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• E M P O W E R I N G L E A D E R S⁠ •⁠ Our purpose at OMPowerment is to promote community-led leadership by offering refugee communities the capacity to teach themselves - teaching a man to fish, instead of feeding him for a day. ⁠ ⁠•⁠ Seeing the ripple effects - witnessing our trainees stand in their own voice and power - is why we do this work.⁠ ⁠•⁠ Our co-facilitator from our Nairobi @jessiwolz training shares:⁠ Today I had the privilege and honor to watch one of the April @ompowerproject trainees lead her peers through our regular Monday afternoon trauma-informed yoga class. Knight has been a student since the beginning of the trauma-informed yoga program @shofco in Kibera, and today she was a teacher. Super proud yoga teacher moment. ⁠ ⁠•⁠ This is why I do this work: to watch young girls transcend - even if just for a moment - the terrible experiences of their past and find their voice, their strength, and their capacity to lead. Not just survivors. #gogirl ⁠ Together we rise. #thefutureisfemale ⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ #ompowerment #yogaforrefugees #healingyoga #practicewhatyouteach #yogastrong #refugeesupport #traumainformedyoga⁠ #yogafortrauma #yogaforchange #bethechange #uniteforchange⁠ #thisisyoga #yogaheals #payitforward #spreadthelove⁠ #yogaforhealing #withrefugees⁠ #traumainformed #traumarecovery #healing #resilience #yogainspiration #yogaisforeveryone #kenyayoga #empoweringwomen #girlsempowerment #breathe #growinggirlgurus

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yogastudiocitta. 25 oktober bij Studio Citta: Yoga for Change.Hartchakrameditatie, Mant

25 oktober bij Studio Citta: Yoga for Change.Hartchakrameditatie, Mantra's, Zonnegroeten, verantwoorde lunch. Gezelligheid, bijkletsen, elkaar motiveren, inspireren, informeren, uitnodigen: to learn and feel the love for life, the love for mother earth. Practice do and share yoga. #yogafriends #yogastudiocitta #yogaforchange #yogapractice

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aeolsberg. Yoga for the cause 💜 Go see my yoga sister 💜
#Repost @pantherc

Yoga for the cause 💜 Go see my yoga sister 💜 . . . #Repost @panthercityyogaproject with @get_repost ・・・ Link in bio to register. . Join us Saturday @artspace111 for an all levels, slow flow yoga class at 10:30am. ✨🖤✨ . Class is donation based. Contribute what feels right for you in this time. This class celebrates community and International Day of Peace. . Peace begins with you. Connecting to breath, getting still and really listening, along with creating movement for change. We will blend all of this together in this class leaving you feeling at ease, grounded and connected to take on the rest of your day. . In celebration of community, this class is part of our 50/50 project. 50% will be gifted to @arttooth to support their work within our great city. They create amazing opportunities for local artists and provide art events around town. Check them out! 💗 Support local. . Register through the link in our bio & we’ll see you Saturday! 🙌🏼 . Create Movement to Create Change; Together. . #pcypyoga #fortworth #seefortworth #makingfortworthy #forworthyoga #artspace111 #arttooth

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carsoncityyoga. Sometimes, Mondays feel like transitional, liminal spaces. This mornin

Sometimes, Mondays feel like transitional, liminal spaces. This morning, wind stirs up change. How are you today? I mean, really? Who are you, in the presence of whatever shifts are taking place? . Step on to your mat, if only for a moment, and listen. Take a breath, let it out. Pause. . Can your yoga practice be something beyond the physical? Can you drop in, find a center in the chaos, sit with uncertainty, find a resilience that allows you to step out in to the world? . Why yoga, and why does it matter? . #livingthequestions #youareloved #thankyouforyourpresence #contemplativemonday #whyyoga #yogaforchange #yogaasyouare #yogaandmeditation #carsoncityyoga #yogacarsoncity

