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Grounding down. This is exactly what we have been doing within Pure Living Yoga over the last month. Setting aside space to get clear on our intentions for our year together is crucial in our success as a community and as individuals. We make sure to stop, pause, and ask the right questions. What is our vision? How can we help? What will create growth? And the list goes on. We find that the only way to really expand is to create the space for it. . On top of a regular yoga and meditation practice, we take time off to do plan. We journal our dreams. We talk and communicate with our people. There are so many practices that help us get clear and really create what it is we need as a whole. . What are some practices you have to get ground down and manifest your life? We would love to have you share your practices that keep you moving forward in life. Let us know in the comments!

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This is @shay_marie22 ! She is one of our recent teacher training graduates and a face you should get used to seeing! . Shayla has always been a lover of movement, health and wellness. Her first love of movement was found in gymnastics and later cheerleading. Shayla spent a number of years coaching gymnastics and cheerleading before focusing on her education. She finished her kinesiology degree at the University of Regina in 2019. . After Shayla decided to move on from cheerleading she found yoga. Shayla resonates deeply with the heat building aspect of the practice. She loves playing in the upside down. Getting that flipped perspective has so many benefits for the physical body. Aside from all the benefits of being physically active, one of Shayla’s favourite aspects of the practice is how calming this practice has been for her mental health. She often finds yoga to be a great way to burn off stress and clear her mind of all the clutter! Her love of the sweat and the fire fuels her passions and allows her the space she needs to practice the let go. . Catch her for the remainder of August on Saturday’s for $5 Yoga in the Park @ 9:30-10:30am! This class will also be completely free on August 17th! See you there, the registration link is in our bio!

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_averot. 🎶 if you find your way back I owe you a beer, for my record year 🍺✨�

🎶 if you find your way back I owe you a beer, for my record year 🍺✨🤸🏾‍♀️✨ . . BIG GRATITUDE to @jlwphotography1 - I’m in TEARS. 🤗❤️ #recordyear #registeredyogateacher #thisispureliving #sweatchillbe #plymethod200hrtt #plymethod #yoganinja #thesweatlife

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The Sweat Chill Be Retreat is in full swing! It’s been such an incredible journey so far and there is so much more to go. We cannot wait for those who are still coming to join us for a weekend of self love and transformation. Wherever you are, make sure to take some time for you this weekend, you deserve it. . #sweatchillberetreat #thisispureliving #thisisyoga #sweatchillbe #plymethod #yqr #yqryoga #yoga #saskyoga #yogasask #yogacanada #canadayoga #travelsaskatchewan #exploresaskatchewan #yogainspiration #fitspo #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere

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Yogis on a mission! We seriously look like this everywhere we go. Full hands, fuller hearts, and big dang smiles. We are so pumped to take our gear on the road this weekend for Sweat Chill Be in the beautiful Kenosee! If the studio looks bare for a day or two it’s because we are lost underneath it somewhere... and you may have to send help. . #sweatchillbe #travelingyogi #yqr #yqryoga #yogaretreat #saskyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #purelivingyoga #travelsaskatchewan #yqrretreat #saskretreat #yogacanada #canadayoga #lululemon

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We will be closed this weekend for some good times at the Sweat Chill Be Yoga Retreat! Regular classes will be cancelled for Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. Thank you so much for understanding and we can’t wait to see you at the retreat! . #sweatchillbe #yogaretreat #yqr #yqryoga #saskyoga #yogasask #yogi #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #thisispurelivingyoga #dance

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Seriously though... how absolutely perfect is this view? Our yoga in the park spot is perfection. You can join us and @_averot this Saturday and Saturday the 27th @ 9:30. Class takes place in the Emerald Park Soccer Field and is $5 for anyone participating. Family and pets are welcome! . #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #sweatchillbe #thisispurelivingyoga #purelivingyoga #parkyoga #yogaasana #trianglepose #trikonasana #asana #movementmedicine #movementmeditation #neature

