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WHY WHISK? Just shake and go! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! High elevation grown teas, like our Jade Cloud, result in more flavor complexity, less bitterness and a creamy textured finish. What’s in your cup? #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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JADE CLOUD TEA | This special grade of green tea produced in high-elevation gardens of Hubei, China gives a smooth and mellow cup, with a sweet aroma and the slight flavor of toasted chestnuts. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Try our Crème Brulee Tea for a yummy dessert replacement you can make in under three minutes! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN HERBS! Lemongrass has a tangy flavor similar to lemon zest with a scallion undertone. Try it in stir-fry, seafood, chicken, Thai and Asian cooking or steep as a tea. When consumed, Lemongrass has been known to assist with: digestion, cold/flu, and detox. #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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CRÈME BRULEE TEA! With its caramelly richness, this luxurious dessert tea is just as heavenly as the real thing! Indulge in a brew with a decadent nutty start and a creamy, cake-like finish. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Did you know you can add tea to your sweets? Try a Mint-Chilla Chai-Nilla concentrate mixed with softened ice cream then refreeze for a green tea treat! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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MINT-CHILLA CHAI-NILLA | With organic green pu-erh tea, creamy vanilla, bright peppermint, and a touch of cinnamon, this rich tea adds a minty twist to traditional chai tea #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Combining the wellness boosting properties of green tea with the soft scent and flavor of jasmine, our Jasmine Pearls Tea makes a luxurious cup! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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JASMINE PEARLS TEA | Scented with jasmine blossoms, these Chinese green tea leaves are shaped into beautiful hand-rolled pearls of tea. During infusion, the pearls unfurl releasing their delicate scent and soft floral flavor. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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Reposted from @spiceandtea.naples - GO GREEN HERBS! Known as a digestive aid, rosemary has lemon and pine notes and a woody flavor that pairs well with lamb, fish and Italian dishes. Try it in our Rosemary Basil Sea Salt blend! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples - #regrann . . . Rosemary, just as its name, is a beautiful herb. . . Try Some today. We have them in stock. . For Purchase and enquiries, click the link in bio or send a DM. . . Our Natural cooking spices mix are available as well. N1500 each. . . Live healthy, eat healthy. . . #madeinnigeriabrands

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GO GREEN HERBS! Known as a digestive aid, rosemary has lemon and pine notes and a woody flavor that pairs well with lamb, fish and Italian dishes. Try it in our Rosemary Basil Sea Salt blend! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Season got you stressed? Green tea is known to be rich in the l-theanine amino acid which promotes stress reduction. Grab a cup of our green tea, like Sinfully Cherry, and sip your way to relaxation today! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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SINFULLY CHERRY | Like a stroll through cherry orchards, this tea is brimming with blissful cherry aromas and ripe fruity flavor. With a brisk and refreshing finish, the cherry essences of this green tea are sinfully delicious! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Try our Decaf Mango Tea with muddled peaches, lime juice and vodka for a Mango Green Tea Peach Cocktail! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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DECAF MANGO TEA | Organic green tea leaves from India are combined with flowers and natural mango for a nice fruity flavor. This naturally decaffeinated green tea is great hot or iced! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA | Known for its natural metabolic boosting properties, green tea is a great between-meals power drink. Try our Green Tropical Tea and make powering up a pleasure! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN HERBS | Peppermint, a natural hybrid of watermint and spearmint with a refreshing taste and scent, can be used in cooking or steeped as a tea. Also great for mitigating cold & flu symptoms! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GREEN TROPICAL TEA | This incredibly fragrant blend of green tea and tropical fruits makes for a natural lightly sweet tea. Great served hot, but also excellent for making an iced tea. A Naples’ favorite! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA | Loose-leaf green tea optimally steeps at a lower temperature than herbal or black tea. This prevents bitterness and maintains the complex flavors of the green tea. All of our teas include steeping instructions making it easy to steep a perfect cup every time! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GUYS & DOLLS OPENING NIGHT! Catch us tomorrow night on the Red Carpet at The Naples Players with tea & tastings before the show! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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Just add tea & water, steep and enjoy with our green tea mug infusers! Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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MYSTIC DRAGON | A special grade of green tea produced in high-elevation gardens of Hubei, China. This refreshing combination makes for a fragrant, luxurious tea and is great iced! Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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Chinese tea leaves rolled into small round pellets resembling gunpowder give this tea its unique name. With a bold and slightly smoky taste, gunpowder tea adds a complex flavor to our Marrakesh Mint Tea. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Green teas are not oxidized and, thus, retain their natural green color and contain a higher catechin value than oxidized teas. #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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TAKE A (SPRING) BREAK! Grab an Urban Tumbler for easy on-the-go steeping of your favorite tea, nab a spot on the beach and enjoy! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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MARRAKESH MINT TEA | A refreshing blend of gunpowder and green tea mixed with organic spearmint. Its crisp flavor also makes for an invigorating iced tea. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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March into green tea! With great wellness benefits and flavor profiles, our green teas needed their own month of celebration. Visit us and get your green (tea) on today! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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Chocolate Peanut Butter MarTEAni recipe bundles! Pick up yours tomorrow just in time for Peanut Butter Lovers Day! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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EASY EATS | The best darn pork roast ever! Our Backwoods Hickory Rub adds fall-off-the-bone tenderness and flavor while crockpot cooking makes it super simple! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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LIVE WELL | Dandelion is often thought of as a pesky weed, but its leaves and roots are full of vitamins and minerals. Our roasted version makes a great alternative to coffee with similar bitter and malty notes. #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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FLORIDA SUNSHINE! Fill your day, and favorite grinder, with sunshine! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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EASY EATS! Our Zahtar Yogurt Dip bundle includes all the spices you need to make a fabulous appetizer in minutes! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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MEGA EVENT? MINI GIFT! Custom blend filled spice tins say “thank you” with style! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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TEA SPOON | Steep the right amount of tea every time with this handy-dandy double-ended spoon! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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NAPLES’ WEEKEND | Visit our Tea Bar for an iced tea to-go during the Naples National Art Show today and tomorrow from 10am-5pm! #spiceandteanaples #naplesart2019

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