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joe_lizzzzzz_yoga. All these photos represent the physical practice/asana limb of yoga. A

All these photos represent the physical practice/asana limb of yoga. All of them. What is advanced for one is not advanced for another. What comes easier for one does not come easier for all. Where you find stillness another may find chaos and turmoil. Restorative, arm balances, yin, heart openers, backbends. They are ALL part of the limb. No accomplishing of a particular asana will make you a better yogi, a better person. Follow your own soul, listen to your own body. Asana is merely one small part of the practice of yoga, only one limb. Allow it to strengthen your body in the way YOU need it to, so that it can harbor all the inner work to come 🙏🏼 Wearing all @aloyoga #aloyoga #inflexibleyogis #yogatutorial #sponsored #curvyyoga #bodypositive #yogaeveeydamnday #progressnotperfection #practiceandalliscoming

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kristinmcgee. What are you working towards right now in your practice?
Join me thi

What are you working towards right now in your practice? - Join me this evening @onepeloton at 5:30 PM EST for advanced yoga flow followed by an advanced yoga flow focused on the lower body! - I personally love to keep challenging myself; and to never stop growing. - This whole transition used to be a lot easier for me but I’m working on getting stronger again...Who knew it would take at least two years after having twins 👶🏻👶🏻 to feel like I’m finally getting back to my old self. - ▪️Bhujapidasana ▪️Titibasana ▪️Bakasana ▪️Tripp’s headstand flirting with backbend ▪️Fall in to chaturanga - I hope to see you on the mat tonight!🧘🏼‍♀️!

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I want to see your squares here filled with whatever fills your soul, whatever warms your heart, whatever lights your world on fire. I don’t care if it’s the same thing someone else is doing, i don’t care if it’s quotes from someone other than yourself, i don’t care if it’s a photo you took on you iPhone. You don’t have to write fancy captions in order for them to be worth reading. you don’t have to take magazine worthy photos in order to feel like they’re worth seeing. You don’t have to feel bad, feel ashamed, feel any type of way because of the judgement of another on here. 🙏🏼 Feet in the clouds in, and sponsored by @aloyoga #aloyoga #curvyyoga #bodypositive #yogaeveeydamnday #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #practiceandalliscoming #loveandalliscoming

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joe_lizzzzzz_yoga. The heart of a person cannot be determined by outwardly appearances, a

The heart of a person cannot be determined by outwardly appearances, as a person's heart is not meant to be seen with the eyes. The heart of a person is determined by their actions towards others, as a person's heart is meant to be felt with the soul ✨🙏🏼 Wearing the very first exclusive 2 piece set (summit set) from @aloyoga 🙏🏼 anyone else also ridiculously obsessed with fleece shorts?! 🤤 #aloyoga #sponsored #yogaeveeydamnday #loveandalliscoming #bodypositive #curvyyoga #practiceandalliscoming

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bohemian_island. Magic is all around, you just have to believe 🔮 @mylittleyogi is rock

Magic is all around, you just have to believe 🔮 @mylittleyogi is rocking the new #BlackFloralPants 👖 Bohemianisland.com #bohemianislandspring2018