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nuriapcano. Compartint la pràctica. Guiada per Flor Villazan. Un luxe!! @flormaom_

Compartint la pràctica. Guiada per Flor Villazan. Un luxe!! @flormaom_yoginidurga_om #felicitat #yoga #yogaperserfeliç #yogaforliving #yogachangedmylife #ioga #meditacio #yogaforchange

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Opportunities to give back to the Chattanooga community @yogalanding this weekend. Friday 9/20 5:30p and Sunday 9/22 8am we are hosting donation classes for @trinifoundation. . . . Yoga is a tool for change within and without. The gifts of practice unfold powerfully when sourced with the intention to reduce the suffering of others. Yes, practice for you and your healing. Practice for your friends, family, neighbors, and community. Practice to heal the suffering, hold it with love and see the connection it creates between us all. . . . The Chattanooga community benefits directly from the donations and attendance of this class. Your effort put towards this cause could plant seeds in the most unexpected places. The person walking down the street as you drive to work might have learned about yoga through Trini. The student next to you in class might be there on scholarship so that they can focus on rent and food finances. The teacher you frequent might spend time teaching in the community and receive compensation from your donation. . . . Acts of love and kindness, no matter how small, ripple out into the world creating positive change. If unable to attend one of our donation classes, or make a donation, plant small seeds of kindness and love around you this week. Show up as the fierce, loving creator for peace and change that you all are.

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Kick off your shoes and spend some quality time for yourself. Yoga is much more than exercise.....connect with yourself and others and live your life with a feeling of joy Classes this week.... Join KIM @yogaunity_ SUNDAY- Slow Stretch 6pm MONDAY- Yoga for all 9.30am & 6pm. “September Special $15 all classes” Private’s available. VANESSA will be teaching TUESDAY 5.30pm Vinyasa Flow THURSDAY 5.30pm Yin LINDA will be in the studio @11am Friday for Chair Yoga. Safe, gentle yoga for seniors #livelifeloveyoga #yogaforall #yogaforchange

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new_landscape_yoga. Yesterday my friend and I were chatting about Chapters in life and gro

Yesterday my friend and I were chatting about Chapters in life and growing together and apart. 🌟 🌟 We're both in midlife and that's a time of new beginnings. At least I see it that way. But it's hard to step into a new chapter - and the fear is a real, palpable character in the room. 🌟 🌟 This is why it's so important we find - and keep - our own identity. What on earth is that, I hear you asking yourself - I'm immersed in being mum / wife / attorney / daughter etc. . These are important roles - but who are you as an individual? 🌟 🌟 Yoga can help you connect to who you are, so you can confidently step into your new Chapter. 🌟 🌟 Interested in finding out how yoga can help - I've a fee luscious short Standing Side Stretch sequence to start you on this journey. You'll also get some ideas on what to look for when finding your yoga home. Link in bio. . . . . . . . . . #yogini #instayoga #yogalove #yogainspiration #yoga #motivation #yogalove #yogaphilosophy #yogaoffthemat #namaste #meditation #workinprogress #bestrong #yogaforanyage #yogaclassesonline #yogabeginners #leanintochange #yogainmidlife #yogaforchange #midlifewomen #midlifefitness #digdeeper

