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getstretchy. On Wednesday’s we Get Stretchy in our shoulders! 😁
I received many

On Wednesday’s we Get Stretchy in our shoulders! 😁 . I received many requests on how to open the shoulders so you can do a yoga bind - and these stretches will also support you in many other areas of your life, like general functional movement, overhead lifts, or pain caused by tightness in the shoulders. 🙌🏼 . 👉🏼 Stretches 1 and 2 turns the shoulder inward (internally rotates), stretching the infraspinatus, teres Minor, and rotators fibers of the posterior deltoid. 👉🏼 Stretch 3 opens the chest pecs and front part of the shoulder. . Tag someone below who would appreciate these stretches 🤩 . Learn more yoga with me on ActionJacquelyn.com #getstretchy #getstretchyeveryday #getstretchysquad #shoulderstretch #shouldermobility #yoga || outfit by @aloyoga

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yogaselfpractice. It's shoulder time for #toptipstuesday. Thanks to @catvaladezyoga for

It's shoulder time for #toptipstuesday. Thanks to @catvaladezyoga for this . Try these stretches out the next time you feel overworked, whether from your job or from too many handstands. 😉 These 5 stretches hit your shoulders at all angles—overhead upper arms (which also stretches your outer and lower back muscles), outer arms (which also stretches your rhomboids and traps aka between shoulder blades and back of neck), and front of shoulders (also hitting chest and neck). • People think of “shoulder openers” and tend to only think of opening in one direction, much like hip opening requests when people are only thinking of pigeon (and yet the hips have muscle on all sides of the joint), but ALL of these are important for happy shoulders. • Feel free to use a strap in reach behind variations as shown, if you feel pinching or limited range of motion in attempting to interlace fingers behind you or internally and externally grab behind as in cow-face-pose arms (lower right image). You will not only protect your shoulders with that modification but you will be able to access the stretch, which is the whole point! • Sometimes it’s muscle tightness that keeps us in limited range, sometimes it’s our bony structure (which obviously is unchangeable). Whatever it is, be where you are and be honest with what FEELS GOOD. • What’s your favorite shoulder stretch?? . . . . . . #howtoyoga #yogatutorial #yogatutorials #letsgetflexy #yogalife #yogabody #shoulderstretch #stretchitout #yogateacher #yogapracticedaily #yogaalignment #yogatutorial #yogatutorials #yogaselfpracticetribe #yogaselfpractice #yoga #toptipstuesday

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yuliadimadeya. Выполняю обещанное :) @olyakochetosa По-моему, отличный способ занять

Выполняю обещанное :) @olyakochetosa По-моему, отличный способ занять себя в субботу. Я не знаю, есть ли название у позы, кто-то говорил, что это «падший ангел», но это ж как надо было так упасть 😅 Поэтому скажем, что это вариация бэби фриза, где для начала достаточно балансировать, опираясь на согнутые в локтях руки. Для новичков я привела вариант с опорой на кирпичики, это если запястья слабые. Для того, чтобы поднять выше бёдра, надо будет положить одно плечо на пол, поэтому по сути это стойка на плече. Падать с неё не страшно, если не удержишь баланс, просто выкатываешься на спину, поэтому не бойтесь, пробуйте 😉 #stretchwithme #stretchwithyulia #stretchworkyoga #shoulderstretch #hipstretch #thoracicmobility #здороваяспина #mywellnessclub #fallenangelpose #южносахалинск #студиягибкости #студиярастяжки #растяжкасахалин #мотивацияфитнес #растяжкадома #йогадома #sakhalinyoga #растяжкаюжносахалинск #сахалинйога #йогасахалин #mystretchblog #mayitwist

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cyoungo. #PressingDreams Day 17
#ParsvaBalasana #ThreadTheNeedlePose
I lo

#PressingDreams Day 17 #ParsvaBalasana #ThreadTheNeedlePose . . . I love this #shoulderstretch . There is nothing easy about it, especially the one on the abdomen with arms crossed in opposite directions underneath the chin. I felt the stretch and ache in all sides. . . . @cyogalife

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If you’ve got tight shoulders, try these 3 stretches. All you’ll need is a wall! Hold for a minute each. What’s the tightest/most immobile part of your body? Music by @iksonofficial #blogilates #popflex #shoulderstretch

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inflexibleyogis. Opening the shoulders takes a LONG time. And it must be done gradually

