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sunshinerunn. As I type this I’m awaiting the blood flow to hit my fingers again!

As I type this I’m awaiting the blood flow to hit my fingers again! Shooo y’all we are so not used to 30degree weather here... and definitely not used to wind chills in the 20s. Ummm no! Ya girl put on her big girl winter suit and got after today’s workout! I was nervous about it. This was a BIG one for me... but I knew Mary wouldn’t give me something I couldn’t do!! Did a few extra warm up drills to get the blood flowing and got to it! The headwind was tough. It’s so windy out there today! But I tried my best and let the miles and the huffin and puffin start ticking away and ya know what.... it paid off but time! I’m going into race weekend feeling strong and confident! Especially getting it done in not ideal conditions really showed me how strong I am and moreover how determined I am. Physical strength is one component— mind strength is the other and both seem to be right where I want them! So proud of this! Happy Tuesday!

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𝚊 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚣𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚏𝚞𝚕 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎, 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚐𝚛𝚘𝚠𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎. • Change: it’s scary, but please don’t turn away from it. It’s within this change that we will grow into the amazing person we are meant to be. • Change is coming and I’m trying to be as relaxed as I can be with it all. Of course the 40mi a week I run helps too😉. . . . . #irun #distancerunner #marathoner #runfar #runflorida #livesalty #southernrunner #stayfocused #workhard #wildlandfirewife #firewife #usmcwife #getoutside #keepnaturewild #hikemore #goafterwhatyouwant #beyourself #beyourbiggestfan #keepmovingforward #runningthroughanxiety #neversettle #runnersofinstagram

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I’m BACK!👏🏻🙌🏻 How happy I am to be in this place again! Found my rhythm again and felt strong whole way through. Crazy what proper hydration and correct fueling can do for you🤨🤪 Headed out in some 40degree temps and y’all that’s cold for us here. I did a little bit of a mock dress rehearsal for the big day — which is in a month! 😳 Needless to say it didn’t go well.. got hot, got annoyed, forgot my water bottle at home- publix in a clutch is the best(they’re seriously so sweet), aftershockz died mile 9.. after being on a full charge! Wtf... but y’all all that was thrown at me I was like IDC I feel great! Finished with more in my tank and next weekend I’m doing a 12k! I’m so pumped to get a race under my belt. It’s been SO LONG and I’m hungry! 🍽 Happy Saturday! ❤️

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I officially have whiplash from the amount of temperature changes we have been experiencing here! Yesterday was hot and humid and today it’s chilly and windy! When I say windy I mean WINDY! I fought a heavy headwind and some strong gusts today but still excited! I’ve been running at the library a bunch this week and I’m back here today. It’s nice to chsnge@up@your runs and your scenery every now and then! Especially when you’re in a bit of a running rut like I was a couple weeks back! This... and new shoes.. 😉 have helped! Tomorrow is a 16M lr, I’m excited about it however! I know it will be better than the last because I’ve already had a shift in mindset! Have a great Friday guys and I’ll see you after my run tomorrow!!😉😜

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Smiling after today’s run! Had a blast out there today and it’s been a while since I could say that. In the thick of this training cycle and for the first time I felt like I didn’t have to put my head down and grit it out! 6M progression executed PERFECTLY. Feeling the groove and marinating in these paces today! Happy Thursday folks! 9:52,9:41,9:31,9:13,9:00,8:21 ☺️

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icecreamrunner. Wednesday morning run with my new watch. 😊 I finally got rid of my To

Wednesday morning run with my new watch. 😊 I finally got rid of my TomTom and went back to the Garmin. Holy cow with the features on this thing! 🤩 My favorite part is being able to see my little nugget on my watch face. I mean how cool is that?! 🥰 Thankful for 8 miles today with a few hill repeats. This is my longest run in a week so I made sure to take the hills and the distance very easy to test out the knee. Success! Day 3 of no pissy run knee is making this a good week. So far...still 🙏🏻🤞🏻over here. #tryingnottojinkmyself #stillicing #tensunitismyfriend #nomoremotrin #goodrunday #runnersknee #soannoying #newwatchrunday #garmin45s #gladtoberidofmytomtom #runninglife #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #garminwatch #runningismyfavorite #iloverunning #Godgavemerunning #runallthemiles #southernrunner #runninginthesouth #runninghappy

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icecreamrunner. Say hello to my happy face. 😊 First run since Thursday morning and it

