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The one thing we don’t like about this time of year is that it means we don’t get to see our @reginapatshockey boys! We had another wonderful season leading them through their yoga practice. To see more head to IGTV for the full video! ——— #reginapats #reginapatshockey #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yogainspiration #hockey #yqrhockey #saskhockey #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeverybody

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The Sweat Chill Be Yoga Retreat schedule preview is live! Check out the link in our bio and our Retreat 2019 highlight for all the details on the weekends shenanigans! ——— Early Bird pricing is on sale until April 30th and day pass pricing will be released later this week! Let's do this #yoganinjas! ——— #sweatchillbe #yogaeverydamnday #yogaretreat #saskyoga #yqryoga #yoga #thisispureliving #purelivingyoga #supyoga #thisispureliving #retreat #yogainspiration #nature #neature

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brennabote. Spreading love & light💜🕉️
Did you know that we have at least o

Spreading love & light💜🕉️ . . . Did you know that we have at least one "soul place" in the physical world? A soul place is a special site or spot where we experience unique feelings of peace, belonging, empowerment, and energetic rejuvenation. It's inside all of us, readily available anytime we need, but how do we get there? . . . Self Love Meditation 🙏 ∆ relax the body and clear the mind ∆ notice the in and out fluctuations of the breath, and the details of how it feels ∆ visualize what peace looks like to you ∆ visualize the details of the terrain, weather, time of day, etc. (go on an adventure!) ∆ visualize yourself in this place of peace ∆ stay in the internal place of peace for as long as you need ∆ visualize a younger version of yourself (in child form) and begin to ask the younger you for advice. Be clear and decisive with your questions and patient with the answers. . . . The answers you seek are already within you. 💚💜💙💛 . . . 📷 @joel.kereluke @thestorytellersclub

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brennabote. Caption: The practice of #selflove requires the practice of unrelentin

Caption: The practice of #selflove requires the practice of unrelentingly #courage. . . . The 4 Agreements: To be alive is the biggest fear humans have. Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive — the risk to be alive and express what we really are... . . . 📸 @joel.kereluke @thestorytellersclub

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Jesse Godin is taking us on an upside down adventure this month and we cannot wait! ... Getting upside down is super fun, looks cool, and takes you back to being a kid, but damn it's hard and scary! Jesse likes to focus on where to start. His goal is not necessarily the actually handstand or inversion (although he will get you upside down in some form). His mission is to give you the tools to build the confidence and the physical strength and mobility to safely and effectively begin your handstand/inversion journey. It’s a long road but with the right knowledge and tools its a really fun and rewarding one. ... The handstand is also very miss understood, it’s not just a party trick or a way to make a yoga class more challenging, it’s a fundamental posture for shoulder health, acrobatics, and athletic agility. If this sounds neat to you, head to the link in our bio to find out how to join this goof! ... @theemptybucket @jlwphotography1 ... #yogainspiration #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #inversion #handstand #asana #meditation #saskyoga #yogainternational #yogaasana

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Yesterday I was asked by a dear friend, how does it feel to be one year older? The question stumped me because I don't feel like I experience time and life in a linear way. . ∆ I feel like I'm 14 years old - hopeful, excited, charismatic; balancing trust vs fear on a regular basis. . ∆ I feel like I'm 65 years old - practicing presence, compassion, and stillness - in efforts to slow down time and enjoy every morsel of this life. It's the impermanence of life that makes time so sacred. . ∆ I feel like I'm 21 years old - passionately rallying for causes, chasing dreams, and still believing I can change the world. While simultaneously second guessing myself, only to realize that trusting myself would have gotten me to the same destination, but without the lessons. . ∆ I feel like I'm 5 years old - constantly seeing the world with new and fresh eyes, with a deep sense of wonder and adventure. . ∆ I feel infinite… knowing that everything always works out, that life is a mirror, and everything happens for me, not to me. My deepest desires need action plans, my purpose is to be the salt of the Earth, and everything I think and feel matters...I'm not trapped by the confines of time. . . . I have no idea where I thought I would be by the time I turned 32, but that's mainly because time feels very illusive to me...and I like it that way. Practicing non-attachment creates the space for me to feel free, no matter the age. . . . 🙏 Thank you everyone for your beautiful messages; for pausing time and space in your day to send love from all over the world; for the laughs, hugs, kisses, and songs that got sung in the middle of @lululemon and my kitchen. 32 down, another 68 or so to go! 🍾🥳🎉🎂🥰🎇 . 📷 @joel.kereluke capturing Guided Meditation on Self Love @thestorytellersclub @artesianon13th