Opening the shoulders takes a LONG time. And it must be done gradually. A great way to open them, however, if you have the prerequisite balance, is through forearmstand. This is because you have so much surface area contact with the floor you can really stretch and strengthen your shoulders at the same time. Does anyone want to see a tutorial of how to work up this? Tag a friend for inspiration or save it for your own inspiration 🙏🏻❤️Thanks for sharing @shylasvsyoga #inflexibleyogis ・・・ PINCHA PROGRESS-. I love armbalances and this is one of my favs, I always post pincha doing hollowback or bow and arrow but I’m practicing to get that straight line😰 and always take some pics doing the simple pose and well this is a comparison between my practice on summer and now can u see some difference??? Less banana back, arms perpendicular to the floor and legs and arms in line, so happy!!! 😊 but I have to work work work to improve that back position 🙌🏽 . . happy new moon!! ✨🌕

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⚡️“FIX MY MICROBEND!!!”⚡️⠀ ⠀⠀ 🤓In my last #cirquephysio post, I discussed a common reason for the overhead elbow microbend: TIGHT or SHORT lats!⠀ ⠀ 🤷🏻‍♀️ Of course, when anyone explains the reason behind an issue in life, or circus, the *obvious* response is: “HOW DO I FIX IT?!” My darlings, there are MANY ways to address this issue, and obviously, IT DEPENDS!! However, I want to take a moment to highlight one of my favorite, and one of the most often incorrectly-performed, lat stretches in performing arts. ⠀ ⠀⠀ KEY POINTS: ⠀⠀ ✅ keep your low back ROUNDED, not arched at ALL (if your back arches, the ORIGIN of the lats (your lumbar spine) comes closer to the INSERTION (your shoulder) and therefore puts the lats on SLACK, which decreases the specificity of this stretch.⠀ ✅ Hold a block in your hands, and keep wrists stacked over elbows (don’t let elbows slide out). ⠀⠀ ✅ RIBS IN! TAIL TUCKED! Remember, that posterior pelvic tilt is what keeps the lats on STRETCH.⠀ ✅ Shoulders shrugged/elevated (like in a handstand), NOT down and back! (Read more about WHY in a blog post that I’ll link in my story!)⠀⠀ ✅ Slowly sink chest until you feel a nice stretch in your armpit, back of your shoulder/shoulderblade, or side body. ⠀⠀ ⠀ ‼️NOTE: you should feel this stretch in the bulk of muscle under your armpit or along the side/back of your ribcage. You should NOT feel this stretch on TOP of your shoulder, or along your anterior deltoid/biceps tendon. Read that again, because its SUPER IMPORTANT. You should NOT feel anything pinching at the top of your shoulder!! If you feel this, get in to see a physio, because you will NOT be making shoulder flex progress- this often means that the muscles on and around your shoulder blade are not working together correctly in this overhead position, and may eventually lead to a shoulder injury if you keep pushing though this stretch!! ⠀ ⠀ Questions ❓Comments ❓Concerns❓Leave them riiiiight here👇, and tag a friend 👯 who could use this lat stretch 💪

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Are you sick of that rounded shoulders look and pain? - @themobilitymethod demonstrates a couple of great stretches to help combat rounded shoulders! - If the problem persists, come and visit us @humberbay_physio and we will take good care of you 👍 - - #roundedshoulders #shoulderpain #shoulderstretch #torontobusiness #humberbay #torontophysio #torontochiropractor #healthylivingjourney

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Are You Performing The Arm Across Body Stretch Correctly⁉️ [How to Stretch Your Posterior Cuff] . A tight posterior cuff is associated with a handful of shoulder dysfunctions like subacrominal impingement syndrome, posterior impingement, anterior instability, etc. And thus, ⬇️ tone/increasing extensibility of the posterior cuff is part of the treatment protocol for many with shoulder pain. The cross-body stretch is a fantastic way to target the posterior cuff but far too often it is done INCORRECTLY. . ‼️In order to effectively stretch the posterior cuff, you need to keep your SCAPULA STABILIZED ie your scapula CANNOT MOVE!‼️ . ❌If you pull your arm across your body and your scapula comes with it into horizontal abduction, the only stretch your getting is of your mid-scapular muscles like your rhomboids or traps. Furthermore, in this position there's more of a distraction force on the glenohumeral joint than a true stretch of the posterior cuff - aka not as specific as it can be. . ✅First pull your shoulder blades back. This will keep your scapula in a retracted position. Only WHILE MAINTAINING THE POSITION OF YOUR SHOULDER BLADES BACK can you effectively target the posterior cuff. Pay attention to WHERE you feel the stretch, as you should feel a "deep stretch" in the back of your shoulder in the highlighted area on the video. If you feel a stretch or anything else not in the back of shoulder, you're either doing the stretch incorrectly or abutting other structures in your shoulder due to pathology (ie don't do the stretch anymore and seek out a physio if you're in pain). . Try it out and let us know how it feels! Tag a friend who NEEDS this stretch! #shoulderstretch #posteriorcuff #posteriorcapsule ______________________________________________ The Prehab Guys: Optimizing human movement and performance, promoting longevity, and keeping your movement system in tune one post at a time. Instilling new meaning into #physicaltherapy. Follow us on IG, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and make sure to visit www.ThePrehabGuys.com. The information provided is not medical advice. If you are in any pain, please see your l

