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fit.n.classy. I had such a long break from practising handstands 😔 but whenever I t

I had such a long break from practising handstands 😔 but whenever I try after a break, it feels like I have more strength in my arms and I can focus on the technique better. I think it's time to work more on the core though 😜☝️🔥 . . . . . #handstands #handstandfun #practicepractice #gettingupsidedown #inversionslove #yogainversions #handstandatthewall #paulthewall #gettingtogoal #goals #yoga #yogagirl #yogabeginner #fitnclassyyogazone #polishmom #jogapolska #yogaathome #bossgirlbloggers #stanienarekach

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It’s FAR from PERFECT ! • But isn’t there some good PROGRESS being made ? (Very often I feel as if I don’t improve as fast as I want - but I guess no one (including my body) cares what I want). I work hard but I know that I could have worked even harder. But there is also life and traveling and teaching to do so I get what I get. • Main points that differentiate these videos: ✅ I don’t collapse into a wheel pose anymore. And it’s HUGE !!! A year ago my body resembled a wooden log. I had no idea how to control this momentum when I pushed the floor away with both of my feet. They were flying over my head and hitting the floor pretty hard (and NO, it wasn’t a special exercise where I had to fall into a wheel through handstand 😂). ✅ I don’t need to take one minute break after every attempt. One year ago I felt heavy and exhausted. Today I do 10 lifts without a break (by the end my legs still do feel heavy). And I try to do at least 5 sets of these during my regular non handstand practice (this was the fourth set recorded). ✅ This one you cannot see but it’s very important. My wrists don’t hurt me anymore. And my hands and fingers get less tired. That’s because I try to practice handstands every day. • I’m always trying not to compare my progress to what I sometimes see on IG. It’s mine and I’m forever grateful for it. We all come from a different background, with different abilities, energy and time that we can dedicate to our practice. But as long as we get joy from this journey and some physical and emotional benefits we should never stop practicing. Right ? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #yogaprogress #yogatransformation #yogavideo #practiceyogachangeyourworld #yogachangedmylife #handstandpractice #handstanddrills #yogainversions #upsidedownyoga #myyogapractice #yogajourney #yogadrills #yogatips #yogaworld #yogastrong #yogaforhealth #yogadailypractice #igyogacommunity #йогадома #йога #yogajunkie #highonyoga #yogatutorial #yogamotivation #getstronger #yogafitness #yogaworkout #fitnesstraining #letsdoyoga #namaste🙏

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___iza.bella__. Playing with headstand...looks pretty simple, right? Actually, this on

Playing with headstand...looks pretty simple, right? Actually, this one is a doozy, twisting and keeping those thighs to belly while inverted was a challenge, give it a go 😉🙏🏼🧘‍♂️ . . . #headstand #headstandpractice #headstandtwist #shirshasana #shirshasanavariation #asanapractice #yogashapes #yogafun #yogaplay #yogatribe #myyogapractice #myyogaprogress #igyogafam #igyogacommuntiy #fitnessmotivation #fitinmy30s #yogafitness #yogastrong #practicepracticepractice #inversions #yogainversions

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yogarogue. Whoa! First week of #yogabodytrapeze and #yogabodytraining
This is d

Whoa! First week of #yogabodytrapeze and #yogabodytraining . This is definitely a bit different and I’m still a bit scared 🙈. . . @yogabody Thank you! . . . #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogainversions #yogaeverydamnday #yogaleggs

