visualtraveller. Cotton candy sunset 😍🔥📷
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... . Berusahalah jujur dengan kemampuan kita, toh nantinya akan balik ke diri kita masing masing. Kita sendiri juga yang menuai apa yang kita tanam ◡̈ . IF. @__kesyaaaa . ____ #whphidden #cangguchronicles


This feels better than it looks. Why? Because we want to be alive, we want to explore and our goal on the mountains is to find happiness! We want to see, discover and mostly in a world that is more and more structured and looked, to feel freedom. I think on the mountains we find the space where we can be ourselves, like a sailor at sea... ⛰ ❤️


Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. For a while now, I’ve been at odds with Instagram and how it’s being used. Something just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t inspired anymore. I felt like it was dragging me down creatively and stunting my growth as a photographer. Don’t get me wrong, social media has created so many more opportunities for creators but it’s also turned art into an echo chamber and popularity contest. It had made me forget why I’d love photography in the first place. So I took the opportunity while in Norway for a mini social media detox. I had to rediscover why I was taking photos and start to define my unique impact as an artist. Fortunately, good company and a beautiful country helps a lot with that. It’s still a work in progress but I’m starting to find my groove again and feeling re-inspired in my craft. I’m not here to say that there’s a right or wrong way to approach photography but if you feel that something’s just not right, stop and reevaluate. Don’t force yourself to push out content for the sake of numbers. Art is not a sport, but an individual journey. There’s no loser here.


I need new music and you’re going to help! incentive: shoutouts for the best suggestions. my music library has been boring me lately, so it’s time to spice it up. I’ll be checking out all suggestions! give me any artist/song that you’re into right now, and give me a feel for the genre. if I end up liking your song/artist suggestion, i’ll shout out your page on my story! *don’t expect a shoutout if you suggest a country artist/song.

ellenosadchaya. Лето у меня в этом году такое насыщенное, что из-за вереницы событий н

Лето у меня в этом году такое насыщенное, что из-за вереницы событий некогда выкладывать фоточки :) просто даже забываю🙈 Но знайте, у меня все идеально. И лето это, идеальное 😍


Took a detour to Tofino.


Ketenangan ketika ku berjalan Dan menghirup udara segar di dalam sana 🌿


Mountain View 👍