Say hello to my happy face. 😊 First run since Thursday morning and it was a success. No catching or pinching in my knee, no inflammation before or during, and the easy three I was going for turned into an easy five. I was feeling soooo good that I wanted to go longer, but I forced myself to stop at five. #smartrunningishard 🤪 As I type this I’m not feeling any inflammation. I hope it stays that way but I’m going to throw some ice on the knee just in case. Here’s hoping this a good sign for the rest of the week. 😊 #runnersknee #soannoying #lastweekwassucky #thisweekislookingup #womenwhorun #Godgavemerunning #runalabama #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #womensrunningcommunity #womenrunning #iloverunning #runningismyfavorite #runninginthesouth #southernrunner #runninglife #runallthemiles #runninghappy

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steph_onthe_run. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! For a run of course!
 We had

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! For a run of course! We had such a fun time celebrating Nikki and Kyle last night. Both the ceremony and reception were fun and beautiful and of course Nikki made a stunning bride. We had fun cutting up the dance floor with friends, which typically I'm not much of a dancer, in public anyways 😆. I ditched my shoes towards the end and my toe got stepped on (swipe to the end). The pain in each step faded as I ran but every time I had to stop I had to cycle back through the pain again. I kept it short and easy (I was planning an 1:45:00 run) but I'm happy with it since I initially thought I wouldn't be able to run at all. We runners are a rare breed😂... I just couldn't sit around on the gloriously beautiful day! . . #runstrongertogether #sundayfundayrun #igrunners #runnersofinstagram #runnercommunity #marathonmom #personaltrainer #motherrunner #sunday #runnermom #runhappy #running #womensrunningcommunity #runlikeagirl #runatl #run #southernrunner #getoutside #werunners #stronggirl

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Did somebody say donuts??? These AMAZING athletes conquered 10 and 18 miles today!! So, yeah, we celebrated with donuts 😂 #fleetfeetnashville #fleetfeettraining

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raerae__2. Getting ready for my birthday run tomorrow 😁😁😁 #pigeonforge #run #n

Getting ready for my birthday run tomorrow 😁😁😁 #pigeonforge #run #novemberrun #ohiorunner #runnergirl #southernrunner #coldrun

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tbaugman. Finally!!! It felt great to get out there and run again! ITB isn’t ful

Finally!!! It felt great to get out there and run again! ITB isn’t fully 100% but we’re getting there.

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Happy November!! Ahh we had so much fun dressing up for Halloween last night and trick or treating!! Today we woke up to COLD weather! Broke out my really cold clothes, 35 degrees!🥶 such a beautiful day and a great way to start off November!!! 🙌🏻👏🏻

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Got my smile back. Run felt good today but yesterday’s rest day felt even better. In the thick of training now and it’s time to put my tough face on and do this damn thing. Legs are sore from a heavy training week last week and hormones played a big part into my terrible run Saturday... but that’s in the past so looking to the future and seeing strength and growth. It’s not going to be easy. I will be tested these next few weeks but I will grow from that. I will be better because of it. Time to hustle. 👊🏻 3M+Strides

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Well... I had many thoughts during the 30miles I ran this weekend but what stuck out most in my head was- Man, I’m not exactly one of those well put together runners. I look like a mess. Or like I just crawled out of the hills or something. • It’s true. I’m a hot mess. I usually never match when I run and my hair is always a crazy sweaty mess. But I get the job done and with a smile. • It’s just another reminder that there are sooo many different types of runners out there. Be true to yourself and not what you think everyone else is doing. Rock that hot mess self! A mile is a mile no matter what. . . . #irun #distancerunner #marathoner #runfar #runflorida #livesalty #southernrunner #stayfocused #workhard #wildlandfirewife #firewife #usmcwife #getoutside #keepnaturewild #hikemore #goafterwhatyouwant #beyourself #beyourbiggestfan #keepmovingforward #runningthroughanxiety #neversettle #runnersofinstagram

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Great 38 1/2 is done! I took it easy the first few miles to see how the knee would do. Around mile 3, it felt good, so I decided to start pushing the pace. By mile 7 I was feeling so good, I started picking people on the course to pass. Hilly area from mile 8.5 to 11 had me slow a bit to make sure the knee didn’t act up, but I was still passing people. 💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️ After mile 11, I was on fire and working hard to pass a lady that I had been chasing for a good mile. I was so close to her but I just couldn’t pass her. However, I did finish with a 2:06:50 and placed 2nd in my age group. Whooo Hooo! Great course, good finish time, finished in the ‘Ole Miss Stadium, the knee behaved and I got an AG award (swipe to see it.) That my friends, is a damn good race day. #great38halfmarathon #runoxford #runmississippi #half64 #womenwhorun #womensrunningcommunity #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #runallthemiles #racealltheraces #iloverunning #runningismyfavorite #runninginthesouth #southernrunner #runninglife #runninghappy