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That moment you realize yoga is more than just learning about movement is liberating. When it takes you into the depths of who you are is when the magic happens. The work isn’t always easy, but holy moly is it worth it. . @haylieannne shares with us her expectations of teacher training and how it was so much more than she expected in the best way possible. . Yogis, this week is your last chance to sign up for this years 200Hr YTT under the tier 2 price! Head to the link in our bio to learn more! . #yogainspiration #thisisyoga #purelivingyoga #thisispureliving #yogateachertraining #purelivingyogamethod #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #meditation #yqr #yqryoga #saskyoga #yogacanada #ytt200

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“One thing we know about the nervous system is its ability to expand is directly related to its ability to contract. Our ability to sit with contracted feelings like sadness, or fear, or vulnerability is directly proportional to our ability to experience feelings of joy, excitement, and strength.” - Gioconda Parker . . . #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yqr #yqryoga #movement #movementculture #yoga #yogalife #movementtherapy #workout #exercise #lifestyle #training #athlete #inspiration #motivation #gratitude #learning #focus #purpose #passion #happiness #yogaeverydamnday #bodyawareness #meditation #movementmeditation #saskyoga #yogacanada

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The more I know, the more I realize how much I don’t know. As my awareness expands sometimes all I can see is how much work still needs to be done. It’s so incredibly exciting and excruciatingly painful. Oh the paradox of this human life... constantly stuck between two choices. ••• Everyday we wake up and we have to choose. We have to decide how we want to see the world each moment. It’s almost annoying how often we hear “it’s all about perspective” and it’s annoying because it’s true. Pain and suffering or healing and connection? ••• Now I don’t always make the right choice. This post wouldn’t exist if I did. But I do choose to try and make the right choice of how I want to show up in the world and for others. It helps to know we are all going through the same stuff, the same joy and the same suffering. At the end of it all we are just human and if we can remember that I think we would show up more often for ourselves and others. ••• Like my Zen Buddhist Priest Mr. Kim once said, “great love, great compassion, only helping.” ••• 📸 @jodie_ds @sugacoatit_ ••• #happyhuman #yogaeverydamnday #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yqr #yqryoga #yogainspiration #yogainternational #yogaeveryday #yogacanada #canadayoga #meditation #zen #chooselove #asana

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Happy International Women’s Day! We are so honoured to have a community of empowered women who have set out to simply live their best life and help others live theirs. We love you, we see you, we commend you. Comment below on what today means to you! ... 📸 @jlwphotography1 ... #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yqr #yqryoga #yoga #freedom #internationalwomensday #womenempowerment #yxe #saskyoga #yogacanada

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We believe that all of us have the answers we are searching for in our lives. Sometimes finding them takes some digging and it’s not always easy, but it is always worth it. ———— We dig deep in The Pure Living Yoga Method 200hr Teacher Training. If you’re ready to do some digging, here is a snippet of what @tina.laurier had to say about her experience. Our next training starts May 20th. Second tier pricing ends on March 30th. More info if you follow the link in our bio! Full video on IGTV and FB! ————— #purelivingyoga #purelivingyogamethod #200hrytt #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #ytt #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yqryoga #yxeyoga #saskyoga #canadayoga #yqr #yxe #sk #sask #yogacanada #yogaeverydamday #yogaeverywhere #yogainspiration #fitspo