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Meet @_averot! She will be guiding us in July’s $5 Karma Class in the Park starting this Saturday @ 9:30am. Here is a little about this mighty bean! . Ashlyn has always been a spirit junkie with a deep connection to Mother Earth. As a very small child, she would frequently be caught dancing around outside, on top of her grandmother’s conversion van or exhaling strongly onto trees — to give them extra carbon dioxide, of course! . Thru the practice of yoga, Ash learned that everything we put into our minds influences the health of our entire body. Which, in turn, has helped Ash heal her fearful perceptions, deepen her spiritual practice + gain the confidence + tools to live her highest purpose. . Along this journey, Ash felt a strong calling to be a guide; to use her gifts to serve others in big + meaningful ways. To lead, to heal + to make an impact in the lives of those around her — awakening others to their higher purpose, as well! . Ash uses her intuitive gifts to transmute low vibrational energy; she gracefully creates a safe space for yogis of all levels, while providing encouragement to grow your own individual practice. Her classes are methodical — well balanced between challenging postures + relaxation. Come practice with Ashlyn if you’re looking to release + renew! . BONUS: Ashlyn is an Airy Aquarius + tender-hearted Selenophile🌚, always ready to talk all things astrology. . Join this blossoming teacher on the mat! Registration link in bio! . #yoga #yqryoga #yqr #yogainspiration #fitspo #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #karmayoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #movementmedicine #movementmeditation #meditation #sweatchillbe

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(2/3) . What followed seems so unreal now that I am looking back. I have seen people win this fight, lose this fight, and continue to fight. I became someone entirely and different from the person I am now with the values that I have. Not only was I grabbed by the throat during an argument, but I also hit him over the head with a hard object and broke a lot of stuff in rage. I was convinced time and time again that I was “the crazy one” for being upset after incidents like finding used needles in my car and parents basement. I believed the constant lie of “I’m not high” even though I was watching him nod in and out of consciousness at family functions. I was almost killed more than once because he nodded out at the wheel while driving and still got into vehicles with him. I found him passed out and frantically tried to wake him up, I was sure that he had OD’d. This is the short list. The worst part was the pain of witnessing someone I love and was so deeply tied to steal, lie, disappear and suffer through something that no one had any control over. *** To know in hindsight that I chose to let these things happen in my life is gut wrenching. I chose to stay, to be abused and to abuse. One thing I know for sure is that there is no room in this life for guilt or shame if we want to grow. These emotions are absolutely evil and I am still shedding layers upon layers of them. Knowing that this all makes me the strong badass woman I am, remembering that these things don’t define me and how I handle them does keeps me moving forward. So no matter what you’ve been through, fuck shame and fuck the guilt. You are too god damn good for it. . (2/3)

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The Sweaty Summer Checklist Challenge drops in 3 days! Starting July 1st get your hands on a five class pass for just $55 (or for free if you are a PLY member). Use those five classes towards this checklist for a chance to win a $500+ prize pack. You have from July 1st to August 11th to get and complete as many of these checklists as you can to up your chances. Passes go on a sale July 1st and expire when the challenge ends on August 11th! Come grab your checklists in studio on Monday with all of the nitty gritty details! Good luck #yoganinjas! ——————— #sweatysummer #sweatsesh #sweatchillbe #yqryoga #yoga #yqr #yqrfitness #challenge #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yogainspiration #movementmeditation #fitspo

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$5 Karma Yoga is happening again tomorrow at 9:30am in the Emerald Park Soccer Feilds (just on Great Plains Rd). This will be your last chance to practice with the amazing Kristen Kish this summer so don’t miss it. Remember this is a family friendly event so bring your kids, dogs, and whatever else. $5 each for everyone participating. See you tomorrow and make sure to double check on our website around 8:30am before class in case Mother Nature has different plans! Link to register in bio! . #yogainthepark #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #yqr #yqryoga #yoga #thisispurelivingyoga #sweatchillbe #yogainspiration #yogainstructor

