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biggerlifeadventures. The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of action in regard to our

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of action in regard to our freelance jobs, fitness goals, planning for the future, and just general life busy-ness. The good news is that TOMORROW is Zach's birthday, so we're taking this new VAN for its first adventure! It's definitely not anywhere close to finished, but we can throw an air mattress and camp stove in the back and call it good! We're off to somewhere WARM, and we might take a social media break as well, in order to really reconnect with nature and with each other. Can't wait! . . . #vanlife #sprinterconversion #vandogs #socialmediabreak #mercedessprinter #arizona #vanbuild #retreatsthatgiveback #retreatsthatempower #biggerlifeadventures #travel #yogaadventure #yogaeverydamnday #yogaretreat #soberyogaretreat #yogaforgood #travelforgood #sobrietyrocks #yogaforrecovery #yogalove #yogainspiration #stepoutyourcomfortzone #travel #health #wellbeing #yogainspiration #realyogabody #yogahiking #yogaayurveda #yogameditation

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Slowly recovering but feeling better today than I have for a while! I love Mondays and the positivity they bring ✨💛 . . . . . . #monday #positivemonday #positivemindset #positiveenergy #positivemindpositivelife #lovelife #loveyoga #loveyogalife #yogagirl #yogaintentions #yogabody #intermittentfasting #yogafitness #yogastrength #yogaforrecovery #yogaflexibility

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inflexibleyogis. You are as young as your spine is flexible 🔑 🔥 Learning to distribut

You are as young as your spine is flexible 🔑 🔥 Learning to distribute load over the spine and not just one section (aka dumping into your low back) is extremely beneficial for life, not just yoga. All your nerves run from your spine out, so having a healthy Highway for them translates to better recovery, better sleep, increased cognition, and less injury/fatigue! Make sure you save this for a backbend practice and tag a friend that could benefit! They will thank you! Read below for more details 👇👇👇Thanks for sharing @ainania_yoga #inflexibleyogis ・・・ ° CHEST OPENERS to WHEEL POSE ° Try to stay from 5 breathes to 3’ in every pose. This will create space in your chest and shoulder blades. 1️⃣ Uttana Shishosana, push your hands towards the blocks and bring your chest to the floor. Feel the stretch in your upper body. 2️⃣ Uttana Shishosana 2, place your elbows on your blocks, the more you have piled, the more you will feel the stretch in your armpit mostly. 3️⃣ Cobra pose. Support your chest in the wall. ❗️Create space in your lower back (don’t collapse!). With your hands next to your body try to open little by little. 4️⃣ Distance from the wall: in Sphinx pose, the distance of your forearms. Then place the hands at the wall, and leave the weight of you body open your chest. ❗️Release BOOTY tension! 5️⃣ Fish pose on the block, place it in the way that benefits you more. ❗️ Choose the height. 6️⃣Start practicing the Wheel pose towards the wall. Push from your legs to the wall. Don’t move your neck, look to the floor. Is not about kissing the wall, is about touching it with chest or even armpits! 💋

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dr.amanda.bowen. Wow 97! She’s now 100! 😲If that’s not motivation to do yoga!! It does

Wow 97! She’s now 100! 😲If that’s not motivation to do yoga!! It doesn’t matter what age you are or what you think your capable of, there is something for everyone. And why I love Yin yoga so much is that because it’s mainly all floor based postures, there is always a suitable option. There have been many days when I haven’t had to strength to stand up for long enough to do traditional yoga, but as for Yin, there is always something I can do! And of course just being still and focusing on your breath counts as yoga too! 🧘‍♀️ Come and learn more and join my Yin Yoga & Mindfulness 6 week courses in Liverpool and Wallasey, starting from next week; small groups with many beginners, plenty of individual attention, so don’t shy away. Let this kick start a new way of being and feeling for you in the company of lovely people 🤗 See link in bio or my Facebook page events And follow my page ➡️ @dr.amanda.bowen for upcoming transformational yoga retreats ✨🤩✨

