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beautifullygreen. My baby Lexie, there is no greater love ❤️

My baby Lexie, there is no greater love ❤️

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A little bit of fun ✨✨ Denk an unsere Eröffnungsangebote ♥️ 10er Karte statt 150€, bis Ende August nur 120€ LU YOGA Flatrate statt 79€ monatlich, nur 69€ Komme jederzeit ohne Anmeldung rum 🧡🧡 #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #yoga #yogagirls #yogaoutfit @heyhoneyyoga |unbezahlte Werbung #acroyoga #yogastretches #yogastudio #yogalife #yogabalance #vinyasaflow

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myyogal1fe_anna. Set the tone of your day with a serving morning practice 💛  For examp

Set the tone of your day with a serving morning practice 💛 For example: . -meditation -breathwork -journaling -yoga -workout -mindfulness practice -hydration That little slice of time spent on yourself is so valuable and will set up your day for success. I know sometimes things comes up, like: . -going to bed too late -kids -procrastination -wanting to sleep in/snoozing, etc. However, a little is better than nothing so: -focus on one thing and be really present -5 minutes is better than no minutes. And most importantly, practice compassion towards yourself. If today isn’t your day, don’t beat yourself up about it. If you notice a habit of it forming though, shed some light on it ✨ . . I never had much of a morning practice before I found @happyjackyoga. Now, we hold each other accountable in loving support 💕 Today my morning practice was 7-min workout with the Seven app, breathwork & meditation (all in 20 min) I feel amazing! What’s your morning practice? #morningpractice #happyjackyoga

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Someone begins his morning from cup of coffe, someone - from exercises, but maybe both of them?) My first and not last try to draw using noises I hope. Good morning everybody🌞 * Утро начинается у кого-то с чашки кофе, у кого-то с зарядки, а может, со всего сразу?) Моя первая и, надеюсь, не последняя попытка порисовать, используя шумы. Всем доброго утра🌞 * #vectotart #art #artwork #portrait #artstagram #illustrations #drawings #picture #yogagirls #pictures #векторнаяграфика #pictireoftheday #vectordrawing #scetch #coffe #vectorillustration #vectorartwork #peggy_bu_art #peggy_digital

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kianalaycbd. Today's @yogatics by @yogawithbriohny
Teaching yoga is my passion

Today's @yogatics by @yogawithbriohny ———— Teaching yoga is my passion and job, practicing the various facets of yoga are my tools for living a more present and awake life...but yoga is not my life. My life is me, my kids, and their lives. Yesterday, @taylorchanarat started 8th grade and today, Sydney started his first day in Kindergarten. ——————- Many of you know my Yoga Life and see me traveling with my kids, but you might not know, when I’m home in LA, I dedicate 99.9% of my time to school events, volunteering, connecting with other parents and teachers at their schools. For those of you mamas or dads out there who have kids in school, you know how much time is dedicated to this...especially in the first month of school! ——————- People in general wear many hats and have many different facets to our lives and the Yoga practice helps us maintain a sense of self throughout all of it. So, if I can stand on my arms and find balance, I can do the same in my life off the mat! Anyone else on this path? Please share your tools for finding balance through Yoga in the comments below. ———— Follow @yogatics 🙏 . #yogafundamentals #yogapractice #yogalove #yogajourney #yogateacher #namaste #yogapose #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #igyoga #yogagram #yogini #igyogafam #yogawarrior #yogagirls Kianalay Approved! @yogatics @kianalaycbd #cbd #cbdoil #cbdvape #cbdlife #hemp #cannabis #cbdisolate #cbdheals #cbdcures #cannabiscommunity

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nadezhda_ikan. Счастливые числа! Моё число 8 😍
Совсем не давно прочитала у нумерол