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thebokeeffect. I’m shamelessly posting old videos because I’ve so many archives?! Wel

I’m shamelessly posting old videos because I’ve so many archives?! Well this is old but someone brought up a good point yesterday - you don’t need to do complicated different exercises daily. Stick to the ones that work.. . This is courtesy of @bendyanya I hardly do this now though this is great for beginners and those that want to build shoulder strength and flexibility. It’s called the MJ move. I do use the doorway stretch when I feel like it.. . We have a lot more props in the house then we realize.. . I’m having the most relaxing Sunday not doing things I’m supposed to do and not feeling stressed about not checking off the list. In fact, I listened to the most amazing podcast- unplanned. Sam Harris’s 142 podcast. Highly recommended. Thanks to @the_spg_effect for recommending.. . . . . #yogahomepractice #myyogajourney #lifeinbalance #yogaselfpracticetribe #yogastretch #shouldersworkout #shoulderstretch #yogaathome #everybitcounts #sundayyoga #yogavibes #beagoddess

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we hold most of our physical tension in our jaw, neck, and shoulders. if you’re ever having a hard time falling asleep, it’s a good idea to incorporate some light stretching before bed to release these muscles. not only is this good for preparing the physical body for sleep, but it also helps combat kyphosis, a rounding in the shoulders and thoracic spine. the more we look down at phones or computers all day, the more conscious we will need to be about adding shoulder stretches and heart openers into our day to day lives.

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meg_soko_1111. Showing these shoulders some much needed 💗 tonight for day 1️⃣7️⃣of t

Showing these shoulders some much needed 💗 tonight for day 1️⃣7️⃣of the #pressingdreams #yogachallenge with @cyogalife . . Thread the needle pose or #parsvabalasana is one of my favorites and I followed that up with #heartmeltingpose for even more release. My day job requires me to work at a desk most hours of the day and these are the poses that really call to me when I feel extra tight in the shoulders. Feels so good! . . #nightlystretch #yogaeveryday #practice #restandrecoup #shoulderstretch #yoga #stretchingfeelsgood #yogabeforebed #homepractice

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Don’t forget the shoulders! Come to the shorter 60 min session, tomorrow, 12:30!! #shoulderstretch #hotyoga #yogafit

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jessflo.yoga. It’s the last day of #yogisagegracefully 😭! I had SUCH a hard time co

It’s the last day of #yogisagegracefully 😭! I had SUCH a hard time coming up with a rhyme (accidental rhyme there! 😂), but I settled on “Spend time with your boo for 32.” 😘😍 This big guy - Sagan - is basically the love of my life, which of course doesn’t mean that I love the rest of my cats any less! He is a beautiful, gentle giant with an amazing purr and I am so happy that we were able to bring him into our home! I can’t wait for him to meet the rest of the family! Of course you can see his son Fitz at the end there. Reintroducing them was no big deal, and they were both happy to have the company! ❤️ . . . Hosts: @crazyasiayoga @jessieyogahill @omniyogagirl @yogicbynature @sophie_seoul_yoga @wapatoose . . Sponsors: @theartofbrad @flowandflyyoga @greatcbdreviews @thewaymat @omsoulshop @cbd_oil_solutions @yourbondhu . . . #yoga #yogalife #yogachallenge #yogapractice #yogajourney #yogaprogress #yogapose #reversetabletop #heartopener #shoulderstretch #yogainspiration #yogafit #yogateachertraining #yogafun #yogacommunity #yogatherapy #yogaheals #yogaeverydamnday #yogaformentalhealth #catyoga #fitzthefoster #sagancat #rescueismyfavoritebreed #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop

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essentialshell. Continuation of the video I just posted. Always kind of cool to see it

Continuation of the video I just posted. Always kind of cool to see it in a picture progression! #yogaforbeginners #shoulderstretch #backstretch #shoulderstand #strengthtraining #flexibility #backbend #flexibilitytraining #wholehealth #healthandwellness

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auntielife125. I love a good scapula stretch!! I can’t wait to try this 😍🥰💪💆‍♀️ S

