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lunaruhe. Even when you’re breaking down, you have to break through, you have to

Even when you’re breaking down, you have to break through, you have to. Feel what you feel, while it all tries to crush you let it crumble. You will break through, hold on, stay strong. Trust me, tomorrow morning will be so much calmer. You just have to, have to get through this storm. I believe in you, because I’ve been there too. . . . . . . #thoughts #poetry #writing #writersofinstagram #selflove #writersofig #writerscommunity #lifequotes #love #feelings #writer #poems #poemsoflove #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #words #strengthquotes #hopequotes #encouragementquotes #supportquotes #thinkingofyou #unspokenwords #unspokenthoughts #lunaruhe

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I’m obsessed with this stunning artisan white chocolate made by @meltdownartisan with elements of the 𝐇𝐄𝐑 𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐃 𝐎𝐅 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐊 cover art!! I have loved these embroidery-style waves, jasmine, hearts, keys and feathers since I first received the cover art from @briobooks ... to see them on delicious chocolate is thrilling. Meltdown Artisan opened a new store in Darlinghurst just down the street from me this week... can’t wait to load up on goodies!! . . . #bookstagram #booklover #bookaddict #chocolate #whitechocolate #artisan #custom #bookworm #coverart #bibliophile #booklove #igreads #writersofig #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writerslife #booksofinstagram #yum #graphicdesign #delicious #foodporn #illustration

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mishi_ki_kalam. क्यो हमेशा सब नियम औरतों पर ही, कभी सीता कभी सती बनाते हो। जब चीरहरण ह

क्यो हमेशा सब नियम औरतों पर ही, कभी सीता कभी सती बनाते हो। जब चीरहरण हो उसका तब मूकदर्शक बन जाते हों। #smv #mirakeehindi #mirakeequotes #panchdoot_social #hindilekhan #panchdoot #hindikavyasangam #shabdanchal_mp #shabdanchal_indore #shabdanchal_madhyapradesh #saranshzindgika #aadi_wordblog Follow @mishi_ki_kalam on @mirakeeapp #mirakee #poems #poetry #writersnetwork #quotes #quote #writersofinstagram #stories #ttt #quoteoftheday #writersofig #writersofmirakee #wordporn #writing #writer

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flaviusgauntius. More #photoshop boredom. This time, lightly inspired by the #614 re-im

More #photoshop boredom. This time, lightly inspired by the #614 re-imagined as a dream city of plastic, metal and bone. #writersofinstagram #writerslife #amwriting #weirdfiction #weirdwriting #horrorwriter

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heerkhant. I think that when we say that my head wants something and my heart wan

I think that when we say that my head wants something and my heart wants something else, its just a little far-fetched. Often its just you creating this division and misunderstanding that you can have only one thing. Try thinking of your heart and head as one unit, out on the field. #instagood #headandheart #lifehacks #life #lifequotes #lifeisgood #writing #words #wordstoliveby #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writerslife #wisdom #wordporn #nofilter #nononsense #blogger #thoughts

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purbalimukherjee. It's not you, it's me.
No, it is you.

It's not you, it's me. No, it is you.

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my_inked_thoughts__. Dear Kavu,

Hey love..!!! I know, distance is an obstacle. People say

Dear Kavu, Hey love..!!! I know, distance is an obstacle. People say that distance is just a matter of number, but at times that number feels like it can't be counted. It feels like it's too long. At times distance does matter in a relationship. But you know what, what matters to me more than the distance is you. Your smile when you wake up in morning, when you make a cute baby face, when you hug me, when your fingers are intertwined with mine, when you say with your eyes rather than expressing it by words, when you make me feel that I am just yours and you have all your rights over me. What matters more to me is us, even after this distance we are holding on because of our love, wherever we go but in the end we just return to each other which makes me feel like returning back to home. No matter how far we are but above all this distance, all these obstacles, situations, struggles and hardships, all that matters more than these things to me is just 'YOU' and nothing else more than 'US' Only and Only Yours Dhruv @dicemediaindia @sehgaldhruv90 @mipalkarofficial #dicemedia #love #lovequotes #loveletters #relationship #beautiful #feelings #moments #cute #smile #morning #hugs #letters #instagram #instadaily #art #artist #poem #poems #poetry #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #author #authorsofinstagram #my_inked_thoughts__

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purbalimukherjee. Monday blues?
I have all-week blues.

Monday blues? I have all-week blues.

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ellebor.writer. Full piece below— I would like to share some great writing (in my opin

Full piece below— I would like to share some great writing (in my opinion😀) that didn’t make it past the cutting room of my novel editing process. I feel a sense of freedom with this type of vulnerability in my words that is worth sharing. ******************************** There are cries, escaping the soil that once buried them alive. Beneath us, has been their dwelling all these years, while clinging to a false sense of hope- much like their irreparable brokenness much like mine. “Do you remember?” he asks. I don’t miss the tremble in his voice and the flash in his usually weary gape. I feel his feet draw closer, just a breath from the back of my neck. His subtle respiration awakens the chill in my pores. None of us needed to see. It’s obvious. He’s pitching a hopeful possibility in this long beat of quiet, that we might share the same context of forgiveness. But I haven’t dealt with much thought of it. I can’t. I open my mouth, refining the angry words leaking out of them. “Would you?” And just like that, the nightmare lives again. My body feels endangered by the simple inquiry that swiftly confiscates our closeness. I pull away. He senses my defense. How can I tell him that it’s not from him? How can I say it might as well be? It’s terrorizing, whatever taste of old memory he just recently smeared my mind with. “I’m sorry,” he says, nerves chasing his voice. For what he said earlier? Or for everything he didn’t do to save me? It’s a terrible movie, what happened here. I suddenly remember my young and frail shape, being ripped apart and exploited in equal force by pedophilic hands with slant beliefs. It’s loud in my ears now , the price of staying alive I eye him discreetly, forcing a big lump down his throat, wanting to hold my hand but fearing the repercussions. “Ophelia,” I hear him whisper. I feel ruled , as if my insides still recognize the familiar calling. His voice is sweetly unkind, shattering my barriers, reigniting a scorching heat deep in my center. He’s the only one who could command it. And I hate him for that. How dare he, call me with a name of someone from the dead? Some weak soul who used to love him Elle Bor

