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One of the best #Waterfall 💦😍 Feel free to tag and share 🙏🏼 Follow @passporttoearth if you love this 🙌🏼 Excellent photo by @eyes.abroad Roam, create and share: #passporttoearth

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An island-mosquito-spraying-fly-by! 🦟 9/25/19

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1. My first Irish that didn't drink. Actually, that don't drink haha. Phil and Claudia, here for Claudia's birthday and she brought mom along. Phil tracked our steps today and it came out to about 15,000 steps! 2. I've preburned my calories that I'm about to gain back before my next tour at 6:30 which means, I can do 50¢ beer at Flamingo 😂 No drinking on the job your boss always tells you. 🙈🤷‍♀️ A beer a day keeps the boredom away. 3. Got my Billy Zurisk t-shirt for good beer luck, whatever that even means but!!! You can get yours too, just contact @chunkdude or stop by the Bird Bar at Flamingo and order a beer and watch magic right before your eyes. 4. Staying at Rio the next two nights. Slowly gaining tier points and making my way up to Diamond. Why? I want free rooms, I want cheap rooms, I want free show tickets, I want free parking and to live closer to the strip where I work, I want to grow my tour info and Vegas knowledge by being about to tell people about hotel rooms, service and prices and really just provide more tour value. I think it's valuable to know that you can book a room at the Rio, without membership for $60-$70/ night on the low end Sunday - Thursday, usually... and about the same at Flamingo. Some people on my tour are paying ridiculous amounts for rooms. Even for Airbnbs that are way off strip. 5. One more tour at 6:30 and so far, no tours booked for tomorrow. October is a bit slow. Still, no booking through Expedia but bookings on TripAdvisor and Viator are growing. Airbnb is steady. Instagram... ehh a couple booking from Instagram, nothing to write home about. 6. Have a good afternoon, see y'all later.

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Estas dos personas encontraron la mejor forma de terminar su día 🌅

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Follow @roamtocreate for daily quality content! Photo by @kjp • • • • • • This Fall wake up a little earlier, crunch a few more leaves beneath your feet, live a little more 🍁🍂 You have an epic photo or a video to share? Why not use the hashtag #roamtocreate and tag us @roamtocreate there? Roam to Create! 🙌🏼

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No one wanna tell me this is addictive? Rude.

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Here we go to a beautiful adventure 🥥

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Bread perfection 🔥👌🍞 You’ll love everything from our Portuguese rolls to our grilled meats! Come by this week and let us cater to you. 🍽 #BairradaLI #Mineola #LongIsland

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las famosas luces y sombras de @cachunaa

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CHICKEN FRANCESE 🍋🌱 A Luigi’s classic that always hits the spot 🙌 Tender chicken in our lemony sauce is the perfect dish to celebrate the weekend ☀️ #LuigisLI #LongIsland

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