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First #recovery book finished ✅: @tommyrosen’s @recovery2point0 👍🏼👍🏼 - Thoughts: A really solid, informative read that changes the way you look at addiction. Tommy is a fan of the 12 steps, combined with a holistic view of mixing healthy food, yoga, meditation, etc to truly transform oneself after addiction. His mind-body balance really hit me hard, as I’m a believer that you have to treat the body as a whole, not just remove the addiction and done. - My every damn day yoga practice started on day 2 of my stay in rehab this summer and I haven’t missed a day since (101 days in a row) ❤️ I’ve always found that I THRIVE on discipline and a schedule, as well as making sure my diet is 75% healthy (I have to have my frozen yogurt every night now that I’m off alcohol and I love me some cheese). I’ve started working the steps, and going to 3 meetings a week is my sweet spot. - A lot of times, I want to skip the meetings, but once I’m there (like most things) I enjoy hearing people’s stories and resonating with bits and pieces. He also talks a lot about service and finding a purpose. My mission in life post-addiction is to help as many people as I can who are suffering and want to break the chains of addiction... so I loved this part of the book. - I would def recommend this book to anyone going through recovery and looking for advice on how to live life to the fullest (and be truly happy). - Has anyone read this one? Any other books high on your list?

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tattoosyogaandrecovery. Ever feel like you’re in a rut and you find yourself thinking, “wtf am

Ever feel like you’re in a rut and you find yourself thinking, “wtf am I even doing with my life”..? We’ve all been there... Thinking about one flawed or incomplete aspect of your life leads into another and another and another. Soon it spirals into pulling all the “negatives” to the forefront of your mind & before you know it, you’re left feeling mentally defeated. The reality is we all have flaws, imperfections, and weaknesses. As much as we’d like, we can’t be good at everything we do. Failure isn’t an option, it’s fate... failure is going to happen at some point or another and when we can accept that, we are learning to accept ourselves a little more. It’s interesting that as a society we fear failure so much... yet more often than not, the greatest people, inventions, and ideas stem from failure. Most of us fail miserably before we succeed & we can become stronger from our struggles or allow the failure to defeat us. Next time you experience failure, defeated, or a “rut”, try to appreciate it. Know that success arises after failure if one doesn’t give up. That love eventually finds a broken heart if one still believes in love. That happiness can eventually replace sadness. That while life may get overwhelming, in this moment, as you read this, you. are. ok. ❤️ #yogacommunity #selfcare #asana #yogaprogress #yogisofig #igyogafamily #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yogini #yogafitness #yogagram #yogaanywhere #practiceandalliscoming #instayoga #spiritualgangster #igyogacommunity #yogastrength #yogajourney #yogajournal #yogafriends #yogavibes #mentalhealth #selflove #anorexiarecovery #strongnotskinny #yogaforrecovery #yogaformentalhealth

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she_recovers. Hi! I’m @tarynstrong - cofounder (with my mama @recoveringdawn) of SHE

Hi! I’m @tarynstrong - cofounder (with my mama @recoveringdawn) of SHE RECOVERS and the gal managing this page. I am in recovery from substance use disorder, trauma, disordered eating, self- harm, codependency and all of the things that came with those things; shame, low self- worth, and low self- esteem. Today, I know, for a fact, that I have been through everything I have been through – every heartbreak, addiction, trauma, insecurity – to bring me to exactly where I am in this moment. I am a Trauma Informed Yoga instructor, @doterra Wellness Advocate and currently completing my Recovery Coach training. I have led over 25 yoga for recovery retreats, presented at several Yoga conferences, and have co-taught alongside @elenabrower. More recently, I’ve started teaching SHE RECOVERS Yoga at @kripalucenter and am creating a SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher Training Program -inaugural training is Oct 2019! It is my honor, privilege and responsibility to do this work. Deep bow in gratitude. . #sherecovers #recovery #sobriety #sober #addictionrecovery #sherecoversyoga #yogaforrecovery #edrecovery #traumarecovery #selfharmrecovery #healing #holisticrecovery