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• C O M P A S S I O N A N D K I N D N E S S ⁠• A post from @dr.yaghmai - our collaborator for the upcoming training in Greece - about the community in Malakasa...⁠.⁠⠀ ⁠• "We are no longer at home. We are not raising our children in Afghanistan or Iran. We are here, surrounded by gracious foreigners, who come from countries far away, leave their homes, and dedicate their life to supporting us and helping our children live a life of dignity."⁠⠀ • All of [the volunteers here] show us compassion and kindness every day and they don't even know us. THIS IS ALL OUR CHILDREN NEED TO SEE. Our children are learning the true meaning of humanity, and that is more important than any education or religious teachings we could offer them.⁠⠀ ⁠• We are fortunate to be here and meet people from foreign countries and experience the beauty there is in humanity.⁠⠀ ⁠• We must be grateful, and not worry about their future, our children's lives are already better than ours ever was."⁠ Yes, I cried. Other women were nodding their heads in agreement.⁠⠀ ⁠• Throughout the 90 mins, one woman was breastfeeding her child in the circle, and two other women had their children in the space with us - and they were quietly playing with the volunteers, so we could hear their little chuckles, whispers and cries throughout - the perfect background music for today's topic.⁠⠀ ⁠• There are no words to describe the multitude of emotions I felt as she was talking.⁠ The shift in perspective was deep. It was a response I did not see coming.⁠⠀ ⁠• I will say this over, and over, and over again - It is an honor to be holding space in this community.⁠⠀ • • • #ompowerment #yogaforrefugees #healingyoga #karmayoga⁠ #practicewhatyouteach #yogastrong #refugeesupport #traumainformedyoga⁠ #yogafortrauma #yogaforchange #yogaforlove #bethechange #uniteforchange⁠ #thisisyoga #yogaheals #yogateachertraining #futureofyoga ⁠⠀ #payitforward #spreadthelove⁠ #yogafortransformation #yogaservice ⁠⠀

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Welcome to Rishikesh. Welcome to AYM Yoga School (Home of yoga and meditation). The 300 hour yoga teacher training course started with these beautiful people. #yoga #namaste #traveldiaries #beautiful #love #inspiration #traveller #300houryoga #yogateachers #wellness #rishikesh #india #yogaforchange #myyogajourney #followme #aymyogaschool

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blendedplus. *What does self love mean to you?*
“Self love. Self love is showing up

*What does self love mean to you?* “Self love. Self love is showing up for yourself, being in tune and at one with your energy and emotions and learning how to self sooth. It’s noticing the parts of you that challenge or disregulate you and choosing to learn, grow and be at peace with them. Self love is dog walks, lush face masks and hot, crystal filled bubble baths, it’s meditations in the park and eating chocolate in the dark, spreading love and being love. It’s those difficult conversations, admitting when you’re wrong, stepping out of comfort zones and exploring other opinions and ways of thinking. Self love for me is balance, acceptance and growth”🙏🏼✨ - Ellie, Co-founder of @blendedplus . . . . . . #lgbtq #lgbtqyoga #mentalhealth #yogaforcharity #yogalondon #yogamanchester #lgbtqcommunity #blendedplus #yogaforchange #mindfulmovement #queeryoga #queercommunity

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baptiste_foundation. “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but in building the new.” - Socrates // BECOME A SUSTAINABLE SUPPORTER: Have an inkling that together we can create a new kind of way? Us too. Your contribution, your monthly pledge, will support creating access to the transformational learning needed to generate true change. Link in bio.

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blendedplus. Join us at Lululemon Spitalfields / London -
Wednesday 25th September

Join us at Lululemon Spitalfields / London - Wednesday 25th September 7-8.30pm The beautiful soul @davidkamkw will guide us through an evening of yoga, movement and self exploration. This session will be suitable for beginners. - Tickets are free, donation based only, please sign up to save your space via eventbrite, search: lululemon spitalfields x blended⁺ - Cash donations will be collected on the evening raising money for @londonfriendlgbt . . . . . . #lgbtq #lgbtqyoga #mentalhealth #yogaforcharity #yogalondon #yogamanchester #lgbtqcommunity #blendedplus #yogaforchange #mindfulmovement #queeryoga #queercommunity