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🌊🐠🦈🦢Lessons from the Sea - Part 5🐙🦑🦞🇲🇽 . It's important to help others learn how to swim and help them to let go of the unnecessary fears of the sea. Floating alone is lovely, but sharing in the experience of swimming with others is way more fun! Now with that said, don't be disillusioned. It's hard work and not always sunshine and rainbows. If you intend on swimming in the sea, one must remain present and aware of the tides. You'll need to learn how to decrease the amount of topplings, the quantity of sand in your butt, and the number of bottoms that go missing, if you wanna swim with the big fish. So I've compiled a list to help you get started. . Step 1- Start small. Like in the pool for instance. No, it's not going to be as beautiful as the sea, and the water might make your skin ichy, and it'll most likely be noisy and crowded. But if the goal is to simply learn some skills and get out, then it's served its purpose. Respect and appreciate the pool, and don't leave it until you're strong enough to keep your head above water. Also, be mindful not to waste too much time in the pool. You might get complacent and convince yourself it's good enough. It's not. The sea has WAY more gains than the pool ever will. So graduate from the pool ASAP and get your “soon to be sandy butt” to the sea. . Step 2 - On your first wave womping attempt, stay calm and don't go it alone! Especially if it's for fear that someone will witness you losing your bottoms. We've all lost our bottoms. You’ll need someone to grab them quickly while you're too busy toppling. Walks of shame are part of learning how to swim and you might need some extra support. Plus, walks of shame are much much easier if you have bottoms. You might need a friend for that. . Step 3 - Don't quit. Keep practicing, you'll get stronger. Keep toppling. Keep getting a sandy butt. Keep losing your bottoms. Start stock piling extras. One day the first few daunting waves will seem smaller and you'll be ready! . If you haven't figured it out yet, the Lessons from the Sea are metaphors for the world of entrepreneurship. I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them 😍

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I don’t want to leave the jungle! It has a piece of my heart... a really big piece. There are truly no words for an experience like this. This human experience is so god damn special. Times like these remind me of what really matters and that is human connection. I will never forget this place, but mostly I will never forget the people I’ve met. My heart is full. . #yogaeverydamnday #handstand #flōretreatcenter #authenticmovements #yogainspiration #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yqryoga #costarica #yoga #pikehandstand

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After a week of cold, can't help but reminisce about the beach...plus, wife is on the beach...so here are a few more lessons from the Sea!! ⛱️🌊🏖️🐚👙🐠 . Don't be afraid of the first few daunting waves at the shoreline. They are the most ominous. And don't be afraid of a good ol’ fashioned toppling! Or sand in your butt! Or missing bottoms! . Getting through the first few waves is the hardest part. And sometimes you have to take a few topplings to learn how to time things properly. This process helps you get strong enough in your technique so you can stay afloat on the other side. . Remember, you have to kick the hardest and paddle the most right in the beginning. This will generate the momentum needed to get you to a place where you can waid peacefully. Then once you're there, the view is beautiful! . The heavy waves you see at first aren't a true indicator of the bliss you'll experience on the other side. On the other side, the waves are calm, you have time to rest, you can float just by breathing, and meditate to the sound of the sea. Riding the gentle waves like a glistening mermaid for as long as you'd like! But more importantly, you've shown those on the shoreline that once you get through the first few waves, the effort was all worth it...even with the topplings, the sand up your butt, and missing bottoms! . #beachbums #beachyoga #treepose

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“Yoga is 99% practice and 1% knowledge.” - Sri K Pattabhi Jois . Share the ♥️ and tell us, what you are currently practicing in your life? . This quote is definitely a classic. It’s one of those lessons that no matter what, it always seems to be true. This lesson is one we find ourselves constantly taking off of our mats and into our lives. It’s truly the essence of yoga. . What would life feel like if we treated everything like a practice? . Practice teaches us to be patient. It teaches us to trust. It keeps us content through our ebbs and flows. It helps us to find joy in where we are, and to enjoy the process of getting somewhere new. Practice encourages us to seek true knowledge, and apply it, which is what truly helps us reach our goals. It creates a sense of separation from our efforts and results, allowing us to stay curious, with eyes wide open. . So whether you are a doctor, a parent, a musician, or someone learning to love themselves and their life, remember that it all takes practice. So be patient in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Follow your happy! And remember, important work takes time. . 📸 @jlwphotography1 🧘‍♂️ @theemptybucket