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Catalan, English, Italian and Spanish bellow! 🔽. . Catalan: Et sents vulnerable, petita i dèbil. Perduda, en mig de milers de persones però et sents sola, incompresa. Només vols estar rodejada dels teus, dels pocs que t'entenen i no et jutgen. Ets incapaç d'estimar-te en aquests dies durs i tot d'una, després de molts dies sense practicar, ahir vaig decidir plantar l'esterilla en mig de la natura. En aquells minuts de pràctica em sentia segura, relaxada. Em sentia a casa, podia respirar amb llibertat, les pors no existien en aquell moment. Avui, mentre escric aquestes paraules recordo que el ioga em porta al moment present i al moment present, no tinc cap problema. Només tinc por a afrontar un futur imaginari, un futur que, potser no arribarà mai. Així que un dia més, ioga, gràcies. ✨ . . 🇬🇧 English: I feel vulnerable, small and weak. Lost, in the middle of thousands of people but I feel alone anyway, misunderstood. You just want to be surrounded by yours, the few who understand you and do not judge you. You are incapable of loving yourself in these hard days and after all, after many days without practicing, yesterday I decided to unroll my mat in the middle of nowhere. In those practice minutes I felt safe, relaxed. I felt at home, I could breathe freely, the fears did not exist at that time. Today, while I am writing these words I remember that yoga brings me to the present and here, there aren't problems. I'm just scared to face an imaginary, a future that maybe will never be. So again, yoga, thank you. ✨ . . . #yoga #yogagirl #yogaspain #yogaoutside #yogaoutfit #flexibility #yogadaily #yogaposes #asana #treepose #yogamat #yogastudio #yogaitalia #yogalondon #yogaforbeginners #yogalover #yogaphoto #yogaphotography #yogateacher #yogachallenge #yogalife #yogatutorial #yogasequence #yogaworkshop #yogashapebody #yogainversions #yogainspiration #aloyoga #yogapants

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Your practice has one main purpose: to uncover the wisdom that already exists within you. All the answers are there if you’re willing to do the digging. Breath and movement are your tools. Go deep, my friend, go deep. There is treasure to be found. 💎 . . . Featuring @camleeyoga 📸@desilesphotography

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When I need to change my perspective, I can let the body show me the way. Classes on Wednesday: 7:45 am Hatha, 12:00 noon Sculpt and 3:45 pm Restorative #yogainversions #yogainversionpractice #yogainversion #supportedshouldersrand #yogaasyoulikeit #myyogapractice #yogaover50 #forestdweller.

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kash.verve. 🤸🏻‍♀️ #Holdthathandstand 
Day 7: Leg shapes - but I also re-practice

🤸🏻‍♀️ #Holdthathandstand Day 7: Leg shapes - but I also re-practiced straddle and jump tuck (video = real time) . Drills sped up x4 so I could fit it all into one clip: plank shoulder tap, single arm plank, single arm/leg plank, side plank to single arm, side plank taps, side plank dips, plank to pike slides + chaturanga 🔥 . Last day!!! Very appreciative of @cathymadeoyoga's knowledge sharing in this challenge!! All of the work she introduced from her @activateyourcore program was 🔥🔥🔥 In just 7 days, I've felt a huge difference!! Thank you for putting together this awesome challenge! I'm so excited by the progress! Today was a busy day and, unfortunately, I didn't have as much time on this last day to practice leg shapes after I finished the drills (I only did one round and I was dying 😂), BUT what I decided to do was try two handstand entries that I didn't even dare try before this challenge. I didn't hold my handstand very long from straddle or tuck jump entry, but I'm proud of the fact that I can just pull myself up from these two positions. That's real core progress I'm feeling......it doesn't translate in video. When I watch it back it always feels like, "oh really? That short?" 😂 It always feels so much longer in the moment - it's that momentary engagement of the core. But I'm ready to keep building on from here 🙌🏽 Thank you, Cathy Madeo and thank you to all the sponsors!! . Day 1: Wall hold ✔️ Day 2: L-pose ✔️ Day 3: Lighting bolt ✔️ Day 4: Straddle ✔️ Day 5: Tuck ✔️ Day 6: Straight ✔️ Day 7: Leg shapes ✔️ Hosts: @cathymadeoyoga @activateyourcore Sponsors: @activateyourcore @atozessentialoils @la.society @yogabody ________________________________________________ #inversionchallenge #activateyourcore #handstandpractice #handstandchallenge #resolutionhandstand2019 #resolutionhandstand #getupsidedown #handstanddrills #yogainversions #yogiswholift #handstandprogress #yogastrong #yogajourney #handstandjourney #yogachallenge2019

