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Random RLM* fact: Bento boxes began being used in Japan almost a thousand years ago, but the Japanese railway system came during the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and it was then that people starting selling ekiben (or ‘train station bento’). They started out simple (think: rice balls with pickled plums and radish), but they’ve since become something of a culinary art. Some boxes feature food decorated like pandas, manga and anime... Either way, they’re delicious and certainly beat the ham sandwiches and Kit Kats I’m used to. 😂 — *Ok, not MY fact. But I always enjoy reading into food history so figured I should share this. [Paid Partnership] #suntorytime #PR

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urban jungle

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all other views are cancelled until further notice

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a piece of my Paris happy place in Tokyo

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from an afternoon spent meditating and drinking matcha in Kyoto

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ronhermanphotography. Sandals at Kasuga-Grand Shrine (Kasuga-taisha) - Nara, Japan #nara #ja

Sandals at Kasuga-Grand Shrine (Kasuga-taisha) - Nara, Japan #nara #japan #sandals #shinto #shrine #travel #travelphotography #blackandwhite #travelerinjapan #travelersnotebook

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blue like jazz

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I’ll pay for my own whiskey and don’t you forget it!

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Outdoor things

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gion tho

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sunset in the land of the rising sun

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I’m going to miss you, peony season

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I ♥️Japan.

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but I’m blessed, I just checked

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a garden as dry as my sense of humor

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an afternoon in a sculpture garden, pt. 3

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