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At this point, I’d be surprised if any of my children are born without a lifetime supply of nuts in their cheeks. 🐿 🥜

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#9SEMZ on an airstrip in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo! Throughout 2018, you helped make it possible to help #CHANGEtheENDING for people in the east #DRC! 🇨🇩 #iflyMAF #DRC⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #nonprofit #airplane #Jesus #aviation #fundraising #aircraft #Bible #plane #instagramaviation #donate #avgeek #Christian #volunteer #charity #causes #instaplane #dogood #instaaviation #socialgood #aviationlovers #activism #faith #medical #pilot #missionary

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BlackNews.com dropped it! And we are overwhelmed by the love! 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 This is a victory for so many. Girls and women all over the globe will have new opportunities because of it. The sacrifices have been major and the journey at times harsh but a decision was made. If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be. Don't see us in you local @Target? Please ask for Zandra ❤❤❤ #Zandra #thesciencebehindit #askforzandra #zandraintarget

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givingtuesday. As we honor Dr. King’s life and legacy today, let us also do our best

As we honor Dr. King’s life and legacy today, let us also do our best to live by his example, as we remember his unforgettable words:⠀ ⠀ "Life's most persistent and urgent question is 'What are you doing for others?'"⠀ ⠀ As we reflect on Dr. King's legacy of peace, social justice, nonviolent action, and vision for coming together to make a difference, let's think about what we can do for others to create a more just + generous community, and walk together towards a brighter tomorrow.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #MLK #MLKday #MLKDayOfService #MondayMotivation #love #peace #Serve #Volunteer #GoVolunteer #CommunityService #NationalService #MLK #DrKing #LegacyOfService #KingLegacy #GiveBack #SocialImpact #givingtuesday #SocialGood #Kindness #ChangeTheWorld #LightTheWorld #BeTheChange #LiveTheDream

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americanreportage. ------------
\"When I was in high school I was, like, still on my game

------------ "When I was in high school I was, like, still on my game with my crew, but they knew what I was trying to do. And they respected that 'cause I told them the truth. Even though we got into fights in the hood, beating people up, they made sure I stayed outta trouble, 100 percent. Like, I don't have a real family, but they was family to me. And I was still going to school — I made sure I went to school, regardless of the situation. And they had my back through it, thick and thin, even though I got in a lotta trouble with them. I regret it, but at the same time I still don't because it was with them." - Tavaris Sanders. ----- Three Bags Full, chronicles Tavaris Sanders’s struggle to adapt to life as a black man from the foster care system of Chicago, to a predominantly white wealthy school at Connecticut College. Bootstrap stories tend to reaffirm the mirage of the American dream, ending when the person makes it out of their impoverished neighborhood. Three Bags Full picks up where these stories usually end. Tavaris’s story shows that upward mobility in America is fraught with economic, cultural, and educational obstacles, particularly for young men and women of color. ----- FROM THE PROJECT: "Three Bags Full." ----- Jonah Markowitz | American Reportage ----- @jonahmarkowitz ----- #fostercare #impoverished #blackman #africanamerican # mentor #mentorship #hope #foster #socialgood

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gurkhawelfaretrust. #WednesdayWisdom


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Our February event is live! Join us Friday, February 1st, from 8:00-9:30am at @stillsoulstudio for an awesome event. Come drink coffee, kombucha, eat treats, and enjoy conversation with some of our city's truest and most caring members of our community. We can't wait to see y'all there! Link in bio!

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“thank you for the dream” // a king rests quietly now no breaths to gift the air or words to shake the souls of man // his heart beats no longer like that of a lion & a teacher while the legacy echoes in our own chests & in the hands of those that hold the future in their own // they said when this king was taken from this world his heart was that of a mortal man nearly 20 years older than his age was as the bullet entered his body that quiet evening in memphis // this king began to step into the next world… but he left something behind. // a dream. spoken from pulpits & stages & quiet homes & loud streets & with handcuffs on & fear in his shaking hands & courage in his eyes & belief in his voice // a dream. one that we misquote & craft to fit our own small place in this world // this dream was special… eternal in fact. // & this dream rested deeply in the chest of those brothers & sisters who came before & in the chest of those who came after & in the chest of those who now walk this earth near & far // this dream was one of radical love & hope… kindness & compassion… but truly of justice & truth // so tonight as my body sits in a small wooden chair two hundred and fifteen long miles from where the king’s body lay as he took his last breaths I stare at the setting sun that shines in my mind & I know the king has gone back home // rest easy my friend. thank you for the dream.

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• B R E A K I N G G R O U N D • It still feels surreal to walk into a house like hers. Mud brick, grass roof, swept dirt. It doesn't sound beautiful, but it is full of beauty. • It still feels surreal to listen to a story like hers. How she became a widow, a refugee, an adoptive mother of nine. It doesn't sound hopeful, but she is full of hope. • It still feels surreal to watch a woman like her laughing and smiling. To see the food she's growing to feed those nine children. To see the house she's building, the firewood she's selling, the life she's creating because she chose courage and forgiveness over trauma and hatred. Her life doesn't sound ground breaking, but she's definitely breaking ground. • It still feels surreal to walk away from an experience like that and know that somehow you got to be a part of the story; A story that I can't wait to share with you through @tearaustralia and @tutapona in the next few months. . . . . #Refugees #Uganda #SouthSudan #BreakingGround #40ThousandLightsAndCounting #Tutapona #TearAustralia #Adjumani #RefugeeCamp #RefugeesWelcome #Love #Humanity #Hope #NonProfit #NGO #SocialGood #RefugeeStories#SonyA7ii #Nikon50mm #NGOPhotography #Photograhy #POTD #PhotoOfTheDay #TheMissionsCommunity @the_missions_community #Portrait #ThroughTheLens #Snapshot #IGPortrait #WithHumans

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Through Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme (AFYS), we help underprivileged families in their efforts towards changing their lives for the better. Call ☎️ - 1900 112 4020 (for $20 donation) - 1900 112 4050 (for $50 donation) Rin* faces a multitude of challenges as a single mother. She previously had to deal with her spouse who’s battling drug addiction. After leaving the toxic marriage, she then faced the dilemma of finding a place to stay with her two young sons. Recently, she had to leave her job to take care of her ageing mother who’s suffering from heart disease. Tune in to Mediacorp Radio Warna 94.2FM from 8pm – 10pm on FRIDAY, 25 JAN with DJs TG & Mariam to listen to her interview LIVE. Find out how Rin is coping with her challenges with the assistance AFYS. More info: www.amp-afys.sg Like/Share this post! (not her real name) #drug #addiction #family #health #love #drugaddiction #recovery #rehab #addict #sober #nonprofit #socialgood #dogood #like4like #follow4follow #followme #ig #instagram #igdaily #igers #instalike #instagood #instamood

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Some find saving really boring. Two common reasons for bailing saving: "YOLO, life is here and now" and "New day, new money". ⠀ .⠀ The trick is to do it when it doesn't hurt you. Make your future self really happy, by placing a small amount first thing at the beginning of every month. Just do it, close your eyes and put the money into a little magic time capsule.⠀ .⠀ Do it. And do it good - for example, you can use Ella 🌱 Or not. _________ #ellaworld #ellachange #ellarevolution

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