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Just in - We’re coming back to Coffs Harbour! ~ Interested in sharing the practice of Yoga where it’s really needed? Join us for a Trauma Informed Yoga Workshop designed for Yoga Teachers & Health Professionals working with refugees, veterans, Defence Force Personnel and their families, people in detention, people recovering from domestic and sexual violence and first responders ~ What you’ll learn 💫A deep understanding of Trauma and its neurobiological basis 💫The latest evidence about the benefits of yoga when applied to traumatised populations (including an evaluation of our programs conducted by the NSW Service for the Treatment & Rehabilitation of Torture & Trauma Survivors) 💫The Charity’s Core Teaching Principles 💫Sequencing + How to Tailor Classes 💫Program Design 💫Tools for Self Regulation 💫Consultation about the establishment of your own program To register, get in touch! #yogaimpact #socialimpact #yogaimpactcharity #yogacoffsharbour #coffsharbour #traumainformedyoga #traumainformedyogatraining #yogaforrefugees #refugeeyogatraining #prisonyoga #veteranyoga #yogainschools #yogaformilitarycommunities #yogaforeveryone #yogaforhealing #yogainaction #yogaforchange #spreadthelove #yogaoffthemat #yogaforhealing #psychology #counselling #selfregulation #yogateachertraining

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shutupandyoga. Beginner’s Mind Podcast Episode 5 with @aprilharterlcsw is here!! ✨🎉�

Beginner’s Mind Podcast Episode 5 with @aprilharterlcsw is here!! ✨🎉😍 ⠀ 🙋‍♀️ We had the chance to talk to all about unconscious racism, performative allyship, and rehabilitation therapies for white folks healing their racism. April Harter is an anti-racism therapist that helps white people break the rules of anti-racism in order to be authentic in their interracial relationships. She shared so much fascinating information with us and we’re beyond thrilled to pass it all on to you! ⠀ 👉 Head to shutupandyoga.com/PODCAST to listen! ⠀ —- #yogapodcast #antiracism #healing #podcast #yogamagazine #podcastlife #yogaforchange #modernyoga

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blendedplus. *What does self love mean to you?*
“Personally, I feel self love comes

*What does self love mean to you?* “Personally, I feel self love comes from acceptance. I feel we need to fully accept ourselves to embrace everything down to our core, to then truly love ourselves from within. We all need to remember that there is only ONE of us in this world, and that is the power we hold. We are all so unique, down to how we act, how we feel, who we love, what we love - why shouldn’t we love that - it’s beautiful!?” - Giorgia, Co-founder of @blendedplus . . . . . . #lgbtq #lgbtqyoga #mentalhealth #yogaforcharity #yogalondon #yogamanchester #lgbtqcommunity #blendedplus #yogaforchange #mindfulmovement #queeryoga #queercommunity

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* H E A L I N G A N D R E S I L I E N C E ⁠ T H R O U G H Y O G A *⁠ Healing and Resilience through Yoga (Hart Yoga) is a twelve week psycho-social intervention for survivors of human trafficking developed in collaboration with Willow International in 2016. ⁠ •⁠ Informed by recent advances in trauma theory and neuro-science, Hart Yoga aims to create a nurturing environment where women and girls that have survived human trafficking can reconnect with their inner resilience, build a supportive community, and overcome the psychological effects of trauma. ⁠ •⁠ The program is survivor centered, emphasizing self-directed, intentional movement in an environment explicitly designed to promote safety, trust, and interpersonal connection. The curriculum evolves over twelve weeks, and is organized around three primary themes: Grounding, Gratitude, and Inner-strengths.⁠ •⁠ Hart Yoga by the numbers:⁠ - Since its inception, four groups of women and girls have completed Hart Yoga⁠ - Data from a pilot in 2017 showed improvement across ten self-reported indicators for depression, as well as self-rated perceptions of self-esteem and body image⁠ - Hart Yoga is currently undergoing steps to register as a charity in the United States⁠ •⁠ To learn more about this work or to donate and support us and the truly inspiring communities we serve, check out the links in our bio.⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ #ompowerment #yogaforrefugees #healingyoga #karmayoga⁠ #practicewhatyouteach #yogastrong #refugeesupport #traumainformedyoga⁠ #yogafortrauma #yogaforchange #yogaforlove #bethechange #uniteforchange⁠ #thisisyoga #yogaheals #payitforward #spreadthelove⁠ #yogainuganda #yogaforhealing #withrefugees⁠

