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There’s NO need to rush your success! As much as you feel rushed or everyone is rushing you - there is no need for the rush. All of the opportunities are unfolding around you. It’s a marathon not a sprint. . Wearing @nvgtn head to toe! Next launch is this weekend April 27th 10am EST❤️ ———— Shop all of my guides using the link in my bio🖤 🔹 @nvgtn shopping link 💊 @alaninutrition shopping link | code “MIRANDA” gets you free shipping over $50 & shows me support 🦍 @apeathletics | code “MIRANDA” saves you 10% 🐰 @buffbunny_collection shopping link | code “MIRANDA” to show support 🏋🏼‍♀️ @mbslingshot shopping link | code “MIRANDA” saves you 10% •Twitter🐥mirandacohenfit •Snapchat👻mirandaacohen #nvgtn #navigation #girlswholift #michiganfit #michiganmodels #belfie #bootypose #detroitmichigan #fitmodels #igfitdaily

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sadiessd. #progress update! 
@bodyengineerswomen 💚 “Motus” Set 💚
Top: size sma

#progress update! @bodyengineerswomen 💚 “Motus” Set 💚 Top: size small Bottoms: size small ••—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•• Ladies DM or EMAIL me all the goals you have in mind! I can get you there 😍 I specialize in hourglass figure body shaping through nutrition and exercise! ••—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•—•• #macrodieting #diet #cuttingphase #iamroyallyranked #royallyrankedathletics #womenshealth #femalefitness #healthandfitness #fitspiration #inspiration #inspo #femalefitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitgirlsinspire #fitgirls #fitgirl #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #fitnesslifestyle #ig_fitness_girls #squatspo #shesquats #shelifts #goals #bikini #figure #bodybuilding #progresspic #fitness

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pureuncomplicatedbeauty. Nobody ever said it was gonna be easy.
I know I've told you how I've f

Nobody ever said it was gonna be easy. I know I've told you how I've fallen in love with lifting and while this remains true it certainly doesn't make it easy. This dumbell squat is a true test of total body strength. I felt more muscle use in this one move than several orhers combined and let me tell you I am forever grateful for my Phytosport After Workout drink that aids my muscles with all they need for a speedy recovery and minimizing my after workout pain by flushing the lactic acid from my muscles. I am a work in progress and I'm living this journey to get strong and healthy, what's your journey? #fitness #gym #workout #bodybuilding #dumbell #dumbellworkout #fitnessmotivation #dumbellmurah #training #dumbells #gymlife #motivation #fit #fitnessfirst #goldgym #personaltrainer #squats #legday #girlswholift #squatsfordays #squatsnotshots #squatspo #squatsonsquats #squatsquatsquat #powerlifting #healthylivingreset2019 #pureuncomplicatedbeauty

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I’m just warming up for summer 🚨🚨🚨 ..... Remember, one day or day one. You decide.

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nw.lifts. 🐉 315 for a single
🐉 this is probably the best looking rep I’ve ever

🐉 315 for a single 🐉 this is probably the best looking rep I’ve ever done, injures or not. It was the least amount of forward lean I’ve ever had. So I’m taking that as a win 💥 🐉 I haven’t been able to workout correctly in over 2 weeks much less squat. These felt good 👍🏼 - - - - - - - - - - #squat #squatspo #legday #legs #legworkout #gains #strengthtraining #strong #muscle #gymshark #powerlifting #powerlifter #liftheavy #workout #workoutmotivation #gym #gymmotivation #injuryrecovery #lifting

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Most days I’m tired after working , BUT most days I still got up and got in the #GYM! Nothing is more satisfying than watching your body shape into what YOU love to look at because you got up and worked for it! Summers here let’s work ‼️ • • • #bestlife #squat #workout #workoutvideo #lunges #weights #fitchick #fit #fitness #wshhfitness #squatspo #fitnessgirl #repost #motivation #fitspo #healthy #strong #lifestyle #health #healthiswealth #summerishere #gym #gymlife #bodyweight #summer #nike