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I cried nearly all day. And the entire next day. Was I sad? Maybe. Happy? Definitely. Scared? Fuck ya. Hopeful? 100%. Angry? Um, yup. It was as if every emotion I could have was flooding my body and flowing the hell over my walls. A month to myself for myself was the glimpse I needed into the life I desire and now I had a major choice to make. Go back to the usual, or actually do the shit to make it happen. No more hiding. Woof. . I remember saying to my friends that I just wanted to be numb/neutral for a moment. Feeling every emotion all at once was just a bit much and I was tired. It was my last few days on my jungle adventure and I could barely speak to anyone without tears and I was pissed about it. . I realized the lesson quickly. I suppose that’s the cord, my ability to numb is the easy route and the one I opt for. To fall back into my patterns of “addiction” (I hesitate to use this word as it looks different on everyone) was the quickest way not to remember that there was work to be done. I just wanted to enjoy, but the good old universe had something else in mind and it was what I actually needed. Shocker. . After a good cry, I jokingly told @alignpodcast that I was “mad he made me cry and now I had to redo my makeup for my photo shoot”. His response was “that’s because you’re redoing your internal makeup”. Touché right... . Anyway, I took the lesson and taught it immediately as the theme for my yoga class. I spoke to it, embraced it, shared it. I’ve come to see that what I need as a human is often what so many other humans need. When I started to look at “my suffering” as a human suffering, everything changed. As much as a lesson is brought to me, it is brought to others. We are not unique in our experience as people. Uniqueness comes in the way we express and share the experience to help serve the greater good. So yes, I will take redoing my makeup over and over again until I completely embrace this lesson. Who is with me!? . 📸 @jodie_ds @sugacoatit_ 📍 @floretreatcenter 🧘🏼‍♀️ @authentic_movements . #yogaeverywhere #yqr #yqryoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #thisispurelivingyoga #lululemon #yqrlemons #sweat #chill #be #authentic #authenticmovements

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And another one! Tomorrow you are spending the day with @lindsay_warne here on IG! Here is a little bit about this flowing garden goddess: . Lindsay’s exploration into yoga started over 10 years ago. Initially it was the strength and flexibility she found in her body that really made her fall in love with the practice. As she explored yoga more she gained a host of tools to help deal with everyday life. This is what really got her hooked. Learning breathing and meditation practices to help with sleep and stress relief to learning to listen to her inner voice and honoring it. The ancient wisdom of yoga and ayurveda is constantly amazing her. The knowledge that we can heal ourselves through our breath, movement and natural foods should be something that is shared with everyone. She has pretty much decided that yoga can cure anything… anyone who talks with her can confirm this to be true. . She has a deep love for pranayama and this is what usually starts out her mornings. The clarity, focus and alertness that it brings can't be beat (even by coffee). When it comes to asana her favourite practice and go to is always an ashtanga based vinyasa flow followed up by a passive yin practice. . Weird fact about her is that she loves loud music with lots of bass. Like the kind that you find at a music festival when your standing in front a wall of subs and it literally takes your breath away….mmmm so good. She also love the freedom these festivals allow to be your truest weirdest self which includes any number of crazy costumes and connecting with others humans that aren’t afraid to let their walls down. . Learn more about this girl and her offerings all day Wednesday! . #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #pranayama #breath #restorative #yogaeverywhere #yqr #yqryoga #yqryogi #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #eatsleepyogarepeat #saskyoga #yogacanada #sweatchillbe #sweatchillberetreat

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It’s @shea_usick’s turn to take over the gram! Catch him all day Tuesday right here! —————————— Shea Usick is a body nerd with a love for exploring his body and his mind. Shea has a way of discovering weakness and rigidity in the body and mind and a way of discovering unique methods of working through them. His dedication and passion for movement has lead him to practice many disciplines and modalities ranging from martial arts, parkour, tricking, and breakdancing. When Shea found yoga he found the perfect balance of everything he loved to practice. With a firm belief that the body is more than a vehicle for the mind, Shea has dedicated his life to understanding the knowledge and connection of the body, mind, and spirit. Shea’s yoga classes are designed for the discovery of your body both in theory and in practical execution so get ready to learn! His favorite yoga posture is Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) due to the intense presence and focus it requires. Everything in the body must work together in order to maintain balance and when one can learn to understand this balance, he believes they will have a deeper understanding of the balance required in life. One weird fact about Shea is that in the mornings he makes sure to get goofy by dancing in socks and undies to funk music. ————————— See what he is up to in studio at the upcoming retreat! ————————— #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yqr #yqryoga #yqrevents #yoga #thisisyoga #thisispurelivingyoga #thisispureliving #sweatchillbe #sweatchillberetreat