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🧘🏼‍♀️ is the BEST way to beat the ❄️ blues! Backbends, inversions and arm balances are some of my favorite pick me up poses...what are yours? - ▪️Lift to the balls of the feet and lower and lift to get the blood flowing, hips open and core engaged. ▪️Take flight in crow pose. ▪️Try moving forward in to tripod headstand. ▪️Play around with lowering one leg to the floor behind you at a time. Eventually lower both and try coming in to full wheel! - Give it a go, let me know your thoughts! For those with #diastasisrecti be Super careful when you’re dropping over into backbend that your core is 100% engaged or avoid the wheel all together. - Join me tomorrow 9:30 AM Eastern standard time and 11 AM Eastern standard time @onepeloton 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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Hey y’all. Welcome to Day 1 of #letsstarttheconversation followed with a flow to incorporate my #collateralpractice challenge. I chose #adhomukhasvanasana I grew up with Cats. I was terrified of dogs as a youth because my grandparents dog Porgy bit me. Our first family pet was a cat we called Kitty. Let’s just say she she only loved one person, my dad. Then we added another pet cat and called him Buddy. Buddy loved everyone. Then finally we added our first dog Sandy. She helped me get over my fear of dogs. She was the sweetest . . . Once I was out on my own and felt responsible enough to have a dog, I adopted Leo. Then we added Tula. Leo passed on my birthday and was completely heartbroken. Tula kept running away. We lived on a busy street so I found a safe home for her to live. After years, I yearned for another pet. Nico graced us and he is the smallest dog ever. He is such a stud and knows it. Then comes the famous Popeye. My sons father Bert adopted him when we were no longer together. Bert passed away and Popeye is my everything. He never leaves my side and has helped me to heal in so many ways. Pets are amazing and love you no matter what is going on. I can’t imagine a life without a fur babe . . . #Repost @prana_lotus with @get_repost ・・・ Excited to host this challenge in December! Who wants to join? #Repost @redswhitesconvospodcast with @get_repost ・・・ Join us for the #letsstarttheconversation yoga challenge Dec 10-16! A challenge to encourage fun, inspiring convos within our IG yoga community! Each day’s pose will come with a prompt to start a conversation.💬 . Sponsored by @redswhitesconvospodcast A brand new podcast that fosters authentic, purposeful conversations in the wellness community. Launching in January 2019! . Hosts: @prana_lotus @kimb0__ @birdsofafeather_journey @mrs_khaleesi_gaither . Poses: 1️⃣ Dogs or Cats? Down Dog/Tiger Pose 2️⃣ How do you overcome obstacles/face fears? Triangle Pose Choice. ✨ @soundcloud 🎶 DJ Dakini’s Streching Tiger Yoga Flow mix

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I remember when @allliiibaba snapped this photo, I gritted my teeth and grunted and tried 10 times to get the pose. I was sweaty and tired. My lower leg kept slipping off. ⠀⠀ She captured it- But what does it say about me? Does it speak to my character? Does it show kindness? Does it express gratitude or exuberance? ⠀⠀ Mostly looking back on this shot I feel grateful that I no longer define myself or my sense of self-worth by the tricks I can do with my physical body. ⠀⠀ After 15 years of practicing yoga, I am so much more curious about the state of my mind. ⠀⠀ I’m learning to remember to listen to my breath. I’m learning to love that sound. ⠀⠀ So today I practice asana to the point that it reminds me to breathe and puts me in a zone where I can hear it. ⠀⠀ I practice asana to bring me to a place where there’s nothing else but me and my own breath and by it’s steadiness, I know I’m okay.

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joe_lizzzzzz_yoga. Here we are. The moment of rawness that brings with it empowerment and

Here we are. The moment of rawness that brings with it empowerment and humility. The moment where I share myself knowing it opens the door for those who are hurting themselves to hurt me. And yet, I’ll open the door anyways. And if you choose to attack me, say mean things, put me down, know that this is a safe space. That i respect you AND your pain. That i hear you. I have cellulite. And stretch marks. And scars, burns, birth marks. I’ve been a size 0 and a size 18. My weight has gone up and down. Since starting yoga I’ve weighed 210 lbs and I’ve weighed 150 lbs. some days i love myself and nothing any one can say to me makes me feel any different. And other days i cry reading dms calling me fat, gross, a waste of space. Some days i love my curves and other days i cover them up with layer after layer. It’s a daily struggle, a daily process, a daily reminder to myself that i am worth loving, and that that worth has nothing to do with what i look like and everything to do with who I am. If you’re reading this, i see you. You are beautiful. YOU are worthy of love. YOU are loved. ❤️🙏🏼 #yogaeveeydamnday #mentalhealthawareness #loveandalliscoming #bodypositive #aloyoga #loveyourself #practiceandalliscoming #yogajournal

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Do something you love today! 🕉️ #salambasirsasana . At the centre of your being you have the answer- you know who you are and you know what you want.-Lao Tzu . Look at the world with different eyes each day (I choose upside down eyes) and Lead with an open heart ❤️ . Namaste.