Счастливые числа! Моё число 8 😍 ⠀ Совсем не давно прочитала у нумеролога Александры @alexnumerology о счастливых числах в жизни человека и поняла, что моё счастливое число восемь всегда со мной. ⠀ 🌿 Роды начались у меня 8 октября, а родился Аллен 9 октября, все потому что я хотела 8.10.18, а муж 10.10.18, в итоге Аллен угодил и мне и дадаке. ⠀ 🌿 С мужем мы познакомились 17 числа и в сумме выходит снова 8 ⠀ 🌿 У мужа день рождения 26 числа и в сумме снова 8 ⠀ 🌿 Мой код предназначения цифра 17 и в сумме будет 8 ⠀ 👏 Добейтесь успеха в профессиональной сфере, выберите интеллектуальное или творческое развитие. ⠀ 🛡 Защищайте свои интересы, отстаивайте точку зрения, поборите обиды, лень и внутренние страхи. ⠀ p.s. 💡Если вы еще не знаете свой Код, переходите по хэштегу ➡️ #расчетмкаш и читайте самый первый пост внизу.м ⠀ Так вот 🤓 ⠀ 🎈 Счастливые числа. ⠀ Обычно любимое число появляется при 🔢 расчете главных чисел человека. Мы как будто интуитивно 🔮 чувствуем, что это конкретное число - наше. Александра вот с детства любила число 7 и оказывается не случайно! ⠀ Хотите еще одно откровение? 🙊 Таких чисел у нас 5 штук. Да у кого-то есть повторы. У вас может быть, например, число дня рождения и число мотивации равные 3. Тогда счастливых чисел уже меньше. Но точно больше, чем одно! ⠀ Когда мы знаем свои главные числа, мы автоматически знаем свои счастливые числа и можем применять их в повседневной жизни. 📅 Выбирать подходящее число дня для свидания, собеседования, оздоровления, загадывания желаний, поездок, покупок, продаж, выбирать правильный номер квартиры, 🚗 машины, телефона и много другого. ⠀ ⁉️ Как определить эти числа? Нужно посчитать все 5 штук! Для этого переходите по ссылке в описании профиля @alexnumerology и оставляйте заявку на расчет главных чисел или напишите в директ. ⠀ 💡 А одно из этих чисел вы можете определить очень быстро и легко. Это число дня рождения. Если оно однозначное от 1 до 9, то так и оставляйте. Если оно двузначное, складывайте его цифры между собой пока не получится число от 1 до 9. ⠀ Пример: человек родился 29 числа ➡️ 2+9=11 ➡️ стр 1+1=2

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📿The 5 Tibetans 📿 📝 This video shows the third of the Five Tibetans rituals; The Rites are said to be a form of Tibetan yoga which should be carried out every morning to start the day in the best of ways by restoring a bit of balance in the body and stimulating chakras, 21 times each exercise. According to the Tibetan monks if you take the habit of carrying out these exercises on a daily basis both body and mind will stay young longer and you will feel better, having considerable benefits. 3️⃣🔍 The third one has a lot of benefits, it tones the muscles of neck and back, increases the flexibility of the vertebral column, helps the digestion, works especially on: - third Chakra ( Manipura, solar plexus ) - fourth Chakra ( Anahata, heart ) - fifth Chakra ( Vishuddha, throat ) - sixth Chakra ( Ajna, third eye ) . . #yogaflexibility

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anina_mi. \"Don't live giving so many explications. Your friends don't need them,

"Don't live giving so many explications. Your friends don't need them, your enemies don't beleive them and the stupid ones don't understand them." Hanging out with @cristinajuarezbuisan 💖💖 Picture taken by @yoyo_marbella 💖💖 . . #yogatribe #yogagirls #beachyoga #yogaonthebeach #girlsjustwannahavefun #girlsloveyoga #yogapicture #igyogafamily #instayogis #instayoga #yogamotivation #yogamoment #astavakrasana #balance #dowhatyoulove #practiceyogachangeyourworld #practicewhatyoulove #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #playachullera

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girl_sports_wear. 防走光拼色運動短褲/瑜伽短褲

防走光拼色運動短褲/瑜伽短褲 灰/粉紅/白/藍 S/M/L/XL $150 #yogahk #運動tshirt

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n.a.y.s_yoga. Start the week with good vibes 🔝😍💚🧘‍♀️.
📷 @gdziejestfotograf
💄 @

Start the week with good vibes 🔝😍💚🧘‍♀️. 📷 @gdziejestfotograf 💄 @m.j_makeup#goodvibesonly #findyourtribe #yogagang #yogagirls #friendship #nays #benays #notanotheryogastudio #benaystoyourself

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yoga_beautiful_daily. Yoga lover ...
Follow @yogadailytutorial ✨
When your furry friends lov

Yoga lover ... Follow @yogadailytutorial ✨ When your furry friends love yoga as much as you. 🐶⠀ .⠀ 🎥 @esthermarie.yoga⠀ .⠀ ..⠀ .⠀ ...⠀ .⠀ Follow my instagram if you love 😍 Yoga : ➡ @yoga_beautiful_daily 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . 😘📷 repost @yogadailypractice

