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We are celebrating a graduation of our own tonight! Congratulations to all the families who completed the Creating Lasting Families Connections program this spring! We partnered with UMADAOP of Dayton to bring this program to families of our Camp Mariposa students to help them build and utilize communication and connection tools to rebuild family life after addiction! #DaytonInspires

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amanicstateofmind. Effects so many..... Mental health illness’s don’t discriminate agains

Effects so many..... Mental health illness’s don’t discriminate against race, age, gender or any other attributes that make us Human!

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marketstreetmission. When you registered for our 5K Race for Recovery, did you notice that

When you registered for our 5K Race for Recovery, did you notice that you could get a refund?? That's right! Invite your friends and family to join you at the race. If 5 friends sign up using your special referral link, you get your registration fee refunded! That' a $25 savings -- and all you had to do was invite your friends! Did you loose your referral link? Don't worry! Email us and we'll resend it! #race4recovery #msm5k #morrisplains #july4 #run #crosscountryrace #familywalk #5k #morristown #supportrecovery #morriscounty

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This past week was #prettyexciting on the LEARN and EARN front. Value addition through #productdevelopment of our main anchor project, rabbit husbandry. #militaryveterans are often #discharged from service on the grounds of #poormentalhealth. It is downhill from there. We prove that it is possible to tailor #incominggenerating activites which #supportrecovery The inability to support themselves and their families leaves military veterans #poor in #selfesteem and #selfworth . Our work aids in the #restoration of dignity and #alleviation of poverty. As we speak of the promotion of better care for military veterans #bylaw ,it is from a position of strength because we know with the access to care by law, all military veterans can overcome their #warwounds😩 and once again be productive Kenyans contributing #positively to our nation's prosperity. Sign the petition to compel #parliament to enact a veterans law. Follow this link: http://thetruenorth.co.ke/petition/ We invite you to click on it in the description box. #maymentalhealthawarenessmonth #raiseawareness #stopthestigma #raisingempathyindex

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runforrecoverycle. At the Aug. 17th #RunforRecovery, we will celebrate recovery and remem

At the Aug. 17th #RunforRecovery, we will celebrate recovery and remember those who have lost their lives to an addiction related-illness or mental illness. The "We Remember Wall" will once again be displayed at the run, paying tribute to lost loved ones. Pictures will be placed on two three-paneled chalkboard stands. Those who visit the wall can write messages of hope and share their memories. If you have a loved one who has passed away, let us honor them with their picture on the "We Remember Wall". Find the submission form at the link in our bio. . . . . #togetherwearestronger #theland #cle #thisiscle #cleveland #clegram #recoveryispossible #supportrecovery #5K #race #run #runcleveland

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Motivational quote of the week: When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top 👀 . . . . . #runforrecovery #togetherwearestronger #theland #cle #thisiscle #cleveland #clegram #recoveryispossible #supportrecovery #5K #race #run #runcleveland

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Happy Mother’s Day!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I am usually ok and have “moved on” the best I could but my human mind cannot help seeing all the love, joy, and praise being given to moms everywhere and rightfully so, and think that what would life be like had my mom still been around? Maybe my entire life might be changed. Who knows if I ever move to Florida? Who knows where I would’ve ended up? All is I know is that my mom did all she could for me and my sister growing up, loving us in the way only a mom can. With my sister and I involved with countless after-school and summer activities growing up in Ohio, it had to be rough and she did a marvelous job handling the great responsibility that moms have. I can remember my mom attending my baseball games when I was “little.” I could hear her above every other person in the bleachers. She had such a loving and sweet voice, and also a loud one when she needed it to be. When she would yell at me, she could strike fear in me with the best of them. Lol. I could hear her most when I was on the mound pitching and she unintentionally would embarrass me like none other with her constant support and encouragement. There are so many precious memories that I have of my mom. When my mom was taken away from me at the tender age of 16, it didn’t seem real. At all. We had just got back from Cedar Point and the last I heard was mom was well taken care of. I went to sleep and slept great that night. The next morning, I woke up EMS was in our house trying to revive her but it was no use. The most influential woman in my life was not going to be there for me any more. I wasn’t ready for life without a mom. My heart was damaged a great deal and it took the better part of a decade to move on completely. So, I want all the moms to know that you are loved and what you do on a daily basis for your family matters. A lot. All the nights with no sleep, headaches, stress, preparing meals, all of the mom duties that as kids more than not take for granted, (I admit, I did), being puked on.. etc. etc. (feel free to add to that list). Enjoy your special day Moms and never forget you are loved unconditionally. ❤️❤️❤️

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shae_jasim. Happy Friday!
Had a busy week and got in all of my cardio and traini

Happy Friday! - Had a busy week and got in all of my cardio and training for the week 🏆 🙌🏻. I’ve been drinking Xtend Elite while training lately and I’m loving the energy and muscle pumps I’ve been getting 💪🏻. - Xtend Elite builds on the clinically studied original Xtend BCAA formula that promotes lean mass, muscle strength, and fat loss to increase muscle pumps, endurance, reduce fatigue, and maximize power output. It’s also packed with non-stimulant energy. - You can find it on sale along with C4 Ultimate at @supplementkingcalgary right now! - - - #scivationnation #bcaas #XtendBCAAs #musclegrowth #gymtime #cellucornation #cellucor #electrolytes #supportrecovery @cellucor @xtend @cellucor_scivation_alberta

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How we feel about Friday’s 🙌🏻 And how YOU’LL feel about running in the August 17th #RunforRecovery! Register at the link in our bio ⬆️ . . . . . #togetherwearestronger #theland #cle #thisiscle #cleveland #clegram #recoveryispossible #supportrecovery #5K #race #run #runcleveland

