First stop on my Eurotrip, welcome to Germany 🇩🇪 Where the grass is always greener and the beer tastes a little sweeter?! I don't really drink beer but hey, I gave it a try.... 🍻 #germany #munich #europtrip


⠀ 🎼Певучий и мелодичный Тайский язык 🎵 ⠀ 🔠 Несколько фактов о Тайском языке: ⠀ 〰 Алфавит Таиланда — второй в мире по величине: 44 согласных и 15 гласных букв 🔡 Он уступает лишь кхмерскому - в нем 76 букв🔠 ⠀ 〰 Тайская письменность имеет собственное обозначение для цифр🔢 ⠀ 〰В тайском языке пять тонов: нейтральный, восходящий, нисходящий, низкий и высокий🔊 ⠀ 〰В Тайском языке НЕТ запятых, тире, двоеточия, многоточия🕉 ⠀ 〰Тайцы используют кавычки и круглые скобки🔃 ⠀ 〰Названия букв в Тайском алфавите состоят минимум из двух слов☝ ⠀ Ставьте ❤, если вам понравился пост ⠀ ⠀ 🎼Peacing and melodious Thai 🎵 ⠀ ⠀ 🔠 A few facts about Thai: ⠀ 〰 The alphabet of Thailand is the second largest in the world: 44 consonants and 15 vowels 🔡 It is second only to Khmer - it has 76 letters ⠀ 〰 Thai script has its own designation for numbers🔢 ⠀ 〰In Thai, five tones: neutral, ascending, descending, low and high🔊 ⠀ 〰In Thai, there are NO commas, dashes, colons, dots🕉 ⠀ 〰Tais use quotation marks and parentheses🔃 ⠀ 〰The letters in the Thai alphabet consist of at least two words☝ ⠀ Set ❤ if you liked the post ⠀


What do you think this bear was thinking about? I’ve to guess honey 🍯


The Taj Mahal is definitely a bucket list destination 😍✨ Photo by @sukainarajabali #dailyhivemapped

shyjumathew. I miss posting often but life’s good without your nose in the device :

I miss posting often but life’s good without your nose in the device :D Hope y’all are well. Say hi :) Check out my latest Vlog on “Turning your personal space into a studio!” Link in the bio. Let me know if you have an suggestion/topic for the next Vlog! Subscribe for more!


What a lovely treat to get to stay at the beautifully appointed @TheLaslett. Located in the heart of Notting Hill. #prettycitylondon

dalton_marine_cosmetics. Für deinen Citytrip oder einen Kurztrip haben wir mit unseren Reisegrö

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Smooth ride on a beautiful summer afternoon.


early bird meeting in lahore


I like trees and I like rainbows but I really like when I can get both of them into one picture


Sonra niye siz Türkler hep Yunanistan’a gidiyor🐳 (Toplantı odasında can verdi) #foursquarefind #igers_greece #photooftheday #welltraveled #throwback #latergram #zante #greece


🎶Find music everywhere you go. 🎶 ————————————————————— #annekaytravels #portland #portlandoregon #pdx #hawthorne #hawthornepdx #boutiqueshopping #hawthornedistrict #youarepartofthisplace


tra mosaici e fiori di loto. 🕌🏵 #hassan2 #hassan2mosque #casablanca


#Summer sky. ⁦‪


Bootay bootay bootay! 🍑 Love this super fun shoot I did for undies subscription brand @underclubco with gorg @angiehilem at @missionloft ✌🏻🌸 #sfphotographer


Hindi lang ikaw ang excited kapag pay day. Dahil kapag may V.U.L. ka o kaya ay kumuha ka rin ng education funder (through V.U.L.) na hinuhulugan mo tuwing pay day, excited rin siya para sa future niya.

katiewinkenhower. 💜💛🧡



Discovered this secret spot to watch sunset! I can’t describe how epic every sunset was here. Breathtaking! #nickonos


1/531 📷 they said we couldn’t reach capacity on the camera we rented, so we sure as hell took that challenge 🤙

pr_nc33s_. 🍁💖 🍂

🍁💖 🍂




“The journey not the arrival matters”


Ultimate relaxation in Switzerland 👌 Photo by @hbgoodie #dailyhivemapped