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⚡️How to stay ON TRACK with your WORKOUTS!⚡️ . 1️⃣Schedule your workouts I’m obsessed with my agenda! It keeps me on track & organized! I’ve never been able to use cellphone calendars, I physically need to write things down...IN PEN hahah! Every Sunday I love planning out my week & planning my workouts around my schedule! I treat my workouts like a “me time” appointment to hold myself accountable. Really think about what works for you & be realistic! Take your week into consideration & Don’t over-plan, for me being like alright 6:00am work every morning🙃 is not realistic when first I know myself (not a morning person) & especially when I have dance practices the night before. Also I know it sounds a little silly but it’s NOT BAHA, when I complete a day I have star stickers I put on that day in my agenda haha YESSS I workout for star stickers ⭐️⭐️⭐️ LOL but seriously it’s so cool to look back on all the completed days! . 2️⃣Gym buddies The besttt! 💖 Having a gym buddy helped me SO much in the beginning! Big shout out to cam for keeping me on track and helping me make working out a habit! A good workout buddy will help you get your butt in gear when maybe you don’t feel like going! It's easier to bail out on the gym if you’re not letting your friend down! Now, I actually really enjoy going to the gym alone, it’s my ‘me time’ but I always still plan workout classes with friends or with my fellow instructor friends so I can take their classes🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ And OBVS My other workout buddy is baby Milo! Having a dog is the best thing in the world, I love being outside with him going on walks & doing hikes 🐾 . 3️⃣Have a game plan The fewer obstacles, the less likely you will skip out on that workout you planned to do! Plan ahead before hitting the gym! Knowing before hand your workout (exercises, reps, sets) Be prepared, depending on what time of the day your working out Mornings- having your workout clothes ready & everything you need laid out the night before. Evenings- your gym bag is fully packed and ready to hit the gym right after work!(Whatever you do, do not go home cuz if ur like me..home = no pants & posting up on the couch...& there’s no going back)🤭

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brimartucci. We love a good ab workout on pull day! Still sore from this one! On th

We love a good ab workout on pull day! Still sore from this one! On that note, a new video is live in my bio that has absolutely nothing to do with this workout 😂 It’s a day in my life including high protein, vegan meals that I eat on a busy school day! Also sorry for all the horrible angles in these clips, I was all alone at the gym this day... Here’s the rundown ✨ Alternating toe touch + leg raises 3x10 Plate side bends 4x10 Seated row 4x10 Lat pull down 4x12 Bent-over barbell row 4x10 Barbell bicep curl 4x10 Hammer curls 3x10 per arm One arm dumbbell row into bicep curl 2x10 per arm ••• #squatspo @whitneyysimmons @hannaoeberg @gymshark @gymsharktrain @gymsharkwomen @pescience @meggangrubb @nikkiblackketter @gracefituk

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💥🆕LEG DAY WORKOUT 🆕💥 ➡️➡️GRAB SOME WEIGHTS ➡️➡️ I love training in different ways. I always mix up my leg workouts, some days it’s barbell weights, somedays are body weight (pistol squats & cossack squats) and some days is balance work. For me a like a variety of workouts as I feel I get a more well rounded muscle growth. How you you train legs? ⬇️⬇️⬇️➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tag a friend and save the video 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 Wearing my @kinisbarefoot check them out. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Comment below👇🏽and tell me what you think 🙏🏽. . Turn on post notifications 😊😊 . . #legworkout #legday #squat #cleaneating #legdayworkout #squatchallenge #squats #squatspo #quads #bootybuilding #core #bootyworkout #corestrength #coretraining #fitman #funfitness #exercises #strengthtraining #functionaltraining #fitness #veganathlete #plantbaseddiet #plantbasednutrition #functionalfitness #canadafitness #halifaxfitness #menwithhealth @menwithhealth @nextlevel @bestofmensport

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ashhuff.fit. a banded ab circuit 🔥🔥 the resistance bands make this one killer. fo

a banded ab circuit 🔥🔥 the resistance bands make this one killer. for reference, the black band is my most resistant one and the green one is the least resistant. try this circuit out and see for yourself what a huge difference the bands make! ——————— repeat x3 10 v ups 20 mountain climbers 10 roll up jumps 20 plank jacks 10 elevated bird dogs 30 ab bikes

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bodymetrx. That’s right! We have a blog. Check out these at home workouts you can

That’s right! We have a blog. Check out these at home workouts you can do to get you started! Compliments of @dpr_fitness12 💪🏼

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amazonrunner. I have always taken pride in my strength. Although at one time I wante

