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letscookvegan. Savory Skillet Stew with Baby Potato Topping by @crumbs.and.caramel 💛

Savory Skillet Stew with Baby Potato Topping by @crumbs.and.caramel 💛 Recipe:⠀ Ingredients⠀ Skillet Stew⠀ 3-4 tbsp olive oil⠀ 8 ounces mushrooms, quartered⠀ 4 vegan Italian sausages, cut into 1/4" slices ⠀ 1 large yellow onion, diced⠀ 2 stalks celery, cut into 1/4" slices⠀ 3 cloves garlic, minced⠀ 1 cup apple cider (can substitute red or white wine)⠀ 2 tbsp tomato paste⠀ 1/4 cup oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, chopped⠀ ⠀ 2 tsp vegan Worcestershire sauce⠀ 1 tbsp soy sauce⠀ 1 tbsp brown sugar⠀ 1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves⠀ 1/4 tsp chili flakes, optional⠀ 1 tsp smoked paprika, optional⠀ 1 can kidney beans, drained and rinsed⠀ 28 ounces canned diced tomatoes (do not drain)⠀ 1/4 cup all-purpose flour⠀ 1 cup cold water⠀ salt & pepper, to taste⠀ ⠀ Potato Topping⠀ 1.3 lbs potatoes, cut in slices⠀ 2 tbsp olive oil⠀ course salt⠀ ⠀ Instructions⠀ Preheat the oven to 400°F.⠀ Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a skillet over med-high heat. Once hot, add the mushrooms. Do not salt! Stir occasionally only to prevent burning and for even searing. Once seared on most sides, remove the mushrooms from the skillet and set aside.⠀ In the same skillet, heat 2 tbsp of oil. sear the sausage slices on both sides. This should take 1-2 min per side. Remove sausage from skillet.⠀ If needed, add 1 tbsp olive oil to the skillet. Reduce heat to medium. Sauté onion until translucent. Add celery, carrots and garlic to the skillet. Deglaze with cider, scraping the bottom of the skillet to get all of the flavors into the liquid. Bring to a simmer and reduce the liquid by half.⠀ Whisk in tomato paste, vegan Worcestershire, soy sauce, and brown sugar, spices. Add the kidney beans, canned tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes. Simmer for about 5 min, or until the volume reduces so you have at least 1/2" of space above the stew for the potatoes.⠀ Whisk water with flour until a smooth paste is formed. slowly drizzle the paste into the center of stew and whisk constantly. Stirring constantly, cook until gravy has thickened. Taste, add salt if desired. Turn the heat off.⠀ Toss the baby potato slices with the olive oil. Layer them over stew, Sprinkle with coarse salt. Bake for 25-30 min or until potatoes are cooked. Enjoy!

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thrivingonplants. Buddha bowls all day everyday 😍
Stuck on what to make for lunch or di

Buddha bowls all day everyday 😍 Stuck on what to make for lunch or dinner? Pick your fav carb, protein & fat source then build up from there! Here I’ve decided to go with rice, baked tofu + black beans & avo + @thesourcebulkfoods hemp seeds + sesame seeds + pepitas 🥑 Then add on your greens (broccolini & cucumber) and any other toppings of your choice (pickled ginger) & of course a sauce/dressing to finish it off! I made a peanut sesame one using @purecocobella natural coconut yogurt, tamari, peanut butter, maple syrup, sesame oil, ginger & water 🙌🏼 There are literally endless flavour combinations when it comes to these bowls so you’re bound to never be bored of it! Enjoy 🤭 . . . . #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodshare #veganism #vegansofig #veganfoodideas #veganfoodinspo #mealinspo #foodie #veganfoodporn #thrivingonplants #crueltyfree #food #foodinspo #healthy #healthyrecipe #plantbased #foodshare #plantpower #govegan #whatveganeat #buddhabowl #lunch

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rabbitandwolves. This #vegan White Lasagna Soup is legendary!❤ You guys are loving it,

This #vegan White Lasagna Soup is legendary!❤ You guys are loving it, and if you haven't tried it yet, I recommend you do so! Link to recipe in profile @rabbitandwolves https://rabbitandwolves.com/vegan-white-lasagna-soup/

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veganfoodspace. VEGAN SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI by @photobymanda 💛
GNOCCHI (makes

VEGAN SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI by @photobymanda 💛 Recipe⠀ GNOCCHI (makes 2 portions)⠀ 1 medium sized sweet potato⠀ ½ cup rice flour⠀ ½ chickpea flour⠀ coconut oil or for frying⠀ 1 cup spinach⠀ ⠀ STEPS⠀ 1. Peel the potato and boil in cubes.⠀ 2. Mash the boiled potato and add the flours and salt.⠀ 3. Roll the dough and cut small squares. Use a fork to create a pattern. ⠀ 4. Boil until the gnocchi hit the surface of the water.⠀ 5. Fry in coconut oil (also add the spinach)⠀ Enjoy! #veganfoodspace #veganlunch #lunchideas #vegandinner #dinnerideas