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♥️Pure Living Yoga Method Teacher Training ♥️ #plymethod200hrtt . Share the love and tag a friend that would benefit from these beautiful questions written by @createthelove . For anyone preparing for yoga teacher training, considering yoga teacher training, or fence sitting on "should I or shouldn't I," here are some guiding questions to introduce into your practice. ♥️ If I truly believed that I am enough, what would I do in *this* situation? ♥️ What would my truth sound like? What words would I speak? ♥️ Who would I keep in my life? ♥️ What would my relationships be like...with people, food, drugs, alcohol, sex, money...you name it. They can all act as a numbing technique to try and shortcut the work required to build a beautiful life. . But nothing can buy that feeling...waking up feeling like you live the most extraordinary life...you must create it. Being you is the path to feeling like you are enough. Everything we seek can be found in the Self. . 📸 @desilesphotography 👗 @lululemon 📍 @pathyqr

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I think the wall says it all...😍 . Have Fun - Life is short, enjoy it . Find Beauty - Let it inspire you . Help Each Other - We all need it . Be Bold - you hear that butt? Stay bold! 🤣 . @pathyqr 📸 @desilesphotography 👗@lululemon

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#dancerspose #natarajasana (LORD OF DANCE POSE) - one of our studio faves! . . Benefits: - Improves posture and balance - Strengthens legs, hips, ankles, back and core - Stretches thighs, groin, abdomen, and chest - Improves concentration . . We find this pose goes one of two ways… you either love it or hate. Either way, it is good for you and your body! If you are trying this pose at home make sure to ease into it. This posture can definitely bring some challenges, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it! Make sure your body is warm and use something for balance if needed. . . How do you feel about this pose? . . #yoganinja @brennabote 👗 @lululemon 📸 @jlwphotography1

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Same stick. Different ends. . Today, and everyday, you are enough, exactly as you are. 🥰 . #emotionalintelligence #understanding #compassion #ahimsa #brenebrown #getwoke

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Balance = coffee before conversations 🤣 Anyone else? 📸 @desilesphotography 👗 @lululemon@pathyqr #coffeelover #treepose #vrksasana #businesscasual #yogipreneur

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Mark your calendars for this Sunday evening! Not only are we passing into a full moon, but it will be a Super moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse! The eclipse will start just after 10:30 pm, with the full eclipse visible at around midnight! . As you may have noticed, during full moon times, emotions have a tendency to run a bit higher. So what does a Super Moon plus a Total Eclipse have in store for us, other than its close proximity to Earth? . Just like a regular full moon (only stronger), a lunar eclipse focuses attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family. The energies are going to be focused on your private life. YAY (said no one ever)!😂😉 . As we lead into the weekend, book some "you" time to take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Meditate on how you are truly feeling in your close relationships. This energy will help you to be in touch with your own needs and intentions, so you can see any relationship imbalances that may be causing disharmony in your life. . This energy can also signal unexpected events and news that can cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Remember to breathe first, before reacting. Try to keep an open mind and practice patience when dealing with this erratic and unpredictable energy. BE MINDFUL of impulsive reactions, rapid mood swings, and miscommunications that create panic or chaos. . So WHAT'S GOOD? This energy will also offer help by giving confidence and courage. Self-control and patience will counter a tendency to overreact when faced with stressful situations. Practice adaptability and trust this weekend. . Join us in practice from 7-8:30pm on Sunday, January 20th. @deschambaultkreutzer will be guiding practice! Don't forget to save your spot! Class is free for members, $25 for non-members. . #moonchild #fullmoon #fullmoonfeels #fullmoonritual . 📷 @desilesphotography 👗@lululemon