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Meet @joannelavoie. She will be taking over our IG all day tomorrow. Get ready for one heck of a fun day with her! She will show you her crazy life and a glimpse into what she will be offering at the Sweat Chill Be Yoga Retreat! . Joanne is often mistaken for the Energizer Bunny, Joanne’s eccentric and bright personality will leave your heart and soul burning hot on the coldest of winter days. No class will be left without belly rumbling laughter or a smile adorning one’s face from ear to ear. . Joanne’ s exploration and study into yoga began in high school in search of stress management, emotional healing and deepening of the mind, body and soul connection. She found solitude through physical asana and the practice of breath, continually in exploration of the delicate balance of duka and suka (effort and ease) within the human body and its navigation through various environments. Joanne is devoted to spread the practice of yoga to every human as she believes that movement is a medicine for the soul, and each time we sweat, we get closer to our passions and purpose in life. . One weird fact about Joanne is that she was a social media comedian and sensation in the years of 2013 -2016, through the mobile application Vine. Joanne even had a viral video with her sister that gained over 40 million views, it also appeared on multiple comedy centered TV shows! Oh and she is going to be on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race Canada so that’s fun! . 📸 @jlwphotography1 . #yoga #yqryoga #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #sweatchillbe #thisisyoga #thisispurelivingyoga #thisispureliving #energizerbunny #happy

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@robinjoyhilton of @soulgardenyoga and @queencityyogask is taking over our instagram tomorrow and you won’t want to miss it! She is going to take us on “a day in the life of” experience. Learn all about her and her yoga journey, plus what you can expect from her at this years Sweat Chill Be Yoga Retreat. . Robin is a Holistic Life + Sexuality Coach, Desire Map Facilitator and a yoga studio owner. Her lifelong passion is in supporting others to be their most authentic selves, to let their guard down so they can shine brightly and confidently in all areas of their lives but most importantly in their capacity to experience and express pleasure through their bodies. . Robin is known for making esoteric and taboo topics feel accessible, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, creating a welcoming environment for personal development and growth. . Robin holds impeccable space, and skillfully guides her clients and students toward rapid transformation with “just the right amount” of push. Robin’s deepest joy comes from creating sacred space for inquiry, vulnerability, celebration, healing and soul-deep connection. . You can find Robin planting love in her Soul Garden and sharing her passions for movement, pleasure and soulful living at her home in Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Learn more about Robin online at robinjoy.ca. ——————— Link for retreat tickets in bio! Single, double, weekend, and day passes available. ——————— #yqryoga #saskyoga #yogasask #yqr #yoga #sweatchillberetreat #sweatchillbe #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #sensation #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #thisispurelivingyoga #yogaretreat #yogacanada #canadayoga

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IT'S TIME FOR THE SWEATIEST SUMMER YET! . GET TWO MONTHS OF UNLIMITED YOGA FOR $222 (ONLINE AND IN STUDIO). . GET AN EXTRA 15% OFF WHEN YOU SIGN UP WITH A FRIEND (IN STUDIO ONLY)! . SALE ON UNTIL JUNE 30TH @ 11:59PM. . LINK IN BIO! . #yqr #yqryoga #yqrsmallbusinesses #yqrsmallbusiness #yoga #sale #sweatysummer #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yogaforeverybody #getsweaty #sweatchillbe #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #thisispurelivingyoga

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Happy Father’s Day!!! To all the dads out there (of any definition) we love and appreciate the heck out of you! Feel free to come yoga with us today for free. Just show up. Vinyasa @ 1:00, Yin @ 2:15, Meditation @ 3:45! ——————— 📸 @jlwphotography1 🧘🏻‍♂️ @jessegodinmovement ——————— #yogadad #dadyoga #yoga #yqryoga #happyfathersdays #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #thisispurelivingyoga #fitspo #dad #freeyoga