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Hi, I’m Taryn! I’m in recovery from substance use disorder. Cocaine, meth (when I was 16) and mdma were my drugs of choice. I preferred them all with booze, so I guess alcohol was a “fav” of mine too. It got to a point where I couldn’t have a drink without instantly looking for the pal with the cocaine. And the truth is, I would do anything you put in front of me. Well, except pot because that made me sleepy and I preferred drugs that kept me awake for days 🙄 In my recovery, I have been able to see so clearly that I was using those substances to cope with trauma, codependency, sexual violence, disordered eating, low self esteem, feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, shame, and who knows what else! As the layers peel away while I dive deeper into my healing -repressed memories are surfacing, and the list gets longer. But, guess what? The deeper I dive into into my recovery, the freer I feel. Is it easy? Nah. Would I change any of it? Fuck no. So, if you are struggling today and it all just feels too overwhelming - please keep going. And please reach out if you need me to remind you of your resilience and magnificence. . . . #sherecovers #recovery #drugaddiction #addictionrecovery #substanceusedisorder #sobriety #sober #presence #sherecoversyoga #yogaforrecovery #girlbossrally #girlboss #

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It'sa me and Maaario! 🍄 🤹🏻‍♀️🤹‍♂️ Playtime with the magician ☀ . We've since invented three new moves. Looking forward to revealing! If you like wizardry and all that cool stuff, be sure to check out Mario's page! @magiomagic

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addictionaider. This made me laugh. We all need to laugh and feel joy. Cookie Monster

This made me laugh. We all need to laugh and feel joy. Cookie Monster doesn’t take life too seriously. Just for today take what you need to seriously.... your recovery or continued journey to recovery but lighten up on the little things. Find what makes you happy. #experiencedtherapist #family recovery #addictionsucks. #codependency #overcomingcodependency #addictionhelp #helpwithaddiction #addictionrecovery #familyrecovery #alanon #familiesanonymous #recovery #experiencedtherapist #mindfulnessteacher #clinicalsupervisor #mindfulrecovery #mindfulness #yogaforrecovery #odaat #serenity #12steps #narcoticsanonymous #addictionsucks #yogaforrecovery #yoga

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“Change is not only inevitable, but always happening. When you truly embrace this concept of change being constant, the only thing left to do is grow, detach, venture inwards, touch the spirit and find your source — the one responsible for keeping you grounded through the ever-changing seasons of life.” — Julie Weilan • How do you connect to source? I find little moments the most helpful. Finding my breath, breathing deeply. • Little rituals, like my restorative yoga before I go to bed, help to provide the space for deep relaxation, for me to get out of my thinking space and into my being space. • Thinking space allows fear to creep in, doubt, however being space allows me to surrender the thoughts that keep me attached to impermanence. • Happy Wednesday beautiful people. ✨ Be in the body, be in the breath, be yourself. 🌱 • 📸 @barontragediofficial . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogagirl #yogajournal #yogisoul #hotyogateacher #dancerspose #yogaeveryday #yogateacher #yogapractice #yogajourney #yogadaily #yogafit #yogascotland #igyogacommunity #yogaforrecovery #yogachallenges #yogalover #yogaflow #YogaForLife #yogalifestyle #yogaphotography #yogacommunity #yogatime #yogaposes #yogafam #outsideyoga

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Wednesday January 23rd Class schedule 9:30-10:30 am Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Transformation With @tara_dukester 6:00-7:00 pm Earth Magick and Sound Healing With @g_g905 7:30-8:45 pm Kundalini Live With @har_dev #kundalinisandiego #kundaliniyoga #yoga #kundalini #meditation #healing #yogaforrecovery #kundalinihealing #yogaforhealing #spiritual #spiritualtransformation #cosmicflowyoga #heartchakra #balancedchakras #bethelight

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Four hours of sleep you guys!!! 🧟‍♀️ A combination of insomnia and anxiety kept me up til 3 in the morning and then I woke up at 7 this morning unable to sleep anymore. The anxiety of the day I had ahead of me had my heart racing and my stomach in knots!!! But despite having minimal sleep, I ate my breakfast, drank my pre werk and I got a workout in. To be completely honest, I had no idea how long I would last, but I needed to occupy my mind. That’s what is so great about this lifestyle. I can workout to deal with the stressers in my life. I can read personal development to remind myself that I’m working to better myself each and everyday. I fuel my body with the nutrients it needs and CRAVES to keep me going all day! And guess what?!? Even with hardly any sleep, I didn’t feel the need to nap today. I felt great through most of my day. And when the anxiety-driven part of my day came and went, I treated myself to wings from my favorite wing joint! I went home and I got 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 work!!! Now time for some boyfriend snuggles and Netflix watching!