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chiemi.sorayoga_. 🙏



🙏 ヨガを愛する仲間たち 師匠たち 生徒さんたち 同僚たち笑 個性豊かで キラキラ輝く人たちに囲まれて 私は本当に幸せです #更科有哉ws #新たな気づき #おばちゃんたちはすぐ後ろに引く #遠近法大事よ #yogagirls #yogini #yogi #yogalife #yogaday

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emz_wanderlust. Awwwww guys! One week and connections for life, missing you all alread

Awwwww guys! One week and connections for life, missing you all already xxxx have fun and I know I’ll see you soon 💕❤️ thanks for sharing time and most of all ecstatic dance animal moves where I felt super free, open and at total one with myself - you know who you are @samuelssonjulia 😘😘😘 huge hugs x - - - - #smiles #yoga #friends #dinner #foodies #yogagirls #yogini #share #story #grateful #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #union #memories #momentsofmine #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #lifestylephotography #ubud #yogatt #lovelife #healthy #mindset #manifestation #family

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In my insta story I had a poll asking you guys what you wanted to see: more yoga pictures or more yoga videos?The answer was clear: 100% voted for videos. So here we go! The following weeks I will share 3 yoga videos per week and we are starting off with this one. Let me know what you think by placing a comment underneath. Looking forward to your honest opinion 😃 . . . Filmed by @yogi.experience Outfit by @hm . . #100procentyoga #yoga #instayoga #yogaeverydamnday #healthylifestyle #yogaathome #yogaonline #workout #myyogastory #yogafun #yogaadict #yogalife #yogalove #yogiofinstagram #yogagirls #myyogajourney #yogaliveonline #beach #onlineyoga #haagseschatten #yogaonline

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maia_yogini. Grateful for the gift of teaching a beautiful group of 15 beginners yo

Grateful for the gift of teaching a beautiful group of 15 beginners yogis this Sunday with @yoga_with_saskia. Sunday afternoon was the beginning of Studio Tula’s fully booked 9-hour Beginners Yoga Course. It was such an uplifting and engaged group energy all day. We loved seeing people be able to get to know each other and relax into the space in our new 2 days over 2 weeks course format. For this reason abs many more, it has been a great decision to transition to this from our “8 sessions over 8 weeks” format. Yoga isn’t just the poses, it is also about about feeling good, and being a part of a community of likeminded individuals, and making connections and friendships along the way is such a part of that ✨🌞✨

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chencarinopastolero. It's okay to be scared, but you have to get out there, open up, love,

It's okay to be scared, but you have to get out there, open up, love, make mistakes, learn, be stronger, and start all over again 🌺 #firelogpose #yogaathome #yogaeverydamday #yogaeveryday #yogini #yogamanila #yogalifestyle #yogagirls #yogalife

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On July 6, my mom got married. And it brought these thoughts to mind... What is it that causes us to play small? Who and what do we allow to dim our light? This is not about attention-seeking or success on the physical plane; rather, this is allowing your presence to be your power, allowing yourself to shine and to facilitate in others this superpower as well. You see, my mom has not had an easy path. She has been brave. She has blazed trails, and she has fought to alter and heal her ancestral karma, which has allowed for me to do the same. My mom very consciously wanted to be different than the women before her. And, a journey she began, I am continuing. But, my mom has often not allowed herself to shine. She has suffered hardships that prevented it. She was passed down insecurities that forbade it. However, my mom’s wedding could not have been more filled with warmth, love, and the art of shining. Truly, it was the most beautiful event, and my mom, she shined. What a gift it was to watch her shine in this way, to know the struggles she has endured and to see her glow in the beauty of the life she has created. I truly felt proud of her ability to shine on her day. Life does not always look as we think it should, but our soul will always get us to the right place. May we all be gifted with the ability to allow ourselves to shine in such a way for, as @Mariannewilliamson says, “it gives others permission to do the same.” I feel so grateful for my new (not really that new...☺️) family @sway.scott @kzsway and @c_z_sway #alchemizingpainintolight #love #shinebrightlikeadiamond #shine #mariannewilliamson #selfie #yoga #yogagirls #writer #writersofinstagram #yogapsychology #depthpsychology #ancestralhealing #ancestral #meditation #heal #reiki #onlyloveisreal #trusttheprocess #grateful #wedding #psychology

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❤️@_krisyoga in @sivaactive SilkyMove Collection

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girl_sports_wear. 鬆身拼色運動褲/瑜伽褲
#girl_sports_wear#yogagirls#yogahk #h

鬆身拼色運動褲/瑜伽褲 粉紅/灰/藍 S/M/L/XL $160 #yogahk #運動tshirt

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