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NYC é uma cidade que não cansa nunca e já mudou muito desde quando eu estive aqui, 2 anos atrás. Eu prometi pra mim mesma que não ia repetir passeios, mas não resisti a uma passadinha na Brooklyn Bridge e no Central Park. É certeza de boas fotinhas. Gostaram dessa?! 🙈 ⠀ @nycgo #stheNYC #seeyourcity

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ditzyali. Glad to see spring in full swing... blue skies and a celebration of li

Glad to see spring in full swing... blue skies and a celebration of life, green, pink and white everywhere. 🌸

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We❤️New York!!!! Últimos lugares para nuestros viajeros del 12 al 16 de Julio ✈️ . 🗽🏙😍 . #reventours #viajamas #viajaresvivir #i❤️ny #newyork #rooftop #nyc #instatravelers #visitusa #propositos2019

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Champagne at check-in, pool table down the hall from my room and my own sunny patio. Hello LA!

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#Throwback to the Gum Wall in Pike's Place Market alleyway back in Seattle, Washington. I was hesitant to share this 'germ-loving' landmark 😝 but it is afterall a holiday photo.😂 Imagine, this is its condition after the authority ordered a scrub down of the initial gums (since 1993) in 2015. Now, this is something you'll never ever find in Singapore!🇸🇬 Why? Because chewing gums (yes, and bubble gums💨) are illegal here.😉 . . #travelgram #gumwall #visitseattle #visitusa #holidaygram #vacay2019 #travelling #seattlewashington #graffiti #sgtraveller #traveldiary

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Had such a lovely birthday exploring and eating yummy food yesterday! Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to get in touch. I love hearing from you all ❤️🎈

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↠ Happy Earth Day, everybody! — After some extensive research on aluminum cans to find out during which period this can design was being manufactured, I found out that it can be placed roughly between the 1950s and 1960s, since we can clearly see that the “pull-tab” is missing from the can. Additionally, if you zoom in, you can make out the wording “Please Don’t Litter”... how ironic. This can then has been in the Utah desert for approximately 60-70 years, polluting the environment as well as endangering the wildlife. — One of my 2019 resolutions was to find ways I could be a better steward of the environment I was plopped in. This becomes an especially holistic mission when realizing that heaven isn’t that far away from us; it could be all around us. As Christians, we often pray for God to reconcile heaven and earth, and bring the former to the latter. And yet, Trump secured a vast majority of the Evangelical vote in the US... the hypocrisy couldn’t be more blatant (for many more reasons than just this one). Let’s elect people who care, please. — My New Year’s resolution was to bring back trash every time I wandered off into nature. Unfortunately, I’ve succeeded with this resolution during every single excursion. We litter so much. It is time to take ownership of our actions, put our adult pants on, and bring back what you take into nature; it really isn’t that hard! — What is one piece of advice you can share, through which you are being mindful and caring of our environment?😊 — #🌎

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🔸️CLUE🔸️ We are all the "Watchmen" of this beautiful Earth; can you name the park where this Watchman stands tall? #earthday2019 #nationalparkweek _________________________________ Photo Feature 📸 : @whereisweatherby _________________________________ Discover your America and its National Parks with us every week! Will you #see_them_all?

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Last Friday I got to go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival outside of Portland. As a tulip lover you know I was 😍 Didn’t have too much time to spend there but so glad I went to see it anyway! 🌷

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routemagazine. Image: Vintage  Santa Fe Railroad advertisement for their Pleasure Dom