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yogamatata. Nous sommes très touchées que notre tapis Ginkgo ait inspiré à @little

Nous sommes très touchées que notre tapis Ginkgo ait inspiré à @little_wild_leaves cette magnifique aquarelle ! C'est si beau, si serein, si doux... Exactement ce que l'on souhaite transmettre comme énergie à travers nos motifs simples et élégants et à travers la douceur et la chaleur du liège ! Merci encore @little_wild_leaves ✨🙏✨ . . . #yoga #yogaart #artyoga #yogamatata #yogaforchange #parisyoga #yogamour #yogafrance #yogaparis #yogainspiration #yogamat #tapisdeyoga #frenchyogi #doyogainparis #bienetre #spiritualite #zenitude #instayoga #yogini #yogagirl #yogalove #yogaeverywhere #yogagirl

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journeywithjessjonesyoga. \"I carry within me the answer to any despair, any deficit, any deviati

"I carry within me the answer to any despair, any deficit, any deviation from the truth of who and what I am: a manifestation of Love. Creative intelligence. Nature at work. I have compassion for myself when I struggle to remember this. Part of my very human journey requires that I stray from these truths. So that I develop the skills necessary to get back on course. So that I develop the instincts needed to not only survive, but thrive. So that I become highly adept at reading the compass of my heart and knowing the directions to go in that will lead me to the deepest wells of restorative replenishment. My life is meant to be more than a constant state of burn-out. September wants me to remember how to say no to what is making withdrawals on my energy. How to say yes to care and consideration for myself. How to nourish my creative capacities so that they feel emboldened to flourish in the world. I have a wealth of talent to draw from, so I do so with careful consideration. I do so with a deep respect for all that these talents can teach me. I do so wanting to be conscious of how to keep my reserves stocked for myself, even though it feels like I have enough to give away to everything else. I am allowed to keep some abundance for myself while still being incredibly generous with those around me." ~Chani Nicholas These affirmations written by the remarkable @chaninicholas coming to us, to me and to you, and a great reminder that we must fill up our own cup, harness our energy to be able to share with others. #RUokday (week) is in full swing! Reach out, check in with a friend, and dont forget to top up your tank so you have a well of love and compassion to draw from. #lightandlove #intentionalliving #harnessyourenergy #journeywithjessjonesyoga #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime #yogaeverydamnday #itsawayoflife #yogaforchange #followyourbliss #mentalhealthawareness

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Exciting announcement time in the form of new classes and workshops that are happening soon. Firstly *NEW YIN CLASS* every Thursday at 7.30pm @lumipoweryoga starting Thursday 19th September because y’all know how much I love sharing the practice of yin 🙌 Second, a couple of workshops are coming up. First is a crow and arm balance workshop @lumipoweryoga on Sat 28th September 2pm-4pm. You don’t need to be able to do arm balances to do this one, it’s really more about allowing yourself to connect to the part of you that is curious and that wants to have a go and learn. If you’ve ever practiced with me you’ll know my interest is in the processes of what we do and that the outcome becomes sort of unimportant and just a byproduct of the good stuff that happens when you let yourself be in the flow of what’s actually happening... 🌀🌀🌀 Finally I have a Yin, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra workshop on the 2nd November @yogawestlondon 1.15pm-3.15pm. More details and info on that one coming up towards the end of the week but save the date because it’s going to be yum...

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concernworldwideuk. 👏 A huge well done to @nicoleasgharyoga from Bumblebee Yoga for holdi

👏 A huge well done to @nicoleasgharyoga from Bumblebee Yoga for holding this fantastic #yoga fundraiser for Concern Worldwide UK! She raised £250 which is amazing! Half of the funds raised will support our work ending extreme #poverty and #hunger in the world’s poorest countries. The other half will go to a second #charity of her choice. Thank you for organising this Nicole and thank you to all of our supporters who have kindly donated to #ConcernWorldwideUK over the years!