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FULL PIECE Copyright © 2019 Elle Bor . All rights reserved ******************************************** Decades- I’ve waited Charting the years with the greys in my hair Growing the space between us reverberating your mistakes Reminding myself the error of my heart Repeating her face in my head All while my time with other men have been a disservice to the wounds you left behind You didn’t know But a home has been restored beneath the one you set on fire Whose door would still open at the recognition of your footsteps But you never returned And I didn’t dare search for your body beyond the smokes of the battleground I am not like her I will never be Though I wonder If I’m better or worse And here we are today Brought together by the sinister hand of fate You, ten feet beneath the soles of my shoes Her, barely an inch away from my skin I  didn’t pray for this ending I only wanted you to fall in the same depths where you left me never to accept its permanence I always have this belief that I was superior a better woman than she could ever be But I’m damned by this spectacle: Our tears have found affinity dissolving into each other in a harmonious strain of desolation and heartache Our chests collapsing at the same time over lungs that are failing in the air of death And there are cries wails breaking the earth open Echoing the sound Of a single name By two mouths that might as well be from one person I’m certain of this now, Her and I, We are the same Martyrs Cut from the same fabric weaved by the debris of one man’s soul Yours Loving from the pits of our breaths Warring for honor But between her and I, she was the one who accepted without question the only love you can give That no matter how much freedom you endorse It will always be an abduction Then, Despite her humble hands In spite of her weak spirit She paid the price to ransom you back And all these years I thought, I was the one you deserve But this woman before you was merely a coward with a brave face for a white flag

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ellebor.writer. FULL PIECE
Copyright © 2019 Elle Bor . 
All rights reserved

FULL PIECE Copyright © 2019 Elle Bor . All rights reserved ******************************************** There is a cavernous upheaval and a buildup of infirmity bursting through the walls Incited by the song of your footsteps Perhaps a form of quiet, enough to hear the hardship your presence brings The compulsion is hard to evade Every knock on the door provokes a welcome For it isn’t darkness that ushers your coming But a cloud of dust Spiriting away any logic and reason Disgorging a new breed of blindness dancing at the helm of your index finger Im certain of this I’ve seen her eyes Once they were mine under your tender oppression And from time to time, I feel it My wounds being stirred by the familiar horror of not being able to see even when my eyes are open Elle Bor

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This is a repeat / FULL PIECE Copyright © 2019 Elle Bor . All rights reserved ******************************************** Your shadow lingers next to mine Across this ground where all our stolen memories run amok My tongue tingles, still tasting your kiss from a million years ago still soiled by your passion and unwashed, even by the many lips that came after yours Your voice floats in the air, Summoning the butterflies to dig a pit in my stomach Your touch-the electricity has survived many waves of hurt that cradled my heart A single thought of you can muster all fibers of my body to fall paralyzed To stop my world from turning As if you’re still here, Coaching my heart all the ways to love you And getting me ready to outlive the heartbreak when it’s time for you to go I’ve been here before On countless occasions Savagely warred against oblivion With arms draped around pieces of you While I stood in front of the past Its cold hands ready to take you back Intending to set free your ghost from this box filled with empty promises And I ask them the same question every time- “How do you remove him from my skin without killing me?” Elle Bor

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Full piece below ⬇️ Copyright © 2019 Elle Bor . All rights reserved ************************************************************* I wonder why you come back Like a phenomenon on a timetable on leap years and blood moons Eclipses and asteroid collisions You return on schedule You’re here Fresh from inebriation Lugging around beer-soaked breaths undeserving of the words leaching out of your mouth You miss me I welcome it as I gather old scraps of the same thing Left over from the last time you said it I test them with my lips But they sound different the flavor stale I have devoured them before These are merely regurgitations of a lie forced down my throat You don’t miss me And love? Love is a train that has long left us I’m just there A run-down shelter letting stray animals in I’m the corner pub at 4am Filled with lost souls Famished bellies with cravings beyond the atherosclerotic fares Gallant hands and dirty intentions lodged inside grime-stained fingernails The haze is thick Anyone can be beautiful beyond the veil of cheap liquor I know This is is not the ideal experience but my door is the only one open at this hour But I get it now I am not the first face you search far and wide nor the name that dilutes all your prayers Never the token of your battles What you needed was comfort and I have just the right thread count to tuck any broken man in bed That’s why you miss me That’s why you return My touch is your company of the familiar And I have ushered you back to my door over and over You only asked for a place to pass the night And I gave you love instead My only fault is believing that I could make you stay Elle Bor

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