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Taking the plunge to truly follow your heart is not as easy. Here, @s.leibel, shares with us the lack of confidence and fear of judgment she experienced leading up to her teaching training and how good it felt to say “fuck it” to those fears. On the other side of discomfort we find so much light, thank you Steph for sharing your light with us! Stayed tuned for more amazing stories! . The Pure Living Yoga Method 200hr Teacher Training is officially open for registration! www.purelivingyoga.com/teacher-training/ . #purelivingyoga #teachertraining #purelivingyogamethod #sweatchillbe #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogateachertraining #200ytt #yqr #yqryoga #saskyoga #yogacanada #canadayoga #yxeyoga

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What if instead of setting goals from our discontent we set them based on the things we actually enjoy? . What if we focused on the solutions rather than on our problems? . What would happen if we chose to focus on the journey rather than the quick fix? . Would things be different if we were patient with ourselves rather than guilty and shameful about our missteps? . What if we practiced growing with freedom rather than growing in the way 'we think we should'? . Maybe if we looked at our goals as opportunities we would follow through more often. A goal isn’t worth having if it makes us feel bad. A goal that comes from pain only brings more pain. So let’s set our intentions and goals from joy. What are some of your goals this year yogis? . #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #meditation #journaling #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #yogaeverywhere #thisispureliving #happyyogi #yqr #yqryoga

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🦞🐙🐚Lessons from the Sea - Part 3🌊🌴🇲🇽 . If you'd like to go in the sea, make sure you know how to swim. You don't need to be Olympic level, but know enough to keep your head above water. She can be unstable at times (the sea), changing her mood with the moon. So confidence is key. If you know that you won't drown, not only will you stay afloat, but her pushes and pulls and moon changes won't phase you. You'll even enjoy it! If you know nothing about swimming, thinking you'll just jump in and learn it all, try going in with someone who has the skills to help you. Someone you trust to pick you up when you start to go under. That way you won't develop an unnecessary fear of the water. But if you decide to bungee in, guns ablazing, with no skills, you'll snuffle up salt water, choke, and panic. Resulting in a toppling, with sand in your butt, and missing bottoms. #beachbums #beachyoga #beachhairdontcare #thoughts #sisters

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thecanadianbrewhouse. Join @pure_living_yoga for yoga and a side of beer (or wine) right in

Join @pure_living_yoga for yoga and a side of beer (or wine) right in the Canadian Brewhouse Regina - Eastgate this Sunday! Take a breather and enjoy some body loving, beat bumping, soul searching yoga outside of the regular box!

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🇲🇽🌴🌊 Lessons from the Sea 🐚🐙🦞 Don't fight the tow! Go with the flow of the tow. Wait for the sea to take you back to shore. If you fight the flow you'll get exhausted and panic. If you swim patiently, breathe calmly, and trust the flow (and your skills), you'll see which wave will give you the push back to shore. You'll exit the water like a glistening mermaid. If you rush the process, trying to bend the sea to your will instead of honouring her perfect timing, you're experience will be unpleasant. Resulting in a toppling, with sand in your butt, and missing bottoms. #beachhairdontcare #beachbums #thoughts #sisters

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🦞🐙🐚Beach Lessons - full of truth and written to make you laugh🌊🌴🇲🇽 When you see a wave coming, don't run away or wait for it to slam you. Instead, run towards it and dive directly into or underneath it. Go through the waves...don't run from them. The tow is too strong and will pull you in...resulting in a toppling, sand up your butt, and missing bottoms. #beachbums #wordstoliveby #thoughts #backbend #beachyoga

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Beach thoughts of the day! ⛅ 🌴🌊🍤🐙🦞🦑🐚🐠🇲🇽 This pic, with wife, pretty much says it all 😍 I've found the below questions to be super helpful over the years and Michael E. Gerber simplifies them so well that I had to share 😍 Enjoy #yoganinjas and remember #youareenough ! 😘 What do I value? What kind of life do I want? How do I want it to look and feel? Who do I want to be? Once the questions are answered, all that's needed is to make it come true. Begin living life as if it were vitally important. Take life seriously. Create it intentionally. Actively make your life into the life you wish it to be. Simple? YES! (the answers are all on the inside) Easy? NO! (the answers are there, but do you trust yourself enough to listen to them). This is the process of creating a business that has meaning beyond "work". - excerpts from the e-myth revisited. 📸@jlwphotography1 @pure_living_yoga @thecanadianbrewhouse

