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troyg_fit. The future is bright. 
The past is the past, reflect and move on. 
I l

The future is bright. The past is the past, reflect and move on. I learn from mistakes, I learn from the stuff I’ve been through. Life is the forever teacher, and I’m the student. Appreciate your struggle, it’s what makes you unique. Being grateful/appreciative had gone far over my head for years, but it’s essential for achieving the ultimate growth you’re looking for. Appreciate the world that has been put before you, and the life it has to offer. Every breathing thing on this planet is a living entity with memories and unique qualities that makes them special. Just live your life through love/compassion and enjoy this beautiful world for what it really is. 🌍🧘🏼‍♂️🌱 #internalpeace #goodintentions #veganguy

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Got to try out a couple of @oowiebeauty’s new matte lipsticks & I’m a fan! The formula wasn’t drying (which is awesome considering how cold it is here right now), it didn’t transfer, and I barely had to reapply it. This one is in the color ‘Spotlight’ 🤗 go check them out! P.S. pay no attention to the fact that I’m holding the lipstick upside down 🤦🏽‍♀️ . . . . . . . . . . #vegan #vegansofig #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #blackvegan #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreelipstick #veganmodel #vegana #veganuary #veganaf #veganfitness #fitvegan #crueltyfreecosmetics #newyorkmodel #crueltyfreeblogger #veganblogger

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Where are all my sexy mamas at?! Tag me in your next fire post. I wanna see you on your worst behavior! 👀👀 We’re bringing sexy back 😈😈😈😈🔥🔥 #sexyback #lingeriemodel #bootypics #blondie #naturalbooty @modelwarehouse_magazine

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victoria_lissack. ANNOUNCEMENT! ✨💫🌱Guys - I’m so pleased to let you know that I’ve par

ANNOUNCEMENT! ✨💫🌱Guys - I’m so pleased to let you know that I’ve partnered with the beautiful souls at @livekindlyco to offer you all 20% off their annual CLUBKINDLY membership and brand new PERSONALISED PLANT-BASED MEAL PLANNING SERVICE 👏💫🌱 @livekindlyco is an incredible resource, covering all the latest plant-based news and recipes and sharing all kinds of useful info with millions of people all around the world 🌎 🌱✨ CLUBKINDLY is a membership platform that allows you to gain exclusive monthly access to content, premiere digital and live events, giveaways, discounts, recipes, ethical lifestyle, health and wellness tips and guide sheets, a private Facebook group and so much more 👏✨ The new meal-planning service is genius - it allows you to build a custom plant-based meal plan complete with chef-developed recipes and guidance on how to prep and cook the meals. Everything is completely customised for you based on your goals, how long you want to spend preparing each meal and even what equipment you have in your kitchen 👊 and includes access to plant-based nutrition experts and health coaches to help you along the way! ✨🌱👌 To claim your discount on either of these awesome @livekindlyco services just head to their website (link is in my bio) and follow the instructions - then enter code VICTORIALISSACK when you check out 🙌💚 This is absolutely perfect for anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle or exploring the vegan diet 🌱💚 I’m truly honoured to partner with this platform - the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of my fourth year vegan 🌱 If you have any questions, just leave them below! #livekindly #livekindlyco #vegan #govegan

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It’s the hard things that break; soft things don’t break. It was an epiphany I had today and I just wonder why it took me so very, very long to see it. You can waste so many years of your life trying to become something hard in order not to break; but it’s the soft things that can’t break. The hard things are the ones that shatter into a million pieces! [read this some days ago and couldn’t agree more] 🖤 📸 made at home but I’m munich, hihi. ______________________ Endlich warmes Wasser + eine warme Wohnung! Jetzt geht’s erstmal auf die Yoga-Matte, nach einem wunderschönen Gespräch mit Mama & Oma. Allein die Stimme zu hören tut sooo gut, und besonders das Verhältnis zu meiner Oma ist nochmal enger geworden. Das haben auch ganz viele von euch berichtet! Danke euch - für all die lieben Nachrichten 💔 yoga, Abendessen, Sprachmemos, tv schauen + noch blogposts vorschreiben. Wie schaut euer Abend aus? Genießt es in vollen Zügen (mit etwas Kerzen und Wein vielleicht) 🌟

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Me 99.9999% of the time now because I genuinely never leave my house. What about you guys? Would you rather stay in or go out? PC: @inspirationstudios 📸 . . . . . . . . #selfcare #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodypositivemovement #aerie #aeriereal #model #boudoir #boudoirphotography #veganmodel #boudoirmodel #homebody #selflove #lingerie #vegan #xploreyourself #savagefenty

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Smiling at my brunch spread because this is one my favourite life pleasures 💓. Feeling super inspired with both IG and YT content lately & if you have any Q’s for me send them over on my insta story for my new Q+A video I will be filming today 🙋🏼‍♀️.