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yogaimpactcharity. Introducing our new Volunteer Events Manager Tabitha Acret @wanderings

Introducing our new Volunteer Events Manager Tabitha Acret @wanderingsoftab ! We’re so grateful that Tab will be sharing her skills and experience to oversee our special events 💖 ~ If you’re interested in getting involved in our work sharing trauma informed yoga programs with refugees, people in detention, veterans + families of the Defence Force get in touch. We are looking for people to help with 💫 Creating + editing video content 💫 E-Newsletter #sydneyyogateacher #volunteerappreciation #yogaforchange #yogaforeveryone #traumainformedyoga #yogaoffthemat #spreadthelove #seva #makeadifference #socialenterpriseaustralia #socialimpact #yogaimpact #yogaimpactcharity

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🧘‍♀️Sirsasana🤸‍♀️ 5 ans que j'ai débuté le yoga : j'étais souple comme un balai et j'avais un rapport très conflictuel à tout ce qui touchait de près ou de loin au sport (je suis celle qui avait toujours 6 en sport au collège et au lycée !). On m'aurait dit que je serai un jour capable de faire une posture sur la tête comme ça, j'aurai dit "LOL". Et pourtant, sans forcer et en un an à peine de yoga 2 fois par semaine, j'en étais capable. Croyez-le ou pas, c'est une posture niveau débutant ne nécessitant aucune souplesse particulière. Je sais, ça a pas l'air comme ça, mais c'est pourtant uniquement une question d'équilibre, de respiration et de confiance en soi. Dans l'un des stages que j'ai fait, un élève de 85 ans faisait cette posture... Et là je me suis dit "mais Ondine t'as pas honte de te sentir incapable de faire ça alors que ce monsieur y va vaillamment sans aucune peur ?" J'ai débuté le yoga comme un "décoinceur" de mon corps et ça a fonctionné au delà de mes espérances. Maiiiis le yoga est bien plus qu'un décoinceur du corps : c'est un reformatage mental bienveillant, l'apprentissage de la concentration et de la prise de recul. C'est aussi une philosophie de vie dans laquelle je picore, au fur et à mesure que la découvre, tout ce que je peux appliquer à mon quotidien- en tout premier lieu la bienveillance et la non violence. Alors merci au yoga de m'avoir donné la confiance dont je manquais pour lâcher mon taf où je dépérissais, me lancer dans l'entrepreneuriat, de m'avoir insipirée pour créer @yogamatata et mon blog qui cartonnent tous deux comme je n'aurais jamais osé l'espérer, mes bébés que je suis si fière de voir grandir et franchir de nouvelles étapes ! Tant de rencontres depuis, grâce au blog comme grâce à Yogamatata... Je suis reconnaissante 🙏 . Photo : @anagreenbabycircus . . . . #yogamatata #yogaforchange #parisyoga #yogamour #yogafrance #yogaparis #yogainspiration #yogamat #tapisdeyoga #frenchyogi #doyogainparis #liège #corkyogamat #bienetre #spiritualite #zenitude #instayoga #yogini #yogagirl #yogalove #yogalyon #yoganantes #yogamarseille #yogatoulouse #yogabordeaux #yogalille #yoga #yogaeverywhere #sirsanana #posturesurlatete

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Who is practicing with us this week? All our classes until Thursday are donation based and 100% of proceeds will go directly to @allhandsandhearts💜 join us on the mat! Monday: 6pm Flow with Nikole Tuesday: 6pm Flow with Mcckaila Wednesday: 6pm Flow with Rachel Thursday: 6pm Flow with Wendy Friday: 6pm Flow with Jaime 7pm Yin with Ann Saturday: 10am Flow with Wendy 11:30am Kundalini with Valerie Sunday: 10am Flow with Krista 11:30am with Kristi

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