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You can take the girl out of the woods but the deer are still gonna find her 😂 I’ve been missing my Sunday morning Percy runs (all my run buds are tapering and don’t want to run 11.2 hilly miles 🤷🏻‍♀️) but these deer made up for it a little this morning. #suburbanlife #ohdeer #runnashville #nashvilletn #brentwoodtn #nashvillerunners #southernrunner #6run5 #seenonmyrun #runtheday #runyourtown #tapercrazies #marathontraining #marathonerforlife

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No smile today. Running kinda broke me. I tried this run at 6am this morning but didn’t feel safe with the winds and rains so came back home. Came back at 2 to do it and I wanted to quit 2miles in. I kept going. I wanted to quit at mile 10. I kept going. I called my husband- mile 12 begging him to come get me bc I couldn’t finish. He said, “You Can” I cried. Told him, “I can’t. My legs are hurting so bad” He said, “You Can. You Will. You’re Strong!” I got back up. Wiped away my tears and gritted it out. Pushed through wanting to stop. I have no idea what happened today but after I finished 16miles I was proud I did. My paces were exactly where they should have been but this run did not feel good. I’m not hurt, I fueled the same way as I always do, just off! Cutback week is this week and legs couldn’t be happier. I also reallllllly didn’t want to share this but I want folks to know it’s not always smiles and PRs. Sometimes running KICKS YOUR ASS. Today was my ASS kickin. Imma take my kicks and show up next week ready to combat this! 👊🏻 16miles-avgHRT-154 10:14,10:21,11:08,9:19,9:19,9:11,9:31,9:52,10:07,10:07,10:26,12:39(pity party for myself),10:31,10:26,10:39,9:27

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steph_onthe_run. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”― Joseph Camp

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”― Joseph Campbell Despite being scared to even start today's workout, I nailed it... with extra nails! Technically this was Thursday's workout that I skipped while I waited for the doctor to call me back about the x-rays. 🥅Goal: 10 min warm up, 20 min @7:30, 10 min recovery, 20 min @7:30, 10+ min cool down 🔨 20 min warm up, 20 min @ 7:13 avg, 10min recovery, 20 min @ 7:11avg, 15 min cool down . 😁This was a middle of the day run which is generally harder for me. But luckily it rained because it was strangely warm considering I froze my ars off at my daughter's soccer game this morning. I even made it to the other side of the tracks where I don't ever go. And obviously I don't go there for a reason so I will not be returning to this area 🤣. I don't expect every day to be pain free but today I am beyond grateful my body let me do this. . #gratefulrunner #atlasfitlife #fitlife #womensrunningcommunity #runlikeagirl #runatl #runatlanta #motherrunner #southernrunner #getoutside #personaltrainer #runnermom #happyheart #runnercommunity #fitmom #rungoals #train #trainhard #tempo #strongmom #strongnotskinny #stronger #runspiration #runnersofinstagram #crucialcompression #nofearoctober

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Today’s run was positively golden.

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Out here jumping puddles today! Rain today and tomorrow scheduled but I don’t mind. Is it weird to say I actually kinda love them? Some of my friends that don’t run will ask me if I’m going to the gym to avoid the rain and I pretty much always say, “no I’m going in the rain.”😅 What if it rains race day and you’re not prepared for it?! Where I live that’s bound to happen on race day so might as well go ahead and prepare and be ready?! That could just be my type A showing! 😂 Right calf is sore today from hills yesterday so I threw on my compression sleeves. No pain but I have a 16miler tomorrow so taking it easy the rest of the day, focusing on hydrating, and fueling for tomorrow’s miles! ❤️ Happy FriYay!🎉

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Shakkkke that protein powder! On deck today- hill repeats. 1M WU 8x200hills-200mrec-CD 5Miles today! Blahhh.. still waking up not feeling myself and didn’t sleep good last night so a little bit more coffee today than yesterday. 😴😴 In my protein shakercup is VegaProtein+Energy Coffee blend that I get from Costco. I’m not turning down protein powder and coffee mixed together. Just not happening! 😜 Hills weren’t hard but weren’t easy either. Feeling power in my legs each rep! Weather is WONDERFUL! No complaining or whining from me in that department today! 😉 Heading to do some quick errands and get ready for trick or treating! It’s NEXT WEEK! ☺️🍁🎃 Happy Thursday!