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cardamompodbrickworks. Happy healthy beautiful people are going vegan and feeling better 4 it

Happy healthy beautiful people are going vegan and feeling better 4 it💚🌈 by @chloeannehurrell 🌸🌿🍧🌿🍧🌿🍧🌿💖🌿🍧🌈💚🌈💚🌈🌈💚🌈💚💖 #veganfoodporn

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No matter where you are in life, I always want to be able to appreciate & enjoy little things in life. 😊🙏🏻🌈

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Praxis Athletic has teamed up with Wabi Sabi Retreats to bring to you a training camp this March 23rd – 29th in Canggu Bali. Join me for 7 days, 6 nights at an all-inclusive Training Camp on March 23rd – 29th. $2,600 per person (ex flights) gets you: • Luxury private room accommodation • Twice daily training sessions at start of the art training facilities • All meals • 3 Seminars including Wim Hof Fundamentals - Breath Techniques and Cold Exposure • Massages • And more Let’s not forget meeting brilliant, like minded individuals and a load of fun. If you’re looking to take your training to the next level, want to kick off 2019 but making sure your mind, body and soul is in check then register your interest. Contact me on: Email: paris@praxisathletic.com.au Phone: 0400574474

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nessie1722. Open up your heart, help me understand. Please tell me who you are. So

Open up your heart, help me understand. Please tell me who you are. So I could show you who I am. #blueeyes #brownhair #gorgeous #vegan #veganmodel #beautiful #cute #veganmakeup #crueltyfree #cute

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Have you ever been to Stockholm?

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smallseedshane. Many people said I was lucky 
They say doors always open for me 
I don

Many people said I was lucky They say doors always open for me I don’t believe in luck at all I do believe in opportunities Everything I do I do to the fullest extent Whether it’s required of me or not I always go above and beyond expectations This habitual characteristic of mine is my “lucky” maker Why do people see potential in me Because I always do more than I should and I do it better than everyone else Doesn’t matter if it’s dishes, cleaning, labeling, cooking, organizing, I commit 100% and I do it better than is expected I started as a labeled at my last company But due to my work ethic and more importantly my honor because I care about everything I do I rise up the ranks and in 6 months was in charge of a multi million dollar company Fast forward 3 years, I grew it to 10M and earned an experience of a lifetime that I can now apply to my own businesses Another prime example is this photo that the amazing @wanderaguiar_photography took of me I was looking to get into modeling In fact I was quite against it at first But Wander saw me everyday for months Noticed I trained every morning for 3 hours He saw that I was always lean and never wavered Now I get to have fun from a side effect of doing something I love (lifting) Too many people want the reward before the work If they want to work as little as possible and reap a reward they don’t rightfully deserve People have the wrong intentions I didn’t eat clean, stay lean, train 3 hours a day to model I did that stuff because that is WHO I am and that’s why I make a good fitness icon I didn’t label 2x as fast and organize their entire operations to earn more money I did it because I always desire to be the best at everything I do That’s why I make a phenomenal CEO and will own multiple billion dollar brands It is because of WHO I CHOOSE TO BE Not what I do or the reactions I am trying to get from others Everything you do, genuinely do it the best you can no matter if anyone gives you recognition or not and I guarantee you that in due time you will reap what you sow

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she always knew she was destined for DIVINITY : however, in her pursuits she had gone astray- seemingly far from DIVINE : and, as challenging as it had been to CULTIVATE HER STRENGTH again : she arose and discovered she was, is and always will be a GODDESS within . . . Poem by Me Photo by @averyjohnson Yoga Swing by @livinglotusonline

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Plant power shlaps 🌱♥️ cheeseburger cabbage 🥬 wrap! Yummy in my tummy. Oh yeah and fries on the side 😋

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If u dont fear your Dreams....then maybe they are too Small

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Trying new flavors at @itsbobatimehq 🤤 so far, strawberry is my favorite 🍓

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Hello, my name is human. @highlysuspect This was the song I was playing today @madelenelisella 😝 💄 @jennanicoleofficial VeganLeather @nastygal

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No matter how your week is going, there's always tacos🌮🙌 Loving the plant based menu @earlsrestaurant . So far I've tried the Hunan Kung Pao, the Bibimbap bowl and there fried tofu tacos. Loved them all! Next time I want to try the sushi😋🍣. Have you ordered anything from their vegan menu? What's your fave? #tacotuesday #vegantacos #veganmenu #plantbasedmeals #veganoptions #veganfoodlover #veganfoodshare #tofu #plantbasedprotein #plantbasedeats #veganmotivation #veganinstagram #veganisthefuture #veganliving #yeglife #yeg #yegvegan #canadianvegan #veganmakeup #veganbeauty #crueltyfreeliving #vegangirls #vegangoals #veganuary #veganglow #yegmodel #veganmodel

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I learned on this vacation that the reason your fingers prune up in a hot tub or pool is not because you’ve stayed in the water too long, but it’s the body’s way to improve your grip. I definitely used that fact to my advantage & stayed in the hot tub way longer than I should have 😅🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #photooftheday #influencerstyle #instainfluencer #discoverunder5k #cybercorner #travelista #womenwhotravel #dailystyle #fashionblogs #ilovefashion #vegan #like #love #photography #veganmodel #travelgram #cute #funny #portrait_star #igportrait #2instagood #ftwotw #portraitpage #quietthechaos #featurepalette #FTMEDD #gramkilla #portraitvision

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