I love a good scapula stretch!! I can’t wait to try this 😍🥰💪💆‍♀️ Sharing from the wonderful @giovanni_bonfanti ・・・ 🇬🇧 Hypomobile Scapula - release treatment. . 🇮🇹 Trattamento di rilascio - scapola ipomobile. . . ✅ Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques for Manual Therapists. ✅ Osteopath Giovanni BONFANTI DO - IT 🇮🇹 . .
👍 Be sure to follow us @giovanni_bonfanti
👉 Tag someone who needs this 🙏 .
#osteopathy #osteopatia #shoulderstretch #osteopata #backpain #manualtherapy#fisioterapia #physicaltherapy #physiotherapist #fisio #massagetherapy #adjustment #healthcare #wellness #fitness #personaltrainer #massage

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On overstretching and injury: Part of the genius of the yoga poses is in its ability to only allow a stretch where proper strength and stability has been formed. So taking shortcuts to make shapes results in injury often by moving the body in a position it has not been properly trained to maintain. The danger of props and assisted techniques lies in this idea. A prop should never allow you to go deeper in a stretch in a pose that you can’t maintain in its foundational lines. It should only be there to maintain an approach to that change, a form of external stability and strength that you can slowly move away from as the intelligence of your inner system takes over. For a shape and prop like this: It is stretching the upper back and shoulder joints but unless you can hold a foreArm balance straight for a good amount of time I wouldn’t do it. If you can hold your weight in a regular foreArm balance you’ll be able to support an opening of the shoulders safely by using a bench (or the wall) as a prop. A good way to isolate the shoulder stretch after class at any rate👍🏾 #fohi #titleboxingclubforesthills #titleboxingclub #besthourofyourday #boxqns #boxfohi #forearmstand #shoulderstretch #friendlyneighborhoodboxingclub #titleboxing #fitness #flexibility #health #boxingforall #healthforall #empowerment #empoweringwomen #practice #practicedaily #yogafit

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Some say it’s where the sun doesn’t shine. I beg to differ. 😂🍑😂 Day 1️⃣7️⃣ of #PressingDreams with @cyogalife. Thread the needle or #ParsvaBalasana 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🛫🤸🏼‍♂️💕 #poseoftheday #yogachallenge #yogalove #yogadaily #yogafun #strongwomen #keepbreathing #yogafam #yoganyc #yogagirl #armbalance #pressup #yogapants by @liquidoactive #yogisofinstagram #yogamat by @livesankalpa #shoulderstretch #yogainspiration #yogafit #nycyoga #yogastrong #igyoga #myyogalife #keeppracticing #yogaeverydamnday #practice #yogaeverywhere #instayoga 🤸🏼‍♂️🎉🧘🏻‍♀️

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♡ forward folds 》open up your body's backline (calves, hamstrings, back) 》keep your spine flexible 》calm the mind and sooth the nerves 》can ease symptoms of stress, asthma, headaches, insomnia & high blood pressure take a dip into yourself & have a restful weekend everyone ♡ follow Mi for more yoga inspiration ♡ . . . . . . . . #greenlovers #forwardfolds #restandrelax #natureyogi #natureisbliss #forwardfold #shoulderopening #benefitsofyo #uttanasana #natureyoga #greenyourfeed #uttanasanavariation #naturebliss #gooutsideandexplore #shoulderopener #weekendvibes #yogaintheforest #yogabenefits #standingforwardfold #yogainthewoods #shoulderstretch #greenyoga #standingforwardbend #yogainthepark #relaxmiyoga

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Stumbling into some art in the neighborhood.. ☀️ 2.. #art #yoga #yogaart #yogaoutdoors #difc #yogaindubai #dubaiyogis #mydubai #shoulderstretch #messyhair #messyhairidontcare

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TIGHT SHOULDERS OR UPPER BACK? ▪ Thoracic rotation is a commonly overlooked facet of mobility & flexibility training. Improving thoracic rotation can help relieve upper back stiffness and even improve shoulder function. ▪ Here is a @trxtraining move you can use to create some rotation through your T-spine. ▪ Form tips: Straps set to about mid length. The leg closest to wall should be in front. The back knee should be on the ground. Engage your legs to keep your hips from rotating. Inhale on the way up, exhale on the way down. Do each side for 2-3 sets of 10-15 controlled reps. ▪ Want more TRX exercises? Follow @welovetrxvideos#personaltraining #personaltrainer #trx #trxforyoga #yoga #namaste #thoracicrotation #thoracicmobility #tspine #mobility #flexibility #stretching #tspinemobility #upperbackpain #shoulders #shoulderstretch #shoulderpain #boise #boiseidaho #idaho #idahome. #inhaleexhale #movingmeditation

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