Image: Vintage Santa Fe Railroad advertisement for their Pleasure Dome railcar. Courtesy of Daniel Lutzick . . Initially chartered in Kansas as the Atchison and Topeka Railroad Company in 1859, its founder, lawyer Cyrus K. Holliday, had the idea to build a railroad along the Santa Fe Trail, a 19th Century wagon trail that ran from Independence, Missouri, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the 1880s and 1890s, the Santa Fe Railway was expanded to cover around 9,000 miles of land. By 1920, the railroad covered more than 11,000 miles. In total, the Santa Fe traveled through 12 states, most of which were in the Midwest and southwest. Sweeping across the nation, the Santa Fe didn’t only bring tourists to the far reaches of the southwest, some of those traveling by rail would settle in established mining towns, bringing their ideas, dreams and cultures with them. On December 31, 1996, the Santa Fe Railway merged with the Burlington Northern Railroad, and the railroad’s operations officially ended. The train cars that once plowed through the southwest’s arid, undulating landscape now sit empty — but not neglected. . . Find out how a group of passionate individuals are refurbishing old rail cars making it possible for travelers to journey back in time and discover the beauty of what once was during the heyday of southwest railway travel in the Railway Dreamin’ story in the April/May 2019 issue of ROUTE in stores now. . . Pick up you copy at your local Barnes and Noble store. #letsgoeverywhere #traveltagged #youmustsee #travelwithkids #familytravel #route66roadtrip #route66 #americandream #travelawesome #roadtrippin #roadtripusa . #route66roadtrip #seeamerica #roadtrip #visitusa #iamdigitalnomad #photooftheday #coupleslovetravel #grabacopy #grabacopytoday #magazinereading #themotherroad #twolanehighway #historicroute66 #railtravel #southwest #santafe

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You know you're in Vegas when your Frozen Piña Colada is served by the pool side and in a huge pineapple 🍍🍹🎉 #lasvegas #caesarspalace #drinks #piñacolada #pool #drinksbythepool #visitusa #vacation #travel #usa #pineapple

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light_frame_focus. 17 mile drive,  Monterey bay, California ... #17miledrive #california

17 mile drive, Monterey bay, California ... #17miledrive #california #visitusa #montereybay #pacific #ocean #waves #igers_usa

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🇺🇸 CHICAGO Si vas de visita a Chicago tendrás la oportunidad de descubrir una ciudad diferente, una ciudad típicamente “norte-americana”, donde los rascacielos y sus luces coquetean con el lago Michigan y el bello entorno circundante. Muchísimos lugares para visitar y una infinidad de actividades. .... Porque viajar a Chicago ? 1. Porque es la tercera ciudad más grande de USA 2. Porque es una de las ciudades con más bullicio artístico y cultural. Son famosas sus puestas en escena, los grandes musicales, museos pictóricos y escultóricos, como también sus excelentes salas de jazz americano. 3. Por su intensa vida nocturna 4. Por parques impresionantes en el interior de la ciudad y parajes naturales que dudosamente dejan indiferente al visitante. ... 💦 CLIMA. Chicago es una ciudad con una meteorología muy diferenciada en sus distintas épocas del año. Se caracterice por tener inviernos extremadamente fríos, veranos cálidos y primaveras y otoños nublosos. ... TIPS de VIAJE 1. Cuántos días ir. Lo mínimo es tres días, ya qué hay muchos lugares para visitar. Pero, si se realizará alguna excursión por sus alrededores, la se recomienda un mínimo de una semana. 2. Chicago está muy preparada para el turismo familiar, y es fácil combinar un viaje que sea de agrado para los adultos y los niños. 3. Cómo llegar desde el aeropuerto. Se recomienda los bus de CTA. Otra buena opción es el autobús Express que llega al centro de la ciudad. 4. Cuánto se gasta en Chicago Teniendo en cuenta que uno ya dispone de hotel y avión y solo tiene que pagarse el transporte, la comida y las visitas tiene que calcular que aproximadamente se va a gastar unos 100$ por persona al día. 5. E tiene que tener en cuenta que Chicago no es un lugar precisamente barato, de todas formas, por lo que difícilmente se gastará menos de 100$ el día, sin incluir el hotel. ... #turisturusa #visitchicago #ipw #ipw2019 #ipwanaheim2019 #travelgaywomen #gaytravel #visitusa #travelusa #cityscape #magiccity #magicplace #visitillinois #lakemichigan #lakemichiganfishing #lakemichiganbeach #lakemichiganrocks #visituea #loveusa #chicagolove #travel

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J2 : San Francisco J'adore cette photo prise par mon chéri 😍 Photo de fin de journée à Russian hill. Elle respire tellement l'atmosphère de San Francisco 😊 📷 @toouned#sanfrancisco #truck #california #russianhill #oldschool #explore #visitusa #roadtrip #travelblogger #rtw

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