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✨lots of attempts lots of confusion but hey my legs are straighter so yet another interesting progression✨ 🥳🗓🤸🏽‍♀️ Day 1️⃣6️⃣ of #AYearOfYoga2019 with @cyogalife ➡️ #Corkscrew or #ParivrttaBaddhaUttanasana 🤸🏽‍♀️🗓🥳 Repost from @cyogalife using @RepostRegramApp - 🥳🗓🤸🏽‍♀️ Day 1️⃣6️⃣ of #AYearOfYoga2019 with @cyogalife ➡️ #Corkscrew or #ParivrttaBaddhaUttanasana 🤸🏽‍♀️🗓🥳 #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #yogadaily #homeyogapractice #yoga #asana #yogini #yogalife #practiceandalliscoming #trusttheuniverse #yogacommunity #dailypractice #practicemakesprogress #yogaforrecovery #recovery #edsurvivor #selftaughtyogi #yogapracticenotyogaperfect #stretchitout #humanpretzel

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Join us every Tuesday at 6pm for one hour to explore a safe and nourishing gentle yoga class. Our aim is to help bring some movement and stretching to your body, and calm to your mind and nervous system. Part of the #SheRecovers family, Yoga For Recovery (Victoria) provides trauma-sensitive gentle yoga classes to practice movement, conscious relaxation, mindfulness, and breath. Classes are $10 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds) and held at Christ Church Cathedral (free parking). Yoga is a positive way to generate a change in consciousness, that empowers people with the ability to access a peaceful, restorative inner state. Bring cozy warm clothing and a yoga mat if you have one! Our classes meet you where you’re at, so there’s no pressure to perform yoga in a particular way - just come as you are! Let us know if you have any questions. All are welcome 💛💗💛

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merice. “The blood in my body is God; the reason in my mind is God; the love i

“The blood in my body is God; the reason in my mind is God; the love in my heart is God; everything that exists is God”. -Paramahansa Yogananda When I challenge myself to see everything in this world as divine my courage swells, my ability to love strengthens, and my universe grows. I cherish these moments on my mat with my little buddy. Knowing he will be there to give kisses when I fall keeps me going. Working on shifting my gaze with lotus in handstand ➡️➡️➡️ #adhomukhavrksasana #padmasana #yoga #igyoga #changeyourperspective #yogaforrecovery

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bodyloveyoganz. Motivation comes from progress. As Tony Robbins says: progress = happi

Motivation comes from progress. As Tony Robbins says: progress = happiness. I get asked how to stay motivated to exercise, and my advice is always to find a form of movement you love and bring you joy. For me it is yoga and walking/hiking. I remember my first #yinyoga class. I was in the midst of my eating disorder. I hated my body, I was constantly trying to change it. But when I started getting into these restorative shapes #asana I felt a shift in energy within myself and for myself. I felt love for myself. I experienced this warm feeling starting in my heart area and then expanding to the rest of my body. This was progress for me. Not getting perfectly into a shape, but the feelings of love and compassion. Yoga is a lot about how you feel, what you can observe from different postures. It is not about how you look in postures or if you can touch your toes.

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Yoga for Recovery with @yogawithjoyce meets this Saturday, 1 - 3PM, at Yoga Junction. This donation-based monthly gathering includes a period of teaching, an open and anonymous 12-Step discussion followed by an all-levels gentle yoga practice, and ends with a longer meditation in savasana. This supportive class welcomes anyone dealing with addictive behaviors or those affected by the addictive behaviors of others. . #yogajunction #yogaforeveryone #louisvilleco #y12sr #yogaforrecovery

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taralouiseg. 🍭🍭
My friend’s daughter asked me why I’m always upside down. I told