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nourishfearlessly. An honest caption today 👇🏻 •
‘Sometimes we have to disconnect in ord

An honest caption today 👇🏻 • ‘Sometimes we have to disconnect in order to reconnect with what really matters’ • You have probably noticed I haven’t been posting as much on Instagram as I usually would. I suppose this is partially because I have been overseas and since being home, I’ve been busy working. But if I’m honest, it’s also because recently I have been feeling a little disheartened about instagram • I felt like my posts weren’t being seen and weren’t receiving the same engagement as they had been recently; I felt as though all the time and effort I put into this page was not ‘worth it’ because I was not able to reach out to new people and share my story with them all. In this day and age, where social media is such a central aspect of our lives, I suppose it is easy to let the amount of likes, comments and followers impact your self esteem. It is easy to compare your life and achievement to those you see in your news feed. It is easy to develop an unrealistic expectation of yourself and feel jealous of other people’s ‘success’ • I think we’ve all experienced this before and I’m here to tell you it’s okay. During these times however I just have to take a step back, disconnect for a little while and remember why I begun my page. I begun my page to heal my own relationship with food and learn to nourish my body after 8 years of living with anorexia. I begun this page to talk about my own struggles and perhaps inspire & encourage others to beat their demons as well. Even if I can only reach and inspire a few people, that is more than I could ever hope for. So, today I am posting with a new perspective- to post because I love it, I enjoy it and i have made so many wonderful friends through Instagram that I’ll cherish forever 💕

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sweetsimplevegan. IT’S FINALLY HERE! Our Vegetable Wellington w/ Lentils & Mushrooms. A

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Our Vegetable Wellington w/ Lentils & Mushrooms. A flaky vegan puff pastry crust wrapped around a savory and satisfying veggie filling. It is the perfect holiday entree for vegans and non-vegans alike! We partnered up with @365byWholeFoods in Lake Oswego to bring this recipe to life and could not be happier with the outcome. Plus, since Chris and I won’t be spending the holiday together this year 😢 we decided to go all out with this recipe and put together a full holiday meal for the two of us to enjoy together. We were able to pick up some premade vegan sides and goodies for the spread and the full details are in our post. I hope you all enjoy this, we worked hard on it and can’t wait to hear your feedback :) Link will be in my bio and my story!  #vegan #sweetsimplevegan #LakeOswego365 #GoodThings365 #partner

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For me, peace with food is knowing that I can enjoy yummy meals without overdoing it. It means treating myself every once in a while but not letting it escalate into something I can’t control. It means enjoying food that isn’t tracked and not feeling guilty about it after. A year ago today, I would have gone to this same bakery, had my meal, and then left with a box full of other treats that I would likely eat within an hour of leaving. Yesterday, however, I simply ate my yummy apple cinnamon toast and left. I know I’ve talked about my relationship with food a lot and I’m sure many of you are over it, but I like to share because I know some of you still struggle. As we approach the holidays, try to remember that you are allowed to treat yourself. You are allowed to enjoy food at your family gathering. You are allowed to indulge on special occasions. But also remember that you are allowed to stick to cleaner options. If certain foods trigger you, it’s okay to leave them off your plate. Just always remember that you should never feel guilty about eating food. There’s always a next day. There’s always a chance to get back on track. It took me over a year to find the balance I needed, but I am so grateful that I was patient with myself. Be kind to yourself this holiday season. It only comes once a year and you deserve to enjoy it. 🖤 — 📸 @thattallvegan

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Is there anything better than a warming curry soup on a rainy day?✨ I’ve been embracing all things comforting and cozy since being home for the holidays, and this soup is no exception 🙌🏼 Curries are a favourite dish of mine because there’s no strict recipe- just a few pantry staples + whatever veg you have on hand and you’re good to go! 😍. . To make 👇🏼: Dice one yellow onion and saute on medium heat until translucent. Add 3 cloves of minced garlic and a 1 inch chunk of minced ginger, for about 2 minutes. Add veg of choice- I went with 3 small diced potatoes, 2 ribboned carrots, 1 head of broccoli + 1 sliced red pepper. Add 1/2 block of tofu, diced + 1/2 cup of frozen edamame. Saute for about 5 minutes, then add 1 can of coconut milk, 3 cups of vegetable brother + 2.5 tbsp of curry powder (to taste). Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes or until potatoes are fork tender. Add 1 tbsp of soy sauce + a small splash of rice vinegar (optional) + enjoy! 💛

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delaney.biel. I have a super busy week, and I’m also bringing vegan sushi to work so

I have a super busy week, and I’m also bringing vegan sushi to work so I’m excited! 😆