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In 2019 let’s follow our happy. Let’s trust in the things that bring a smile to our faces and forget those that don’t. Let’s find our own path and let others walk their own. Let’s choose to focus on the solutions and not hold on to our problems. Let’s build strength to love even when we hate. Let’s choose to hold space for each other as we laugh, cry, and move through this crazy life. . #purelivingyoga #2019 #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yqr #yqryoga #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #laugh #newyear #happy #asana #happynewyear #happyhippie #yoganinja

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Sometimes the years seem to fly by. Always with great memories of course, as life in general is a complete privilege, but usually, it wasn't with the same sense of awe, peace, gratitude, or trust that I'm feeling this New Year's Eve. Fucking YUM! . In 2014 I made a list of dreams, that in my mind at the time, would create one particular sensation that I was deeply craving to feel. Peace...or Pas (seeing as I'm in Mexico as I'm writing this 😍). But just like any A-Type, I also had a plan to get there..in theory🤣! . I deeply desired to own and operate an enterprise that created multiple passageways that honoured and brought me back to THE sensation. . In one passageway, I deeply desired to be in a studio again. One that had emotions embedded into the walls, of how I would want to feel EVERY SINGLE DAY, whether I was up or down. . In another passageway, I deeply desired to express my creativity and share the pictures of what I see when listening to music, with other people...aka choreography. . In another, I deeply desired to work with people who were passionate about life and it's beauty and philosophies. Who also wanted to share those with others, so we could learn and grow from each other. . In another, I wanted to inspire and teach others that when we look inward, and listen to ALL the layers of voices, that our healing and wisdom is embedded in there. Surely with all of us working on the same goal (goal being “sorting out our shit”), we'd get to the destination sooner. . I wanted to develop the essence of my humanity and skills to a degree that others would seek to work with me, instead of me seeking to initiate, collaborate, plan, organize, and execute. . All these passageways had labels: Yoga teacher Studio owner Brand founder International teacher trainer Retreat owner Lululemon Ambassador . I cant believe that in a few short years, I’ve checked off ALL these items. So when looking into 2019, I get to recreate the list! FUCK YES! . Just remember, we overestimate what we can do in a day, but underestimate what can happen in one, three, and five years…play the long game. I'm saluting you all, tequila in hand (obvi), cheers to 2018 and hello 2019!

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We cling to our youth. We fight to preserve it. We fear loosing it. We are obsessed it. . Now I don’t think it’s the surface of youth that holds us prisoner. It’s not the way we look and it’s not the number we are labelled. It’s not a place we can only be for so long. It’s not the shape we are in or the way our body is. It’s the feeling of youth that keeps us obsessed. . We were hopeful and optimistic in our youth. We were excited to live and explore. We loved trying new things and simply did what we enjoyed. We loved (ourselves and others) without judgement. Youth was our freedom from the trauma of life. . Youth fades because life gets heavy, but I think true youth is everlasting. I don’t think we fundamentally change, we just forget what life was like before our fear, pain, and experience. . We look at death as our furthest point away from our youth. I think death reminds us of our youth. It reminds us to remove our masks, to feel, and to enjoy what we have. I suppose life and death are two sides of the same coin and it would be a shame not live while we are alive. And in the words of Alphaville, I wanna be forever young.

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Ya, yoga is about health and wellness, but sometimes health and wellness doesn't always come in the package we think it does. Our definition is to simply embrace whatever the heck you want that brings happiness into your life. We get so caught up in the way we "should be" that we forget to just "be". So let's take some pressure off of ourselves. Perfectionism doesn’t look good on anyone. . . . 📸 @jlwphotography1 #purelivingyoga #yogaontap #thisispureliving #thisisyoga #happyfirst #yoga #yqryoga #canadianbrewhouse #cbh #be #yogainspiration #fitspo #yqr #saskyoga #yogacanada #yogainternational #lotus

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