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We had a beautiful teacher training graduation this morning in the wilderness and rain. Our hearts are full as we begin the transition out of this experience and into integration in our lives. Thank you to everyone involved over this last month of magic. Until next time. ————————— #yogaeverywhere #yqr #yqryoga #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #plymethod200hrtt #neature #ytt #200hrytt #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #sweatchillbe #yqrsmallbusinesses

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Have you heard? We are launching our first ever yoga in the park series. Join us and the newest PLY teachers at 9:30-10:30am on a Saturday June 15th, 22nd, and 29th for just $5/person. Sign up in the link in bio! . It is 100% family friendly so please feel free to bring your kids, pets, and whatever else you consider part of your fam! . Kicking things off is one of our long time students, family, and new teacher Kristen Kish. See on the mat, and under the sun. . This class is weather permitting so please check out our online schedule at 8:30am to make sure class is a go! Late cancels and no shows apply as normal. . #yogainthepark #yoga #yqryoga #yqr #yogaoutside #summeryoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogaforeveryone #familyyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #purelivingyoga #sweatchillbe

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Have y’all met @_marahball (on the left) yet? She is a 15 year old superstar! Not only is she an amazing mover, but her mindset and meditation practices are next level. Her maturity is unprecedented, but she still has a childlike joy in her soul and life. Marah spends some of her free time as our energy exchanger helping around the studio. Next time you see her, say hello, you need to know her! ——————————— #energyexchange #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #sweatchillbe #yogainspiration #yogaforeverybody #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverydamnday

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Traveling to enlighten the soul VS traveling to escape reality. 🕉️

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The @pure_living_yoga teacher training started today which had me reminiscing on my teacher training with @authentic_movements! ————— The opportunity I’ve been given to learn this practice and share this practice is literally that of dreams. To be connected with people from all around the globe is an honour. I am so happy to be a part of an ever growing family. ————— #plymethod200hrtt #authenticmovements #yoga #yogaasana #yqr #yqryoga #200ytt #movementmeditation #meditation #movement #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #thisisyoga #thisispureliving

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One week until it is time to celebrate the most important women in our lives, our moms. Of course we believe that this celebration is bigger than just one day, but we still have something special planned. If you want to do something different for Mother’s Day this year, join us next Saturday for The Mother Daughter Reconnect with @deschambaultkreutzer and her daughter @lunarlightconnections. Info in to bio and workshops highlight! ————— #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #mothersday #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #asana #meditation #connection #family

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Hello beautiful souls. Early bird pricing for the Sweat Chill Be Yoga Retreat ends today! We are so excited for this years adventure and we would be absolutely honoured if you joined us. ••• This immersion style retreat is designed to open us up for transformation both as teachers and attendees. Last year was incredibly beautiful and this year there is even more to experience with even more intention and deep healing. ••• We understand that investing in something like this is a big step and we want to make it accessible for everyone. Please reach out if you wish to set up an individual payment plan. ••• If you have any questions of comments at all give me a call at 306.535.8098. I would love to connect with you about this retreat or anything this offering may already be bringing up within you. ••• Sending you all so much love on this fantastic Tuesday. Link in bio. www.purelivingyoga.com/retreats/ ••• #yogaretreat #yqryoga #yqr #yoga #saskyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #sweatchillbe #movement #meditation #wellnessretreat #healing #journey #movementmeditation #breath

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I sat down with the Universe and told Her I wanted to grow 🌱 I told Her to use me as a vessel, so she made me uncomfortable. She stripped me of everything I knew. She made me learn how to be silent, how to let go, how to move on, how to stand my ground, how to be more compassionate, how to fight, how to survive, how to be more assertive, more loving, more trusting, and less naive. Then She told me to take everything I've learned and share it with others 🌻 . . The Trifecta Every Sunday @pure_living_yoga . . 📸 @asiebz 🤙

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