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squatting_for_sweets. 5 months ago I attempted my first clumsy, almost mirror shattering yog

5 months ago I attempted my first clumsy, almost mirror shattering yoga head stand (swipe to see that post), and today I can #sirsasana with control, without assistance, without a wall, and without kicking up for momentum. If you’re ever feeling disappointed about that number on the scale (like I get more than I’d like to admit), remember those nonscale victories and how far you’ve come. I was grateful for my capabilities as a yogi 5 months ago, and I am grateful for them today. #yogamom #nonscalevictory #strongmom #yoga #yogainversions #stronglikemom #selflove

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this past year demanded more growth from me than i was ready to give. i learned new results don’t come from old habits. i learned to recognize when an end is really a new beginning. and when an end is an end. i learned everything is temporary. emotions, opinions, places, people, plants (especially plants). i learned to let go and begin to heal. i learned my worth does not and will never rely on those surrounding me. and above all, i learned sometimes life will demand more growth than I am ready to give. and that is the scariest, most exciting moment that precedes the magic. • • • • #silhouette #lightvsdark #yogaposes #yoga #fitgirls #yogainversions #handstandnation #handstands365

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kym.yoga.lotus.den. Lots of inversion posts recently 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️.... sometimes it's go

Lots of inversion posts recently 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️.... sometimes it's good to be upside down! ♥️ . You can't think about your to-do lists / problems / worries etc whilst balancing upside down. Which means handstands (and other inversions) can be very meditative 🧘. . You don't need to sit in lotus position to meditate and quiet the constant mind chatter 🧘 (though that works too 😉). . Plus .... it's fun to fling your legs up in the air like a kid 🤪🤸‍♀️ . #upsidedown #inversionjunkie #handstandeverywhere #movingmeditation #fun #balance #handstand #inversions #yogainversions #outdooryoga

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I couldn’t find the balance here just 4 days ago - consistent practice is magic 🤩 now we work on flipping the grip 🙆🏼‍♀️

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Playing around with all these minor variations has been so fun! Tag me in a post - I’d love some inspiration for my next pose ☺️🙏🏼

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Honestly just had way too much fun creating this lol 😄🤸🏼‍♀️ Happy Tuesday friends! . . . #NichiApp #inversions #yogainversions #handstandpractice #graphicdesign #yogapractice #wellnessblogger #californiablogger #shopstevie #shopsteviehender

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andygomezrocamora. Algún día no necesitaré una pared detrás 🤘🏽#yoga #yogaposes #yogainv

Algún día no necesitaré una pared detrás #yoga #yogaposes #yogainversions #yogafun

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Back in PARIS..💗 ~~~~~~~~~~ WEDNESDAY : 🌈 12.30 Danielle @yujyoga (17) 🌈 18.00 & 19.30 David @yujyoga (17) : THURSDAY : 🌈 12.30 David @yujyoga (17) 🌈 12.45 Danielle @yujyoga (7) 🌈 18.30 David YIN @caeloyoga : FRIDAY 🌈 18.30 Danielle @caeloyoga : SATURDAY : 🌈 11.00 & 12.30 David @yujyoga (17) : SUNDAY : 🌈 11.00 Danielle @caeloyoga ~~~~~~~~~~ 📸 by @mtprodevent 🙌🏿

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zogayogaclasses. Welcome to DAY 9  of our Top-To-Toe-Wellness ✨✨ GIVEAWAY ✨✨ and today