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Absssss,minibands, and arms! It’s an active recovery rest day! I let my heartrate stay pretty low on Wednesdays and focus heavy on core and miniband work. I usually throw in a shoulder and arm workout in there as well and it’s worked out pretty well. I strength train 5days a week, if I’m lucky, and it’s helped tremendously with injuries! Strength training your muscles for injury prevention is key for longevity I’ve learned! I feel like it takes getting injured to learn this lesson. At least that’s what happened to me. I tore some fascia during a 10k 2 years ago around mile 3- still finished- probably should have DNF but mehhh.. I crawled across the finish line! I had to learn to strengthen my body! I tore that hip fascia from not training my body the right way! Then and there, after I was healed and cleared, I started strength training! Minibands have strengthened my hip flexors, hips, and that little muscle where your butt meats your leg.. yea that one😉😉🍑! It has become one of my favorite things about running bc what happens when you have that power? Not only do you run strong but you run faster! 👏🏻 Legs feel the strongest they ever have and pain free! Running is fun when you aren’t hurting! Get after it today! Happy Wednesday! ❤️

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_runnerjen. Honestly I forgot about Instagram for a while. I stopped running becau

Honestly I forgot about Instagram for a while. I stopped running because work/workout/life balance was off. Still haven’t perfected it but I’m still trying to juggle it all. . Yesterday marked 1 year since my first half marathon experience. Seeing all the memories and photos pop up and the race page updates over the past few weeks has really gotten me kind of excited again. . So while yesterday was a milestone anniversary for me, it also marked day one of my twenty week training plan for the Berry Half Marathon March 7th, 2020. . So I figure I should track all my running in one place and that’s when I remembered this old thing 😋 . So here it is folks, I’m old and slow but I won’t give up....hopefully!! . 1 of 80 . Today is a cross train day and since it beautiful I’m taking Julie for a nice walk! Tomorrow is another 2.4 miles so watch for the post!!. . #georgiarunner #georgiarunner #southernrunner #runningingeorgia #southernautumn #autumningeorgia #octoberrunning #octoberrunner #halfmarathon #training #trainingforahalf #halfmarathontraining #girlrunner #likeagirlirun #imarunner #icanrun #iwillrun #iamrunning #girlswhorun #girlswhorunhalfmarathons #trainingmode #slowandsteady #runlikeaturtle🐢 #slowrunners #runningslow #slowmotion #slowrunningisbetterthannorunning #slowbutforward #slowrunnersofinstagram #slowrunnerdontcare

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7miles steady today at 855-900 min range avg:8:56. Avg hrtrt-160. Still fighting off the funk today.. felt ok during the run.. paces weren’t hard to hit but something was off. Wasn’t smooth running.. felt like I had a bump in my gait. Clearly I’m not 100% and I didn’t eat last night bc I wasn’t hungry and then forced a banana down this morning. Ugh.. nothing worse than forcing yourself to eat when you’re sick. Weird thing is I don’t really feel that bad.. I know there’s something messing with me but I’m going to slosh through it until I can’t I guess? 🤧I hit up the gym for some single leg work and did some cable kick backs ......shooooo hammy and booty will feel that tomorrow! 🍑🍑🍑 Later today l finish out with some abs and weighted step ups for hip strength! Happy Tuesday!

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sunshinerunn. Hit up the milly mill tonight for some EZ miles. I felt like literal p

Hit up the milly mill tonight for some EZ miles. I felt like literal poop this morning when I woke up from sinus pressure..🎈 but started feeling better as the day progressed. I messaged @run4prs.coachmary and said.. I think I’ll sit today out.. not feeling it.😑 But after a few hours of rest, and loading up on some lipoC and eating high antioxidant food all day I think i might have kicked it! Early bedtime last night and tonight because all that stuff helps but nothing heals like sleep! 5M+Strides! Happy Monday! Also.. not sure what that crack is doing on my watch in my picture! Watch is in great shape!😅

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Weekend run recap in 3,2,1... • So I got my 16mi on Saturday, even though tropical storm Nestor was being a bully and making me worry that I would be running in horrible weather. Sure it rained on me. Sure it was windy. But it could have been worse. I got to start my Saturday with 16 gorgeous miles, and for that I am thankful. Sunday... I had full sunshine down at the beach and I got to run my 14mi along one of the most gorgeous beaches there is, so for that I am extremely grateful. Then I chose to follow it up with a 3mi walk down the beach to pick up any trash that had washed up. I gave back. I was humbled. • In all it was a weekend full of beautifully earned miles, all earned in many different ways. • On another note: I got a new (larger) trash bucket this weekend. Now I need new stickers for it (obviously), suggestions? Last thing, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend doing whatever speaks to their heart. . . . . #irun #distancerunner #marathoner #runfar #runflorida #livesalty #southernrunner #stayfocused #workhard #wildlandfirewife #firewife #usmcwife #getoutside #keepnaturewild #hikemore #goafterwhatyouwant #beyourself #beyourbiggestfan #keepmovingforward #runningthroughanxiety #neversettle #runnersofinstagram

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A NEW PR!!!! 1:35:37 9:34min/mi couldn’t be more proud of myself! Wasn’t expecting such a strong race on Marathon legs, but things happen when you least expect them! Congrats to @buttercupjessica on a strong run! You are constantly a source of my power and inspiration! ❤️

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