🍭🍭 My friend’s daughter asked me why I’m always upside down. I told her it’s the place where I feel the most alive and free 🦄💜🦄. And then we both 🤭 🤭 giggled. Because I think she’s a unicorn too. ________ #mercy #yogaforrecovery #justbreathe ____________🕊🕊 #yoga #inversionaddict #yogavibes #yogapants #fitness #instayoga #vegan #backbend #yogalove #yogapractice #headstand #yogaposes #yogachallenge #yogafun #bodyweighttraining #instaart #yogaeverywhere #strengthtraining #yogalife #yogafit #mentalhealth #yogateacher #yogaeveryday #freedom #faith #tattoos #yogainspiration #freedom

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createpoweryoga. “I started coming to yoga here because it was something I’ve always wa

“I started coming to yoga here because it was something I’ve always wanted to get into, and I’ve sporadically over the years gone to a couple of classes here and there, but I was looking to get into it regularly. When I started coming here, I just really liked everyone and the classes, and felt comfortable, and I’ve been to a bunch of classes since I signed up. I’m really sticking with it this time and enjoying it. I’m also in recovery, and I feel like Yoga has been the last puzzle piece in that journey.” Thanks for sharing, Juli! @is_missing_ #whyyoga #myreasons #gotoyoga #whenindoubt #yogaforrecovery #recoverwithyoga #community #cpyturns5

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kayhankivrak26. Rest and recovery are important aspects of wellness. Thank you yogacan

Rest and recovery are important aspects of wellness. Thank you yogacandi for helping bring the burn! Really worked into the hips and hamstrings tonight after two good days of running. Quads also got a beating on the weekend but they will have to wait until the next time I'm on my mat. #100happydays #awahouyoga #yogadad #forwardlunge #asana #mindfulness #yoga #running #restandrelaxation #yogaforrecovery

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trinifoundation. On the importance of practice. 
#Repost @butlerraines
750 days sobe

On the importance of practice. #Repost @butlerraines ・・ 750 days sober. It's not magic. It's practice. Sutra 1.21”The goal is near for those who are supremely vigorous&intense in practice" Sutra 1.22”There are differences between those who are mild, average and keen in their practices." A friend called me up recently seeking advice, "I admire your ability to seemingly navigate stress&conflict with a sense of peace&objectivity," and wanted to learn how he might cultivate the same mindset. I assured him if there was any truth to his perception, it was a product of years of practice. I once listened to Vedic scholar, Sree Aswath, speak on yoga&the sutras. He explained many think yogis do not get stressed or experience anger. Yogis, like everyone else, experience these mental states, but the yoga practice cultivates an ability to recover quickly. An unpracticed person may take a month or more to move on from an emotional event; a practitioner of yoga, over time, can learn to recover in a week, a day, an hour, 10 mins. Stoics also have a reputation for being unfazed&emotionless. Again untrue. Stoics cultivate maxims to have "ready to hand" to help bring them back to objective thinking. Marcus Aurelius' Meditations are nothing more than reminders to himself to come back to this fundamental disposition. "The ancient philosophers, likewise, did not merely think about the challenges of living and arrive at a conclusion once. They found it necessary to repeatedly go over&over the same line of reasoning in their minds on a daily basis, sometimes reviewing a single idea in relation to many different concrete situations, or elaborating it by means of different analogies&modes of expression. In other words, it takes effort& perseverance, in many cases, to change our habits of thinking&overcome destructive emotional responses." How have I applied this? I read daily with the intention of finding passages I can use as reminders and tools. I enjoy sharing these with the world. Ashtanga yoga encourages a regular daily practice. Through it, I've built strength over my mind. Whether a headstand, or compassionate objective demeanor, it’s simply fruit of consistent practice.