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Craft beer spot in monrovia with vegan food options. #basin141 #monrovia #vegan #veganoptions #veganfoodfinds #craftbeer

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Be Vegan - Make Peace .... Also my nails....the man who did my nails at Red Persimmon did an outstanding perfect job! I really was looking for an army/olive green...but they didn't have what I had envisioned....oh well...this color came closest... #vegan #peace #makepeace #nails #naildesigns #nailsofinstagram #sparkle #sparklenails #redpersimmonnailspa #fingernails #pretty #prettynails #holidaynails #happyholidays #merrychristmas

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tjn_lim. @Regran_ed from @she.is.art.x -  #Repost from @belinda_vegan by @quick

@Regran_ed from @she.is.art.x - #Repost from @belinda_vegan by @quicksave.app ・・・ Life on "Old MacDonald's Farm" isn't what it's portrayed to be. The green pastures and the idyllic barnyard scenes portrayed in children's books have been replaced by windowless metal sheds, wire cages, gestation crates, and other confinement systems integral to what is now known as factory farming. Today the majority of farmed animals are confined to the point where they can barely move, denied veterinary care, mutilated without painkillers, and finally mercilessly slaughtered. The competition to produce inexpensive meat, eggs, and dairy products has led to animals being treated as nothing more than commodities, resulting in an enormous amount of suffering in the pursuit of #profit only. _ Why? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics takes a firm position on plant-based eating, stating that diets free from animal products are not only nutritionally adequate, but have far-reaching health and environmental benefits. Additionally, the authors concluded that #plantbaseddiets provide #health benefits for people at all stages of life. _ According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 40 percent of all cancer cases are preventable, and the American Cancer Society reports that one-third of all #cancer deaths in the United States can be attributed to unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical activity. Both organizations advise people to eat #plantbased foods in order to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Plant foods—especially fiber-packed grains and beans and phytochemical-packed fruits and vegetables—can help ward off cancer. Research suggests that people who eat vegan foods are between 25 and 50 percent less likely to get the disease. A 2015 WHO report found that #bacon, hot dogs, and other processed meats cause cancer and that red meat—including beef, pork, and lamb—is probably carcinogenic, as well. An array of studies shows that while eating the flesh of chickens, cows, and other animals promotes cancer, eating plant-based foods may protect against it. Embrace Veganism🌱 www.vegankit.com #belinda_vegan 📽️ Courtesy of @mk_macabre @z3roin 🙏 . #vegan #cruelty

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Thankful Tuesday WAIT IS THAT A THING, lol Thankful Everyday!!! 🌱GIVEAWAY🌱✨✨✨✨✨ Teamed up w @nekterjuicebar to let Kne Of YOU!!! try out the Amazing Celery Detox!!! Have you heard all the benefits of Celery Juice, let me mention a couple Digestion and Gut Health!!! Follow @nekterjuicebar and tag two friends who you would enjoy drinking juice with!!! Peace Health is Wealth!!!! Winner will be able to pick up at IE Locations, Good Luck wait can I enter 😂 Also join us and @theveggieconnection on December 22 at @plantpowerfastfood in RedLands for an Awesome Day!!! @nekterjuicebar will being doing shots and samples. #thankful #celeryjuice #celeryjuicebenefits #celeryjuicechallange #celeryjuice #juice #healthiswealth #health #nekterjuicebar #love #green #vegan #vegans #juicing #vegano #vegana #vegansofig #peacestartsinyourconciousness #peacetotheuniverse #Goodluck #Peace

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☆日本パフェ発祥の店☆ 平日も、お席もあいてます! ☆ロースト最高峰アーモンドアイスクリーム☆フランス濃厚フランボワーズアイスクリーム☆金賞ラムレーズン☆ ☆カカオ果肉100%ジェラート☆日本唯一☆ アレルギー(卵&牛乳)対応パフェ有ります! 日本一焙煎士コーヒーのセット! 世界一紅茶も! #長崎カフェ #長崎 #長崎ランチ #長崎観光 #長崎グルメ #グラタン #ドリア #パフェ #スイーツ #ベジタリアン #ヴィーガン #vegan #vegetarian

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The last pizza 🍕😭 Met some friends at @fuelmemphis tonight for my last meal there before they close on Dec 22. An amazing Brussels & shiitake pie with cashew cream prepared by @thatvegandude (who happens to be featured in @ediblememphis today! Yay!!!!). Anyway, pizza was delish. But it also tasted like sadness. Goodbye Fuel. I will miss you forever. Don, I hope you keep pizza-ing somehow. #vegan #fuelcafe #weirdpizza

