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Who in your life matters... makes a difference... means the world? ❤️ These humans here, captured beautifully by @photographybykatb, are some of the most amazing souls I’ve been blessed to share my life with. ☀️ Most days I don’t feel I deserve any love or respect from anybody, yet this family still takes me under their wing even when I’m so vulnerable and fragile. ❤️ I’ve learned that so many people will accept you as you are, and some won’t—and so will judge. I’m so so fortunate to be gifted with a family who accepts my flaws and mistakes, and sees the person who is truly there—rather than tearing me down for not conforming to their own agenda, or personal and irrational beliefs. @thegeniusofjack @mom.teach.repeat @ashbrd @taminator007 @photographybykatb ❤️

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Well done better than well said 🎶

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Don’t be fooled. I don’t have a sweet tooth 🧁

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Penat itu kembali datang. Kembali membuat hilang keseimbangan dan jatuh tak terarah. ~Evline Kartika Penulis dari Indonesia

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jfarrenpricesydney. A symbol of commitment and dedication, our unrivalled range of engagem

A symbol of commitment and dedication, our unrivalled range of engagement rings are designed to be heirlooms enjoyed for generations.⁠ ⁠ We have diamonds sourced from the Royal House of Asscher in our Kailis collection. We have Argyle Pink Diamonds as well as our own exclusive collection of jewellery designed in-house - all showcased in our Sydney Boutique. ⁠ ⁠ Visit our Castlereagh Street location to be enchanted by our elegant collection.⁠ ⁠ _⁠ _⁠ _⁠ _⁠ _⁠ #symbol #dedication #commitment #gems #diamond #diamondring #engagement #proposal #argylediamonds #houseofasscher#JFarrenPrice #JFarrenPriceSydney #sydneyjewellery #jewellerylover #jewellerycollecter #jewellerydesign #jewellerydesigner #jewellerygram #jewellerystore⁠ #luxuryjewellery #watchthisinstagood #gold #rosegold #silver #luxe #chic #elegant #rarediamond #raregem #handcrafted⁠

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Bersama hati yang terluka Tertusuk pilu, menganga luka itu Di antara senyum yang menapaki jejak kenangan.

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Favorite photo of myself ever, taken by my boi @ericalexanderwillis on one of the best trips down to The Alvord Desert 🙌🏽

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I was 9 or 10 when my dad bought me my first point and shoot camera. I carried it with me everywhere. Photos of dogs, flowers, friends, my mom opening a Christmas gift, my brother’s first car. I wanted to catch and collect every moment. ⠀ ⠀ But we didn’t have cell phones or social media. Crazy right? So if you wanted to share a moment or photograph with someone, you had to muster up the courage to stand in front of them and then wait (sometimes awkwardly) for a reaction. Face to face. ⠀ I think that’s part of why I’m pretty awful at social media. I don’t know the secret sauce to connecting with people digitally. Or living in some sort of faux reality. ⠀ ⠀ I’m also an introvert, so people already sort of terrify me (J/K, but really). ⠀ ⠀ Anyways...shout out to all my digital friends. I appreciate that you’ve stuck around and supported me, despite my intermittent absences and lack of social skills. I appreciate you! 😘

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July 8, 2019 Dunkirk is split into two (technically three). East and West side is Dunkirk Town and the middle is Dunkirk City. All three border the Erie Lake.

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hehe we baked lemon poppy seed cookies today & let me tell y’all they were delicious!!!!! the smell of lemon is so happy & being with him is so happy so let’s just say i had a pretty freakin great day🥰🍋

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. 不一定要嫁給最愛的人,太愛,會失去自我。也不必非嫁給最優秀的人,太出眾的對象,會給你壓力。對的人,無非就是知冷知熱,餓了替你煮碗麵,累了幫你揉個背。女人這一生總追求浪漫,生活卻沒那麼多劇情,靠譜的男人花樣不多,卻能陪你過平淡生活。​​​​ . . . . . . . #chotofugram #folkgood #folkvibe #watchthisinstagood #hbouthere #hsdailyfeature #theimaged #shotzdelight #instamagazine #SDMtravels #YNGkillers #visualambassadors #trappingtones #urbanandstreet #eclectic_shotz #shoot2kill #hypebeast #streetmagazine #chasinglight #VOGUEmeStyle #MyShangriLa #gramslayers #houseoftones #huaweiphotography #mobilephotography #moodygrams #majestic__view #mobilephotographypage #doports #way2ill @portrait_vision @portraitgames @portraitvision @kdpeoplegallery @street.activity @streetmobs @portraitstream @shangrilahotels @moodyports @citykillerz @streetmobs @huaweimobiletw

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All white on a stormy night

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India will never bore its travelers! 💕 🇮🇳

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