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“If you choose to see everything as a miracle, then where you are right now is perfect. There is nowhere to run to; there is nothing else to do except be in this moment and allow what is to be. From that place of radical acceptance, major change can happen. The first step in any transformational experience is acceptance and surrender to the present moment, the way that it is. From that place we have the awareness, humility and power to change what is.” — Mastin Kipp • This my lesson right now, my vocal cord paralysis has created a profound shift in my life. My yoga practice has changed, my way of sharing and contributing has been shut down. The way I sound is different, my speech reduced and unrecognisable to me sometimes as ‘my voice’. • Working through this there have been moments of pure denial, trying to just do what I normally do, moments of minimising ‘oh it’s fine really, I won’t be out of action too long’. I have had to allow myself to be. I have had to surrender and accept. RADICALLY accept. Accept a version of myself that is so different. • Yet the more I allow it to be, without judgement, the more I can see the gifts as well as the loss. The extra time, time I’m used to never having. An exploration of what silence gives, what I hear above my own voice or constant chatter. The chance to just be with myself and properly attune to what my body needs. Maybe right now I am in the perfect state for me? • My speech therapy has started and this little progress I’ve made is giving me so much more hope that I’ll heal. And in the words of Martin Luther King, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase." • Happy Tuesday beautiful people.✨ What kind of radical acceptance are you working with right now? • 📸 @barontragediofficial . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogagirl #yogajournal #yogisoul #hotyogateacher #dancerposevariation #yogaeveryday #yogateacher #yogapractice #yogajourney #yogadaily #yogafit #yogascotland #igyogacommunity #yogaforrecovery #yogachallenges #yogalover #yogaflow #YogaForLife #yogalifestyle #yogaphotography #yogacommunity #yogatime #yogaposes #yogafam

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addictionaider. Shout out to all the women out there who are doing their best a day at

Shout out to all the women out there who are doing their best a day at a time to recover from addiction. And to the men too. It takes more courage to recover than it ever does to use. If you are struggling finding that courage to change ask yourself what support do i need to make that change, to take that risk? #experiencedtherapist #family recovery #addictionsucks. #codependency #overcomingcodependency #addictionhelp #helpwithaddiction #addictionrecovery #familyrecovery #alanon #familiesanonymous #recovery #experiencedtherapist #mindfulnessteacher #clinicalsupervisor #mindfulrecovery #mindfulness #yogaforrecovery #odaat #serenity #12steps #narcoticsanonymous #addictionsucks #yogaforrecovery #yoga

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sweet__carrroline. I’d rather be doing handstands in the mud than going back to school in

I’d rather be doing handstands in the mud than going back to school in the morning

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TREAT YO'SELF! Just a note to remind you that these two tiny house CASTLES 🏰are still up for grabs on our Joshua Tree Rejuvenation retreat April 26-28! They're so cool and cute and perfect for couples or two friends who don't mind sharing a bed! 👫👭⠀ You get your own two-story fairy tale castle with a queen bed, bathroom, living room, spiral staircase, and a private rooftop lounge! Just check out these amazing sunset views! 🌅⠀ Tiny houses for the weekend are $970 per couple, including all food, retreat activities, sound healing, park entry, yoga, good friends, you name it! Plus the 10% donation to on of our fave non-profits, @charitywater . That's the early bird price and it will go up in March, if these tiny houses even last that long, so get on it! Link in bio to book!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #soberyogaretreat #joshuatreeyogaretreat #joshuatree #joshuatreeretreat #soberclimbingretreat #desertrejuvenation #blacampout2019 #wedorecover #sherecovers #tinyhouseretreat #desertyogaretreat #retreatsthatgiveback #retreatsthatempower#biggerlifeadventures #yogaadventure #yogaeverydamnday #yogaretreat #soberyogaretreat #yogaforgood #travelforgood #sobrietyrocks #yogaforrecovery #yogalove #ayurvedaforrecovery⠀ #myyogaretreat #yogainspiration #yogahiking #quantumyoga #yogaayurveda #yogameditation

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"Sadhana is the ultimate victory of the self, there is nothing equal to it." - YB Experience the power of committing to a daily practice and be able to see and feel the benefits with our 7 Day Aquarian Sadhana Challenge. Only $45 for the whole week, that's less than $7 a day! 😀👊💚🤙💕✌️💃🕺 Saturday January 28th 4 am to 6:30 am through Sunday February 3rd We are now offering a day drop in rate of $15 for those who can't commit to the week ;) #ultimatevictory #kundalinisandiego #kundaliniyoga #yoga #kundalini #meditation #healing #yogaforrecovery #kundalinihealing #yogaforhealing #spiritual #spiritualtransformation #cosmicflowyoga #heartchakra #balancedchakras #bethelight #yogibhajanquotes #raiseyourvibration #aquarianage #aquarianteacher #7daychallenge

