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Featuring AJ @alanjxcob . . 📢 Selected By @artvitza19 . 📢 Curated by @frameshade . . 👉 Follow us @theuncommonbox & hashtag us #theuncommonbox on your posts to get featured on our community here and on Facebook Page . 👉 Our platform curates quality content from all genres of creativity. You can be a professional or an amateur, you could be anyone starting your hobby afresh! If you’re a common soul out there with an uncommon creative spark, we invite you to come join us and live what we call The Uncommon Life . 👉 Check our website (www.theuncommonbox.com) to stay updated with the latest uncommon artistic souls from across the world. P.S. Link in bio peeps! . . . #minimalmood #artofvisuals #hongkonginsta #shootermag #sonyalphasclub #agameoftones #storiesofindia #500px #ngtindia #acreativevisual #india_gram #lensculture #streets_vision #itz_mumbai #_coi #lonelyplanetindia #everydayindia #moodygrams #indianshutterbugs #india_everyday #_soimumbai #urbanandstreet #uncalculated #vscoindia #moodyindia #lensbible #creativeimagemagazine #globalnightsquad #dslrofficial


guess who’s walking proudly into her problems :)


Endless days. 📸 @lsflisbon


Went to a hentai book store 3 times. Can’t look at Pokémon the same anymore.


What’s your story? 🏙


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dartska. lives end in wakes, but you never left a ripple. you’re a dive that le

lives end in wakes, but you never left a ripple. you’re a dive that left no splash, a perfect 10, disappeared without a trace • • • • • #photography #cinematography #lensculture #colorgrade #streetdreamsmag #streetphotography #myfeatureshoot #color #fall #light #sonya7riii #nature #story #sony


My journey as a photographer is something many people don’t know about. It never even started with a DSLR camera. As a kid, I can remember always playing around with my grandparent’s Kodak Instafilms at family events like Christmas dinners. My family never had money for a professional camera when I was young so I always made the images in my head. I vaguely remember watching a cartoon about kids not having a camera, so they “captured” the moments in their head. I’m pretty sure it was Phineas and Ferb, and I started doing just that all the time. I thought it was cool. Then when I turned 13 I received my first iPhone where I started photographing everything and sharing it on Instagram. I had no idea at the time what I was doing until I started following and seeing a lot of other big iPhone photographers such as Pei Ketron or Tyson Wheatley. For two years I never even wanted a DSLR until I was graciously given a Nikon the person never used. My iPhone was fine because I knew it was never about the gear, and I also just thought of photography as a hobby. Then a year and half ago I started shooting portraits, which I actually never wanted to do. I wanted to be a more classic photographer like Henri Cartier Bresson or Saul Leiter, until I shot a really good friend of mine and then the addiction started. Since then, I’ve forgotten my roots as an iPhone photographer. Last night a close friend and I went to @stay__rooted , a high street fashion store, where I shot this compositional beauty. I had forgotten my camera in the car so I pulled out my iPhone and used what I had learned and knew best all those years. You don’t need a large aperture, a fast shutter speed, or even a low ISO to take a good photograph. Just a vision and a good eye. I’ve slowly learned over time that Chase Jarvis was right: “The best camera you have, is the one that’s with you.”

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Fat Freddy's Drop