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In Blackwater Woods by Mary Oliver— Look, the trees are turning their own bodies into pillars of light, are giving off the rich fragrance of cinnamon and fulfillment, the long tapers of cattails are bursting and floating away over the blue shoulders of the ponds, and every pond, no matter what its name is, is nameless now. Every year everything I have ever learned in my lifetime leads back to this: the fires and the black river of loss whose other side is salvation, whose meaning none of us will ever know. To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go. #yogaeveeydamnday #thereisacrackineverything #friendswithwhatis

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yoga.kait. Feeling receptive and grounded. Welcoming unity of universal and indiv

Feeling receptive and grounded. Welcoming unity of universal and individual consciousness. . This view never gets old, even covered in snow it is so serene and beautiful 💙

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Day 06 #alliscoming2019 #ekapadasirsasana Swipe to see how far I’ve progressed. Yup, it’s a slow progress, but I see it coming soon. Work on opening up the hips one day at a time instead of pushing yourself to get into the full pose and ending up getting hurt. Be patient and kind enough to let the body open on its own time. Enjoy the process ✨🙏🏻 Hosts and sponsors: @danysayoga @larugayoga @mylittlemantra @runandrelax @yogabalearicretreats #ashtangayoga #ekapadasirsana #yogagirl #yogachallenge #patience #kindness #yogaeveeydamnday #yogaeverywhere

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yogasahl. This apply to all areas in life. Don't think too much about becoming g

This apply to all areas in life. Don't think too much about becoming great. Think of how to do everything you do in a great way. When it comes to yoga. Many think that great equal those perfect poses we see in magazines, here on Instagram and just about every where yoga is portrayed with an image. Instead if focussing in that picture perfect estethic pose, focus on what feels great in your body. Don't judge but go after doing great in every little pose. Don't worry about how it looks but how it feels. #yoga #yogalife #feel #breathe #meditate #livelovelaugh #yogasahl #yogaeveeydamnday #love #letgo #great

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“There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”—Martin Luther King Jr. #yogaeveeydamnday #yogaonthemove #thereisacrackineverything #letitbe

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gweic. I finally found my tripod headstand. Thanx to my TT teacher @corey.wu.

I finally found my tripod headstand. Thanx to my TT teacher @corey.wu.3 and my trainer. A few months back, I could only do tripod headstand with two yoga blocks supported at the each side of my shoulder because of my weak shoulder stability . After TT,with consistent weight training and headstand practices , I finally gain stability in my shoulder and strength in back muscles. Sometimes, it's good to spice up your practice with some weight training. It does really help waking up some of your sleeping muscles. 🏋🏋🏋 #yogalife #yogaeveeydamnday #yogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #tripodheadstand

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A team that practices together, stays together! _ I’m subbing for these two beautiful girls, @diti22 & @annagreenberg, this morning @onepeloton: - 930am EST 45 minute Beginner Yoga Flow and 11am EST 20 minute Beginner Yoga & 20 minute Beginner Yoga focused on the 🍑 (warrior 1 is great for your glutes)! - I hope to see you soon or you can catch class later on demand. - I always try and keep a beginner’s mind and learn something new every time I step on to my mat🧘🏼‍♀️. - I’ve 💯 learned so much from these two awesome teachers as well; and ♥️ taking their classes. We are all so 🙏🏻 to all of you showing up every day too!!! Please keep sharing all your awesome photos and comments! - 📷 @winilaophotos

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manou_kawaii. FAILURE 💔

Failure is when we don't have the result we expected. We d

FAILURE 💔 Failure is when we don't have the result we expected. We did things to reach a goal and we don't have that result. Just it. And then we have thoughts about our failure : what we conclude about us, our future, all the efforts we put in, what people will think, how stupid or naive we were, and how incompetent we judge us... Sometimes my brain is so hard with me. I'm full of fear, shame and i feel so powerless and misunderstood. Thanks @ouichangemavie to clear my mind about it. I can't wait to hear the second part of the podcast. #changeyourlife #handstand #upsidedown #yoga #yogaeveeydamnday #yogajourney #failure #fear #selfgrowth #inversions #intention #createthelifeyouwant #personalgoals #workgoals