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✨I was struggling with balance in this one but then upon review my twist is tighter and I’m able to sink deeper another sign that you will see growth if you just get a good movement practice in apparently even if you are focusing more on strength than flexibility✨ • • • • • • • • • - 🥳🗓🤸🏽‍♀️ Day 1️⃣5️⃣ of #AYearOfYoga2019 with @cyogalife ➡️ #Yogidandasana 🤸🏽‍♀️🗓🥳 #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #yogadaily #homeyogapractice #yoga #asana #yogini #yogalife #practiceandalliscoming #trusttheuniverse #yogacommunity #dailypractice #practicemakesprogress #yogaforrecovery #recovery #edsurvivor #selftaughtyogi #progresspic #yogapracticenotyogaperfect #moveyourbody #movement #stretchitout

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johmerfitzone. My body recovery day. Its way to indulge my body an easy and relaxing

My body recovery day. Its way to indulge my body an easy and relaxing day. #namaste #recovery #yogaforrecovery #yogaday #relaxingday #yogini #coachlife #gymlife #gymgirl #bodybuilding #spartan #spartangirl #awesomeday 🌞🧘‍♀️👯‍♀️🙏

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sweet__carrroline. Eating disorders get louder when real healing starts to happen. What I

Eating disorders get louder when real healing starts to happen. What I’ve had to learn is that this loudness of the thoughts and the intensity of the urges is tolerable. I can notice it and say “hmmm that’s interesting” as I’m getting stronger (mentally and physically) in yoga, my eating disorder is pissed. I’m leaning on other things to comfort me and I’m not automatically obeying the thoughts. It feels threatened, which it should be. We were in a intimate, close relationship for a long time. It was my best friend, until it nearly killed me. Even after that it felt safe. But now change and healing are slowly happening. I’m learning to love myself and the body I’m in. Appreciate it for what it can do. And accept that I’ll always have triggers or thoughts may come up, but I can choose how I respond to them. Recovery and healing is waaaaay outside of my comfort zone, kinda like when I did this handstand away from a wall, but I’m trusting that there’s beauty in the healing. A dear friend told me this week “remember the voices aren’t real” and that’s what I’m clinging to as they get louder in this season of growth and healing. 💖💕💖 . . . . . #mindfulnessmeditation #yogaeverydamnday #lokahsamastahsukhinobhavantu #handstand #yoga #meditation #mindfulness #edrecovery #recovery #healing #yogaforrecovery

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jilliankeaveny. YOGA | home
For me and my practice, Y O G A is… the conduit for lear

YOGA | home . For me and my practice, Y O G A is… the conduit for learning my patterns under stress, how to cultivate softness, to open my eyes to judgement of self and others, to provide time in silence which I so desperately crave. Each and every time I unroll my mat I’m saying “yes” to meeting myself. Meeting this body, these emotions, this brain, the stories, the injuries (mental + physical), right here, right now. . In the last couple of years my teaching sort of flip flopped. I went from teaching a LOT of yoga and a LITTLE fitness to… teaching a LOT of fitness and only a LITTLE bit of yoga. So now when I do get a chance to teach yoga, I truly cherish each second. If you are craving a little quiet, a slowing down, a soft connection to body and sound, I hope to see you sometime this week. . THIS week I am teaching two yoga classes, both at @compassfitnessdenver >>. . Tuesday, Jan 22nd - 6:30p - Yoga for Athletic Recovery (on @mindbody app - Compass Fitness schedule) . Thursday, Jan 24th - 7p - Deep House Yoga (ticket link in bio) @deephouseyogasf . . And side note, I couldn’t be more grateful for the inspiring teacher, beautiful soul and dear friend… the lovely lady in the forward fold, @keribergeron . . 📷 @jordanquinnphoto #yoga #deephouseyoga #yogaforrecovery #breath #sound

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