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Get ready to run! 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️Christi Benner gives you an inside look at the August 17th #RunforRecovery at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. In 2018, runners, walkers, volunteers, donors, and everyone else involved helped make it a record year - with record attendance and a record amount of money raised. We hope you will help us make this year's run even bigger and better! Register or donate at wizathon.com/RunforRecovery (link in bio) . . . . . #togetherwearestronger #theland #cle #thisiscle #cleveland #clegram #recoveryispossible #supportrecovery #5K #race #run #runcleveland

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keepjudgemesser. Being reminded of the power of hope and family at the Chrysalis House

Being reminded of the power of hope and family at the Chrysalis House Mother’s Day luncheon is always a great way to kick-off Mother’s Day weekend. #supportrecovery

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cheriearoberts. Just a reminder...I’m raising funds for Safe Horizon. So many individu

Just a reminder...I’m raising funds for Safe Horizon. So many individuals and families are in need - particularly in this political/social climate. Could you spare a little support for them? Still a long way to go to meet this goal and help as many survivors as possible. Link below and in bio. #safehorizon #survivorsmatter #supportrecovery https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/safe-horizon-nyc-2019/cherieroberts

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CONGRATULATIONS to Tera Coleman - the winner of our #RunforRecovery @indians tickets raffle! 🎟⚾️ Thank you to everyone who has registered for the run so far - don’t forget to tell your friends and family to sign up too (link in bio) ⬆️ Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about our next giveaway 🙌🏻 . . . . . . #togetherwearestronger #theland #cle #thisiscle #cleveland #clegram #recoveryispossible #supportrecovery #5K #race #run #runcleveland

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What fuels your workouts? We personally enjoy a good 🍌, clearly. We’ll have them for our runners/walkers at the August 17th #RunforRecovery - sign up today! (Link in bio) ⬆️ . . . . . #togetherwearestronger #theland #cle #thisiscle #cleveland #clegram #recoveryispossible #supportrecovery #5K #race #run #runcleveland

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amberwiley. When he know you well! ❤️❤️ #scrubs #christiancompanies #supportrecove

When he know you well! ❤️❤️ #scrubs #christiancompanies #supportrecovery

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It was my honor and privilege to preside over tonight’s Drug Court Graduation ceremony with my fellow Drug Court judges and our very special Alumni Judge. Thanks for allowing me to MC since I didn’t have any graduates yet ladies! People ask why I volunteer to do drug court and I think I speak for all the drug court judges when I say I get as much out of it as the participants. It is a humbling and moving experience each and every week. Congratulations to tonight’s graduates! I so look forward to hugging my first round of 1st Division Graduates soon! #DrugCourtWorks #supportrecovery

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We’re always looking for energetic volunteers to help at the upcoming August 17th #RunforRecovery! If you’re interested, click the button “Become an Event Volunteer” at the link in our bio. . . . #togetherwearestronger #theland #cle #thisiscle #cleveland #clegram #recoveryispossible #supportrecovery #5K #race #run #runcleveland

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Who’s going?! Stay at the farmhouse during one of our many charming festivals in historic Franklin! @cityoffranklintn #franklinlove #foodtrucks #franklintn #festivals #springinthesouth #supportrecovery

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debs_fit. Today is #HatsOnForMentalHealth Day and I am wearing my LOILTY hat to

Today is #HatsOnForMentalHealth Day and I am wearing my LOILTY hat to show my support and loyalty to friends and family who suffer from mental health challenges. Near and dear to my heart is Maternal Mental Health and coincidentally today is also #MaternalMentalHealth Day throughout the World. Did you know that: • In Canada and Worldwide, 20% of women and 10% of men suffer from perinatal mental illness. Up to 1 in 5 women will suffer from a maternal mental health disorder like postpartum anxiety or depression. • Suicide is the leading cause of maternal death, with 1 in 9 women dying by suicide in the UK and 1 in 19 (the 4th leading cause) in Canada. • More women suffer from Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders than there are new cases of breast cancer and the combined new cases (all genders) of leukaemia, tuberculosis, MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, Lupus and Epilepsy annually. • Stigma, lack of public and professional awareness, and leaving the onus on the mothers to reach out for help, results in only 15% of these mothers receiving professional treatment. And only 6% sustain treatment. And sadly, Canada does not currently have a maternal mental health strategy and screening guideline. We need to change the way we approach mental health. Start it early, integrate it completely, and follow through continuously! And to all moms out there who might be struggling in private - please know you have an understanding friend and confidant in me. I may not have answers but I have ears and a hug for anyone who needs either. #nojudgement #mentalhealthawareness #maternalmentalhealth #awareness #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthsupport #ittakesavillage #hatson #istandwithyou #hugsforall #yeg #yegmentalhealth #edmonton #canadianmentalhealthassociation #mentalhealthweek #supportrecovery #girlsinhats #oilers #loyalty #love #mysister #formysister #formoms

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phbalpharoll. Just added @cutler_nutrition #generate to the arsenal. 10 oz of egg wh

Just added @cutler_nutrition #generate to the arsenal. 10 oz of egg whites with blackberry lemonade Generate to support recovery, endurance along with muscle support. Full support of branched chain amino acids along with 9 essential amino acids. Thanks @jaycutler 💪 💪 💪 #zeroartificialdyes #generate (JEN-UH-REYT) #cutlernutrition #supportrecovery #superiorinfusions #thickerbytheday #bodybuilding #gains #bcaa #eaa #trainlikeapro

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