafitness #yogaeverydamnday #meditate #meditation #silence #yogahealth #srisriyoga #yogi #yogapractice #yogapants #yogaknowledge #dailyinspiration #dailyhappiness #instadaily #instagram #igtoday

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ourgevityfitness. 👉 Yoga is the ultimate exercise to intensify ones awareness of their

👉 Yoga is the ultimate exercise to intensify ones awareness of their body. Yoga encourages the mind to be aware of the body and its limitations. You become as present as possible which allows the mind to ease and rest. That is why yoga is also a form of meditation. ⁠ ⁠ What is your favorite yoga pose to bring out the most clarity and awareness of your body? 🙏 🧠 ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ⁠ #yogaformentalhealth #keepingfitandhealthy #healthawarenes #yogaflo #yogaevryday #yogaforbetterlife #yogaknowledge #yogawisdom #homehealth #fitandhealthy #healthyminds #healthandwellnessjourney #simplehealth #improvehealth #meditationforall #movingmeditation #fitnessforbodyandmind #myfitnesslifestyle #yogainspiredfitness #itsnotfitnessitslife #mindfitness #findyourfitness #healthiswealthfitness #fitnessminded #yogasoul #yogapracticenotyogaperfect #yogamoms #restorativeyoga #mymeditation #morningmeditation⁠

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desert.moonrise.co. TᕼIᖇᗪ ᗴYᗴ 🧿 ᑕᕼᗩKᖇᗩ
Sanskrit: आज्ञा
Ajna in sanskrit breaks d

TᕼIᖇᗪ ᗴYᗴ 🧿 ᑕᕼᗩKᖇᗩ • • ᗩᒍᑎᗩ Sanskrit: आज्ञा Ajna in sanskrit breaks down to 'command' or 'beyond wisdom' and is our 6th chakra in this series. This chakra is located in the center of the brain, in between the eyebrows, also being referred to as our Third Eye Chakra. Unlike the five lower chakras, which run through the body, the ajna is more mental than any of the previous chakras. It helps us reach clairvoyance meaning clear seeing. How much we are able to see depends upon how open or developed this chakra is. Also when in balanced our intuition is clear, colors seem more vibrant (especially during meditation, straining our set of eyes to reach the 3rd 👁.) and our world and people could be viewed differently! When out of balance we can easily leap to judgement, focus inward and feel disconnected from reality. • • ᖴᑌᑎ ᖴᗩᑕTᔕ Element: Light Seed Sound: OM 🕉 Color: Purple Flower: 2 petaled lotus with a white cresent moon and OM symbol. Dieties: Paramasiva (a form of Shiva) + Goddess Hakini Food: no association to food. Been known with the use of marijuana or psychedelic drugs, our minds eye is highly stimulated. We do find energy in this area from other chakras such as love and power. Sense: Higher Consciousness + Sight Oils: Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense, Sandalwood + Cypress Crystals: Amethyst, Fluorite, Labradorite, Kunzite + Rainbow Moonstone • • ᗯᗩYᔕ TO ᕼᗴᗩᒪ Meditation with amethyst, even lying down with an amethyst or moonstone on the forehead. Visualizing through your third eye! Wear purple or listed crystals above for energy support. A dab of Frank on the third eye! (it feels so good but dont allow the oils go near your eyes) • • ᗰᗩᑎTᖇᗩ I see the beauty in this world and allow my intuition to guide me. • • This is my favorite chakra to experiment with and study. Thanks for sticking with me through this, 1 more chakra to go! DM for any custom orders using Third Eye crystals. Peace + Love 💜 Danea #thirdeyechakra #ajna #allseeingeye #mindseye #intuition #yogaknowledge #yogateacher #yoga #yogalife #meditation #meditationteacher #meditatedaily #highlymeditated #see #belight #thirdeyeopening

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marta_yogaparamulheres. \"O poder da intenção!\" Os devas e asuras  receberam o soma.
Néctar que

"O poder da intenção!" Os devas e asuras receberam o soma. Néctar que concede a imortalidade. Este, só tem efeito se oferecido. Quando ingerido pelo próprio, perde o efeito. Os asuras , eram incapazes de ceder o néctar aos devas... Assim, de nada lhes serviu o banquete! Já os devas, pela grande generosidade e compaixão que nutriam, obtiveram os melhores benefícios. O ensinamento , de que o néctar sozinho não nos liberta , apesar de disponível a tod@s. Então o que nos permite? Será ..ceder, ser compassiv@, generos@ e ser amor...? Que possamos ter clareza e conhecimento necessário para observar tudo na vida como Ishvara. Que possamos confiar. Que consigamos entregar . Que a clareza de nos darmos há luz , nos permita verdadeiramente entender Ishvara. ...intenção , renúncia e doação. O segredo...qual segredo? O mistério da vida que nos habita, talvez te seja revelado quando estiveres preparado. Hoje às 19h30 @marta_yogaparamulheres

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