I have always taken pride in my strength. Although at one time I wanted to be the stereotypical skinny runner, I would now prefer to look like I am ready to go to war. It certainly has been my mantra over the years. That may be why I felt compelled to lift up my 6’3”, 190 pound husband, off the ground on Easter Sunday. 🤦🏼‍♀️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I have done it numerous times before and didn’t think much of it until I felt a shift in my knee as I exerted more force to lift him up higher. Once I set him down and started to walk, I could feel the pain. It affected me greatly on steps and hills as I then went on a walk with my family. In the back of my mind, I was petrified I had sustained some serious damage to my knee. Considering I am still not at a point where I am able to seriously train for any races, I knew I could not bear another obstacle. •••••••••••••••••••••••• After utilizing the R.I.C.E method for nearly 48 hours, I sought out the insight of a doctor and physical therapist. By this point, I was already noticing some improvement. Praying and hoping for the best, I was relieved to learn my injury was relatively minor. Moments of examining and moving my knee was all my doctor needed for his initial assessment. Based on his examination, I likely pushed my kneecap back into a groove in my knee and may have slightly sprained the right side of my left knee. The physical therapist conducted numerous tests on all of my knee tendons and did not note anything of concern. I was in no pain when he moved it in different directions and he pushed down on the knee. There was some minimal swelling at the bottom of my knee where I still had some lingering pain, and my quad muscle above my knee was tight. Some treatment was performed before I left. •••••••••• After this appointment, the pain has nearly vanished. I have been advised that I should only need to take a few weeks off, if that. At this rate, it shouldn’t be much longer. I am beyond grateful and definitely think I have proven my strength enough outside of the trails and roads. It’s now a time to keep the dream alive and focus on the day I make my complete return.🙌🏻

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GROW YOUR QUADS 🔥 save this one fam! 🔖 ⠀ Level up your leg day in 3 simple moves 👍🏼 ⠀ 1️⃣ Heel Elevated Dumbbell Squats *Elevating your heel keeps your torso upright, shifting the burn to your quads 💪🏼 ⠀ 2️⃣ Short Stride Dumbbell Walking Lunges *A shorter stride puts A LOT more emphasis on your forward-most quadricep… also shorter strides means it takes longer to reach your end point. Burn x 2 🧨 ⠀ 3️⃣ Barbell Back Squats *Wouldn’t be a leg workout without a some old-school squats. Burn x 3 💥 (side-note: this was a PR for me at 355 x 2 for 4 consecutive sets) ⠀ Hope you enjoy this leg-day edit! ⠀ Big news coming tomorrow so STAY. TUNED. ⠀ 💪🏽@RIVALUS “ERICPRO15” 💻 eric@etfitnesscoach.com #SQUAT

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I’m looking you in the eye 👁 Do something today, your future you will thank you for. A couple examples, make the phone 📲 call, study 📖 workout 🏋️‍♀️ sleep 💤 apply for that job. DO IT! 🎥 #fitness #frontsquats #fitnessaddict #personaltrainer #instagram #weightlossgoals #motivationoftheday #pushup #weightlosstransformat ion #love #squatsfordays #photoftheday #weightlossdiary #handsomeblackmen #fitnessmodel #pushup #squats #squatsbooty #pushupjeans #motivational #weightlo ssmotivation #squatspo #weightlossjourney #pushupsfordays #weightloss #motivation #fitnessmotivation

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The only time you should ever look back is to check the 🍑! 😅 💁🏽‍♀️ Happy Humpday 😘

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Leg day feels 😑😑

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line0lsen. Gleden av å ha treningsmotivasjoen tilbake 😝

Gleden av å ha treningsmotivasjoen tilbake 😝

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seanhintonfitness. Pistol Squats are one of the best Proprioceptive leg exercises you can

Pistol Squats are one of the best Proprioceptive leg exercises you can do. Just like standard squats. Full Range of Motion is paramount for maximum strength and mobility progress. ———————————————————————— Trainer Tips: if you’re having issues with mobility, use a TRX band or a wall to stabilize yourself going down towards the floor. As mobility and strength increases, do pistol squat eccentrics(negatives) until you feel confident enough to do the concentric portion as well. Only incorporate a more difficult platform when you can complete multiple sets of pistol squats efficiently. . . . . . . . . . . #pistolsquat #pistolsquats #weightedpistolsquats #pistolsquatsfordays #assistedpistolsquats #pistolsquatchallenge #pistolsquatprogression #squatpistol #pistolsquatvariation #pistolsquatssuck #glutesday #peachbutt #squatsquatsquat #squatschallenge #squatssquatssquats #backsquats #squatday #squatheavy #squatsfordays #squatgains #squatadvice #squatsbooty #squatspo #asstograss #asstograsssquat

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