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heartwoodhaven. We can’t think of a better way to spend the evening. Nighttime snuggle
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The Allegory of Art - Painter in the Studio - Take Care - ❤️Customer is King ✌️ (bang-goes-the-theory) - Created using an iMac 🖥 and an iPhone 📲⚡️ — — POSITIVE THINKING = POSITIVE RESULTS — NEGATIVE THINKING = NEGATIVE RESULTS - - EVERYTHING IS ART EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL ART MAKES LIFE PLAUSIBLE - - Empty your Mind - - So I’ll start the revolution from here - - Pictured: Lee McClymont, 2018. JPEG file or Canvas, Multiples, Any Size, Unlimited Print run. Signed and numbered - - ~ #PULSEMiamiBeach18 #scopeartshow #friezeartfair #artbaselmiami2018 #puntadelladogana #vegan #vegetarian #ahimsa #telepathy #wuwei #magichappens #dreamscometrue #naturalhealing #clairvoyance #endplasticpollution #protectouroceans #substainableliving #meditationspace #buddhanature #offthegrid #transformation #artastherapy #allweneedislove #fitnesslover #peaceful #herbivore #nomeat #animalrightsactivist #mercyforanimals

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advocacyvegan. Veganism is up 500% since 2014!
#vegan #america #plantbased #climatech

Veganism is up 500% since 2014! #vegan #america #plantbased #climatechange #health #animalrights #protein #meat #dairy

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awaken_galaxy. Keep growing 🙌🏼
#consciousness #awakening #

Keep growing 🙌🏼 ———————————————————————— #consciousness #awakening #spiritualawakening #smile #higherself #manifestation #humankindness #selflove #enlightenment #thirdeye #chakras #grateful #lawofattraction #smile #buddhism #meditation #healing #love #music #namaste #grateful #soul #energy #goodvibes #yoga #vegan #mindfulness #spiritualgrowth #travel #motivation ————————————————————————

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I rarely get to see the world like this.. 🙏🏼🌆 I choose to focus more on the groundwork now, but I can tell you both sides of the story... #Joshua

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Best partner award goes to.... 🥁... @aaronthemorgan for making Pepper Tofu and rice while I was at work so I could come home and stuff my face! I’m one grateful nurse practitioner! . . . . . . . #vegan #veganfood #vegans #vegansofig #veganism #veganfoodporn #veganlife #veganeats #veganfoodshare #plantbased #crueltyfree #eattherainbow #vegansofinstagram #peppertofu #veganpeppertofu

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fitlifeslays4ever_2018. Vegan Protein Rich Dosa or U can call it a bubbly Pancake, made with s

Vegan Protein Rich Dosa or U can call it a bubbly Pancake, made with soaked green lentils mixed with Semolina with a side of Homemade Chickpeas Chutney or Hummus whatever u may call it. It was very Yummy and Light. Trying to keep a clean diet. #vegan #veganrecipes #protein #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #cleaneating #keto #ketodiet #hummus #lentils

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jteeazy. Single coming soon! It’ll be on my website for FREE and also on all th

Single coming soon! It’ll be on my website for FREE and also on all the major music platforms (iTunes etc.). One of my fav things to do in this life is bring joy to others through music. #music #newmusic #1111 #light #sync #motivation #inspiration #follow #me #likeforlikes #instagram #instagood #vegan #hustle #workflow #

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A lot of hard work was put into this year #transformationtuesday #vegan

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h.glut. #vegan #dessert all from #GlutFoodCoOp #IllTellYouLater
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elizamoralesbrown. Had a wonderful night celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday!! Made a

Had a wonderful night celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday!! Made a full vegan meal complete with a #glutenfree #vegan chocolate cake! It was all so yummy and we had a good time. @ralo_31 @___tiff__tiff___ We missed you @violetrays91 💖!

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doya_pang. .
#도야팡 👩🏻‍🍳

. #비건베이킹 #쑥콩가루모찌머핀 ___________ #도야팡 👩🏻‍🍳 NO버터 NO백밀가루 NO백설탕 NO계란 NO우유 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - 아울러 이번 11차마켓은 2018년 마지막 블로그 마켓으로 앞서 선보인 아몬드크럼블초코머핀과 쑥콩가루머핀이 추가적으로 들어가지만 이번 11차마켓 한정메뉴일 수 있습니다. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (인기가 많으면 고정 픽- 으로 할 생각이에요 ❤️) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - 11차블로그마켓은 금요일 12:30분에 오픈입니다 ❤️

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“Eating is our first interaction with our environment. If that is not based upon love and compassion, all our other actions are bound to suffer.” ~David Frawley . . . . . . #vegan #vegetarian #coffeecake #cinnamon #stickyfingerscookbook #stickyfingers #stickyfingersbakery #ahimsa #nonharm #compassion #whatyogiseat #ayurveda #whatveganseat #eatdessertfirst #marleysndme #slothcat #catsofinstagram #innocentprimate #innocentprimateveganblog

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