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Our success in anything is ultimately a matter of our pure heart’s intention. We must consciously raise our vibration to a peak state of divine awareness. Take a seat. Be still. Be inspired! Feel the essence of your intention within guiding your decisions while having a clear vision. Declare it! Claim it! Embody it! Align with the co-creative energy field of manifesting with a pure heart “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!” Surrender control and be in a state of allowing. Be patient. Then reflect on the positivity in the manifestation of your pure heart’s intentions as you have clarity and confidence to commit to following through creating your intentions, successfully!!! May blessings in love and light to you beautiful souls! #namaste 🙏🏻💖✌🏻🌟 ✨ ✨ ✨ swimwear by @amoursmiles use discount code “tammie25” at check out #ambassador #brandambassador #influencer 🧜🏼‍♀️👙🐬 ✨ ✨ ✨ #yogaeveeydamnday #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogalove #bliss #intentions #intentionalliving #enlightenment #mindfulness #alignmentchart #manifestation #yogalife #yogagirl #lovelife #beinspired #boholifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #yogapose #usvirginislands #beautifuldestinations #worldtraveler #passionpassport #positivevibes #spirituality #spiritual

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mula.yoga. Good morning yogis 💁‍♀️ let’s do some exercises to build core strengt

Good morning yogis 💁‍♀️ let’s do some exercises to build core strength #mulayogaegy

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_triplegee. 📸: @gypsayoga - ,,When you change the way you look at things, the thi

📸: @gypsayoga - ,,When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change." Dr. Wayne Dyer #yogafeet

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gypsayoga. ,,When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at w

,,When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change." Dr. Wayne Dyer #upavisthakonasana

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🧘‍♂️ 🙏🏽 🕉 Namaste #minttea🍃

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Who’s joining me tonight at 7pm EST @onepeloton hamstring opening intermediate yoga flow?! 🧘🏼‍♀️ - We will work up to hanumanasana; but that’s optional! I was playing around with using my core and working on splits this past weekend. (All sped up to fit it in) - I hope you’ll hang out with me later tonight or catch any of my classes on demand! - What’s your favorite hamstring stretch?!

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Happy Monday!! Trying to stay dry in a crazy wet LA! This reminds me of seconds after this photo was shot, I flipped over and slid down this bank and into the water, and had to walk back with muddy, wet pants! 😹 #yoga #yogainspiration #singapore #handbalancing #handstands

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Come at me Monday, I'm ready for ya. ••• @barre3syracuse T 1/15: 10:45am W 1/16: 12 F 1/18: 5:45am Su 1/20: 9:30am ••• @oyogis (Dewitt) T 1/15: Sunrise Yoga at 6am ••• @oyogis (Syracuse) T 1/15: Yang/Yin for Hips at 7pm Th 1/17: Sunrise Vinyasa at 6:30am Su 1/20: Yang/Yin at 5:30pm ••• @vyanayoga M 1/14: **New to Yoga Beginners Series** at 7:15pm (if you missed last week, or can only drop in, know you're welcome! Or catch me teaching the series again next month) F 1/18: Lunchtime Yoga at 12 S 1/19: Dynamic Vinyasa at 8:30am ••••• #yogahustle #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveeydamnday #practiceeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming #barre3januarychallenge #barre3 #barre3syracuse #bempowered #datassthough

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Let’s all leave the robot state... we are so much more. I don't know the meaning of life but I know it is not about being the most efficient robot on earth. • Being in the robot state is burning. Hanging out with someone in the robot state is boring. It's like nobody is there behind the eyes. Empty. Empty. Empty. When I ask something, I know, just like a robot how that person will answer. • I love to hang out with alive people who are inspiring, surprising, who check inside, each moment, for answers. @nikimariahelena and @martina_tornvall, thanks for giving me just that and so much more every single day. WOW, I feel so alive with you. I LOVE YOU. ❤️ - - - Foto @photographermohammedsalik 🙏🏼⭐️

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Taught my first yoga class in Paradise☀️ Grateful for all the yogis around the world who joined me this morning 🧘🏻‍♀️♥️ . . #Yoga #yogi #yogaeveeydamnday #yogaabroad #teachingabroad #yogalife #yogalove #yogateacher #dream #followyourdreams #grateful #happiness #sunshine #happyplace #neverwannaleave #allthesunshine #allthesmiles #community #weareallone @nrg2go @vcollectionresorts

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