Welcome to DAY 9 of our Top-To-Toe-Wellness ✨✨ GIVEAWAY ✨✨ and today is all about the core. You need a strong core to do yoga inversions safely. The core muscles help you get your feet and legs up and most importantly they take the weight off the neck, wrists and hands. I'm using a yoga prop called a #feetup which is a lovely way to do a headstand, especially for beginners. Each host has a different take on today's focus area so check their posts too. . To participate and be eligible for prizes: 1️⃣ FOLLOW all Hosts and Sponsors 2️⃣ LIKE and SHARE this post 3️⃣ TAG a friend who would want to participate too * IF you are joining us by posting your own photos TAG all Hosts and Sponsors and use #TopToToeWellness so we can see your photos (especially if you're already a proud owner of FLANCI activewear) . Your Hosts: @zogayogaclasses @you.yoga.now @fit_pixie_yoga @Pranayana.yoga Our amazing Somerset based sponsors & prizes: @wellnessatjordans(£20 voucher towards beauty/fitness classes) @flanciactivewear (a pair of awesome FLANCI activewear (men's/women's)) @bloomcoachingsomerset (a Personal Wellbeing Coaching / Personal Training session) . Our focus areas for the 14 days: DAY 1: wrists ✅ DAY 2: upper arms ✅ DAY 3: shoulders ✅ DAY 4: chest/heart space opening ✅ DAY 5: upper back ✅ DAY 6: lower back ✅ DAY 7: abs ✅ DAY 8: spine ✅ DAY 9: core ✅ DAY 10: hips DAY 11: hamstrings DAY 12: quads DAY 13: calves DAY 14: feet & toes #feetup #headstand #yogailminster #yogainversions #flancipants #zogayoga #somersetyoga #yogini #yogabarnsomerset #jordanscourtyard #sirsasana #corestrength #yogacore #coreyoga

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baliseth. Day 9 - Inversion and What can you do right now to feel happier?


Day 9 - Inversion and What can you do right now to feel happier? Right now? Not much because I'm in a really good mood. In general though, music is my go to when I'm feeling low. I put on really angry rock or metal and it makes me feel better. 😂😂😂 #yogachallenges #inversionpractice #inversions #inversionaddict #yoga #yogi #yogainversions #gettingmyyogaon #gettingthatcore #strongaf #strongereveryday #strongissexy💪 #strongnotskinny. #curvyyoga #curvygirlyoga ******************** August is recognized as “Happiness Happens ⁣Month!” Lets celebrate what makes us happy! Happiness is contagious and sharing one's happiness can bring a lot of joy in other people's lives! Participate with us as we inspire, uplift, and spread happiness through the use of yoga practices this summer.⁣⁣ ⁣ Join us in #passalonghappiness August 12-21 as we create happy and healthy thoughts on and off the mat!⁣⁣ ⁣ Day 1: Camel/Name 3 things that bring you joy⁣⁣ Day 2: Fish/What's your happiest memory?⁣⁣ Day 3: Mermaid/Tag an account that makes you smile⁣⁣ Day 4: Wheel/Bridge/What are your favorite hobbies?⁣⁣ Day 5: Puppy/Last thing that made you laugh?Day 6: Tiger/Does nutrition play a role in your⁣ happiness?⁣⁣ Day 7: Cobra/What are some ways you "pay it forward"?⁣⁣ Day 8: Dancer/How do you make a conscious effort to practice joy?⁣⁣ Day 9: Inversion/What can you do right now to feel happier?⁣⁣ Day 10: Yogis choice/What can you let go of that will put your body and mind in a better mood?⁣ Hosts: @resilient_yoga @rachelbyogini @jamiemarieduncan @ashleyniccoleyoga ⁣ Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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alsaramayoga. I can’t believe I am holding this pose this long. I know 30 seconds is

I can’t believe I am holding this pose this long. I know 30 seconds isn’t long, but it is to me. I’m beginning to feel stronger. There’s a little more ease, compared to the beginning of this #pinchamayurasana journey. But that is what this all is, it’s a journey. Come Practice with me this week: Tues 6pm and 7:15p Wed 9:30am Thurs 6pm @tranquility_within_patchogue Sat. 8:30am and 10am @yogaholicny #yoga #yogateacher #yogateacherschedule #pinchapractice #inversionpractice #yogainversions #forearmstandpractice #yogajourney #yogaholic #suffolkcountyyoga

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